Jungle Girl
The story of Liesa Rhea El

By Sam

Chpt1 Nedra's Legacy

Nedra Rhea El stares silently out the window of the arboretum. She takes another sip of her Aserian wine. God has it been 24 years she thinks, to herself, as she gazes out at the billions of stars that illuminate the blackness of space. Her attention though becomes focused on just one, one very distant star in a galaxy many light years away. It's small as stars go, a yellow star, with nine tiny planets in orbit around it. It’s the third planet that is of interest to her though. A planet called Terra or as some call it earth. It is this planet that she has just sent her daughter rocketing off towards. Her heart longs to see her face just one more time, to feel her touch, to hear her sweet giggle. She thinks back to the beginning to when it all started. Back then it seemed like such a good cause, something truly worth dedicating your life to and as she awaits death she is lost in thoughts of the past

It was twenty four years ago almost to the day. Nedra was a hotshot geneticist the best on the Velor. She worked for BioGen Labs a company that was truly on the cutting edge of genetic technology. She had quite a reputation. She did not have to be a geneticist. She could have chosen any career even that of the vaunted protector. It was offered to her but she declined. She wanted to make a contribution to her society and decided the best way to do that would be to become a geneticist, and she became the most noted one on the planet. Her discoveries and theories would benefit countless generations and she quickly rose to the upper echelons of the company. And after only five years The president (Agean Ka Sar) made her an offer that would change her life forever and that's how she became involved in project Alpha.

Project Alpha was a top secrete project. Only one other person on the entire planets surface even knew of its existence, the secretary of science and technology. A high ranking member of the Velor Government council. He was a very powerful man. He had to be. It wasn’t an easy thing to build an entire space station, let alone the most sophisticated Genetics lab in the galaxy and then to cloak it so that it was completely undetectable. It was a truly amazing feat but one that had been accomplished. The technology they were dealing with was light years ahead of that on surface of the planet. They had gathered the best and brightest minds from several planets and it was made clear that if you accept the offer you live your entire life on the station. There would be no leaks and allowing one back down to the surface was just to great a risk.

Looking back Nedra thought of all the secrecy, the lies, the deceit the political maneuvering. Why couldn’t the politicians have just left them alone to do their work..Oh well, that was water under the bridge. She smiles to herself thinking of there success. They had done the impossible. They had created a new race of people, a cross between a Velorian and an Arion. The best genes from both going into one genetically perfect person. It took them eight years to successfully cultivate a fertile Zygote. She remembers the anger of Agean Kai Sar when she had implanted the Zygote within her own womb. It was her Velorian genes that went into making it and no daughter of hers was going to be raised in a tube. So from Nedra's loins came the birth of a new race. A genetically perfect individual, a 7 pound six ounce bouncing baby girl that Nedra promptly named Liesa (Ly-ee-sa) which in ancient Velorian folklore was the Eve of Velorian religion the very first Velorian created by the Elders. The named seemed fitting, it meant simply, the first.

Liesa was an amazing child to say the least. Her I Q was off the chart and at fourteen she was on her way to becoming a very beautiful woman. She had amazingly beautiful hair, long and blonde but with a raven black streak down the right side. Her eyes were a crystal clear blue a trait she no doubt got from her mother. She was also VERY strong 10 percent stronger than the strongest protector ever recorded. She excelled in protector training finishing the standard training in half the time. They had to invent new procedures to fully measure her astonishing abilities.

Over the years Liesa's amazing abilities slowly revealed themselves through a series of endless holographic tests in which Liesa was put in situations and her reactions recorded. Her world consisted of just one tiny level of the space station and an endless barrage of tests, a very lonely existence for a girl so young. Even with all the tests her powers were far from fully understood. Especially her mental powers. Also she had the organs for flight but they had not yet become active, something which stumped Nedra. Nedra theorized that eventually she would be capable of flight since she had the fully functional organs, all be dormant ones. It was the only ability that she was not superior at. It was clear however that she was indeed a Velorian and Arion. Both traits were very evident in how she handled herself. For instance Nedra was relieved to find she had an amazing compassion for life, a reluctance to kill which of course was her Velorian side, however her reluctance ended when she deemed something truly evil. She had an explosive temper and was capable of dishing out incredible cruelty to those she deemed deserving. This was what she received from her Arion donor, whose identity was shrouded in secrecy. Liesa was totally guided by her own sense of justice, laws meant little to her. For example when confronted by five Zygor cat beasts five times her size, which were trying to make a meal of her. She simply picked out the dominant male and easily overpowered him until he submitted to her by rolling over on his back and exposing his throat. Were as she climbed up on his chest and placed her tiny foot firmly on his throat teaching him and the rest exactly who was in charge, leaving him though ,except for a few bruises, totally unharmed. She spent the rest of the day running through the jungle with them. Nedra had never seen her so happy. She ended up running the program for several hours observing, utterly amazed at Liesa’s ability to interact with such savage animals all be it holographic ones. They were still programmed to act like the real thing! Liesa did seem more comfortable around animals than people though. No doubt a result of her growing up in isolation. For instance when put in a situation where she witnessed incredible cruelty being inflicted on one of the Cats, that was caught in a Zanzar death pit, her reaction was quick and decisive. She simply took the Zanzar’s(a humanoid) weapons and tossed him screaming into the pit and then freed the beast. This explosive temper and her quick decision to use deadly force in certain situations troubled Nedra. It was of course her Arion side expressing itself. Nedra took some comfort though in knowing that Liesa was a sweet compassionate girl, with a good value system all be it her own, never the less Liesa was not a girl you wanted to piss off.

As usually happens with most classified projects, eventually someone leaks some information, for money, or status it hardly maters and Project Alpha was no exception. The Arions got wind of it and threatened a full-scale assault on the station. It was a great threat to them that such an individual as Liesa existed. They did not like the sanctity of there race diluted and if they could not have her they would destroy her. After many months of intricate negations The two governments struck a deal. A last ditch effort to prevent war. Liesa would be bound in gold and turned over to the Arions for study. After they were satisfied that there was no more to be learned she was to be destroyed and a treaty signed that neither planet would participate in any further research that would combine the two races. The Arion goal was clear to Nedra. They wanted the technology to create their own super breed with which they could spread even more chaos across the Universe. All of this of course was hid from Nedra but she years ago had learned to monitor the governments secrete communiqués. She had an inherent distrust for politicians. They are such fools to think she would allow her only daughter to meet such a fate. Looking down at the self-destruct timer, a grim smile came to her lips as she thought, they are in for quite a surprise.

The sacrifice

Nedra had rigged a shuttlecraft, which was used for the transport of VIP, s with a cloaking device and modified its warp drive to travel at a moderate warp 12. She had also installed long term life support in the form of liquid stasis tubes. The journey to earth would be a long one. Even with Nedra's modifications to the warp drive the trip would still take approximately two years. To complete a journey of that length in such a modest craft Liesa would have to be placed in Liquid stasis. Nedra, trying to think of everything, had also rigged an artificial intelligence chip that she would surgically insert under the skin at the base of Liesa’s brain. The chip was programmed with every bit of earth knowledge that Nedra could get her hands on, without raising suspicion, which wasn’t much. The chip would download the information while Liesa was in Stasis so that when she arrived on earth, she would not only be the strongest girl on the planet, she would also, hopefully, have the knowledge she would need to blend in to the society. Of course Nedra had to sedate Liesa to do all of this. She quietly entered her daughters room while she was sleeping. Then with tears in her eyes, knowing she would never see her daughters sweet smile or hear her wonderful voice. She administered the sedative. She had given her just enough to keep her out for a few days. She had also programmed the shuttle computer for earth and disabled the override. She had also left a computer message saying goodbye, how much she loved her and exactly why she had done this, along with instructions on how to put herself in liquid stasis and how to use the intelligence chip.

Nedra smiled as she watched the counter click off the last few seconds. No one would search for Liesa, they would assume she was killed in the blast. It was not a good thing to test a mothers love for her daughter. Everyone on this station had tried to keep Liesa’s intended fate from her. It was a mistake; one that would cost them their lives. Perhaps Liesa’s cruel streak was not all Arion. As the last second ticked off the timer Nedra with tears streaming down her face raised her wineglass to her lips in a final toast to her only child " Live long my daughter". Then in a blinding flash of light there was nothing only the blackness of space.

The Journey

Liesa awoke with a start confused by her surrounding. As the fog of sleep lifted from her mind she realized that she was no longer in her room on the station. Looking around she saw a holographic message with her name written on it. She immediately activated it and saw her mother's image appear standing before her. The image began speaking clearly and deliberately and in a few minutes Liesa’s world had changed and as the understanding swept over her, her eyes filled with tears.

Liesa cried for hours after hearing that message, knowing her mother was dead, that she would never again see the only home she had ever known. She was frightened and alone. And it was with tears streaming down her face that she began the procedure that would put her in stasis until her arrival on earth. She followed Nedra’s insanely complicated and detailed directions to a tee from memory. Never once having to refer back to the Holotape and she actually, on her own, modified the stasis liquid to more suit her genetic makeup. She then stripped out of her clothes and began rubbing the electrolyte oil on her body it would act as a catalyst when she entered the tube. She slowly rubbed it across her 36-inch chest. Her nipples immediately became erect as she slowly massaged the oil into her breasts. Despite her situation she could feel the moistness in her thighs growing. She was a girl that had needs, extreme needs. The catalytic properties of the oil were making her skin tingle slightly. She smiled to herself as she moved her hands down between her thighs. She ran her fingers slowly up her moist slit to her throbbing clit. She began teasing it slowly with her fingers, then faster. Soon her soft sighs of passion filled the shuttlecraft as she moved her hips against the rhythm of her fingers until finally her orgasm washed over her in waves of ecstasy leaving her breathless and trembling. Then still tingling she lowered herself down into the stasis tube, hooked up the various patches that would monitor and record her life signs. She also patched her intelligence chip into the computer for download as instructed, and then slowly she lowered herself down into the cool liquid, the stasis tube automatically sealed itself once she was submerged. She heard the metallic clink of the lid as it slid shut. Panic suddenly shot through her body at the thought of herself being locked in there for two years! She fought to remain under control. Her every instinct was to hold her breath, but somehow overcoming her fear she took a deep breath drawing the oxygenated liquid into her lungs and slowly she calmed until finally she drifted off into a long sleep that would carry her worlds away.

Chpt 2                       

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