Jungle Girl
The story of Liesa Rhea El
By Sam

Chpt 2 The Awakening (two years later)

The cold dark shuttlecraft illuminated only by the eerie green glow of the stasis liquid entered the last phase of its journey. One by one the Control panels came to life and what moments ago was dark was now alive with a frenzy of blinking lights. A low hum of the ship's computer filled the craft as it too awoke from its two-year nap.

Nedra had been perfect in her calculations. The only thing she wasn’t able to anticipate was the advancement in earth's radar technology. It was vital to Nedra that Liesa be able to enter earth's atmosphere undetected so that she might have a chance at a somewhat normal life. The last thing Nedra wanted was for her to be somehow locked up, a specimen to be studied and probed. Nedra really didn’t think earth had the technology to contain such a supergirl, as Liesa would be in their atmosphere. The only way to be safe though was a totally undetectable landing. Nedra had reprogrammed the Cloaking device to adapt to changes in radar frequencies but it would take the ship three seconds. Three long seconds in which the ship was totally visible Nedra had cringed at the thought of this but it was the only way.

The last phase of the journey would require input from Liesa. The shuttlecraft automatically fired its aft thrusters and slowly the craft came to halt. Five hundred miles below, the earth a swirling mass of blue and white was clearly visible through ships starboard portal.

The stasis liquid around Liesa began to bubble as it slowly warmed her body temperature up to its normal 100 degree’s. A subtle difference from that of a humans 98.6 one that Nedra did not think would be a problem. After all she didn’t expect Liesa to be needing any medical attention on earth. In fact in earth’s atmosphere, under the yellow sun, her daughter would be practically invulnerable totally immune to all disease. It was for this very reason that Nedra had reservations about sending Liesa to earth. Liesa was half Arion, and if she wanted to she could wreak havoc or even take over the entire planet although Nedra thought that highly unlikely. She had raised Liesa to be a good girl and she was confident in the value system she had instilled in her. That said Nedra was aware that earth was under Velor’s protection. It was for this grim reason that Nedra had chosen earth over other planets. If her daughters Arion side immerged as dominant, on earth there would be a Velorian protector there to deal with it.

Liesa began to awake from her long sleep. Her heart rate slowly increased from one beat every three minutes to its normal level, at least under the influence of a yellow sun, to eight beats every 30 seconds another difference between her and her human counter parts again one that Nedra hoped would not hinder her.

True protectors were trained to adjust their heart rates and body temperatures to what a normal human's would be and for very short periods of time it was not a problem. Liesa’s training unlike a true protectors though had not emphasized on how to blend in with other societies. That's one reason Nedra chose to set her down in a sparsely populated part of the planet, to give her a chance to adjust, so that she might learn and better blend in. Nedra had chose the rift valley on the continent of Africa. It was said that earth life originated from that valley. What better place to give birth to a new race.

Liesa began moving her hands and legs. Her mind began to clear as the fog of her long sleep lifted. She ran her hands slowly up over her body fondling her breasts, feeling a more developed and mature body than the last time her hands had made such a trip. She heard the Velorian steel hatch clink open and tingling with anticipation she surfaced. Coughing the remaining liquid from her lungs she pulled herself up out of the stasis tube and for the first time in two years took long deep breath of air. Even though it was the stale musty air of a shuttlecraft to her nothing smelled sweeter.

The first thing Liesa did after awakening was examine herself in the mirror, and she was delighted at what she saw. She was more mature now, taller about 5’10 her hair had reached its maximum genetic length of to the middle of her back. Her body was incredible rivaling the top fitness models of earth, her breasts were larger and more firm, her legs long and muscular. Her eyes sparkled with the clear blue innocence of her Velorian heritage. She slowly flexed her body, thrusting out her incredible chest as she assumed a double bicep pose. Smiling as she watched her body explode into a mass of female muscle her biceps growing to the size of softballs, she thought Watch out Earth here I come.


Jeffery Brant sighed as he watched his radar screen, settling in for another twelve-hour shift. He was a Radar tech. His job consisted of monitoring a large Ultra modern radar screen for any Unidentified Aircraft. He had been in the Air Force for 5 years now and hadn’t seen so much as a single unidentified blip, until now.

Jeffery took another sip of his coffee. Yawning, he wished he had listened to his mother and gone to med. school. He glanced down at his screen and that's when he saw it. He immediately marked its position 55 longitude 35 degrees latitude and by his calculations it was traveling damn near 15OO miles an hour.

" Sir, I 'v got a bogey." He turned yelling at his supervisor, and then glanced back at the screen, only to find it as it had been the last five years empty.

" Its gone. Where the fuck did it go" Jeffery stared at his supervisor as he spoke. " It was here I saw it. I marked its position 55/35"

Jeffrey's supervisor had his hand on the hot phone the one that scrambled the fighters. One word from him and in twenty minutes the area would be swarmed with planes. He hesitated as he looked at Jeffrey's. He knew Jeffrey was a good man and didn't doubt that he saw something. But the Fact was he had 1 year to go before retirement and if he scrambled the fighters for nothing, he might end up spending that year in outpost in Iceland. He hung up the phone. He wasn't going to risk this cushy job for a three-second blip on a radar screen.

5OO miles above earth Liesa had her hands full. She was desperately trying to recalibrate the navigation node. The linear Biop chip had overheated and if it had not been for her quick thinking all data in the re-entry matrix would have been lost. Which meant she would have had to attempt a blind re-entry on a random window. The odds of hitting a window randomly were astronomical. She chose to try and recalibrate. The craft was shaking violently its attitude adjustment way off as it hit the earth's atmosphere. Liesa was on her back frantically imputing data via a hand held into the ship's nav node. She was down to the last digit of the last line of code x or 0 she thought. There was no time left she had to make a guess X she entered.

" Input rejected," said the ship's computer.

"Shit!" Liesa yelled. Jumping up to the console she grabbed the flight stick. The ship skipped twice off the earth's atmosphere then plunged through; the hull temperature immediately rose to critical. Liesa was sure the ship was going to come apart as she fought for control of the craft. She gasped as the clouds parted and she saw for the first time, Earth, her knew home. It was so beautiful, nothing but lush jungle for as far as the eye could see. Its beauty though was lossed on Liesa at the moment as she fought for control of her craft.

Her ship skimmed across the treetops as she pulled back hard on the flight stick, too hard, it broke off in her hand. The gravity generator on her ship must have failed leaving her totally under the influence of the yellow sun. She was now thousands of times stronger than she was used to being. Shocked she looked down at the stick then up at the window just in time to see the mountain.

12 hours later

Liesa awoke groggily. The last thing she remembered was leaping out of her seat and crashing up through the top of the shuttlecraft just before it struck the side of the mountain. The ensuing explosion was tremendous. The force of the blast threw Liesa three miles from the crash site to land unconscious near a crystal clear lagoon. As she lay unconscious the jungle around her was filled with the sounds of life; of birds, and frolicking monkeys. And for the last twelve hours she rested undisturbed, until now. The jungle around her abruptly grew quiet, deathly quiet, quiet broken suddenly by the blood curdling roar of a giant cat and Liesa too weak to move could only watch, through blurry eyes as the monster cat leaped for her throat.

Chpt 3


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