What is this web site all about?

A lot of people ask me that. Well, browse around, have a look. If you don't like what you see, then cheerio, have a nice day. If you do like it, then welcome to Diana the Valkyrie's web site.

If you like it, then think about becoming a Member.

This is not a porn site. It is a fantasy site for adults, and if you don't like any of the fantasies here, the stories, the artwork, the pictures, then that's fine, have a nice day, cheerio. I use as my criterion, the standards that prevail in the UK, which is where I live. Our low-end daily newspapers have a daily naked lady, and it's no big deal. And over 30 years ago, the "Lady Chatterly's Lover" court case established that you can use the word "fuck" in literature. People get killed in the movies and on TV all the time, our society allows violence in fiction.

But it is an adult site. The facts and fantasies here are not aimed at children. Well - maybe, maybe not. Wonder Woman is here, but she does things you would read about in the comic books.

So what is this site about? A fetish? No, that isn't right, not if you look the word up in the dictionary. It's about a preference, a fantasy, a fancy. Some people like tall partners, some short. Some like short hair, some like long. Some like partners with pink skin, some like brown. All these people simply have preferences, and they are entitled to them. Somewhere on the web, there is probably a web site for people who adore redheads. Left-handers. Knobbly knees. Good luck to them. This site is for Valkyries, and the people who fancy them. "Lets Pretend" isn't just for children, adults like to play too. So - let's pretend .....

So, what is a Valkyrie?

It all started with the Norse legends; the Valkyries were daughters of Odin, who would visit battlefields and bring dead heroes back to life, and carry them on their winged horses up to Valhalla. Then, each day, the heroes would fight until they were all dead except one, the Valkyries would bring them back to life again, and they'd spend the evening feasting in the great hall. All this was to get them ready for Ragnarok, the final battle at the end of the world. You can read more about it if you like.

Then came Wagner, and the Ring opera (actually four operas, one of which is The Valkyrie). He made Valkyries more visible, and wrote a great piece called "The Ride of the Valkyries" (which got played in Apocalypse Now). Wagner made up his part of the legend of the Valkyrie himself, based on the Norse legend. You can find out more about Wagner's operas.

The US Air Force had an experimental plane called the Valkyrie (SX-70) and Honda make a motorbike called the Valkyrie.

Then along came Diana the Valkyrie. I started with the legend that existed, and added to it. I hang out on AOL sometimes, as DValkyrie, and you're welcome to say hello to me there. And I created this web site.

A Valkyrie is strong, but gentle. She hates hurting men, but will if necessary, either to protect someone she loves, or for his own good. She's badly affected by a man crying, even if the crying is inside him where no-one but the Valkyrie can see it. She's very good at knowing when a man is in pain, and very good at comforting him. If you're lucky, you'll get to hear a Valkyrie singing.

A Valkyrie is smart, but well mannered. She can emasculate a man with her words, but prefers to be nice to people. She's well read, and learned. Don't ever assume you know more than she does, even in your specialist subject. And don't ever pretend to have knowledge that you don't, or she'll lead you on until you make a complete fool of yourself.

A Valkyrie has style, and that's very important to her. Style in what she does, style in the way she does it. Style in what she wears and what she does.

A Valkyrie cares for her men. She likes to help men, to teach them things, to improve their lives. She doesn't expect anything in return. It's just an instinct Valkyries have, we want to look after the weaker, less capable men. Which means pretty much all of them, of course.

A Valkyrie is sexy, obviously. She likes men, loves having several around her, and like to play all sorts of games. She has three soft places, her hair, her heart, and you might find out the third one if she likes you a lot. Valkyries aren't easy, though. They love to put obstacles in your way, so that only the best heroes can find their way through. Most men give up as soon as they find that the Valkyrie doesn't just do whatever they want. That's fine - who wants that sort of quitter around, anyway.

Some people say to me "Just give me the short version, I don't have time to mess around." Well, the short version is "Nice talking to you, have a good day, cheerio".

Don't try to treat her like you treat ordinary women, or she'll skin you. Approach carefully, don't get familiar any faster than she wants. Read "The Way of the Warrior part two". If she thinks you're being at all condescending, you'll find yourself on the wrong end of the worst condescension you've ever encountered. A Valkyrie has a hundred ways to inflict pain, some you simply don't want to know about. And she doesn't want to use any of them, but she will if she has to.

She doesn't ignore insults, either. You insult her, she'll simply insult you straight back. She likes this game, and always wins, she's had a lot of practice. If she suddenly insults you for no reason, look back at what you just said, you might have insulted her without meaning to. Look at the nature of her insult, because her return insult is in the same vein as your original insult.

She doesn't do what you tell her to unless she wants to, and she doesn't even explain why she won't, because she doesn't have to. If she gives you something nice, start thinking about what you can give her that's nice, because she might give you something nice a few times, but you don't get a long term relationship out of all take and no give. And if you suggest that there's something she isn't doing because she's scared to, that's a very good way to make quite certain she won't change her mind. A *lot* of people try that ploy. I've seen it, and it doesn't work.

She likes fast computers and slow men, fast cars and slow dancing, fast wit and sloe gin. She doesn't like spinach, limpwits, intolerance, sweet things or bad wine.