The Submission to a Valkyrie The Gallant Knight How to submit to a Valkyrie Admittedly, a Valkyrie is a formidable foe. To defeat one in battle is nearly an impossible feat in fact, I am not quite sure if a Valkyrie can be beaten, or just compromised to the point of a tie. By definition a Valkyrie is one who chooses those of the dead that will go to Valhalla. Also, they have the right to exercise their powers to influence the outcome of a battle! So you see, for a common person to do battle with a Valkyrie takes an unusual amount of skill, training, and above all, a great degree of intelligence and wisdom. Let's start our lessons here, I am assuming that everyone has read the series on The Way Of The Warrior. If not, as a part of training everyone must make this mandatory reading. Since Valkyries have a high degree of intelligence, we must start by learning as much about them as we can. Once this background reading is done and we are educated as to the ways of the warrior, we are prepared to learn some battle as well as defense techniques. We must first examine the Valkyries physical prowess. One must and can not help but to notice the impressive chest dimensions of a Valkyrie. Of course varied they can be approximated to just a bit under twice their waist dimension. Their upper arms are capable of rivaling most men's lower legs, and their thighs I am sure are capable of crushing an individuals head if the Valkyrie is not pleased with her present company! So you see my friends and fellow followers of the Valkyries, this is an adversary not to be taken lightly. The Valkyrie should be treated with the utmost respect for they have a high degree of intelligence and are capable of defeating all chosen to die. Therefore we as students must find a different way. Continue to battle the Valkyrie and most assuredly lose, or submit? But wait, perhaps there is another option we have yet to explore, and this is the approach I have found that works best when confronted by a Valkyrie. First and foremost, always treat a Valkyrie with the utmost respect (if in doubt remember your background work). Second consider the tools the Valkyrie is using. And this is where I wish to devote a good deal of time. Please stay with me as you are going to learn what really is going on inside the mind of a Valkyrie if she has practiced her skills well. The Valkyrie is cunning,, charming, beautiful, and mystifying. You might notice that she is dressed nicely and yet very seductively. She probably has smooth painted lips and fingernails, wears dangerous high heels, and moves with the grace of an angel. This is all to catch the attention of those she is intending to engage, whether it is in battle or otherwise, at this point up to not her, but those around her. It is my contention that to do battle is a fruitless effort leaving The Valkyrie feeling exhilarated and semi fulfilled. I say semi because Valkyries (if treated properly) are very peaceful and loving individuals. At this point I would again reflect on our background work remembering there was a time when Valkyries had to fight to earn the respect of others and it was a hard battle but they did win it in spite of overwhelming odds. I hope that all Valkyries have by now forgotten the need to fight that battle, and it is up to the rest of the populous to demonstrate that they deserve the utmost respect. The way this is done is to offer, before it is demanded, perhaps an intelligent gesture letting the Valkyrie know right away that we are recognizing them as an equal. Here we must also be careful, for now right at this same moment, we must compose that message so as to indicate that we are as equals as well. This is done so that the Valkyrie does not consider us as submissive or unintelligent. Next we must consider in the ways of the warrior, what the tools a Valkyrie prizes the most are. We know her physical prowess is awe inspiring so let us work with that, except turn that into a plus. We know the Valkyrie is a peaceful being so if we have gotten to the point of discussing her physical qualities unscathed then, why not use that great strength to our advantage. You see there is nothing wrong with great physical prowess. In fact if we are intelligent, as we have claimed to be, we will convince the Valkyrie to share some of the wisdom that gave her that great strength so that we too may acquire some added abilities. Next, we must examine the other tools she may have at her disposal. If she is using the cloak of femininity, it would be very wise to add to the selection available. Under no circumstances should the Valkyrie be encouraged to do away with her feminine wiles, or enchanting ways. To do this is to ask for a life of boredom and castration from a dual sexed community of suitors. Instead encourage these traits as admirable and desirable. Even add to them out of your own purse. Valkyries love surprise. It is in fact one of their major weapons. Once you are aware of this you may utilize that same weapon with a neutralizing force. here is what I suggest. If there are any young Valkyries reading this, it would be wise to heed the advice in this lesson. Accept these gifts, wear them wisely and utilize the tools I have outlined. I say this because and only because I have been acknowledged by the Valkyries as a friend and not an adversary. I demand and receive the same respect as they, but it did not come cheaply. I had to earn that respect, and rightfully so because I also had some lessons to learn in the appropriate way to treat a Valkyrie in order to win her affections. Had she not used those feminine wiles, painted lips and nails as well as the other tools of seduction she would not have gained my attention at all. Once the Valkyrie has recognized that her weaponry is being greatly enhanced and appreciated as a powerful weapon, yet trusted to being used in only the best of ways unless absolutely necessary, one may advance to the next stage. This is to hold a Valkyrie, I mean really hold one. Feel the softness underlying that great strength, the firmness of her well toned body, and learn that their is real beauty in those feminine tools. If there is no beauty found then she has not studied her lessons well and is not to be feared nearly as much for her powers are weakened considerably! If this is the case and you don't detect the exquisite aroma of expensive perfume, perhaps it is simply unavailable to her and you should, without embarrassing her, make sure that she has an adequate supply. The same holds true for that silken blouse. If by chance it is made of a lesser material, then rectify the situation. Make absolutely sure your Valkyrie has all the weaponry she can possibly obtain, you will see why shortly. Well armed, the Valkyrie can be given flowers for now she knows there is a trust and a genuine feeling between the two of you. In fact it is necessary, if not already done, to approach the local florist and demand that a sweet bouquet be delivered immediately. If the Valkyrie receives this gracefully, she will probably let you know by allowing you to give her a foot massage while she luxuriates in a bubble bath to soothe her taut skin. If this does occur you should offer to give her a complete pedicure as Valkyries like to feel they are being waited on and pampered. When the Valkyrie is through bathing, (don't push your indulgences at this point unless invited) it would be wise to request the privilege of giving the warm and smooth Valkyrie a massage as this will further relax the tautness. and make the Valkyrie more pliable. It is at this point that we must mention, she may attempt to demand submission from you with her whip! Whatever you do, not back down. Instead, allow her to do so, unafraid, and without as much as a wince. Once she has fulfilled her need to show dominance, gently pick her up and place her on a soft bed and comfort her. She may think she has dominated you, but in reality she has forced her own submission and no doubt if you have been building your physical prowess as well, it should be a mutually beneficial submission. This and only this way have I found for Valkyries to catch the admiring eye of others, and it is also the only way to bring a Valkyrie to a position other than upright! You see even though they are capable of it, if treated properly one does not have to fear having his head crushed like a coconut. Instead, he can look forward to many hours of pleasurable enjoyment from those very same skull crushing forces. Finally, I have found in my travels that when one encounters a Valkyrie in possession of and utilizing her tools to utmost of her capability, (especially an especially beautiful and seductive one) it is wise to approach the Valkyrie cautiously and respectfully. Once an initial contact is made, tell the Valkyrie how appreciative you are of the efforts she has put into her application of her tools and skills using them. In this way Valkyries all over the world may gain the knowledge that their skills are recognized and appreciated. Hence desirable impressions are formed and soon hopefully, Valkyries will not have to do battle for the respect and servitude they deserve. Recalled From Memoirs of Battle by: The Gallant Knight