Goddess of the Jungle
The story of Liesa Rhea El

By Sam

K.C. screamed in terror as the huge beast crashed through the jungle toward him. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He ran as fast as he could, the savage roars coming from behind him pushing him to near exhaustion, finally unable to run any farther he collapsed. His breath came in short gasps as he looked up at the three huge male lions that had been chasing him. They roared in victory, eager to taste his blood as they charged in unison each trying to be the first to tear off a piece of his flesh. Just when he had given up hope of ever seeing another sunset Liesa appeared out of nowhere. She was incredible, her body looked as if had been sculpted of stone each muscle well defined. With her tiny leopard skin top which looked barely able to restrain her magnificent breasts, and the wind whipping her blonde main back over her shoulders she was the perfect vision of strength and beauty. Despite his situation K.C.'s body reacted like any boys to such an overwhelming woman, he got the hardest erection of his life. Liesa turned and smiled down at him, suddenly remembering he was nude, having just come out of the lake when he ran into the lions, he turned a very bright shade of red.

" Hold that thought Case" Liesa said grinning down at him. " This will only take a sec."

Liesa then turned her attention to the three charging lions. K.C. watched as she surprised the three cats by meeting their charge head on. The three lions almost in unison crashed into her body and together they disappeared into the thick brush. K.C could only hear the roars and screeches from the fierce battle that were coming from the other side of the thicket for the fight had taken them totally out of sight. Suddenly it grew silent, very silent. K.C. crept cautiously closer to the brush. Startled, he jumped when he heard Liesa call to him.

"Come on Case, its safe now" her voice suddenly had a very sultry tone to it.

K.C.'s jaw dropped opened as he poked his head through the brush and saw Liesa. She was now standing before the huge dominant male lion totally nude, the fight having ripped her bikini off. The lion was sitting up on his hind legs turning in circles like a circus cat. K.C. was stunned. He looked to his left and saw the other two animals which were now unconscious and purring loudly, each one had the imprint of Liesa's pink lipstick on their noses. He watched dumbfounded as Liesa put the huge cat through his paces making him walk on his hind legs, roll over and then sit up. K.C.'s manhood was throbbing as he watched her control the savage animal so easily. Finally as the cat sat up Liesa stood on her tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss on the beast nose. Walking several paces away from the cat she turned giving K.C. a sexy wink, then turning back towards the big cat she struck a very sexy pose and gently blew him a kiss. The sexy kiss of a supergirl was apparently too much for the beast. He toppled over backwards totally unconscious, and like his two friends purring loudly. Liesa then walked up to the unconscious cat, placed her foot on the huge lion's chest and struck a triumphant pose. Seeing her posing so sexily over the monster cat was almost more than K.C. could stand. What a woman, he thought. She was his ultimate fantasy a Goddess and his manhood throbbed with a need greater than any need he had ever felt before.

Liesa looked down at K.C. needy condition and smiled. " What's the matter K.C., haven't you ever seen a girl before." She giggled. "Or are you intimidated by a women that can tame three lions with her bare hands" she said, smiling as she stroked the lions main and flexed a biceps until it bulged to the size of a softball." K.C.'s cock was absolutely throbbing; he looked to the left again and saw the other two lions, which mere moments ago had been so savage now unconscious and purring like kittens having been totally tamed by the blonde bombshell. Liesa lay down on the soft grass in front of the unconscious cat, using his soft mane as a pillow. She stretched sexily, her eyes suddenly smoldered with passion.



K.C. was completely overwhelmed it was as if he were in a fog. He could see nothing else but this incredible vision of beauty and strength lying before him, inviting him. It was as if his wildest fantasy was about to come true. He felt himself moving toward her his feet seeming to float above the grass. His body was throbbing with anticipation as she stared up at him with eyes that were alive with passion. K.C.'s mind reeled as he watched her raise one breast to her lips and give the nipple a nice slow lick. His hand couldn't help but move to his cock and give it a slow pull.

" Let me handle that" Liesa cooed, and a second later K.C. felt, for the first time, the lips of a woman on his cock. He gasped as he felt Lies swallow his eight-inch shaft all the way to the balls. Her tongue moved expertly over the tip sending exquisite tingles of pleasure coursing through him. She moved up and down his shaft while gently caressing his balls. He moaned with pleasure completely overwhelmed. Liesa pulled back smiling " What's the matter K.C. I'm not too much woman for you am I?" She teased. She squeezed her breasts around his throbbing cock and by flexing her chest muscles sent such a spasm of pleasure through K.C. that he fell forward. If it had not been for Liesa catching him he would have collapsed. She rolled him over on his back and gave his cock a nice slow lick from his balls to it's tip where she spent a little time swirling her tongue around in exquisite little circles leaving K.C totally breathless.

" I want to feel you cum inside me," she moaned the words as she positioned herself on top of K.C., taking a moment to fondle her incredible breasts as she stretched sexily in front of him. Then with one downward thrust of her hips she totally engulfed K.C.'s throbbing shaft.

K.C. screamed in pleasure as he felt his cock suddenly engulfed in the warmth of Liesa's amazing sex. She took total control of his body milking his cock with her sex as she glided up and down, undulating her hips slowly, driving K.C. to the very limits of ecstasy that a terrain could withstand. She leaned forward pressing her breasts into his face. K.C. covered her breasts in kisses, suckling on her swollen nipples until they leaked the sweet milk of her body, which his hungry mouth eagerly lapped up. Sensing K.C. couldn't withstand much more she tilted his face up towards hers and with a devastatingly sexy look she gently blew her sweet breath in his face. It was way more than he could handle. His body erupted violently, shooting a sea of cum deep within her as she screamed in ecstasy.

Liesa felt her pussy suddenly overflowing with K.C.'s hot cum. It oozed out her sex and down her thighs with each powerful eruption. The feeling of K.C.'s powerful cock erupting inside her made her moan in ecstasy. Each wonderful spurt sent a powerful orgasm crashing through her. She glided up and down K.C.'s spurting shaft milking it of every last drop of cum it had to offer and as the last waves of her orgasm faded she looked down at K.C. and smiled. She ran her hands down between her thighs, dipping her fingers in K.C.'s warm cum, she then slowly lifted her fingers to her lips and began licking each one clean as she smiled at K.C. and cooed. " You haven't seen anything yet."

K.C. felt his cock surge back to life as he stared at the blonde bombshell atop him. He thrust himself up burying...

" K.C. get up will you, its almost 9:30." It was Tracy. K.C. opened his eyes he was back in his room. Christ it was a dream. He could feel the wetness under the sheets thank god I had the covers on he thought. Tracy reached down to rip the sheet off him.

"NO NO! IM UP! IM UP! " K.C. shouted, grabbing for the sheets.

Tracy smiled looking down at the sheet, in particularly at the large circle of wetness that was still growing there. Tracy herself was a very attractive woman and K.C. often had fantasies about her. Even though she was his legal guardian she was still only ten years older than he was. Tracy knew K.C looked at her in anything but a motherly way but, she thought, if I can handle a 1000 pound jungle cat I can surely handle the raging hormones of a 16 year old...at least that's what she told herself.

" Oh I see that you are indeed, up," she said, looking down at the bulge under the sheet. Tracy sometime teased K.C. unmercifully, she was after all a woman and for beautiful women teasing men seems to be as natural as breathing. Tracy was no exception. "After you clean off the sticky stuff, breakfasts ready and please put those sheets in the laundry," then looking down at the circle of wetness growing out from the huge bulge under the sheets she looked at K.C. and winked. "Very impressive," she said, then with a toss of her blonde hair and a giggle she was out the door.

"Christ, K.C. thought to himself as he got out of bed. He walked over to the sink and began washing himself, remembering just in time that they did not have hot water at this time in the morning. The generators were in need of some serious repairs so hot water was only an afternoon thing now. He tried to remember the details of the dream but couldn't only that it was about Liesa but that was enough, just the thought of her made him hard. She was the type of girl he had fantasized about his whole life, strong and sexy but with an incredible gentleness. He looked out the window. Liesa was out there with Tracy. Liesa was actually in the cage with the big male lion they had brought in. She was giving him a bath like he was a puppy and by the look on the big cat's face he was loving it. Christ who wouldn't K.C. thought watching her playfully wrestle the cat to the wood floor as she soaped him up. Tracy was standing outside the cage with a hose, giggling as she rinsed the two off. Neither the cat nor Liesa seemed to mind the cold water. Tracy to her surprise found herself getting aroused by Liesa. The way she handled the big cat, the way her muscles rippled beneath her skin plus her outrageous build, her incredibly large nipples erect from the cold water were threatening to tear right through her tiny leopard skin top! Tracy felt herself becoming very wet and suddenly she found herself, for the first time, incredibly attracted to another woman. She suddenly wished she had the time to go back to her tent and release some of the energy Liesa had inspired.

K.C. watched the two girls, both were incredibly attractive and both had strength that belied their beauty. Liesa's alien strength seemed to know no bounds and he had seen Tracy lift a 3OO pound leopard over her head as she gently removed the wounded and semiconscious animal from a tree. The cat had been shot by poachers and Tracy fearing a tranquilizer would kill the animal, who had lost an amazing amount of blood, lifted the dazed beast down from the tree and carried him, draped over her shoulders, for more than 30 yards. K.C. remembered how extremely aroused he had gotten by watching Tracy carry the leopard, so aroused in fact that when they got back to camp he went straight to his room where he masturbated while fantasizing of Tracy. Tracy remarked teasingly to him latter that she thought he was going to pop his shorts as he watched her carry the animal and then inquired with a sexy little smile as to where he had disappeared to so fast when they arrived back at camp. She was well aware of the effect she had on K.C. and while she truly loved K.C. she couldn't help teasing him besides it was kind of arousing knowing that he masturbated while fantasizing of her. It made her own private moments a little more pleasurable.


K.C. watched the two women in his life from the window. It was clear as he watched Liesa, giggling, as she playfully wrestled with the lion that she truly loved animals as did Tracy and that quality more than any other endeared her to K.C. He remembered how she handled the big gorilla three days ago. It was the day they had brought the wounded lion to Tracy god what a day that was. He thought to himself.....

Three days ago in the Jungle

As K.C. and Liesa walked through the jungle Liesa told him where she was from and how she had grew up on the space station. She tearfully told him of her mother, Nedra, and how she had sacrificed her own life to save her. She told him of the journey of the crash, of her encounter with the Shasu and K.C. listened intently. When she was done K.C. told her of his life on the compound finishing with the awful death of his parents at the hands of the Shasu and how Tracy at the age of only 25 had taken him in.

Liesa stopped walking after K.C. finished telling of the horrible death of his parents. " I guess then we have something in common" Liesa said, softly. " At least you have a home and people that love you, don't discount that K.C. I'm alone I have no one."

" Well now you do." K.C said. " You can live with us on the compound. I'm sure Tracy could use your muscle to put a dent in the poaching."

" Poaching?" " What is poaching?" She asked. The word poaching wasn't in her intelligent chip..which was proving to be less and less intelligent all the time.

" Well we live on a huge animal sanctuary thousands of miles of jungle. Tracy is in charge of it all; it's our job to protect the animals and the environment they live in. A poacher is someone who hunts and kills animals for their skins or whatever. We lose animals to poachers everyday."

Liesa frowned " Why would they want the skin of the animal?"

" Well for ahh.." K.C.'s voice trailed off as he looked at her leopard skin bikini. " For ahhh.." for rugs and stuff." He said trying not to look at her outfit.

Suddenly Liesa's eyes grew very wide. " You mean this was animal!" She exclaimed as she looked down at the skimpy top that strained to restrain her magnificent breasts. She was about to rip it off when K.C. stopped her.

" No !" He said. His words surprised him as much as they did her.

She looked at him questionably.

" Well, its not like you killed it and you cant go into the compound naked." He explained. " And besides it looks really REALLY good on you. His enthusiasm for her outfit was obvious; in fact it was straining against his shorts.

Liesa looked down at his needy condition and smiled. " You really like it?" She asked, as she stretched sensuously, thrusting out her chest and striking a very sexy pose. She was very aware of the effect she was having on K.C. She knew he wanted her and at that moment she wanted him also. She wanted to feel his manhood throbbing inside her, to feel it erupt filling her with his liquid passion in eruption after eruption until his hot cum gushed from her sex.

Liesa was, to say the least, not like any girl K.C. had ever known. She had needs, extreme needs, needs that could prove fatal to a Terrain. When Liesa was aroused she was very dangerous. She moved towards K.C., the juice of her sex was oozing down her thighs. The air was suddenly filled with the sweet fragrance of her nectar. Smiling she pressed herself against him. K.C.'s cock nearly exploded as he felt her hard nipples pressing into his chest.

They were only a few yards away from the compound K.C. were afraid someone might see them. He looked down at the Lion whose bleeding had stopped, although his wounds did require medical care he was in no danger of dying.

" What about the Lion?" K.C. stammered. He was very near to losing control.

Liesa looked down at the cat it was clear to her he would be perfectly fine for a few more minutes. He was already licking his wounds and he was probably glad to be off her shoulders for awhile. She returned her attention to K.C.. Her eyes alive with the heat of her passion bore into his as she ever so gently blew a small breath into his face, a breath that contained just a sampling of her powerful pheromones, a breath she knew he wouldn't be able to handle. " What about the Lion." She said, in a voice sultry enough to make K.C grow weak in the knees.

Liesa was way more woman than K.C. could resist, he was about to crush his lips to hers, too lose himself in her beauty too for the first time in his young life taste the charms of a woman only this was no woman it was a Goddess and to K.C. her passion could prove deadly.

"AHHHHhhhhRGGG" Luckily for K.C. just as their lips were about to touch their came a man's scream of pain from just ahead. "The compound!" K.C. yelled, sprinting off in the direction of the scream, leaving a very heated Liesa behind.

K.C. burst through the brush of the compound instantly taking in what was happening. Tracy and some men were unloading what looked like an unconscious female gorilla she was bleeding badly from what was obviously a bullet wound also their was an unconscious baby gorilla in the truck but K.C. couldn't tell if he was wounded or just tranquilized. He looked around to find the source of the scream when he heard Tracy yell " K.C. WATCH OUT!"

The source of the scream and the cause of it suddenly became very clear. K.C. turned and found himself face to face with a 600-pound silverback. The big male gorilla had followed the jeep, which was carrying his wounded mate and offspring. The huge gorilla was in a rage he beat his chest roaring just inches away from K.C.

" Don't look him in the eyes K.C. just back away slowly." Tracy yelled. Tracy couldn't move to help K.C. he was to far away and she knew while gorillas aren't aggressive by nature this one was perceiving them as having hurt his mate and baby and was at the moment as dangerous an animal as their was in the jungle. Tracy had the tranq gun aimed squarely at the ape but the dart took several minutes to take effect more than enough time for the animal to tear K.C. limb from limb so she held her fire...and her breath.

K.C. had backed several paces away when the gorilla charged however it wasn't K.C. the enraged ape was charging it was Tracy and the jeep. The big male burst by K.C. knocking him to the ground as he passed. Tracy pulled the trigger on the tranq gun. " Son of a bitch!" She yelled, as the gun jammed. Time to go to plan two she thought as she tossed the useless weapon aside and took a syringe of tranquilizer out of her pouch. The ape was closing fast as Tracy stepped away from the jeep to meet his charge with the idea of injecting him while trying to stay out of his grasp it was extremely risky but it was their only hope to bring the animal under control. When the animal was just a few yards away Tracy saw what looked like a blur of yellow coming from her right and suddenly their was a blonde girl wearing a leopard skin bikini standing in between her and the charging animal before she had a chance to say anything the ape was on the girl. To Tracy's amazement though the girl didn't budge as the ape plowed into her in fact she wrapped her arms around the enraged animal and drove him backwards. The ape's arms were flailing wildly as he tried desperately to get to his wounded mate. He was pushing against the girl with all his massive might but still he was driven backwards. Tracy watched in utter astonishment as the apes roars turned to pitiful cries as he collapsed to the ground too exhausted to push against the girl any more, sure that his mate and baby were lost.

Liesa, her arms still wrapped tightly about the beast, felt the big animals struggles cease. She pulled him close to her; her strong arms which seconds ago had enraged him now sought to comfort him.

The Gorilla responded resting his head on her chest, his roars grief soon died into small grunts against the breast of the blonde bombshell.

K.C., from where he was standing, could see tears in Liesa's eyes. She was crying, it was at that precise moment that he fell helplessly in love with her.

 Too be continued