Jills Release

By Sam


In the several months that had past since Jill acquired the Sahbia she is still no closer to understanding it. It seems that her strength has doubled and at times it seems almost superhuman as it did the night she wrestled the bear. She has found that sudden fast moves can bring on incredible bursts of strength and that she has to be careful. As for her muscle mass it has increased significantly she has always been a strong muscular woman and she hasn’t changed her workout habits it’s just her body is now responding to them better. There is one other thing that has increased significantly also, her sex drive. Jill has always been a very sexual person but it seems she finds her self masturbating more and more and her orgasms are much stronger last longer and come in multiples not a bad side effect she thinks.

Jill sweaty and out of breath from her morning run heard the phone ringing from just outside her door .Got to get it before three she thinks to herself . One ring....two rings just before the machine picks it up Jill scoops up the phone.

"Hello" Jilll says breathing hard as she is trying to catch her breath

"Jillster" the voice on the other end says "I didn’t interrupt you in the middle of somebody did I?"

Jill’s heart leaps she clutches the phone to her breast there is only one person in the world that calls her Jillster. She regains her composure and puts the phone back up to her ear

"Who’s calling please?" she asks nonchalantly

Thats O.K if she’s not there I’ll try later." he says knowing full well it’s Jill

"Kevin Tyler" Jill screams in the phone "Don’t you dare hang-up"

Kevin Laughs " I’d never hang up on my best babe"

"Oh is that what I am" Jill says "Well you haven’t talked to your best babe in over a year I thought somebody else may have taken the job." Jill said sarcastically.

Well You know Ive been busy ..being a rock star and all" Kevin said

"Don’t give me that rock star crap" where are ya Eruope ..Antarctica maybe" Jill again said sarcastically.


"Where then"Jill asked hopefully.

Well Im in a cab about 15 minutes away from your house."

Jill looked over at herself in the mirror, hair a mess, all sweaty , wearing a baggy sweatsuit and panic set in.

"Ahhhhh....could ya stop and pick up a pizza on your way" She said desperately

"Huh" Kevin said perplexed

"A pizza !" she yelled " You know round cheese, pepperoni or don’t you rock stars eat pizza"

"O.K.O.K already I’ll get a pizza man you must be real hungry"

"Thats right IM verrrrryy hungry" she said raising her eyebrows if he only knew "Seeya" she said

Jill thought back to the sex her and Kevin used to have it could only be described as animalistic totally uninhibited they enjoyed each others bodies without shame. He did this little thing during oral sex that absolutely drove her crazy. While not a physically big man although he was about six feet tall he was slim and hard and he had a massive cock over nine inches Jill remembered how that cock felt inside her and she could feel the moistness between her legs growing, and not from her morning run.

Jill met Kevin at he age of fifteen. He lived with foster parents a few miles from her house he never knew his real parents. The other boys didn’t like Kevin after all he did was play that stupid guitar it wasn’t that he wasn’t good at sports its just that he wasn’t interested . Jill and Kevin hit it off well though they felt a bond both without parents. He would play the guitar for her and she would listen for hours lost in his music even at the early age of fifteen he was a gifted musician. The other parents in the neighborhood didn’t like Kevin much he was a loner had long brown hair past his shoulders and dressed in raggy clothes.Granny was different she loved Kevin and Kevin loved her she kind of took him in his foster parents didn’t much care what happened to him. She would say to Jill in her accent "That Kevin is a good boy he’s going to be a fine man" its like she could see into him past the front he put up for everybody and when Jill’s Grandmother died Kevin though touring in Europe filled the funeral home with floweres easily spending thousands of dollars.

Kevin and Jill spent a lot of time together. At the age of sixteen Kevin dropped out of school he was performing in a band with much older guys but he was better than anyone. It was at the age of seventeen when they first had sex. He had gotten in a fight he said at one of the clubs he worked at he was all beaten and bruised he needed several stitches and he had a couple of cracked ribs. A couple days later Jill found out at school what really happened It seems a couple of boys were bragging about beating him up. Kevin heard them calling Jill and Jill’s grandmas names and though not a fighter he jumped on all three and of course got his ass kicked. Jill however found the three and gave them twice what they gave Kevin by seventeen her muscles were already huge and she was more than a match for most guys. Kevin never found out she knew the truth of that night or that she avenged his beating the three not wanting to let every one know they were beaten up by a girl kept there mouths shut. After that night though Jill let Kevin finally make love to her.

There sex was in a word awesome totally uninhibited they were both very open sexually and explored each others bodies fully nothing between a man and woman was off limits. Thats not to say there relationship didn’t have it’s problems on the contrary she dumped Kevin several times but each time he would make up some silly poem and she would take him back. Once she had not spoken to him for an entire week he called every day only to have granny to tell him to keep trying. Then after school she found an envelope on her bed it said on the outside Jillster. She opened it and read

Roses are red

But Kevin is blue

His heart is all broken

It needs super glue

If its over Between us

And if were all through

My heart will be empty

It was filled only

by you

Love Kevin

Jill was a sucker for poetry even if it was bad.


Kevin was offered a job in New York when he was nineteen playing for a national band it was an offer he couldn’t pass up it was his dream and Jill encouraged him to go even though it meant them being apart.Aside from the death of her grandma the day Kevin left was the worst day of her life. He said goodbye at her house not wanting a long goodbye at the airport. Before he left granny gave him a necklace with a little gold ball on it she put it around his neck saying it was for luck. When Jill got back up to her room tears streaming down her face on the bed was a envelope with one word printed on the outside Jillster. As she opened it expecting another silly poem she got this


Wipe away those teary eyes

And please Jill try to smile

For the pain today

Our hearts do feel

Is from a love thats far to real

As the stars shine in the heavens

As the sun lights up the dawn

Though oceans may lie between us

Our hearts shall beat as one

Love Kevin

As Jill put down the phone she thought I probably got about an hour she rushed to the shower stopping at her bedroom she opened the drawer to her nitestand and stared down at the two envelopes each had one word on the outside Jillster. Jill smiled Gotta hurry she thought.

Jill just had time to get a fire going and put the real simulated fur rug in front of the fireplace. She also hid a bottle of baby oil on the mantle. When she heard the knock at the door her heart began to race. She checked herself in the mirror just one more time and opened the door.

Kevin’s words froze in his mouth as he gazed upon Jill she was wearing a pink half shirt that came just below her breasts her nipples were erect and clearly visible she had on a pair of skin tight blue jean shorts that were cut very high. His huge cock started to strain against his own shorts.

Jill could see the effect she was having on Kevin she smiled

"Boy you are glad to see me" she said looking down at the tent he was pitching

"Ahhh...heres your pizza "Kevin said handing her the box unable to take his eyes away from her incredible form.

She tossed the box away"Whos got time to eat" she said grabbing Kevin’s tank top and pulling him into the room.

They kissed passionately there tongues and hands feverishly exploring each others bodies. Jill led him over to the rug by the fireplace kissed his chest then on her knees she removed his shorts. Kevin’s huge cock sprung to attention he quickly took off his shirt the lucky chrarm that granny gave him dangling around his neck.Jill stood and Kevin on his knees begin removing Jill’s shorts sliding his hands around the curve of her ass. His face level with her moist pussy he kissed her just below her navel. Jill pushed him on his back and grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the mantle she slowly squirted a line baby oil from the top of his chest to his huge erection where she spun several circles of oil soaking his throbbing cock.

Kevin rubbed his hand across his chest soaking them with oil he then began to stroke his huge cock while Jill grabbed her half top with one hand and ripped it off her body like it was made of tissue paper. She knew what Kevin liked and he liked to watch her flex her hard muscular body .She squirted baby oil over her massive breasts it ran down her stomach mingling in her blonde bush. She stood over Kevin massaging her breasts and flexing her huge muscles while Kevin his eyes riveted to her stroked his cock and moaned. She loved the way he watched her while he masturbated not able to take his eyes from her she rubbed her body sensuously her hands going down to the moistness between her legs. She knelt on one knee astride his face her soaked pussy just out of reach of his tongue her bush brushing against his face he thought he was going to explode

"Here let me handle that" she said as she reached down and grabbed his cock she gave it a long slow pull watching as a tiny drop of pre cum formed at the tip she leaned over and licked it off her tongue circling the head of his massive shaft. She positioned herself between his legs so he could watch her as she slid her tongue up and down his huge pole. She shoved the cock in her mouth taking it almost to the hilt her tongue dancing on the tip. Kevin’s hands clenched the rug at the sides of his body. Jill ran her mouth up and down the throbbing shaft while her finger danced around his anus just penetrating the surface. She wanted to taste his cum to feel his spurting cock inside her mouth to rub the cum over her hard breasts . She knew with a couple of more flicks of her tongue Kevin was going to cum but she resisted she raised up lay down beside him and they kissed deeply. Jill positioned herself on her back Kevin kissed her impressive breasts noticing the curious tattoo that seemed to glow sapphire blue he tongued and suckled her nipples squeezing her mighty mounds together. Kevin kissed her stomach slid down between her powerful thighs and placed his face over her dripping cunt he parted her moist lips with his fingers and tickled her engorged clit with his tongue Jill gasp for air her incredible muscles tensing. Kevin ran his tongue down to her anus swirling it around the rim he put his arms under her huge thighs lifting her knees to her chest and dove his tongue deep into her sopping pussy licking up to her swollen clit where he teased it with rapid flicks. Jill could feel her orgasm building. Kevin quickly moistened his first two fingers still teasing her now huge clit with his tongue. He slowly inserted his index finger deep in her ass while his forfinger penetrated deep into her luscious pussy . He then slowly started flexing his fingers. Jill moaned with pleasure the tide of orgasm beginning to overtake her. The feeling of fullness overtaking Jill as Kevin found that magic spot deep within her. Jill’s body shuddered then her incredible muscles contracted as her orgasm screamed through her body. Her massive legs lifted Kevin off the floor shaking him with wave after wave of her powerful orgasm.

Kevin squeezed by Jill’s incredible legs was on the verge of unconsciousness when her orgasm finally subsided. She looked at him still suspended off the floor by her immensely muscular legs then slowly lowered him back to the floor all the while looking directly in his eyes.

"Now its your turn" she said giving him a devestatingly sexy look

Jill rose to her feet her body glistening with the sweat of raw sex she pushed Kevin on his back positioned herself over his giant cock.

Most women could not handle Kevin’s incredible size. Jill was not most women she guided his huge shaft to her still hungry pussy and with one downward thrust of her hips she engulfed it. Kevin moaned with pleasure as Jill rose up and down on his throbbing cock. Jill tilted her head back tossing her blonde mane as she rode Kevin’s massive prick. Kevin sat up burying his head between her massive breasts she cupped his head to her breasts as she slid up and down she could feel another orgasm building . Kevin placed his hands on her huge biceps which she flexed to an incredible size. Jill contracted her vaginal muscles every time she slid up sending an over whelming sensation through Kevin’s prick He felt that if she wanted too she could crush his giant cock as if it were an egg. Jill feeling her orgasm grow and grow flexed her mighty body every muscle tensed her hands raised her long blonde hair above her head. The sight of Jill’s flexed body and steel grip on his cock was to much for Kevin to resist any longer. Jill felt Kevin’s huge cock begin to spurt deep within her. She could feel his warm cum. Her orgasm rushed over her .Her muscles contracted as Kevin’s throbbing cock unloaded a river cum he moaned in pleasure his sensations overwhelmed by the raw sex of this blonde titan the last thing he saw before losing conciousness was her flexed body screaming in ecstasy.

Jill her orgasm subsided checked Kevin to make sure he was all right , he was .He had just lost consciousness so Jill curled up beside him exhausted and went to sleep. Yep sex is always awesome with Kevin she thought as sleep overtook her.

The End