Jill Of the Jungle

By Sam


Hamond Cain was a collector, not of jewlery or art or fine music or for that matter anything else in the natural world. What interested no fascinated him was the supernatural he was a collector of power of supernatural power which he already possessed a great deal of but his powers were weak he was missing the one thing which would tie his powers together the one thing that would make him infinitely more powerful.

He was in his early fifties and had amassed an incredible fortune He was ruthless. He had killed several times to get what he wanted to him it was part of doing business the fun part. The suffering of others brought him a great deal of pleasure he had stolen many things from people often leaving them dead or worse. It was not a healthy thing to have something Hammond Cain coveted for he usually got it and at great detriment to the owner. The one thing he wanted most in the world the thing he spent a life time searching for the thing he was obsessed with owning was the Sahbia and he now new where it was.


Jill was in a great mood her and Kevin had spent two incredible months together before he had to fly off to Europe to begin another tour. They had spent most of there time making mad passionate love Jill laughed to herself thinking about poor Kevin she had really worn him out. Her sex drive had greatly increased it seemed almost proportionately to her strength. She finally seemed really happy for the first time since the death of her grandmother. There was other good news too Bear was now a papa bear his mate Daisy giving birth to a little ball of fur just over a month ago who Jill promptly dubbed Little Bear. Jill tried to resist but the temptation to go in and cuddle the little furball was to much. Big Bear as Jill now calls him loved her visits he would play and romp around like he was the cub. Jill takes great satisfaction in knowing that no one will ever hurt him again. Ever since she got the Sahbia animals responded to her differently like they could sense her thoughts. Even Daisy Bear seemed to like her visits and had no concern when she would play with the cub. Jill was also extremely happy she was going back to work she was a freelance photographer and had been turning down jobs for the past several months trying to get her head together then she received an offer she couldn’t pass up. The job was photographing wildlife on tropical Island in the South Pacific. The man who actually owned the Island (all one thousand square miles of it) was doing a documentary on it’s apparently unusually characteristics from it’s animals to it’s vegetation to it’s natives. He agreed to Jill’s first bid which was always high also he was flying her out on his private jet. She was really looking forward to getting away for a while sort of a paid vacation courtesy of ...what was his name oh yeah she remembered Dr. Hammond Cain.


As the jet landed on the Island Jill was excited about her new job. The Islands beauty was breathtaking this was truly going to be a pleasure she thought. As she left the plane she was greeted by Dr. Cain

" Jill welcome to my Island you don’t mind if I call you Jill do you" he asked

Jill looked at him he was an attractive man for his age over six feet tall with a slim powerful build his hair was jet black a stark contrast to his blue eyes . She was sure he was used to having his way with women .

"Jill it is she" said with a smile "This Island is gorgeous I can’t wait to get started Dr. Cain"

"Please Please we are going to be working quite close the next coupe of weeks lets dispense with the formalities you must call me Hammond" he smiled and extended his hand

"Hammond it is" Jill said taking his hand. As she touched his hand a chill went through her body she actually shuddered.

Hammond noticed her sudden discomfort and offered to show her to her living quarters. Jill agreed and they planned to meet over dinner and discuss when they were too get started.

Jill was very disturbed by her meeting with Dr. Cain she had a strange dislike for the man who she had just met she couldn’t explain it but she decided to get this job over as soon as possible and get back home .This place an absolute paradise was giving her a bad case of the creeps.Jill was however very impressed with her room if you could call it that it was huge and the best part it had a huge Jacuzzi tub that she decided to take instant advantage of she stripped out of her clothes and entered the water her muscles instantly relaxing in the warm foaming water. She sighed as she slid down in the tub letting the warm water engulf her. The turbulent water bubbling around her caressing her she found herself getting very aroused she poured bath oil over her breasts massaging them feeling her hands glide over her hard nipples. She lowered a hand to the softness between her thighs teasing herself with her fingers stroking herself in ways that only a woman can know. Her breath was coming in short gasps and sighs of pleasure She thought of Kevin and his delicious cock so big the way it filled her, as her fingers continued to stroke the magic spot between her legs ,faster and faster until, she finally gave in to her orgasm her body shuddering as the waves of pleasure engulfed her.

Dr. Cain laughed quietly to himself as he watched the video monitor . Soon it would be time for a test to see just how much power of the Sahbia she possessed.


Jill met Hammond for dinner downstairs and they agreed to go out in the morning. He was going to show her some of the Island , it’s animals and some of it’s unique characteristics. Little did she know it was her unique characteristics that Cain was intent on discovering.

They left at dawn, driving a jeep they entered the lush jungle. The sounds of life surrounded them. Monkeys frolicked in the trees above them Jill was snapping lots of pictures hoping she had brought enough film. The smells and the sounds were overwhelming and Jill had a strange sense of peace her earlier discomfort forgotten.

Cain stopped the jeep in a clearing telling her there was a beautiful waterfall about one hundred yards down the trail and for her to get started , he had to radio some instructions to the house but would catch up shortly. Jill excited thought nothing about it she grabbed her camera and started off. She loved the jungle the sounds the smells her senses never felt so alive in all her life. She could here the crashing water off in the distance when she got to where she could just see the waterfall her path was blocked by a tree that had fallen across the trail. She thought nothing about it, excited at the beauty of her surroundings. She simply left the trail, there was clearly an easy path around the tree .She was snapping pictures as she was walking ,when all of sudden the ground fell away beneath her feet. She felt herself falling until finally she struck the soft earth at the bottom. She looked up she had fallen at least twenty feet. The walls of the pit were rock, rock as smooth as glass but that was not her immediate problem. Her immediate problem was the low pitch growl that was coming from behind her.

Cain chuckled watching nearby on a video monitor he had trapped the huge Lion for just this pourpose.The beast was so large though he had to slash one it’s hind legs or it would have easily jumped out of the pit The lion had been in the pit for about twelve hours just long enough to get good and hungry . He laughed thinking about Jill .. the silly girl doesn’t even know the power she posseses.

Jill turned to face the snarling animal. It was huge it’s tail was lashing back and forth in anger, it’s eyes were focused directly on her it was pacing back and forth the pit was about twenty four by twenty four so there was plenty of room. O.K. Jill thought you stay on your side and Ill stay on mine. Jill’s adrenaline was pumping her heart was pounding .Then she felt a burning in her breast and knew that the Sahbia was unleashing its awesome power she felt her strength begin to grow her heart rate slowed her mind cleared just as the beast leaped for her . His speed was amazing but Jill was quicker she side stepped him and turned to face another charge noticing that his left hind leg had a vicious gash that seemed to go all the way through to the bone. Jill could only imagine the speed of the animal if he had the use of all four legs. The enraged lion charged again this time however his slashed leg gave out as he was turning to face Jill and in a split second acting on instinct she leaped on the back of the great beast. If he was angry before, now he was furious he reared up trying to shake her but her hands were locked in his thick black mane and her legs hugged his chest with incredible strength. Her feet were a good two feet off the ground as the beast was standing. . He roared in anger! Jill felt the air leave his lungs as his roar echoed in the pit and at that moment she squeezed her legs together her massive thighs flexing her muscles bulging tightening around the cats massive girth She felt her strength growing as she squeezed the cat tighter and tighter her hands locked in his mane pulling back on his massive head. The huge cat gasped for air. Unable to breath he grew weaker and weaker his movements violent at first now subsiding ,as his huge body staggering unable to take in any air, as Jill squeezed ever tighter, finally collasped! Jill relaxed her legs letting the huge beast slump to the ground she gently lowered his head to the ground. She could here the unconscious beast his breath coming in short gasps she looked at his injured leg there was nothing in here that could cause such an injury the walls were totally smooth yet it appeared to be a fresh wound he had lost and was still losing lots of blood his gash aggravated by there battle. Jill thought it was quite possible that he was dying. She knelt besides him feeling his soft fur. Suddenly overcome with a strange sensation she placed her hands on his wound her breast burned ,a yellow glow inveloped them both. Jill suddenly saw through the big cats eyes she saw Cain laughing as he slashed the caged beast she felt his pain as the knife slashed through to the bone she felt his uncontrollable rage as he was dumped bleeding into this pit and she knew the real reason why she was here and now it was her rage that was uncontrollable.


Jill removed her hands from the lion she looked down and to her utter amazement. The wound had healed she placed her hand again on the wound, she felt the animals pain disappear and she new somehow she didn’t have anything more to fear from him. She turned her attention to getting out of this damned hole. She was studying the walls when she heard a strange vibrating sound looking over at the huge cat she realized he was purring !

"What are you so happy about" she yelled "were still stuck in this damn hole"

The huge cat walked up behind her his body was immense he looked up at the opening twenty feet above them. He lowered his head between her legs and threw her up on his back. This caught Jill totally by surprise she flopped back on the cats back grabbing his mane to keep from falling. She knew what he was planning he had the look of a kitten before he jumped up on a table his eyes intensely focused on the opening his body crouched. He gave his butt that same little kitten wiggle then leaped for the top. Jill clung to his mane as they cleared the opening the huge cat landing perfectly on his feet gave a deafening roar. Jill rolled off his back lying in the grass out of breath.

"O.K. were even" she said as the lion gave her face a big lick and then disappeared in the jungle. Ewe yuck !She thought wiping her face watching the cat dissapear into the trees.

So Hammond Cain wants to possess the power of the Sahbia Jill thought . Ill be more than happy to give him a taste.


to be continued.......


Jill saw the jeep approaching . She tried to rise and found she could not her strength had vanished replaced with an unbelievable weakness. She couldn’t move she couldn’t speak. She could only lie there in terror helpless as Cain approached.

"Excellent show Jill" Cain said looking down on Jill " The healing powers of the Sahbia are a terrible drain on ones strength but I can see you’ve already found that out. You should have killed the beast an been done with it, such a weak person doesn’t deserve to possess the greatest power on earth. When the Sahbia is mine I’ll use it the way it was meant to be, to conquer, to rule, to inflict my will on the world not to heal stupid beasts! With it I will be the greatest force on earth ! Of course it will mean your death ."

Jill could only listen to his words as she watched him pull a syringe from his pocket and shove the needle in her arm. Her head begin to spin as his words faded and slowly her world went dim as she slipped into unconsciousness.

This was the day Cain had waited a lifetime for. The day his powers amplified by the Sahbia would truly become indomitable. He clutched the amulet that hung around his neck .It was this amulet called the Taihr (pronounced Tae R ) that would protect him and allow him to perform the ceremony that would remove the Sahbia from Jill With a simple touch and a few words the switch would be complete .Without the Taihr the touch of the Sahbia would be lethal to one such as he. He held the Taihr and remembered how he acquired it. How he had tortured a Tabian priest for days until he told him where it was located. Cain smiled, the pain he inflicted on the priests was exquisite but it was nothing compared to the pain he would inflict as the possessor of the Sahbia.

Jill drugged and still unconscious was delirious, she whispered two words over and over, barely audible as they escaped her lips ..help me

In the jungle a huge beast awoke he raised his head sniffing the air, his senses instantly alive . He roared pawing at the earth with his massive claws. The other lions around him slowly arising , stretching ,yawning followed him one by one as he trotted into the brush. They followed unquestioning he was there leader where he went they followed and right now he was heading for the camp of Dr. Hammond Cain.

The thunder crashed outside Jill’s tent as Cain’s men came for her. It was time. They placed her drugged body on a wooden alter crudely fashioned out of a fallen tree. It was pitch black the flashes of lightening giving brief glimpses of the surrounding jungle. Cain walked up to the alter his black robes whipping in the wind. Looking down on Jill’s nude body, her ravishing form for a brief second distracting his thoughts, he began to recite words from a long forgotten language words that spoken correctly contained power, great power. As he finished all that was left to do was to place his hand over the image of the Sahbia on Jill’s breast.

Jill saw his hand growing closer she struggled to move, to run, and with a burst of strength she rolled to her right falling off the crude alter. She struck the wet ground the cold dampness reviving her senses enough for her to gain her feet She staggered through the trees only about thirty yards before she collapsed

"Go get her!" Cain screamed at his men

Cain’s men ran into the pitch dark night running straight toward death. Cain heard his men scream and then silence . He could make out a form in the darkness and then in a flash of lightening he saw. Standing over Jill was an immense male Lion and at his side a huge female, his three men lay dead in the mud.

Jill’s head begin to clear the fog of her mind being washed away by the driving rain. She was now aware of her surroundings and aware of the deadly force that strode toward them in the form of Hammond Cain.

Cain within twenty paces of Jill looked around there were several big cats running from the jungle toward him. He spun around pointing his finger at the ground drawing an imaginary circle, around him, Jill, and the two lions, only it wasn’t imaginary. A fire that burned with an eerie green glow as it defied the driving rain sprung up around them. Cain laughed as the cats outside roared in frustration cut off from there leader and his mate. The huge female leaped for Cain’s throat . Cain raised his hand and from it shot a greenish bolt of lightening it struck the female knocking her to the ground where she lay still. Jill grabbed the enraged male around the neck holding him back with all her strength fearing he would be killed . Cain shot out his hand and the eerie green light engulfed the male knocking Jill away. The male was suspended four feet off the ground roaring in agony.

"He will die slow" Cain laughed

"No" Jill said standing " Ill give you what you want"

she walked slowly toward Cain as she did so the circle shrank with her steps. It was only the two of them now.

Cain watched Jill approach entranced by her beauty the way she moved her muscular hard body so strong , the rain glistening off her magnificent breasts. She walked to within three feet of Cain.

"Is this what you want" she said in her sultriest voice running her hands slowly up her body . She cupped her hands under her stunning breasts letting her hands slide over her nipples as she arched her back. "Do you want to feel the power of this body to feel my muscles ripple beneath your hands to bury your head between my breasts to feel my breasts go from soft, to as hard as steel beneath your lips as I flex my incredible muscles.

Cain was completely overwhelmed by the power of her sexuality. His mind burned with desire not for the Sahbia but to feel her body next to his to run his hands over her magnificent curves to bury his face in those incredibly perfect breasts. He throbbed with excitement.

Jill pressed her body against his she ran her left hand down his body and briefly rubbed the firmness between his legs. He gasped as her hand slid over his throbbing cock. She massaged his chest with her right hand. She slid her left hand up massaging her right breast looking Cain directly in the eyes and wetting her lips.

"Go ahead feel the power of the Sahbia" she said cupping her hand under her right breast, the Sahbia glowed with passion

Cain’s hand raised slowly to the image glowing on her right breast. His fingers closed around her flesh it was to much for him as she arched her back sliding her leg between his she pressed her thigh against his throbbing cock. She felt him shudder as his orgasm exploded. It was the last thing of pleasure Hammond Cain would ever feel.

As his fingers touched the Sahbia a jolt of pain hit Cain he gasped his hand shooting to his chest where the Taihr should have been hanging but it wasn’t. Jill held up the Taihr in her right hand . "Never underestimate the power of a woman"she said with a sultry smile as she crushed the crystal to dust throwing it to the ground.

Cain cried out in agony as the green fire now engulfed him. Every ounce of pain and suffering that he had inflicted over a lifetime , in a matter of seconds, was inflicted on him. He screamed unable to remove his hand from the Sahbia as the agony tore his mind apart. Jill her arms hanging at her sides her back arched as the incredible power flowed through her body.

Cain was completely engulfed in the flame his face a mask of agony. The flame slowly started to move up his body and where there had been flesh there was now only bone. His skeletal frame slowly revealed by the rising luminescence as his tortured screams echoed through the jungle. Then suddenly there was silence a deafening silence . Jill opened her eyes and gasped as she saw what stood before her, Cain’s skeleton perfectly white still standing it’s hand still on her breast. With a flick of her left hand she knocked the hand away and what was left of Hammond Cain collapsed at her feet .


Jill looked around her the lions were gathered around the limp body of the lioness. Jill could hear her labored breathing . She walked through the big cats to the big male he was lying beside his mate, washing her, as the life slowly slipped from her body. Jill knelt beside the lioness and took a deep breath placing her hands on the body of the limp female. The yellow flame envelop them as Jill screamed, feeling the lionesses agonizing pain, as her world faded away


Several hours later

Jill opened her eyes with a start she couldn’t see she couldn’t breath. She sat upright spitting hair out of her mouth she looked around . She had been laying against the huge male her face buried in his thick black mane. He was sprawled out on his back snoring his massive paws sticking straight up. On her other side was the female Jill placed her hand on the lionesses mighty chest and smiled as she felt the strong heartbeat. Jill had no idea what time it was only that it was dark and a beautiful night the stars filled the sky. She saw the silhouette of a lone lion sitting up facing the jungle watching as the others slept. She had never felt more content or more safe as she did at that moment among those massive beasts. Jill knew she would have to return to her world but, she thought as she snuggled her head down in the soft black fur , tonight I am enjoying this one.

The End