Gorilla my Dreams

Stepping gingerly from the tub on to the soft fur rug Misty Storm emerged from her nightly bubble bath. She sighed as she felt the sudden chill of a cool draft, realizing it was a sure sign that her last client had not completely shut the door to her downstairs office. Her erect nipples tingled, caressed by the cool spring breeze they each stood firm, as if eagerly awaiting the lips of an unseen lover. Grabbing a towel she stepped in front of the full-length mirror and regarded her body. The image looking back at her was as close to perfection as any female form could be. It was completely obvious, to anyone that had ever laid eyes on her, that Misty spent a great deal of time in the gym, at the young age of 23 she was an incredible beauty, the type of woman men fantasized about. Scrutinizing her body, she thrust out her breasts; her 38 C's natural and firm seemed to defy gravity as they stood proudly out from her body. Her large breasts made her slim 26-inch waste seem that much slimmer, with her long blonde hair and long muscular legs she was, what men described as, a total knockout. After toweling herself off Misty spritzed her body with her favorite after bath moisturizer, a designer fragrance entitled Mistress, available nowhere else in the world it was designed specifically for her, a thank you from one of her French clients.

The moisturizer was one just one product in a complete line that the French Magnate had manufactured just for Misty. She was a woman whom men sought to please, but pleasing Misty wasn't easy. She was as demanding as she was beautiful, even more so, but the men that sought after Misty's affections would have it no other way.

Misty donned her Armani 'robe' and exited the bathroom. The French marble tile felt cool beneath her damp feet as she walked against the cool breeze coming from below. A small shudder ran through her body as she felt the chill of the night air. The sheer black gown she wore provided little protection, it was not meant to conceal. It hung from her body accentuating every curve. She loved the way the silk felt as it slid against her hard nipples. She let her hands drift down between her thighs where her fingers, for a brief second, gently massaged her swollen clit. Becoming lost in her passions her mind drifted away from the open door. Moaning at her own touch, her hands still between her thighs, Misty stretched out on her pillow-covered bed. She ran one hand up across her breasts, teasing her already tingling nipples as the fingers of her other hand continued to massage her most sensitive spot. She moved her fingers in small circles, massaging her clit in ways that only a woman could know, occasionally sliding her fingers up her wet slit and dipping them deep into her sopping pussy only to return them again to the hot flesh of her swollen clit. Soon the world around her melted away as her body, as if caressed by a phantom lover, began moving, in the unconscious rhythm of ecstasy.


Misty road the surging waves of her orgasm, her soft sighs of pleasure became moans of passion as she pushed her body over the edge. Loosing herself in exquisite rapture her body convulsed as she surrendered it completely to the pleasures of the flesh. With no one there to hear, her moans of passion became screams of ecstasy.

Her orgasm subsided Misty, now exhausted, grabbed a small remote and pressed the power button. The wall directly in front of her slid upward revealing a lavish room complete with an exotic, champagne glass, shaped Jacuzzi, a complete wet bar and a sixty inch plasma television screen built into the wall. Misty's job afforded her a lavish lifestyle.

Misty plopped down on her designer couch. She needed to relax. Her last client, the head of the World Bank, had been one of her more difficult jobs, for Misty that translated into money. Misty never negotiated terms; her clients were always willing to pay her price, most offered more. Her services were unique in their nature, that and she was the absolute best at what she did guaranteed that she stayed as busy as she wanted. Some of the most powerful men and women in the world were on her select list of clients. Misty didn't except just anyone as clients, you had to be discreet, but more importantly you had to be wealthy, very wealthy, The best never comes cheap.

Misty clicked on the TV and lay back on her couch. It was time for the market news. Misty, among other things, was a licensed stockbroker although the only money she managed these days was her own. She had been fortunate enough to have found a very different way of making a living, one that met her deepest needs in ways that being a broker could never do.

Misty listened to the CNN info babe spouting the status of the leading market indicators when a special local news bulletin cut into programming.

This just in Fox 4 News has learned that there is an escaped Gorilla on the loose in the Fair Hills area of the Valley. The 600-pound Beast escaped hours ago while being transferred back to the Glen Haven Zoo after an unsuccessful attempt by Clareville Zoo officials at mating the Animal with a lone female. This animal is considered extremely dangerous and officials' fear they may have to destroy the animal before it harms someone. If you see this animal take no action, call your local police immediately--

Misty suddenly remembered her open office. She realized that she had little to fear from the Gorilla, an eight-foot high brick security fence surrounded her estate; the grounds were also covered by state-of-the-art motion detecting lasers, but still she figured better safe than sorry. Reluctantly she got up and headed down the long staircase. At the bottom of the staircase were two enormous solid oak doors, which were hand carved by Tibetan Priests in the early 13 hundreds. Misty walked over to an electric access panel and pressed in her code. The huge doors swung inward revealing an elaborate dungeon. It was where she worked, her office. It was where world leaders groveled at her feet, licking her heels clean or begging to be spanked. The room where she was standing was where some of the world's most powerful people frequented. It was a room where the very people who dominated countries, financial markets, and multibillion-dollar corporations, were they themselves dominated. Needless to say, Misty Storm was a professional Dominatrix and she was a woman who enjoyed her work.

Something lying on the floor caught Misty's eye as she was strolling across the room; it was the cock harness she had used on her last client. She always had her clients clean the room when their sessions were over. She would have to make a note to severely reprimand him. As Misty bent over to retrieve the device, she noticed, despite the darkness of the dimly lit room, that many things were out of place. Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she heard a sound from behind. It was then that she understood, in one horrifying moment, that she wasn't alone.

Misty didn't have time to run something had grabbed her from behind. In one motion, the strong blonde turned throwing a punch that connected with her would-be attacker. The blow would have leveled even the largest of men except what was behind Misty was not a man; it was a 600 pound wild Gorilla and her punch wasn't even noticed.

The gorilla pushed Misty up against a couch, tearing her robe completely off in the process. Misty beat at the beast with her tiny fist all to no avail. The animal turned her around; Misty felt the weight of the beast pressing her against the couch. For a moment, she was confused as to what was happening, the beast wasn't really trying to hurt her, he was just pressing his weight against her, keeping her pinned against the couch. Misty's confusion soon vanished as she felt the animals hard cock part the cheeks of her ass. His intentions were now very clear.

" No!" Misty screamed, realizing what was about to happen. She struggled trying to put herself in a position that made her less "available' but she couldn't, the beast was just to strong. She was completely at his mercy the dominator was now the dominated. Misty screamed in pain as the beast rammed his massive cock up her wet pussy. 12 inches of hard animal cock filled her small pussy as it had never been filled before. The gorilla was thrusting hard against her, burring his shaft up to his balls in her hot snatch. Misty felt the animal's cock grow even larger inside her. The head of the gorilla's cock was just beginning to mushroom, swelling with the first pulse of cum. Misty new if she didn't do something fast the animals cock inside her would swell with so much with cum that disengaging it would become impossible until it had emptied its massive load. She screamed trying to wriggle out from under the beast realizing to late that her movements excited the gorilla even more. Then she realized she was still holding the ball harness. Quickly she reached down between her legs and with one hand grabbed the beast by the balls while with her other hand she expertly applied the cock harness. She pulled with all her might on the harness cinching it up as tight as her strength would allow. The Gorilla grunted in pleasure at Misty's sudden movements but now the flow of cum from his balls to his cock was totally cut off. His balls swelled even larger as his prostate continued to try to pump fluid to his throbbing shaft.

"Ok big boy! Misty screamed, at the animal as she thrust back against his rigid cock. "You want to fuck, lets fuck!" She undulated her hips against the beast sending sensations through the giant's body that he never he was never meant to experience. His balls, unable to send the massive amounts of semen to his cock, swelled even larger as they filled with cum. The animal was caught in one continuous orgasm as Misty continued to stimulate his cock in ways that it had never been stimulated before. She thrust back, sliding up and down the animals shaft, sending waves of pulsating ecstasy through the beast, waves that signaled his prostate to pump even more fluid to his dry shaft. The fluid building up in the animal's balls caused them to swell to grotesque proportions. Misty pumped the gorilla's cock, despite her disgust she began to get very excited. She had taken control of this massive beast with her most feminine part, her pussy. The beast was now totally at her mercy and she showed none. She rode his giant shaft using it like a dildo to pleasure herself, ignoring its grotesquely swelling balls, until finally she climaxed in an explosive triumphant wave of ecstasy.

Having taken her pleasure from the beast, she wiggled out from under it. The gorilla still trembling, its brain unable to cope with the intense sensations from the unending ecstasy, collapsed over the couch. Misty turned away from the semiconscious beast and walked over to a large cabinet where she removed a device; she wasn't done with the animal, far from it. She was just getting started. Misty, completely naked and glistening with sweat, returned to the limp beast and with a smile she strapped the 16-inch dildo to her hips. The limp ape was bent over the couch; it was in the perfect position for what she had in mind. She slid the rubber cock between the beast's furry ass cheeks positioning the head of the giant dildo against, what up until this very moment had been an exit-only-hole. " Ok, let's see how you like it." Misty sneered, and with one thrust, she buried the huge dildo in the ape's ass.


The ape grunted in pain as Misty began to violently fuck the ape up its ass, withdrawing the 16-inch dildo almost completely before pounding it back in, each time completely burying it in the ape's asshole. Misty felt the dildo slide over the apes prostate, each thrust up against the swelling gland caused the ape to shudder as he exploded in another orgasm. His prostate was producing mass amounts of cum, cum that still had no outlet. The ape trembled with each thrust from the lusty blonde. She grabbed the ape by the fur on its hips and rammed the dildo home, repeatedly pounding the hard rubber cock mercilessly up the beast's ass, until finally the prostate became so swollen with cum that it would not allow the dildo to pass. Misty, putting all her strength behind it, thrust the dildo up the apes ass several more times, ramming it hard into the engorged prostate, each thrust causing a shudder to go through the apes otherwise limp body. Finally when she was unable to thrust past the engorged gland she unbuckled the dildo from her hips. The half-buried dildo protruding 8 inches out the ape's ass was an odd sight, but not for long. Misty grabbed the ape by the fur on its neck and pulled the limp beast backwards. The semi conscious animal sat down hard on Misty's solid oak coffee table. His entire 600 pounds fell squarely on the hard rubber cock, ramming it past his ballooned prostate, forcing the incredible amount of fluid trapped in the gland to empty into the beast's already swollen balls. The apes balls, now nearly the size of volleyballs, were near the bursting point, still Misty wasn't finished with the now helpless beast. "What's the matter big boy, can't take it?" Misty taunted. Smiling wickedly, she reached down between the apes thighs to the dildo that was buried deep in its ass and flicked a little switch to the 'on' position. " Lets see how you like that," Misty sneered. The dildo began to suddenly vibrate causing the ape to convulse violently as its body was overcome again with sensations that it was never meant to feel. Misty, now in complete control of the beast, still wasn't finished. "Now," Misty taunted, cupping her perfect breasts "let's see how well you handle these." Bending down she squeezed her massive breasts around the animals throbbing cock and began to give him a tit fucking that would have made any man cum in seconds. Misty, merciless, pumped the beast's cock. Squeezing her beasts around the gorilla's giant member she stimulated the beast into orgasm after orgasm causing it's, already melon sized, balls to swell even larger as its body tried in vain to cum. The beast began to shake violently until its whole body began to convulse is spasms " What's the matter big boy these too much for you?" Misty taunted the ape as she continued to squeeze her firm breasts around the gorilla's throbbing cock. Misty, paying no heed to the violent convulsions of the beast, continued to fuck the trembling beast with her tits until finally the animal grew still. It was only when the beast showed no response whatsoever to what she was doing that she casually turned away from the vanquished animal. She walked over to a drawer and quickly returned with a switch blade knife, flicking the blade open she pressed the tip of the razor sharp steel to apes swollen balls. " If you were a man I would cut these off." She said, giving its balls just enough of a jab to draw a single drop of blood. Misty then placed her other hand around the ape's neck forcing its head down to within inches of its throbbing cock and with a flick of her wrist, she cut the cock harness. The ape's cock erupted, exploding with the force of a fire hose as his swollen balls, that were seconds from bursting, emptied their massive load. The eruptions seemed endless as a sea of bloody cum exploded up into the apes face, filling his mouth and nostrils, choking him with his own hot sticky cum. By the time the eruptions finally ceased; the semi-conscious beast having been forced to swallow most of its own massive load was gasping for air. The gorilla, cum dripping from its mouth, slumped near unconsciousness. Now unable to control any part of its body the totally spent beast, lost control over its bladder. Misty smiled as she noticed the ape pissing itself. She pressed its face down even farther to meet the gushing stream of bloody urine that spurted upward from its cock. "Time to wash that cum down with your own piss" Misty chided, as she practically pressed apes lips to his gushing cock. Once again, the animal gasped for air as the salty liquid, spewing from its cock, filled his mouth and nostrils. The gorillas throat burned from swallowing quarts of his own acidic urine. As the beast fought to breathe its lungs began to fill with its own piss. Sputtering as the life slipped out of him, the animal was moments away from drowning in its own piss when the gushing stream came to an abrupt end. Misty, a triumphant smirk on her pouty lips, tossed her long blonde mane back over her shoulder. She casually regarded the limp beast that sat upright in front of her. It slumped forward, now totally motionless, piss dripping from its nose and mouth. Misty took a slim cigar from a box on the counter. She still wasn't quite done with the beast. She stood triumphantly in front of the conquered animal, hands on hips, and a taunting look on her face. "Was it good for you?" She asked, sweetly, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She reached out and with a flick of her slender wrist struck a match between the dazed beast's eyes. She had dominated leaders of entire countries, of world institutions but never had she felt more powerful than now. "Never fuck with a professional," Misty said, as she lit the cigar and took a long slow inhale. With one index finger Misty boldly, tilted the beast's face up towards hers; she pursed her lips sexily and blew her smoke directly into the animals face. It was the perfect finishing touch. As the cloud of smoke engulfed the beast's head, drenched with his own cum and piss, the once mighty animal collapsed backwards, falling onto the oak coffee table, his tree trunk like arms splayed out to the sides like felled oaks, finished off, by the blonde bombshell, in true dominatrix fashion.

Having finished the beast off it was now time for Misty to decide what to do with the animal. She grabbed her cell phone. Using the limp beast as a stool, she sat down on the gorilla's muscular chest Crossing her legs sexily she began to dial. Noticing some twitching in the gorilla's arm that was nearest her Misty took another long inhale on the slender cigar. Turning her head as she waited for the operator to connect her call, she leaned slightly down and casually exhaled another cloud of smoke directly into the face of the conquered beast.  She watched the twitching arm go suddenly limp as her smoke pushed the beast into unconsciousness.  " There that's more like it," she said before exhaling a perfectly blown smoke ring towards the beast's face.

The telephone rang only once "Hello," a female voice answered.

" Is this Jenna Carter curator? Misty asked.

" Yes, who's calling please."

Misty ignored the question. "I understand you are missing a gorilla." She stated.

Jenna sighed, tired of all the prank phone calls " Look Miss I'm sure your very concerned but "

" Gorilla number z24956." Misty interrupted reading the number off the ape's wrist bracelet.

Jenna's eyes grew wide; no one could know that number. It was just placed on him hours before his departure from the zoo. Her heart also grew heavy. Nobody could have gotten close enough to read that number while the animal was alive. "So he's dead." Jenna stated.

" No," Misty answered. She was sure that the beast was only unconscious; sitting on its chest she could feel its heart beating " At least not yet anyway."

" Where is he?" Jenna asked, suddenly hopeful of getting the animal back alive.

" I've got a few questions first." Misty said. The answer to these questions would determine in what condition Misty would delivery the animal.

" Look, whoever you are, this animal has been through a lot."

"Oh you have no idea." Misty said sweetly.

"Just tell me where he is so we can pick him up."

" Tell me how it is a zoo gets a gorilla that has been raised in the wild" Misty inquired, adding "I didn't think zoos took animals from the wild anymore."

" Of course we don't. Zazor was a special case." It was the first time Misty had heard the gorilla's name.

" Zazor?" She asked.

"It's Rwandan for Survivor." Jenna sighed as she began telling how the zoo had acquired Zazor. "Zazor was once the dominant male of a very large troop." Jenna explained.

" Is that a fact," Misty said, as she casually flipped the ash from her cigar into the dominant ape's open mouth. " What happened?"

"His entire troop was killed by poachers and he himself was shot six times, in the chest, while defending them. Park officials found him half-dead. He was collapsed over his mate as if trying to protect her. Out of his entire troop, he was the lone Survivor. So we named him Zazor."

Misty frowned as she ran her hand through the animal's chest hair; she could feel the scars made from the bullet wounds. " So he's lucky he survived."

" Well he's not out of the woods yet. Gorillas mate for life. The females of his troop have a certain scent that distinguishes them from each other and from females of other troops. We have been unable to reproduce that scent; he just ignores the females we introduced him too.

" Ignores females that don't smell like his mate huh?" Misty asked smugly. She was not thrilled that she seemed to have the scent that set him off.

" Yep, he doesn't interact with other females at all and its gotten worse he's stopped eating. He's mourning the loss of his family and if we don't find a way of getting him to accept a new mate, he just might have well have died in the jungle."

" No police." Misty stated suddenly.

" Whatever you say. Besides the Police would just love too shoot him, he put one of theirs in the hospital. No police." Jenna affirmed.

Misty hung the phone up after giving Jenna her address. She jumped off the beast's chest, and looked at the semiconscious animal, he was an absolute mess. His fur was matted with semen and he was beginning to smell like stale piss. "Hey big boy, wake up," Misty demanded splashing some water on the animals face. She watched as the animal opened its eyes and slowly focused on her face. " I trust you won't give me anymore trouble." She stated looking the gorilla directly in the eyes. The beast averted his gaze down in an act of submission. " Good now get up." Misty ordered. " We have work to do."

Misty answered her door wearing a very short black knit dress and stiletto heels. It was obvious to all that she was not wearing a bra. "Hello you must be Ms Carter from the zoo?" Misty asked extending her hand to the shapely red head that stood in front of her.

" Oh please, call me Jenna," the woman said, taking her hand, "and you are?

" Misty, Misty Storm." Jenna flinched a little at Misty's powerful grip.

" Well," Jenna said, feeling a little flush of arousal, I...I believe you have something for me?"

" Yes please come in." Misty said. She watched as Jenna and two men armed with rifles came through the door.

" No guns" Misty declared.

" Their only tranq guns, we need to tranq him to get him into the truck."

" That won't be necessary. He's already been tranqed." Misty declared.

" Ok... Misty this is your show, Jenna said hesitantly, " boy's you heard her leave the guns outside."

" Great," Misty said, "wait here I'll be right back." Misty could feel their eyes on her as she walked away. She knew the men were watching but the extra little sway she put into her walk was for Jenna. She had sensed something when they had shaken hands. It was her guess that Jenna liked women. Misty smiled to herself as she swayed her hips, she liked women also, with a few exceptions men were business; women were pleasure.

Jenna and the two men waited patiently after having watched Misty disappear behind a door. Jenna, although impressed by Misty, had just about concluded that this whole trip had been a waist of time. It was ridiculous to think that a woman could subdue a full-grown gorilla alone, and what the hell did she mean by "Already tranqed." Jenna had other doubts, doubts that were suddenly put to rest as a pair of huge wooden doors swung open.

"I' believe this is what you came for" Misty said, casually, standing in the doorway one hand on her hip. In her other hand was a tiny golden chain that went back over her shoulder. On the other end of the tiny chain was A very large gorilla.

Jenna and the two men stood slack-jawed as they watched Misty clad in her skintight knit dress and stiletto heels lead the big gorilla down the hall on the tiny leash. The huge animal was wearing a spiked collar around his neck to which was attached the wispy thin golden chain. A thin golden strand now led around the same animal that had tore through thick chains of solid steel. The gorilla was also perfectly groomed, his fur cleaned and brushed. His appearance left no evidence of his total domination; it was a humiliation that Misty decided to spare him. Misty walked slowly, not looking back at the beast. She held the tiny chain loosely  in her hand, as she walked, and the huge gorilla followed her down the hall like a smitten puppy. The only sound was Misty's heels clicking on the Marble floor.

" Get the door boys." Misty ordered as she walked by.

" Yes Mam!" They said swinging the doors open making sure they were standing behind each one as the big ape passed by. Misty led the ape up the ramp and disappeared into the back of the truck a moment latter she emerged with the collar and chain.

" He's all yours." Misty said brushing her hands together. The two men began locking the truck down.

Jenna whom had been around wild animals her whole life was dumbstruck, never had she seen anything like that.

" Jenna," Misty said, " can I have a word with you in private."

" Sure." Jenna answered. She was eager to hear what Misty had to say. The two women stepped back inside while the men continued to secure the truck.

" Listen, Jenna," Misty began, "I would appreciate it if you kept my name out of the press. I really can't afford the publicity."

" Well, of course, if that's what you want. Don't worry about a thing, the story we'll give is that he just wondered home. Nobody has to know the real story."

"Thanks Jenna" Misty replied, " There is one more thing," Misty continued, "try using this scent on his next female." Misty produced the little bottle of designer perfume that she had applied just before being attacked. " I think you'll find it may solve your problems."

Jenna took the bottle; the curious look on her face prompted Misty to speak first. " It's a long story Jenna, and I'm very tired. For now let's just say that he picked the wrong woman to fuck with.

" Apparently he did at that." Jenna replied. Accepting the fact that she was never going to get the real story Jenna, happy to have Zazor back safe and sound, turned and walked out the door. Halfway down the path to the truck she heard Misty call her name.

" Perhaps if you have time tomorrow night I can tell you what happened over dinner and a nice chab'le?" Misty asked, smiling.

" Consider it a date." Jenna replied.

Jenna smiled, sweetly, at stunning blonde as the truck disappeared around the corner. She felt the moisture between her thighs began to grow at the mere anticipation of the night to come for Jenna had met Misty before, in her deepest fantasies. Finally, Jenna thought, as the erotic possibilities flashed through her mind, a night with the girl of my dreams.

The End