Justice For All

Debra Simmons punched her sleeping bag, as if it were going to make it more comfortable. She usually slept well in the mountains, but on this night she did little but toss and turn. Something didn't feel right...didn't sound right. " That's it," She thought to herself, There are no sounds. Debra got up out of her sleeping bag. She knew the forest, and she knew at night it was alive with sounds, owls, coyotes, insects, frogs, you name it, to her it was as soft and beautiful a lullaby as that sung by any mother, tonight however the forest would not sing her to sleep.
Debra immerged from her tent not bothering to put any clothes on, she was after all 20 miles deep in the Montana forest. She took a deep breath inhaling the night air, feeling a slight tingle as her nipples responded to the cool summer breeze. She was completely nude, a raven hared beauty lit only by the soft glow of the full moon. She loved nature in fact it was her job. She was out here photographing the local bear population. It was her job to keep track of them and she knew just where the big grizzes hung out. The sight of the giant bruins had never failed to take her breath away. They were so majestic, so free, completely untouched by man and civilization. They lived their lives the same now as they had eons ago, unchanged. There was something pure about that, something almost magical, the Indians had thought of them as spirits something to be worshipped and revered. That however was a long time ago, now more than likely a Montana grizz would end up gracing the floor of some poacher's cabin. Debra took a quick glance around, seeing nothing she started back into her tent but was startled by the sudden sound of rustling leaves. " Who's out there?" She demanded. " I have a gun." She did, Debra always carried a gun for protection when she camped in the forest. She carried it not to protect herself from bears or mountain lions; she carried it to protect her from the most dangerous predator of all, man. Debra's demand was met with silence. Debra stared out into the darkness, her imagination turning every shadow into a lurking killer. " Shit, it was probably just a coon or a coyote, she thought. Her sister had always accused her of being paranoid; Debra laughed, maybe your right sis, she thought as she reentered the tent. Her laughing was suddenly halted by the sound of her ringing cell phone, grinning, not bothering to look at the caller ID she picked it up. " Hi sis! I was just thinking about you." Debra spoke cheerfully into the phone, she was sure it was her sister the cell phone was brand new and nobody else knew the number. She was wrong.

"What's the matter Debra, can't sleep?" Debra's blood turned to ice as she heard the soft whisper of a man's voice.
" Who is this!" Debra demanded, her voice was shaking.
" I' am fate Debra, your fate."
" Listen, whoever you are I have a gun and I'm not afraid of using it." Debra was near tears, her voice was trembling.
" A gun, no you do not have a gun Debra."
Debra ran into her tent threw open her backpack, opened the plastic container that held her pistol and screamed. Her gun was gone. She looked back over her shoulder to see, silhouetted on the canvas of the tent, the figure of a man, and he was walking straight towards her.
" See Debra, you don't have a gun. I have it." Said the voice over the phone
" Now come out and play, I have such plans for you"
For hours Debra's screams echoed unheard into the night, until finally there was silence, a silence broken only by the ringing of a cell phone. Discarded in pile of brush the cell phones caller ID flashed one small word as it rang, Sis.

2 month's later
" You going up there by your lonesome little lady?" The gas station attendant asked. He had heard there was a little slip of a kindergarten teacher in town to hike the mountain, she seemed to fit the description.
" Yep? Why?" Sally asked.
" Well aint ya heard about what happened to that little gal a couple months back? The one that was found all sliced open and covered with...well ah bar stuff.
"Bar stuff?" Sally asked, raising an eyebrow
" Well you know like man stuff only from a bar, a grizzly bar.
" You mean bear?" Sally, asked
"That's what I said bar bar! Talk has it that they is a devil bar up there on that mountain Sept no one kin find it ta kill it." It raped that poor gal, and 14 others. They all was covered in ...
" Bar Stuff?" Sally finished his sentence for him.."Listen old man bars don't rape women." Sally said, dismissing the old mans story.
" Tell that to the bar! The old timer exclaimed. Well at least do ya got yourself a gun? Your such a tiny thing, ya need something to protect yourself just in case.
" I've got everything I need old timer, If I do find your devil bar though I'll turn him into a nice barskin rug for you cabin," Sally said, as she tossed the old man a wink. "See ya in a few days." Sally turned tossing her backpack over her shoulder and headed down the path to the forest. The old man watched her walk away. She was quite a woman, not very tall 5 feet 3 inches at best, but she had an incredible body large firm breasts, long blonde hair, and the chilly breeze made it clear she wasn't wearing a bra. She also had the most perfect ass he had ever seen outside a playboy magazine. He felt his manhood harden as he watched her walking away, his eyes remained glued to her perfect ass until it disappeared into the tree's

Hmmm, he thought to himself, as he felt the hardness grow between his legs, that hasn't happened in a while, and I'm sure as hell not going to waste it! "THELMA!" The old man yelled to his wife. "PUT OUT THE CLOSED SIGN. WERE GOING UPSTARS!

Sally eased herself into the clear cool waters of the lake. She had been in the forest for three days. She thought briefly about that crazy old mans story. She was more than familiar with the fate of the 15 women but she was also sure it wasn't some kind of killer grizzly. In fact she wasn't much worried about bears, except for some huge tracks by the lake there were no sign of them at all. It was her understanding that bears wanted to avoid humans as much as humans wanted to avoid them.
Sally stripped out her tiny bikini, forgetting about the old man, and his crazy stories, she let her mind wonder as she slid a bar of soap up and over her magnificent breasts. She lathered herself, luxuriously stretching in the sun, letting her hands move down between her thighs. She lay back on a smooth stone; she pressed her fingers deep inside her, feeling the warm moistness of her pussy. Her body began to quiver as her fingers moved slowly against her swollen clit. Her back arched as her breath began coming in gasps. She stroked her clit faster as she buried the fingers of her other hand deep within her, finding that special spot that few men ever did. Her orgasm swept over her in exquisite waves as her soft sighs, seemingly unheard, echoed across the cool clear waters.

Unbeknownst to Sally her soft sighs of passion did not go unheard. Twenty yards away, hidden in the brush, he watched as Sally pleasured herself, a smile coming to his lips as he thought of all the delights that the young blonde's body had to offer.

Sally immediately knew something was wrong as she entered her camp. The flap to her tent was wide open and so was the lid to her cooler, they had both been shut when she had left.
" Hello Sally."
Sally, startled by the man's voice turned around to face him.
" Who are you, and what do you want.?" She asked, pulling her robe shut. " And how do you know my name?" She demanded
" I'm destiny Sally, your destiny. I know all about you. You teach kindergarten, you can't drive without your glasses, and your hobby is bird watching. It's what brings you to my mountain. He threw her purse down on the ground. Sally watched as he approached, her hands still clutching her robe holding it shut. The man stood in front of Sally and reaching behind him he withdrew a long buck knife from his belt. The man was very large six, six at least and weighing nearly 300 pounds, he towered over Sally who was cowering. " Take off the robe." The man ordered, placing the knife next to Sally's throat. Sally did as he said and dropped the robe and in the one second that his eyes went down to her incredible breasts she lashed out with a kick that hit home right between the mans legs.

" Goddamn you" He hissed, as he sunk to his knees. Sally was about to kick him again when she was distracted by a loud roar from behind her. She turned to face a giant grizzly standing on his hind legs, she suddenly felt a cold splash of water hit her from behind.
"What was that?" Sally demanded."
" You know," said the man as he got to his feet. " I usually have my fun first before I let Killer there have em". The man said motioning toward the grizzly. "Like that last girl Debra, boy she was fine, Killer thought so too, but today is killer's lucky day because you my petite little teacher are all his. It's the first time killer has gotten a live one, try not to disappoint him."
Sally's was all but completely drenched in the watery substance the man had thrown on her. She put her wet
fingers to her nose, her head jerked back at the strong musky odor. She looked at the man, her confusion was obvious.
"Grizzly Pheromones, taken from a female in heat" He grinned. " It gets him in the mood."

The horror of what this guy had been doing suddenly became crystal clear to Sally. He was raping and killing women, using the perfect tool to cover his crime, a gigantic grizzly. By the time the bear was finished with the bodies there was little left to bury let alone for forensics. Sally now knew all she needed to. She reached up to her hair and undid the tight schoolteacher bun letting her golden trusses cascade about her shoulders; she also took off her glasses and laid them calmly down on a nearby picnic table. Her demeanor had changed; she no longer seemed the frightened kindergarten teacher. The bear charged directly at her she easily sidestepped him, too easily. Sally regarded the bear more closely and was shocked to see that it was totally blind. Two large slash marks ran across its eyes. She tossed an angry look at the man, who was now sitting on her cooler calmly observing.

" Hey, if he could really see that you weren't a female bear he might lose interest. No offense to you, but your really not his type," the man said. " It's a shame, because you sure are my type. We could of really had some fun together.
Sally didn't have time to listen the bear was making another charge. This time instead of just dodging the beast she delivered a powerful kick to it's midsection, then another and another. It was like kicking a stone wall; the bear's midsection was nothing but muscle. Knowing that it would follow her scent Sally jumped up on the picnic table. She was right the bear rose up on its hind legs and turned to face her. With the beast less than a foot away from her she delivered another kick that connected right under it's chin. The bears head snapped back, before he had a chance to recover she delivered another kick with her other leg. The bear was completely confused, he had no way to tell where the blows were coming from. Sally delivered another kick this time straight to the bears chest, he rocked backwards dizzy from the multitude of blows. Sally struck again and again finally sensing the bear couldn't take much more she put all her might behind one last round house kick, it caught the giant bruin right on the jaw spinning him completely around. The huge bear sagged to his haunches, but did not go down. His massive head was now at eye level with Sally as she stood on the table. This is one tough bear she thought to herself. She had thought for sure that the roundhouse would have finished him but he was still upright, all be it barely. She looked at the face of the wobbly beast, as it teetered barely able to keep its balance. Its face had deep gashes across both eyes, where it, no doubt, had been intentionally blinded. Sally knew she had completely taken the fight out of the dazed giant. She stepped boldly up to the beast and with her left hand she tilted its scarred face up to hers while at the same time drawing back her right fist. She put every ounce of muscle she had behind one last devastating blow, her tiny fist slammed home, striking the bear right between its sightless eyes. It was more than enough to finish the beast. The bear went completely limp trembling once before it toppled over backwards to land with a thud in the dirt. Sally brushed her hands together as she, coolly, regarded limp pile of fur before her.

"Was it good for you?" Sally asked the limp beast, sarcastically. She then stepped off the picnic table, not bothering to walk around the beast she walked length wise on top of him. She placed her hands on her hips. Gazing down at the limp beast Sally casually flipped its massive head from side to side with her toe. "Seems," Sally cooed, " it wasn't Killers lucky day after all." A wicked little smile crossed Sally's lips as her gaze rose to focus on the beast that was still standing. " Now," She said, in a deadly sweet voice, "lets have that fun."

The man dumbstruck by what just happened looked at Sally in disbelief, Sally stood triumphantly atop the body of the giant bear. She was clad in a very revealing bikini. Her voluptuous body, after having made short work of the grizzly, glistened with the sweat of her battle. The same devastating sexy body that drove the man crazy with a blood lust now induced another feeling, terror. For the first time in his life murderous life Jeb Parker was finding out what terror was like from the other side.
"You want some of me bitch!" Jeb screamed, in a shaky voice, as he drew his knife. Sally ignored the knife. Stepping casually off the bear she walked right at him. As Jeb slashed at her she caught his arm with hers, locking it against her hip. Instinctively Jeb tried to hit her with his other arm and found that one was also quickly locked tightly against the sexy blonde's other hip. The huge man was flabbergasted at the girl's strength. He was helpless. Sally smiled, wickedly at him then with one swift motion she bent both his arms backwards until there was a loud cracking sound. She then released him; his broken arms hung uselessly at his sides as he screamed in agony. Sally then delivered a kick that shattered his left knee, then another that shattered his right Jeb collasped to his knees screaming in pain, the last thing he saw before being knocked into unconsciousness was Sally's fist coming straight at his face.

20 minutes later.
Jeb awoke; he was lying on his stomach on top of the bear's belly facing its hind legs. He was completely tied up. Sally was sitting on the picnic table above him with her legs crossed sexily. One of Sally's feet was placed solidly on the bears genitals but instead of crushing them as she had done Jeb's earlier she simply moved her foot around in small circles massaging the beast until its giant cock stood upright its monstrous tip about an inch in front of Jeb's face. At first after their battle, Sally thought she had killed the beast, however after knocking Jeb unconscious she noticed the beast moving and it gave her a wickedly delightful idea all she needed was a little rope, which she found in Jeb's backpack, to tie the man and beast down.

" No No, please don't" Jeb pleaded, as he awoke, begging her to stop.
" Ah, but Jeb this is fun, I thought you liked fun." Sally taunted, still massaging the bear with her foot. The bear's body began to stiffen and tremble.
" Stop. Please Please stop" Jeb begged her. He knew the bears cock was about to explode in his face. Sally ignored Jeb's pleads, she calmly struck a match on the picnic table and lit a slender cigar. She ran her toe slowly up the animals throbbing bearhood as she casually blew out the match.
" My god woman, what kind of school teacher are you?" Jeb stuttered.
" Sally knelt down beside the bear and took a long sexy inhale off her cigar. The bear was trembling violently now Sally knew it wouldn't take much to push it over the edge. She placed her lips within inches of the bears throbbing member and exhaled blowing her smoke across its swollen tip directly into Jeb's face. The sensation was too much for the animal to take. As the animal began to cum she shoved its spewing cock deep down Jeb's throat.

" The Kind you don't fuck with!" Sally sneered answering Jeb's question as she watched him gag on a gallon of bear cum. Jeb, unable to breath began to slip once again into unconsciousness. Sally watched as the man's eyes rolled back into his head. Bear cum oozed from his mouth as his body trembled once then went limp.
Jeb had found out a lot about Sally from going through her things while she swam; the fact that she taught kindergarten; that her last name was Warren, even her home address. He had kept all his victims drivers' licenses as trophies of his conquests. Sally had found them all in his backpack, all 15 of his victims, their names and faces. She placed them all back except one. Debra Simmons. What Jeb didn't know, and was unable to know was that Simmons was a married name. Debra's maiden name was Warren and she had been Sally's little sister.

Sally grabbed a couple of canteens and knelt beside the grizzly. She found herself, crazy, as it was, feeling sorry for the disfigured beast. She poured water in its mouth letting it drank in the whole contents of both canteens. It was confused and scared. She decided that she wouldn't kill the bear, she would leave him for the authorities to deal with, and maybe they would find him a home so that his pain, at least, could come to an end. Sally thought hers never would. She had been very close to her sister maybe what she had to do here would help her deal with not only the loss but also the incredibly brutal way in which her sister died. Her job was almost done now. She had found something else in Jeb's backpack something that would help provide him with a fitting fate.

Jeb Parker once again awoke as his vision slowly focused he realized that he was now hanging upside down above the bear. Just a foot below he could see a few layers of firewood had been stacked in a semi circle out from the bears hind end. He screamed in pain as his shattered knees were stretched by the weight of his body. His eyes focused on Sally who was kneeling down by the bear feeding it something. He began to cry begging for mercy. Sally ignored his pleads as he must have ignored her sisters.

" Hope you don't mind, I found these in your backpack. Good to know your eating healthy." Sally declared.
Jeb watched as Sally popped the last purple piece of fruit into the bear's mouth. It was the last of three bags. Giving the bear a pat on the head she turned back toward Jeb.
" Remember her?" Sally asked, as she held the license of her sister in front of Jeb's bloody eyes.
''She was my little sister, and you raped and murdered her." Sally grabbed Jeb's rather large knife and walked toward him.
" Please, Miss I'll turn myself in, I'll confess, just please don't kill me, call the police." Jeb blathered.
Sally looked at the knife. " Oh," Sally said, looking at the knife in her hand, "you think I'm going to gut you like a deer. I must admit, it is tempting, but no, I'm going call the police. They'll be here in a couple of hours." Sally took the knife and cut one of the ropes that was holding Jeb up. Jeb fell about two feet. He screamed in agony his broken legs were jerked straight as he came to an abupt halt. Still hanging upside down his head was now right at ground level, fully inside the small semi circle of firewood, his useless broken arms splayed out on either side of his head. The wood forced his face to press directly against the bear's asshole He realized suddenly what was going on. The bags she had fed the bear where prunes, all that was left from some groceries that he had stolen from an old couples camp sight the night before.

" You see, Sally said, "gutting you would be to easy." The bear groaned as a deep rumble came from inside its stomach. " Oh my, those things do work fast. I think I'm just going to go now." Sally turned to leave then turned back. She gazed into the Jeb's horror struck eyes "When you're gasping for air and your lungs are filling with bear shit, think of my sister." Another deep rumble came from the bear's stomach as it groaned in pain. Sally looked at the bear with some concern. "Hmmm, looks like you need some help." She said. She walked over to the beast and pressed her foot into the bear's stomach. Sally turned away as she heard the liquid girgling the first warning signs of the impending eruption. She walked away without looking back, knowing that Jeb Parker's life would end as disgustingly as he had lived.

2 and one half hours later

Lisa Willkins arrived at the camp sight as the sun was just beginning to set over the horizon. Nothing in her five-year career as Sheriff of the small county she presided over prepared her for what she saw. A grizzly bear tied up with a man's lifeless body hung upside down from a tree with his head totally buried in a mountain of bear shit. Lisa scratched her head. " Just when you think you've seen it all." She muttered.

" We found this Sheriff." A young deputy said, handing her the backpack. " Looks like this guy is responsible for the missing girls, and this must be the mysterious killer bear"
"Doesn't look like much of a killer now." She stated. Has this bear been blinded?" The Sheriff asked noticing the bears disfigured face.
" Better just go through the backpack Sheriff," the deputy said. " All the answers are there. I couldn't come close to explaining this."

As Lisa went through the killer's backpack it all became clear. It was all there more than enough evidence to convict the guy had he lived. Lisa thumbed through the licenses, of the victims. All the missing girls were there except for one. Debra Simmons ID was missing.
" Kurt," Lisa asked her deputy. " Didn't Debra Simmons have a sister that was a former world champion kick-boxer?"
"Yeah Sheriff, I think she teaches kindergarten now," answered the Deputy. " Why do you ask?"
" No reason," then wanting to quickly change the subject away from Debra Simmons she asked. " What about the bear?"
" We called the Southbend Grizzly Reproduction Foundation, They said they would take him unless you want to have him put down, said they needed all the males they could get."
" Call them back and tell them they can have him. He's pretty much a victim himself."
Lisa then gave the deputy a scowl as she saw the Grizzly foundation van pull up.
" C'mon Sheriff, I know you well enough to know you're an animal lover. No way were you going to let an animal be put down if it has a good home to go to." Kurt said.
" Kurt one day your going to take my job." Lisa joked.
"Well, I sure wouldn't want it today." Kurt responded. "Do you ever think were going to find out what happened here?"
" Kurt," Lisa said, noticing something on ground at her feet. "I know exactly what happened here,"
" Oh yeah, tell me."
"What happened here Kurt was justice. True justice."
" Justice at the hands of a mighty big man I'd say, It must have taken a mountain of a big man to hog tie a grizzly bear. I mean how the hell does anyone do that." Kurt said, in amazement
" Tell me Kurt who called this in?" Lisa asked, in a quiet voice
" It was an anonymous tip from a hiker," answered Kurt.
" A woman?"
" Yeah, it was, how did you know.? Kurt asked perplexed.
" Well Kurt," Lisa smiled at the young deputy, "that's why I'm the Sheriff."
" Want me to see how many big men were in the area camping?" Kurt asked the Sheriff. " Maybe we'll get lucky."
" You do that Kurt." Lisa instructed.

Lisa waited until Kurt walked away to stoop over and pretend to tie her shoe. What she had noticed lying at her feet was a small slender half smoked cigar. Quickly and unnoticed she picked up and pocketed the only evidence that would have solved the mystery of what had actually happened. If she was a betting gal she would have bet the house that the cigar was the same brand smoked by Debra Simmons sister and that where ever Debra Simmons sister was right now, that she was wearing the same pink shade of lipstick that stained the butt of that cigar. Lisa would dispose of the evidence later; some mysteries were better left unsolved. She would make it a point though to visit Debra Simmons sister. She must be quite a woman, Lisa thought. A woman that was able to hog tie a giant grizzly, a woman who showed no mercy dealing out justice to a ruthless serial killer while at the same time showing mercy to a grizzly bear. This is a woman Lisa would truly love to meet. Over the next few days Lisa thought a lot about justice, the kind dealt out by her and the kind that was dealt out to Jeb Parker. For Jeb Parker there wouldn't be any hung juries, or endless appeals, no last second stays. It was no jury that dealt justice to Jeb Parker but justice he was dealt, in its truest form.

6 months later

" I'll be right there!" Sally shouted as she grabbed her robe and stepped out of the shower. Sally peered through the eyehole as she arrived at the door. Her heart suddenly raced. "Shit," she thought to herself. She had been waiting for this, hoping it would never come but deep inside she knew it would. Sally opened the door to face a woman, a woman wearing a police uniform.
" May I help you officer?" Sally asked? Her heart was nearly pounding out of her chest.
" Sally Warren." The woman said inquisitively.
" Yes," Replied Sally.
" Miss Warren are you the sister of Debra Simmons," the officer asked.
" Yes I am. What is this about."
" Miss Warren my name is Lisa Willkins. I am the Sheriff of Sandy County Montana. I have some news about your sisters' murder. May I come
in." Lisa sized up Sally as she entered the room, old police habit. She found her to be a strikingly beautiful woman and while a bit surprised by her small stature she could tell the woman was in perfect shape her muscles literally rippled beneath her robe.
" Of Course you may." Sally replied stepping aside, " and please call me Sally."
As Lisa entered the room she was immediately met by a huge German Shepherd that reared up on her playfully. " Well what's your name big fella," Lisa asked in her cute dog voice as she knelt down and scratched the big dog behind its ears.
" Justice get down." Sally scolded the dog.
" Oh that's ok I love dogs." Lisa said giving Justice a final pat on the head as she stood."
" You said you had news about my sisters murder." Sally asked, she was ready to get this over with.
" Good news actually." Lisa said, "We found the killer but not before someone else found him. He's dead, it wasn't pretty." Lisa pulled a pack of slender cigars from her jacket. She gazed into Sally's eyes " Would you like one." I believe they're your brand."
Sally's heart sank. She sat down. "No, I quit a while back," Sally replied softly. She was nearly numb. She had decided a long time ago that if she were ever to be arrested for her crime she would cooperate completely. She had never regretted her actions and never would no matter what the consequence.
" Well, good for you." Lisa said, as she put the pack back into her pocket. Lisa looked around Sally's house. It was very well cleaned; her eyes were drawn to a picture on the mantle. It was a picture of Sally and her late sister together between them was a small German Shepherd puppy.
" He was my sisters" Sally said as she noticed Lisa starring at the picture. "She asked me to take care of him while she was in Montana. Are you going to arrest me?" Sally asked. Abruptly
" Well only if you're confessing to something, because I am way out of my jurisdiction." Lisa sat down next to Sally on the couch.
" Sally gazed at Lisa, her confusion was obvious."
Lisa placed her hand on Sally's shoulder. "Listen honey, Lisa said, softly, I came down here to tell you it's over, the monster is dead and there were no leads on who killed him. I hope this news will make your life a little better."
Lisa got up and walked over to the door.
"Wait." Sally said, following her to the door. "I need to tell you something." Lisa put her finger over Sally's lips not letting her finish.
" Before you say anything further let me ask you a couple questions." Lisa said.
" OK," Sally said. Her eyes were starting to tear up.
Lisa knelt down next to the dog. " Did your sister asked you to take care of Justice while she was away?" Lisa asked, scratching the big dog between his ears.
" Yes." Sally replied. As a loan tear streamed down her cheek.
"And Sally," Lisa asked softly, as she stood, "have you taken care of justice?"
" Yes, I have." Sally said meeting Lisa's gaze.
Lisa smiled at Sally. " That's all I need to know," Lisa said as she wiped a tear from Sally's cheek. "Your sister asked you to take care of Justice and justice is what you took care of. " Take care of yourself." Lisa said as she turned and walked toward her car.
" Thank you" Sally said, through her tears as she softly closed the door.

Lisa started the car and drove away. She would be very glad to get back to Montana. It's always a good day when the good guys win she thought to herself and today had been a very good day

Sally still sobbing sat on her couch. She felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her. She noticed a small folded piece of paper on the coffee table that had not been there before. It must have somehow fallen out of the officer's pocket. She unfolded it and as she read a smile came to her face. It was a newspaper story, the headline read BLIND BEAR PAMPERED. Sally laughed as she read, wiping the last tear from her eye, she knew her sister would have been happy. Justice had been met for both man and beast.
The End