Beauty and the Beast

By Sam



Jill awoke with a start her mind clouded by the fog of sleep. What a weird dream she had ,she dreamed of her grandmother not surprising they were very close and her death hit Jill hard even though she was one hundred two when she died just two days ago. When Jill was seven her parents were killed in an auto accident and with no other living relatives the authorities contacted her grandmother who was living somewhere in the West Indies she agreed to move to L.A and raise Jill not wanting to take her away from the only house she ever knew.

As the years passed Jill learned to live with her grandmothers weird beliefs. She loved her grandmother dearly and always gave her religion proper respect but being a teenager in L.A. and having a grandma who practiced an ancient West Indies religion was quite frankly a pain and sometimes Jill after being teased by the other kids would come home and say things to her grand mother she didn’t mean. Thats when Jill’s grandma would take her aside and try to explain her beliefs Jill never really understood only that it was based on a strong belief in magic and charms, and a strong bond with nature. Jill laughed as she remembered how her grandmother used to talk to the animals at the zoo like they actually understood her.

Grandma had always told Jill that for her twenty first birthday she would receive a special gift something called the Sahbia(pronounced Sa-Ha-Bia ). Jills grandmother told her it was her most prized possesion. It was some sort of charm she had been shown it once.It was truly beautiful it was a thin crystal of some sort in the shape of a panther it seemed to change colors and Jill could have swore it was glowing.There was something magical about the number twenty one, her grandma told her that she had received the Sahbia too late at the age of twenty two and all she could do was pass it on but she died two days before Jill’s twenty first birthday and Jill knowing how her grandma felt about the Sahbia had it buried with her.

Jill climbed out of bed unconsciously rubbing her right breast which was tingling slightly she wished herself a happy twenty first birthday, stretched shook her long blonde mane and headed for the bathroom. She was wearing a red silk half top which hung just below her nipples and a pair of red silk string panties. If there were such a thing as the perfect female form Jill possessed it she was in incredible shape, she worked out regularly and her body responded it absolutely rippled with muscle. Her five foot ten 38/24/36 inch frame exhibited a raw sexual power that men could only fantasize about.

Jill felt incredibly good this morning . When she reached the bathroom door she turned the knob and gave the door her regular shove it usually stuck no it was always stuck sometimes to the point of having to lean in to it with her shoulder to get the thing open. Not today the door flew open Jill almost fell expecting to meet resistance. Not thinking to much about the door Jill started her shower water and when the room was good and steamy she peeled out of her under things and stepped into the water

Jill absouloutly loved showers. The sensation of the water as it ran off her breasts and down her rippled stomach the way her breasts felt when they were lathered with soap.Many times she lay back in the tub and adjusted the spray to that special spot between her powerful thighs and massaged her breasts until the waves of orgasm swept over her, even though very muscular she was still very much all woman.

Today as she was soaping her body something caught her eye. It was impossible. She lept from the shower grabbed a towel and wiped the steam from the mirror. This could not be as she stood before the mirror she saw the image tattooed on her right breast just above the nipple it was black about two inches long and an inch wide it was the image of the Sahbia, a panther and it had not been there the night before.

Jill reached up and touched the image with her right hand when she did she was hit with a rush of images from her dream. A beautiful woman standing beside her bed wearing flowing white robes It was her grandmother as she looked perhaps eighty years ago.

"I could not go child without giving you your gift" her grandmother spoke softly as she brushed her hand against Jill’s cheek. She then took out the crystal panther which Jill had only seen once before she placed it on Jill’s right breast and said "From me to you Sahbia" Jill felt her body tingle as the crystal was absorbed into her skin leaving behind it’s perfect image

"Whats it mean grandma?" Jill asked

"Sahbia the gift of strength"

"I don’t under..."

"You will child" she answered "Now my time here is up and I must go"

she leaned over and kissed Jill’s forehead. Jill felt a rush of warmth overtake her body

"Good bye Grandma" Jill heard herself speak the words now back in the bathroom she saw in the mirror tears streaming down her face.

It seemed Jill got her twenty first birthday present after all.


Chpt2: The Beast

Jill can’t believe she let April talk her in to coming to this joint I mean bear wrestling really. As Jill looked around there were several women there with there husbands or boyfriends whom no doubt had ego problems that they thought getting in the ring with a two thousand pound bear would cure. Thats what the bear was suppose to weigh two thousand pounds thats a lot of bear. April had been here before she said the bear was a monster fifteen feet tall and that there was a ten thousand dollar prize if you could get him off his feet for five seconds a feat no one had accomplished so far. There was a catch though it cost two hundred dollars to wrestle the beast but if you managed to stay in with him for 5 minutes you got your money back plus a cheesy T shirt that said I survived the BEAST. Jill looked around and didn’t see any T shirts apparently not many have survived the beast

As Jill looked around she didn’t see any bear yet but she did see the ring it was a 30 foot circle painted on the ground in the middle there was a huge metal ring anchored in concrete no doubt where they chain the bear she thought. There were tables all around the ring they were sitting actually just outside it. There were obnoxious drunks all around them all bragging about pasts bouts with the bear none however were wearing the coveted T shirt. Looking at the men around them a question came to Jill’s mind

"April why did you say we were here again?" Jill asked

"For the men" April replied "besides" April continued "Since your grandma died you haven’t had any fun I thought this would be different

Jill looked around her again "different is a real good way to describe it"

"Quite here comes the bear" April said hardly able to sit still

Sure enough the bear was being led in by six big guys each guy was holding a chain attached to the grizzly’s neck except the first guy his chain was rolled up. It was all the six of them could do to just getting him to the center and chain him to the anchor.

Jill observed the bear he was enormous maybe not two thousand pounds but damn close Jill guessed his height at about thirteen feet.Jill admired him as he walked by he truly was a magnificent animal solid muscular and defiant. If her grand mother taught her anything it was to have a healthy respect for the force of nature and this animal was a formidable force. He was muzzled of course and probably declawed although Jill couldn’t tell for sure he had huge foam pads covering his forepaws Jill was about to voice her disgust for this whole affair when then the announcer and apparent owner of this dive begin to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it seems we have four brave souls challenging the beast tonight" he began reading the list . Jill was thinking what a disgusting looking man, he was fat with a bushy beard and it looked like he needed to bathe. In fact thats what all the men in this joint looked like why the hell are we here she thought.

"April why are...." Jill’s voice trailed off as she heard the announcer read the last name it was hers.

The whole place erupted in Laughter. Jill shot April a menacing look

"Are you crazy girl" Jill said in disbelief

"Jill the prize is ten thousand dollars I know you can do it your the strongest person Ive ever known. Ive seen you bench 500 pounds thats more than most men ."April said pleading with her.

"April did you pay two hundred dollars for me to do this" ? Jill asked in shock "You know you do not have that kind of money".

" Thats why I did it I figure if you win I get a third". April declared. "Besides the prize money is just the tip of the iceberg think how much we could make on bets alone.

Jill was considering her reply when the first man entered the ring. He was a large man well over three hundred pounds. The minute he stepped in the ring the bear reared up on his hind legs and charged . The man landed about ten feet outside the ring.

"Honey" a very large man sitting next to Jill said " You had better run back to your kitchen before you get hurt". With that statement everybody within earshot all the men that is laughed hilariously the women remained silent.

Another man was hurled from the ring by a huge paw. That left one more then Jill

" Hell I’ll bet you haven’t even got the guts to go in" the man sitting next to Jill said to her

"Oh yeah fat boy". Jill spoke up. "How much"

When April heard Jill say that she immediately perked up Jill was getting mad.

"Yeah fat boy how much ." April yelled "I’ll bet a thousand dollars my girl here can whip that fur bag."

"Hell" she doesn’t have to win the man said. " I’ve got ten thousand dollars against your thousand that says she cant even last as long as I do." Apparently he was the next man to wrestle. "Whats it gonna be sweety are you gonna play with the big boys or run back to the kitchen and make some cookies." When he said that all the men once again erupted in laughter .

Jill was really getting angry she said just two words "You first".

They decided on a third party to hold the money, then it was time to wrestle. When the large man got up he spoke to the gal next to him he said " Hon have you got my lucky shirt".

With that she reached in a bag under her chair and said " What color do you want to wear tonight darlin."

"Blue I think" he replied

She dumped the contents of the bag on the table and sorted through all the T shirts and handed him the blue one. It read I survived the BEAST in fact they all read I survived the BEAST. The men all broke out in laughter.

"Hell" one man spoke up. "Big Jake always goes the five minutes. He’s the only one that has." More laughter from the men filled the room the women were absolutely quite.

Big Jake put on his lucky shirt and headed for the ring as he brushed by Jill he said " Sweety let me show you what a man can do."

April was extremely quite she was actually afraid to speak she’s gotten Jill in jams before but this has to be the worst. As the next five minutes passed the men teased Jill unmerciously. Jill just sat there sipping her beer and watching Jake the fat man ( as she began to think of him) run around the ring from the bear. Actually she had to admit to herself he was good at avoiding the beast for a big man he was quick and he had suckered them in expertly that earned him a little respect in her mind. Maybe with all that running around He’ll have a heart attack she thought she quietly giggled to herself.

When Jake was done he collected his T shirt and went back to his seat.

" Your turn sweety." he said to Jill as he smiled a big grin.

Jill got up and as she walked to the ring she stopped at Jakes table and said "Lets up the ante to say twenty thousand."She couldn’t believe she was speaking these words. but even as a girl her pride had gotten her in trouble more than once.

"Your crazy woman" Jake said on the verge of laughter. I already have one against your ten what can you possibly have thats worth twenty

Jill said " Just this". She then stood before him and struck a very sexy pose.

" Whew Missy your on!." was the only thing Jake could utter

"Good now watch what a woman can do."

April was feeling better she knew Jill must be pretty damn confident to make a bet like that. They stood to gain about a hundred grand if Jill won. Jill strode to the ring ignoring the whistles and lude comments. She was wearing a very short long sleeved black knit dress that really showed every curve of her perfect body and a pair of very tall heels that accentuated her muscular legs hardly something you wrestle a bear in besides she paid four hundred dollars for the dress just the other day so much to shock, and the enjoyment of the men in the house when she got to the ring she peeled her dress off over her head in an exaggerated stripper fashion swinging it around in front of her. When everyone saw the hard chiseled-in-stone muscular body that Jill possessed there was a collective gasp and Jakes face showed the first signs of concern.

Jill had always had a fondness for wearing sexy lingerie and today was no exception. She had on a pair of very sexy black thong style panties that accentuated her impossibly perfect ass. Her magnificent 38 C’s were displayed by a skimpy sheer black bra that looked as if it were going to burst. She had a sexy black garter belt around her 24 inch waist that held up a pair of sheer black nylons and of coarse her feet were sporting a sexy pair of black five inch heels which she also took off. Her whole body exerted a raw sexual power that men found overwhelming. She was the very epitome of strength and beauty.

As Jill drew closer to the bear she could see numerous scars on its back and a few open wounds apparently from frequent whippings. She shot the owner a look of disgust.

"I wish it were you I were going in there with" Jill said to his face.

"You and me both sweetheart" he said admiring Jill’s incredible form. "Try not to hurt my bear will ya" the owner laughed.

"It looks like you do a pretty good job of that yourself" Jill said as she stepped in the ring

Jill had formulated a plan in her mind pretty much the same as Jakes it was a simple plan run for your life.

Jill expected the bear to charge as soon as she entered like he had against the men. The bear however did not it was lumbering towards her but it’s nose was sniffing the air intently. In fact it walked right up to her curiously sniffing her body his nose acutely touching her skin. Jill of course had on perfume and the bear seemed quite taken with it. She could feel his cold nose lightly brushing her skin as he gave her the once over and despite the situation it tickled and Jill couldn't help but giggle a couple of times.

No creature like this had ever done the bear any harm and besides her smell reminded him of laying against his mother and smelling the sweet summer air as a cub before the men came and took him. Suddenly the bear did not feel like fighting.

As the bear was sniffing her body Jill without thinking stuck her hand out and scratched him on the head as if he were a dog and to her surprise the bear responded by lifting his head and closing his eyes. Cool she thought maybe we can be friends. She started scratching him around his collar and he was loving it.

As she came in contact with his collar she was hit by a stunning jolt of electricity. The shock knocked her to her knees. The bear reared up on his hind legs howling in pain and shaking his massive head.

"Fight you son of a bitch" the owner yelled "This ain’t no goddam petting zoo"

Jill looked over and saw the owner with what must of been a remote control shock device and he was delivering shock after shock to the bear. Jill became enraged. Unfortunately for her so did the bear.

It charged the only thing there to take it’s anger out on Jill

"Oh shit" Jill exclaimed as the bear rushed towards her. She side stepped the beast with a quickness she didn’t know she possessed but her foot tangled in the bears chain and she went down The bear was right one top of her she was caught on the ground between its powerful front paws. She reached up around the bears neck looking for something to grab hold of anything she was being tossed around like a rag doll. She felt something elastic around the bears neck and latched on trying to pull her body close to the bears to avoid his forepaws then the elastic gave she realized she had just ripped off the shock collar she flung it out of the ring.

The bear his anger beginning to subside as the pain dulled smelled once again that hypnotic sweetness. Jill was still laying under the bear in-between it’s front paws unable to get free of the beast. The muzzle the bear was wearing while putting the nix on biting unfornatully for Jill did nothing for licking as the bear held her down with his front paws he was licking her face like a puppy with a ten inch tongue.

Jill trying to get free and avoid the bears horrid breath heard the reff outside start to count to five she was still on her back in front of the bear. When she heard the reff start to count she pushed herself up to her knees and twisted with all her might in one quick powerful motion as she completed her turn she felt her right elbow sink deep into the bears mid section with such a powerful force it shocked her. She heard the bear grunt as all the air was driven from his lungs.

The blow to the bear was an accident the last thing Jill wanted to do was cause this animal more pain she didn’t understand how she could deliver a blow that would even phase such a beast. The blow completely stunned the bear having the wind knocked out of him and not being able to open his mouth to gasp for air the bear effectively passed out and when he did he fell right on top of Jill.

There was a gasp from the audience as they saw the complete weight of the bear fall on Jill

"Help her" April screamed

Jill felt the weight of the bear crushing her to the floor she was on her stomach completely covered by the limp bear her body screamed against the weight of the beast she couldn’t breath she couldn’t move she was sure she was going to die.

She first felt the sensation in her right breast it spread quickly throughout her entire body she had an enormous feeling of strength and it grew and grew until she strained every muscle and pushed herself off the floor she couldn’t believe it when she felt the bear move she actually pushed herself off the floor enough to breathe. She inhaled deeply feeling stronger and stronger her massive chest expanding. She then took another deep breath and through her entire might against the bears body her muscles rippled her bra tore away as her muscles swelled with power. Jill was straining every joint every ligament every muscle her body was screaming to be free. She felt herself start to rise slowly she was now to her feet crouched under the bear. Then with a mighty shove she begin to stand she lifted the bear on her shoulders higher and higher till she was visible to the crowd

The people who were rushing to help Jill now froze in there tracks unable to believe there eyes. Jill continued to lift the bear until she was totally upright standing with the entire weight of the bear on her shoulders.The bear was beginning to wake up moving his head however he did not struggle he seemed not to mind the position he was in. The bears feet were positioned out in front of it and off the ground barley. April noticed this and begin to count.

"ONE!" April yelled at the top of her lungs. "TWO" she screamed.

All the women in crowd stood up and joined in. It was the mens turn to be silent "THREE!" they yelled.

Jill stood there every muscle on fire straining she looked as if she were chiseled out of stone her muscles bulged with unbelievable power sweat glistened off her massive chest and to some who noticed a crimson tattoo on her right breast that seemed to glow.

The bear now fully conscious but still out of breath looked around moving a little on Jill’s shoulders.

"Easy big guy" Jill said "Two more"

"FOUR"! the crowd yelled

The owner caught Jill’s eye he was punching the shock device furiously not realizing the collar had been torn off.

"FIVE!" yelled the crowd.

Jill leaned over to the left letting the bear slide off her shoulders he was now sitting on his butt on the floor still wheezing some but not as bad. Jill collapsed next to him and leaned against his massive body.

"Now were both out of breath" she said gasping

The bear nuzzled her neck and she in turn scratched it’s head they sat there for a few moments. The crowd gathered outside the circle cheering loudly none entered. Then Jill got up seeming oblivious to the fact that she was completely topples she raised her hands and flicked her long blonde hair back over her shoulders and left the circle. The crowd encircled her as she reached her table flash bulbs were going off everywhere and Jill obliged the men by flexing her huge biceps and striking several sexy poses for there cameras she was very proud of her body and didn’t mind showing it off . As she sat down and started dressing Jake was the first to speak to her.

"Holly shit missy!" Jake exclaimed "What the hell you been eaten LORDY!"

"Let me guess you don’t want to pay" Jill said frankly

"Hell no...I mean hell yes Ill pay" and with that he pulled out an enormous roll of money peeled off twenty one thousand dollar bills like they were ones and handed them to Jill. "To witness what I just saw it would be a bargain at twice that price.Honey you are one hellacious hunk of female yes indeedy!" he exclaimed

At that moment April who had been watching the bear ran over to Jill

"Jill take a look" April said tugging on Jill’s arm gesturing towards the bear

The owner had a bull whip and he was whipping the bear viciously. The bear did not flinch or run from the whip instead he was straining every muscle trying to get at his tormentor who was only a few feet away. The chain around the beast neck was stretched to the max but it held fast the bear was snarling and thrusting his weight against the chain ignoring the cutting bite of the whip again and again he struck until on his backstroke he felt someone grab his arm.

The owner spun around to see Jill a look of rage on her face as she crushed his wrist in her vice like grip. The owner howled in pain and dropped the whip.

Now its your turn" you bastard Jill screamed.

When he saw the shock collar in her hand he tried to run.

"No way asshole" Jill said "Now your going to see how it feels." Jill spun him around like he was a toy and tied the shock collar tightly around his waste she then shoved him into the circle.

The owner immediately ran for the edge of the circle until he saw Jill her finger on the shock button shaking her head.

He was pleading " he’ll kill me"

All the owners friends ran for the ring to help him

When the bear saw Jill shove the owner into the ring he moved like lightning. The man that had killed his mother. The man that had taken his freedom. The man that was responsible for all the pain. That man was now standing before him. The bear two feet away from the owner reared up on his hind legs his roar was deafining as the muzzle gave way to an explosion of rage. The owners friends who were rushing to his aid skidded to a halt out side the ring no doubt rethinking there friendship .

Jill was concerned when she saw the muzzle rip off the bear. She considered stepping in but ya know she had her expensive dress back on and her heels and she had already sacrificed her favorite bra and she didn’t particularly want to be the one to come between this animal and this man. She did decide not to shock him if he ran least till he was outside the ring.

The owner had lost complete control, Jill thought judging from the dark stain down the front of his trousers complete control was an understatement . He fell to his knees sobbing pleading curling up in a little ball as the bear roared in front of him. The bear dropped down on all fours sniffed the blubbering man in front of him then turned away sharply like he got a whiff of some rotten fish and headed back toward Jill who met him at the edge of the circle and scratched his head telling him he was a good bear.Then the bear begin to chew the foam pads off his forepaws.

Jill however had some unfinished business with the owner

"Whats the matter did we wet ourselves" she said mockingly in her best baby voice

"Lady that bear is dead tonight DEAD!" he screamed

Jill changed her tone "Is there any thing I can do to change your mind" she said in her sultriest voice smoothing her dress over her body.

Her switch caught him off guard.

"Like Like what" he stammered

"Like fulfill one of your fantasies" she said walking up to him and thrusting out her amazing chest which was obviously braless.

"What fantasy" he said she was clearly having an effect on him.

"Oh ..Haven’t you say.. always wanted to be dominated by a strong beautiful woman she placed her foot on a chair and struck a pose her breasts wear almost touching his chin

The bulge in his pants made his answer for him.

"Oh yes Please" he said turning to jello

Jill then placed her left hand on his chest gave him a very sexy look and with her right delivered a text book right cross that sent him sailing twenty feet landing unconscious with a thud.

"There ya go"she said laughingly "No charge"

The crowd erupted in applause.

Jill was concerned about the bear she knew she couldn’t leave him.

"Ya know, they got a truck out back for hauling that big boy around." Jake said, pointing to the bear.

"Really,"Jill said .

" should just take him besides he likes ya."

"What about the cops? I cant just steal him," Jill asked.

"Hell girl this place is as illegal as a cat house in Georgia ...won’t be no questions asked guaranteed."

Jill lucked out the first zoo she called just got a female they were looking to mate lucky for bear thats what she calls him.It seems that all zoos are in the market for grizzlies. She visits him often bringing him apples and feeding him around back through the bars She never goes in she just sits outside the bars he nuzzles her neck and she scratches his head she figures it’s time for him to just be a bear. She feels a strange bond with bear . He could have killed the owner of the club easily he had good reason . Jill doesn’t think she would have been so merciousfull in Bears place. Perhaps she thought by understanding Bear it would help her too understand herself.

The End