Jungle Girl
The Story of Liesa Rhea El

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Chpt 3 Jungle Girl

Liesa tried to rise to meet the cat's charge but her body was gripped by an overwhelming weakness. She felt paralyzed as if she was being pressed into the earth by some immense unknown weight. The charging cat on the other hand had no problem moving. Even with the spear of the Shasu hunter protruding from his left side he moved with incredible speed, the spear serving only to fuel his rage, a rage that at the moment was directed totally at Liesa.

The cats pounce brought him squarely down atop Liesa. While his razor sharp claws left little more than red welts in her invulnerable skin it still stung like hell. Whereas anyone without her unique genetic makeup would have been totally shredded she was merely becoming pissed.

The enraged cat took her in his great mouth and shook her fiercely; confused as to why he could not tear into her flesh as he did the hunter's whose pit he had just escaped. The Shasu hunter had made two mistakes. The first was endeavoring to viciously torture the animal instead of just killing it; the second was not digging his death pit quite deep enough. The first mistake was stupid, the second fatal.

The cat, becoming totally flustered, stood over Liesa sniffing her intently. Liesa wanted nothing better than to get up and show him how it felt to be tossed around like a rag doll but still she was in the grip of that incredible weakness and literally couldn't move. Soon, to her humiliation she found herself being dragged through the jungle.


The lion knew he was being hunted. He would not lead the Shasu back to his pride. Perhaps he knew of the Shasu ritual of blood, that these warriors were after not only his death but were intent on drinking the blood of his newborn cubs. Or perhaps he was just operating on pure instinct. At any rate he would run, suppressing his growing rage, leading them as far away from the pride as possible. Then when they were far away, the time for running would be done.

Liesa, sputtering and spitting twigs and leaves from her mouth, vowed vengeance, cursing the cat loudly as she was being dragged along the floor of the dense jungle. The cat though paid her no heed. He merely trotted onward, his limp from the spear growing noticeably worse. He had no idea where he was going, or for that matter why he even still carried the girl, except that he was getting some kind of comfort from her. Setting her down, by the rushing waters of a large stream, he waded in for a drink and to let the cool water run over his wound. He sat, on his haunches, in the middle of the cool stream staring back at Liesa curiously. He had never seen a creature like her before. He suddenly felt himself becoming woozy, not from his wounds but from Liesa. Her scent and the taste of her, had an incredible dizzying effect on him, calming him. Even with the spear from the Shasu in his side causing him searing pain his rage began to dissipate but only until he saw the first of the warriors move out of the jungle. A low growl came from deep within the cat. The time for running was done.

The Lion crouched low in the stream, hiding in the thick leaves and shadows of the low hanging branches. He became totally invisible blending perfectly with the surrounding foliage as he watched the warriors emerge from the jungle. Now, thanks to his claws, one less than they were before. They were hunting him, but for the moment they had found an even better prize in Liesa.

Liesa raised up on her elbows, an act requiring a Herculean effort. She tried to warn them of the cat in the stream but her speech was a mixture of English and Velorian. Her intelligence chip, like her strength was leaving a lot to be desired.

The Shasu stood over the blonde beauty talking amongst themselves. It was clear to them that the girl for some reason couldn't seem to move. The warriors were wearing only tiny loincloths and the effect that her nude body was having on them was becoming very obvious. Finally, one stepped forward. Kneeling down beside her he ran his hands over her amazing breasts then down between her thighs, where he felt the moist heat of her alien body. She shivered at his touch noticing in a moment of stark horror that the necklace he wore around his neck was made from human ears.

Liesa could only watch terrified as he removed his loin cloth, straddling her he slid his massive erect cock between her breasts and began fucking them.

" NOOOO" she screamed in her alien tongue. Her rage was building. Her hate for this thing that was on top of her was immeasurable. It grew larger and larger; as she felt his cock sliding between her tits, as she saw him grunting over her, using her, violating her. Liesa felt the Shasu's body stiffen as he came, as his powerful orgasm ripped through him. She felt his cock erupting, spurting his hot cum between the softness of her breasts. It was more than she could stand. The Arion side of her erupted overcoming her weakness. In a moment of rage, more powerful than any she's ever experienced, she flexed her chest muscles squeezing the Shasu's manhood with a hundred ton's of force!

The Shasu warrior screamed in agony as his ecstasy suddenly turned to blinding pain. He felt a sickly pop as the hardness of his body, proving it was no match for the softness of hers, was turned to mush by the very breasts that a moment ago had felt so warm and soft.

The warrior struggled to pull away as Liesa squeezed with all her alien might until there was nothing left to squeeze. The warriors ruined manhood slipped from between Liesa's breasts. He stood screaming, his screams a mix of agony and disbelief as he stared down at the alien girl, who was now smiling. Liesa then with her very last ounce of her strength lashed out with her foot striking the Shasu in the stomach with enough force to rupture several internal organs, knocking him back twenty feet to lay twitching on the ground. Liesa stared into the eyes of the dying Shasu. A stream of bloody urine began to flow from the remnants of his manhood as his twitching body relaxed in death. His last sight, Liesa's taunting smile of triumph then the darkness of oblivion.

The other Shasu, stunned by the sudden death of their companion, immediately launched their spears at Liesa. Watching dumfounded as they merely glanced off her naked body. The Shasu stood over, the now totally drained, Liesa and jabbed her viscously desperately trying to pierce her skin with their razor sharp spears. Liesa felt the pain of dozens of jabs before her weakness totally overcame her and she lost consciousness. She awoke several minutes later stunned to find she was being carried across the stream, her hands and feet bound to a long pole. And even though she was bound by mere vine she was totally helpless.

The Shasu were cannibals, feared and hated by all other tribes. They ate the flesh of their enemies while they were still alive, thinking by eating the flesh of their living victims that they would gain their strength and wisdom. It was mere coincidence that they had even found Liesa. Shasu territory is deep in the jungle. They rarely ventured out to the fringe, to the villages of the pale ones. Too them the pale ones had great magic. It's that assumption and only that assumption that kept them from attacking. They were eager to find away to rid themselves of the pale ones but had lost many warriors to their magic. They had learned to leave the pale ones alone but were always looking for a way to steal there magic and turn it against them. They had tasted the flesh of the pale ones and they hungered for more. Now though, they had Liesa a girl who held great magic, magic they desperately wanted.

700 miles above Earth

Ariana thought to herself as she punched the last of the entry codes into her ship's computer. One more job and then I can retire to Rysus 4. She wanted to get this one over as quick as possible. It was not a job she was comfortable with. She usually dealt with the scum of the Universe, from killer monsters to madmen men to World Eaters. (They were the worst 3O foot tall insects that infected a world like a plague of locusts leaving nothing and then moving on). Ariana had dealt with them all, and with decisive success, using her Velorian strength to put an end to whatever threat she was getting paid to deal with, making a lot of money while at the same time doing the Universe an immense favor.

Ariana wasn't a Protector, she was trained as one but now she was an outcast. Having had a falling out with the Velour High Council she opted to use her talents in any way that she seemed fit, and always for a great deal of money. She had the reputation as the best bounty hunter in the universe. Her reputation having been made after her very first job, a job that claimed the lives of dozens of hunters before her. It was on the planet Darion. A Daxtron mind cere was using a Tabian fire cat (3000 pounds of winged fire breathing fury) to hold an entire kingdom hostage. It was said that Ariana killed the beast with her bare hands. This rumor spread across the Galaxy like wildfire making her the most sought after high priced hunter in the Universe. The story though was not entirely accurate. She did face and defeat the cat with her bare hands, dropping the huge animal with a single blow to an exposed pressure point. A grim smile still comes to her lips every time she remembers the Mind cere's shocked expression as he watched the immense body of that cat fall helpless at her feet, felled by a single blow from woman, and a very beautiful woman at that. Ariana at 5' 7" was not tall by Velorian standards but she was incredibly beautiful. She had that voluptuous body men dreamed of and she knew how to use it to her advantage. Her looks were a powerful weapon, but her pheromones, which she had learned to control perfectly, could if she chose be deadly. More than one criminal was dropped, convulsing to the floor, by a single breath from her luscious lips. In fact it was how she finished off the Tabian fire cat. She was more woman than any man or beast could hope to handle and she knew it.

The cat though, all be it a little bruised and battered survived the encounter. The Mind cere however did not. Ariana had a soft spot for animals, not for beings who abused them. In fact as far as she knew the cat was still alive and well living deep in the jungles of Tabia with others of his kind. Ariana, herself had transported him there in her ship, releasing him back to the wilds from where he was taken. She did nothing to discount the rumor though. It was very good for business. Everyone wanted to hire the woman who bare handedly slew the Tabian man-eater, her price after that was non-negotiable. That was five years ago. Now she had, had enough and wanted to retire. She had purchased a large parcel of land on Rysus 4 only to discover that the Arion High Command had put a price on her head and had confiscated it. She had put almost every ounce of wealth she had into purchasing that land. The High Command was blackmailing her, forcing her to do one more job. Up till now she had the luxury of choosing her jobs carefully. She, until now had chosen to go after only the most vile, repulsive, murderous, creatures in the universe, ones she deemed truly evil. The thought of this job disgusted her. She was being used as an assassin; a hired killer and it repulsed her. She however had no choice. If she refused she would live on the run for the rest of her life. The Arion High Command was capable of anything and they had made veiled threats directed at her mother who still lived on Velor. Ariana new if she refused it could mean not only her death but that of her families as well   so she had agreed to one more job. She was to hunt down and kill her target, a girl by the name of Liesa Rhea El who's only crime was being born.

Back on Earth

Liesa strung up on a pole like a dead gazelle felt the cool waters of the stream on her bottom as the Shasu carried her across. Her eyes met that of the Lion's. He was standing upstream in a still pool behind and out cropping of rock, still crouched invisible in the foliage. While her strength was gone her hearing was not and she could hear the low growl of rage coming from the wounded animal. She could also see the waters he stood in were red with his blood. She knew what was about to happen. She even saw the big cat spring from his hiding place but she remained totally silent. In fact for a second the whole jungle seemed deathly quiet, quiet broken by the scream of a Shasu warrior as he met his death under the claws of the giant cat.

Liesa suddenly found herself completely submerged in the cool water. The Shasu had dropped her to deal with the lion. She was swept 20 yards downstream until the pole she was tied to caught on an outcropping of rock. She was trapped about a foot below the surface. She felt a strange tingle begin to take control of her body. It wasn't that she was drowning. Her Velorian body could stay below the surface for as long as needed. Her special genetics allowed her body to process oxygen differently than a Terrain's; in fact her body had the capabilities of producing its own oxygen. The tingle spread throughout her body growing stronger and stronger.

Liesa suddenly felt her strength beginning to return. Could it be so simple she thought.

It was that simple. In the explosion of her craft her body was coated with a molecular dust from the ships gravity ion generator. The ion dust made it as if she was still on her own planet only with a gravitational force 10 times more powerful, literally paralyzing her even making the simple act of speech incredibly difficult. Now though as the swift waters flowed over her body the ion dust, in a flash of electricity gave up its charge to the water and Liesa felt her strength begin to return until finally she was able to break her bonds.

Liesa floated to the surface still very weak. She felt something picking her up out of the water. She glanced up to see who had won the battle; it was the cat and not the Shasu. She knew her strength was returning fast and she would of much rather have taken her rage out on the Shasu than this troublesome beast. He however would do, she smiled to herself at the thought. Her Arion temper was showing, her rage great. She couldn't wait to teach this beast a lesson, and she was going to make certain that it was one, that if he survived, he wasn't likely to forget.

The Cat, his prize in tow, began to make his way toward shore. He had suffered more injuries in his battle with the Shasu, while none of them life threatening, with his previous amount of blood loss he was beginning to become very weak. He staggered, for a second, dropping Liesa and before he could catch his balance he suddenly felt himself being lifted out of the water. Liesa's strength had finally returned. She lifted the 900-pound cat high over her head. "What's the matter beast!" She taunted. " Not feeling so tough anymore," she said. Rejoicing in her strength, she spun the cat effortlessly above her head several times until the big beast unable to take anymore lost consciousness.


She was about to body slam the unconscious cat in the shallows of the stream when she felt something running down her arms. Looking up she noticed it was the cat's blood. She gazed up at the limp beast. He was bleeding from a dozen wounds and as she watched his huge tongue loll out of his head, her rage suddenly left her. She suddenly felt ashamed and she cursed herself for losing her temper.

Her temper, something she inherited from her Arion donor, was the one thing that had most concerned her mother. Liesa, when her temper got the better of her was capable of incredible outbursts of violence or cruelty. She herself hated that part of her; it was something she struggled to control, a struggle she did not always win.

Liesa, her rage now under control, sat the Cat down in the shallows of the cool water. Glancing around she cursed as she saw the seven dead Shasu warriors. There lifeless bodies were beginning to float silently down stream. They were lucky they had met their deaths quickly under the claws of the cat. Liesa would not have been so merciful. She looked down at the beast. He was a mess. He had been stabbed in a dozen places and had a broken spear protruding from his left side. He was too weak to stand, almost too weak to hold his head up. He lay there staring into Liesa's blue eyes. He was totally at her mercy and he seemed to know it.

Liesa knelt down beside him, he was clearly no longer a threat. " You are a lion," she said, suddenly realizing she was speaking perfect English. "And you were going to eat me" she said, matter of factly. Her intelligence chip was now functioning giving her information on what she saw. " You live in groups called prides, where your females do most of the work. Typical male," she grinned down at the Cat. She then glanced around at the last Shasu as he floated out of sight. "Apparently though you're not completely helpless without them, " she said grimly.

K.C. had snuck away from the compound, again, to explore. It was his nature to be curious as it was most 15-year-old boys. Tracy, his legal guardian or ShaiKi (Mighty Woman) as the natives called her was going to be very upset with him. She was in charge of the Akia Reserve 2000 square miles of protected jungle. It was not an easy job dealing with poachers, taking care of sick animals and for that matter sick natives. And now it seemed the Shasu were getting bolder and bolder. Plus she now had the added responsibility of young K.C.


K.C 's parents had been Tracy's closest friends. She had worked side by side with them with them on the reserve for 5 years. They were murdered by the Shasu when K.C. was eight. Tracy had sent them out to the village of the Zumi to check on reports of Shasu infringement into the protected area. Tracey received a frantic call for help from K.C.'s father on her radio five days later. It was the last anyone ever heard from them. The Republics government sent in a rescue party. Many from that party still wake up with nightmares from what they saw. The Zumi had been totally wiped out. The village was littered with dismembered, half eaten bodies. The body of K.C.'s father was never recovered. They did recover the mother's body; she had been raped, tortured and half-eaten. K.C.'s parents made it clear that if anything were to happen to them that it was their wish for Tracy to raise K.C., Tracy couldn't refuse, he had no other family. The only other alternative would have been to have him placed in a foster home, something Tracy couldn't get herself to do, having been shuffled from one foster home to the next in her own childhood. She decided to give K.C. something nobody ever gave her, a place to call home.

K.C. sat under a large tree and flipped another page of his comic. He was oblivious to the drama, which had just occurred a few minutes prior, just a few yards ahead. The comic had his complete attention. It was his favorite, Jungle Girl and right now Jungle Girl was battling a gigantic Lion. He turned each page as if he were afraid to read what was coming next. K.C. in his much younger days, of two years ago, had a huge crush on Jungle Girl but within the last few years his crush had evolved into powerful fantasies, fantasies that would stay with him for the rest of his life. He had even been a member of her fan club. In fact he still, sense the age ten, wore his genuine, Jungle Girl, lion tooth necklace with pride. Actually out of the thousands in her fan club, his was the only genuine necklace. Tracy, having seen the cheap piece of plastic they sent him new he would be terribly disappointed, so she made him one from an abscessed tooth she had extracted from a leopard. K.C. would never know the difference and Tracy figured the leopard was more than happy to make the contribution. Tracy got such a thrill at seeing how his face lit up when it arrived, with of course a special note from Jungle Girl herself.

K.C. flipped another page. Jungle Girl, wearing her tiny leopard skin bikini, had just made short work of another giant jungle cat. It lay in a furry heap at her feet. She thrust out her chest in a powerful pose, placing one foot on the conquered beast's head in triumph, so as to suitably impress the natives she had just saved from the claws of the beast.

K.C. knew the cat was not dead, Jungle Girl rarely killed, and as he turned another page it became clear. He saw Jungle Girl, her hands triumphantly on her hips, standing above the cat that, now totally submissive, had its tail tucked between it legs. The cat having just been taught a thorough lesson by the blonde beauty, as to what was on the menu and what was not was then sent, with a firm kick to his bottom, slinking off into the jungle like a scolded puppy. Jungle Girl comics, unlike real life, always had a happy ending.

K.C, completely love-struck, sighed. She was the girl of his dreams, so strong but yet so incredibly sexy. He was just discovering his body as young boys do, and his vivid fantasies of Jungle Girl were responsible for his most major discovery. He moved his hand down between his thighs intent upon relieving some of the tension the comic had built up but before he could achieve his desired result he heard a noise coming from beyond the brush ahead. It sounded like a girl's voice, not a native girl, this girl was speaking perfect English. His curiosity getting the better of him and forgetting his needy condition, he removed his hand from the front of his shorts and crept closer. His jaw dropped in astonishment as he peered through the brush.

Liesa totally nude was standing above the lion, her hands on her hips. K.C. glanced down at his comic, at the picture of Jungle Girl standing above the defeated lion, and then back to Liesa. " Its Jungle Girl" he whispered in awe. She was incredible; the answer to K.C.'s every fantasy. While an ink drawn picture in a comic may have required a little tactile stimuli to achieve the desired result, seeing his fantasy girl in the flesh, complete with a defeated jungle cat, did not. K.C.'s body erupted in the most intense climax of his solo career, one that was almost too much for his young body to handle. He couldn't help but let out a loud gasp as the intense sensations pulsated through him. Quickly, certain that she had heard him, he jumped up intent on avoiding the worst embarrassment of his young life. Unfortunately he banged his head on a low hanging branch and knocked himself totally senseless, the last thing he saw was Liesa staring directly at him, a curious smile on her lips.



K.C. awoke a few minutes later to the sensation of cool water being applied to his face. As his vision slowly came into focus he saw that it was the jungle girl kneeling over him to cup more water in her hands from the stream. Her breasts were pressing against his face, the sudden realization of that causing him to nearly pass out. Liesa, smiling to herself, sensing the boy was now awake straightened up, but not before lingering for a few seconds by taking a very deep breath one that kept K.C.'s face buried in her soft mounds until his boyhood ached for release.

" Hi" she said, smiling down at him innocently.

" Ahh Hi" K.C. responded. He noticed she was no longer nude, she now wore a very revealing leopard skin bikini much like the one in the comic. It was an incredible turn on. She was his fantasy in the flesh and his body could not hide his excitement.

Seeing the way K.C. was responding to her she asked. " Do you like this?"   She said, pointing to her bikini. "I saw your book and it's what she was wearing. I made this from some stuff that he was carrying," She gestured towards the dead Shasu. "Anyway it looks like the same stuff, very pretty, where does it come from?" she asked.

K.C.'s eyes grew wide at seeing the dead Shasu. They had never been seen this far into the protected area before.

"Are you a real Jungle girl?" K.C. asked, turning his attention back to the girl as he held up the comic.

Liesa smiled at the thought. She had looked at the comic, she did bare a striking resemblance to the character, having the same amazing body the same long blonde hair all be it hers had a raven streak down the right side, and now she even wore the same garment.

" Well I guess you can say Im a jungle girl, I fought a lion and won didn't I? How many girls do you know who can do that?" She smiled, gesturing toward the beast.

"Did you have to kill him?" K.C. asked, looking away in the direction of the dead Shasu.

" He tried to rape me!" Liesa said, thinking he meant the Shasu. After all he was the only death she was responsible for.

" What? K.C. asked, incredulous that such a thing could happen. "A lion tried to rape you?"

"Huh? No! Do they really do that?" Liesa asked confused, looking over at the cat, suddenly wondering what kind of world her mother had sent her too.

" No, that would be a first" K.C. said.

" Good" said Liesa, "because I think if he tried I would have had to kill him."

"BUT YOU DID KILL HIM!" K.C. yelled gesturing toward the animal.

"Oh, You mean him?" she asked, gesturing to the cat "and not him?" she said, pointing at the dead Shasu questionably.

"Yes! The cat!" K.C. liked lions. He couldn't care less about a dead Shasu.

I didn't!" Liesa protested loudly. "It was those creatures." She gestured to the dead Shasu. " There horrid things. Besides he's not dead but he is very weak, he's lost a lot of blood.

" You didn't..." K.C.s words were cut off suddenly.

" No I didn't kill him! Liesa smiled, sensing that K.C. didn't approve of killing lions only Shasu's. "I might of made him a bit dizzy though" Liesa confessed.

"A bit dizzy?... How do you make a lion dizzy?" K.C. asked.

" Nevermind," Liesa said, quickly. " Is their anything we can do for him" she said, eager to change the subject.

" To bad we can't get him too the compound, Tracy would fix him up in no time" K.C. said.

" How far is this.. compound?" Liesa asked.

" Half a mile," answered K.C.

"  So what's the problem?"

" The problem," K.C. said sarcastically "is that he weighs a thousand pounds."

Liesa walked over to the cat, knelt down, and gently lifted him so that he was draped over her shoulders. The injured cat immediately began to purr taking comfort in her strong arms. She stood there lifting a thousand pounds of stunned jungle cat as if it were a kitten " So tell me again, what's the problem?" Liesa said, tauntingly as she gave K.C. a sexy wink.

K.C. was dumbstruck, not only by the heart stopping wink but by her sudden display of strength; the way her body flexed, every muscle defined, every curve accented but not just by the physical, also by the way she nuzzled the injured cat as she tried to comfort him. She was incredible, standing before him, such a sexy girl displaying such awesome strength but yet at the same time showing great compassion. His body began to respond raising a very obvious tent in his shorts. He was very close to cumming again. One more sexy wink would of probably pushed him over the edge.

" You know," Liesa teased, looking down at his throbbing boyhood before she met his eyes with a smoldering smile. " You really should learn to control that thing."

Chpt 4

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