Valley of the Beast
Liesa 6

Written by Sam
Edited by Sundance

Tracy grimaced. Walking through the silent compound, a chill ran down her spine as she gazed at the cold dead stares of her friends. The attack had left everyone except her and Liesa dead. Tossing the last of their gear into the land rover, she looked back, scanning the compound one more time to glimpse at the ashen faces of those that she had known so well. There was no time for tears, no time to bury anyone, no time for eulogies. Standing there, in the heat of the mid morning sun, she signaled one final goodbye into the sightless eyes of her friends then, without exchanging a word, drove off with Liesa. As the jeep roared out of the compound, Tracy made two silent vows one to K.C. and one to the Shasu. One vow promised life, the other death. She sorely meant to keep both.

"How far?" Liesa asked. It was the first words spoken since they had left the compound an hour ago.

"Another hour, maybe two," Tracy answered, unsure.

"Why is it called the Valley of the Beast?" Liesa asked, trying to get a conversation going. "Sounds a bit ominous."

"Nobody really knows." Tracy answered. " No one that has entered that valley has ever returned."

"Maybe it's a really fun place," Liesa grinned.

"Yeah, maybe," Tracy said, a smile crossing her lips. It was hard to not let Liesa's calm demeanor and utter confidence infect her. If anyone could survive in the Valley of the Beast, Liesa could. Tracy was certain that even if she met her death Liesa would do two things, make sure K.C. was all right, and make sure the Shasu had wished they had never been born.

One hour later

"There it is," Tracy said. She brought the land rover to a stop at the edge of a small cliff. Liesa's eyes traveled ten feet down and seventy feet across a crystal clean lagoon to the base of a raging waterfall. The thunder of the falling water was deafening

" Where?" Liesa asked, shouting above the roar of the water.

" Behind the waterfall, there’s a cave its the entrance, I think," Tracy yelled back as she slammed the land rover into reverse and floored it. She backed up a good 100 feet before slamming it into first. The vehicle suddenly lurched forward and rocketed toward the edge of the small cliff.

" You know, Tracy, if your wrong this is going to hurt." Liesa declared, grasping on to the roll cage.

" Shit girl, this is going to hurt even if I'm right!" Tracy yelled, as the vehicle shot off the edge of the cliff.

"AHHHHHHHH!" The two women screamed in unison as they felt the hard slap of the ice cold water while the land Rover disappeared into a thundering white wall of water.

Liesa and Tracy, screaming at the top of their lungs, their eyes closed tightly, both expected to crash into the side of the cliff, instead the land Rover shot through the water and landed on solid ground. Feeling the impact Tracy opened her eyes. "SHIT!!" She screamed as the rover careened out of control. She turned the wheel hard to the left narrowly avoiding a large boulder then quickly back to the right to avoid an even bigger one. Trying desperately to steer in the near pitch blackness of the cave was near impossible. Her foot slammed down hard on the brake only to feel the pedal go completely to the floor. The vehicle, having suffered severe damage from the jump, was not only without brakes but it was also stuck at full throttle. It was all Tracy could do to keep from smashing head on into the seemingly endless boulders that rocketed past them.

" GO THERE," Liesa shouted, pointing to the left at a faint light. Tracy cut the wheel hard to the left and screamed when she felt the vehicle rise up on two wheels. She was sure they were going to flip but as the vehicle tipped past the point of no return the front end glanced off a boulder knocking them back on four wheels just as the rocketed out of the cave.

"AHHHHHHHH," The two women shrieked once again as they felt their vehicle leave the ground as it rocketed out of the cave. The rover landed with a crash on solid ground and rocketed through the dense brush completely out of control. Tracy and Liesa, their eyes not having time to adjust to the sudden light and blinded by limbs and branches didn't see the large object directly in front of them, they just felt the impact. The two women were thrown violently from the vehicle as the rover at near 90 MPH crashed into the stationary object that blocked its path.

Liesa, shaken but completely uninjured from the crash ran to the aid of her friend. Tracy had been thrown a good 50 feet from the crash narrowly missing several trees. Her blouse was ripped to shreds from the heavy brush exposing her perfect breasts. Liesa, despite the gravity of their situation, felt a brief tinge of arousal as she watched Tracy's breast rise and fall with each breath, the tautness of Tracy’s nipples begging to her.

Tracy felt Liesa's lips spreading soft kisses over her firm, round breast soon followed by her tongue as it teased at her nipples, causing them to grow long and hard.. She felt Liesa's firm breasts pressing against her stomach as her kisses grew lower and lower. Tracy's sex tingled unmercifully as it anxiously anticipated feeling the kiss of Liesa's luscious lips, of feeling them press against her sweet moist pussy, of feeling Liesa's tongue part her sensual, waiting nether lips lapping up the sweet nectar of her passion.

"Oooooo" Tracy moaned, sexily, arching her hips. Her pussy hungered for Liesa's kiss.

"Tracy! Tracy! Wake up! Are you Ok?" Tracy heard the voice growing louder she felt herself being jostled. Opening her eyes she saw Liesa kneeling beside her.

Damn a dream Tracy thought, however Liesa's lips were very close to her own as she leaned forward to brush some dirt from her face. The two women, gazing into each other's eyes their lips nearly touching, both felt an undeniable flush of arousal.

"Ahh, yeah, I think so." Tracy stuttered. She was still shaken, more for her sudden feelings for Liesa than from the accident. She changed the subject." What in the world did we hit?", she asked. Looking over at the Land Rover it was clear that the vehicle was completely totaled. It was upside down and a white wisp of steam slowly rose from the engine compartment. The front had been completely smashed in all the way to the driver seat, the left front wheel was hanging from the tree above them. Their gear was strewn about everywhere.

"Felinexix Jurassicus," Liesa declared. The intelligence chip her mother had planted at the base of her brain was quite impressive when it worked.

"Huh? That's not possible. Felinexix Jurassicus has been extinct for 7 million years," Tracy replied.

"Yeah well, tell him that." Liesa pointed to what lie in front of the destroyed land rover.

What did lie in the thick foliage in front of the rover was a large cat, a VERY large cat, easily as large as the Rover. It's sleek, tan body rippled with muscles but what made this cat stand out like no others was its fangs which, sticking out of each side of its head, were over a foot long.

" It's true. The legends were really true. The valley of the beast really exists," Tracy said, half not believing what lay in front of her.

"It's still alive," Liesa said, pointing at the cat's chest as it rose and fell with each breath. Not thinking Tracy found her bag in the debre of the crash. Her whole life was dedicated to helping injured animals it was her nature and she did not hesitate to go to the animals aid, even if this one was over seven million years old.

" Well let's have a look." Tracy said as she ran her hands over the cat's soft, sleek fur. The animal was totally limp and unconscious. Tracy knew the beast might wake up at any moment. Still, she continued to access the animals wounds driven subconsciously by her knowledge of the incredible strength of Liesa. She knew that even as big and strong as the cat was, Liesa, if she chose, could hog tie him as if he was a helpless kitten. She glanced over at Liesa, who with the big cat’s head in her lap, was talking soothingly to the animal. Tracy once again felt a familiar moistness grow between her thighs. Liesa was an amazingly beautiful girl and at that moment Tracy wanted nothing more than to feel her body pressing against her own, to taste the sweet nectar that lay between Liesa's thighs; to cover Liesa's amazing breasts with kisses. Tracy suddenly gasped as a ripple of pleasure shot threw her body.

" All you alright?", Liesa asked, smiling seductively at Tracy. Unbeknownst to Tracy, Liesa had just released a goodly amount of her body's pheromones to help calm the injured cat. Tracy's sudden needy condition was proof that Liesa was as powerful sexually as she was physically.

"Ah, yeah I'm fine," Tracy said, regaining control of herself, "and so is he. He's just a little bruised and battered but he'll be fine, wish I could say the same for the Rover." Tracy gestured toward the smashed vehicle. " Were going to need another ride," Tracy sighed.

"I think I know where we can get one," Liesa said, grinning. As the huge cat began to stagger to his feet Liesa jumped on his back. The huge animal let out a roar that left Tracy's ears ringing as he shot off into the jungle. The next few minutes were filled with screeches and roars until all of a sudden there was silence.

" Liesa? Are you Ok?" Tracy shouted into the brush. Suddenly she took a step back as she heard something crashing through the jungle straight toward her. She dove behind the overturned rover just as the beast with a deafening roar burst through the brush. Rolling quickly to her right she looked for some kind of weapon and grasps the only thing near, a broken tree limb. She jumped up and with all her might hurled her make shift spear at the charging creature. She knew the tiny spear would not really injure the beast but perhaps she thought if he felt a sharp jab, he might get discouraged enough to disappear into the jungle.

"HEY!" Watch wear you're throwing that thing!", Liesa admonished Tracy as she caught the spear. " You could put somebody's eye out," she scolded.

Tracy, a dumbfounded look frozen on her face, could only stare in disbelief at Liesa who was riding the giant cat as if he were a horse.


"Come get on!", Liesa said, smiling. Tracy took a couple of steps toward the animal who suddenly snarled showing his huge teeth. Tracy jumped back. Liesa whacked the big cat on the ears. " He hates that!", she beamed.

"I can see he's not entirely comfortable with the situation," Tracy said, as she cautiously approached the giant again. She knew that they needed to get to the caves before nightfall and the cat seemed their only hope.

"Ahhh, he's fine," Liesa said, glibly. "We came to an understanding."

"Oh?" Tracy asked, accepting a hand up from Liesa as she mounted the beast.

"Yeah, as long as we don't fall off he won't eat us," Liesa said with a half sobering grin.

Tracy found the seriousness of Liesa's statement a tad disturbing. "Marvelous," she sighed.

The big cat rocketed through the jungle with Liesa guiding him by tweaking him on his ears. Tracy knew where the caves were supposed to be as she recalled the details an old map given to her by an elderly native. Tracy had saved the life of her granddaughter and the old woman had given her the map as payment. She said it was the only thing in the world she had of value. Tracy had graciously accepted it out of respect. Never in her wildest dreams did she think the place really existed.

The jungle flew past them as the animal leapt huge chasms without missing a stride. Finally the beast exhausted himself and stopped at the base of large waterfall and began to drink.

It was a very warm day and the water looked very inviting to Tracy who without thinking began to dismount and get a drink for herself. One very toothy snarl reminded her of there understanding.

" Not a good idea," Liesa reminded her.

The big saber-tooth was not happy at being ridden. It was very humiliating for one so ferocious.s. He wished he could just toss them off but he knew he could not. He tried and tried to throw the female that had first jumped on him, but all in vain. Her powerful legs were wrapped tightly about his neck and she had nearly squeezed the life from him, letting up only when he began to lose consciousness. He knew she was in control and he also knew where they must be heading, the caves of Lamai. He could smell the caves, Lamai was heavy with the scent of death it was not a place where he would choose to go himself, however he would let these females have their way....for now.

" Oh shut up you furbag!", Tracy quipped, at the snarling beast.

" Excuse me?", Liesa asked.

Not you Liesa! Him." Digging her heels into to the side of the cat, Tracy emphasized her anger.

That was all the big cat could take. The arrangement was officially off. They wanted some water and the cat was going to give them some water, a lot of it.

The big cat began walking straight toward the roaring waterfall.

" Uh-O," Liesa uttered.

"What do you mean Uh-O? Can't you drive this thing!"

Liesa was furiously tugging on the cat's ears, trying to get him to switch directions, but it was not to be.

"Hang on were going in!", Liesa screamed.

The tremendous force of water that hit the girls easily knocked them from the back of the great beast. Tracy felt herself pulled under by the tremendous downward force of the great waterfall. She fought the current trying to surface. Her lungs burned aching to take a breath as she desperately fought to break free from the grip of the powerful undertow. Then, just as quickly as she was pulled under, the outward rush of the current kicked her free and she popped to the surface gasping for air.

Tracy out of breath after beingcarried by the swift current, now sat in the shallows of the stream. The sound of her heavy breathing was soon joined by a vicious snarl. It came from right behind her. She turned to face the giant cat. He was not happy and Liesa was no where in sight.

Tracy in all her years of working with savage animals had never encountered one that struck such utter terror in her. The hairs on the back of her neck rose as the cat let out a blood-curdling roar. She fished under the surface of the water for something anything that she could possibly use as a weapon. It was her lucky day; her fist closed around a solid piece of wood roughly the size of a baseball bat.

" Ok," Tracy said, twirling the club and slapping it down hard in her palm, " Lets get this over with. I may not be able to beat you but your damn well going to know you were in a fight."

The cat snarled and began to slowly circle Tracy. Then suddenly his head jerked toward the edge of the jungle.

" Fuck, now what," Tracy said, out loud. She considered striking the cat while his attention was focused elsewhere. However, a club upside the head would be sure to regain the cat's attention and that, Tracy decided, would be a bad thing.

The jungle around them suddenly became deafly silent. No birds, no frogs, and no insects, nothing except for the low snarls of the cat. There was no sound at all.

" Oh fuck," Tracy said under her breath. She knew something was out there something that even the giant beast in front of her considered a threat. Time seem to stand still as her gaze went to the jungles edge. Her eyes scanned the dense foliage until finally she saw what the cat had sensed. It was some sort of big lizard.Standing about five feet tall, it walked upright on its hind legs. Its front legs seemed too be nothing more than a claws for ripping flesh. Its dominating featurewas its huge head with its huge jaws and rows of gleaming white fangs. Tracy watched it and her blood suddenly ran cold as she noticed another and another and yet another big lizard creep from the shadows of the jungle. They were all stepping from the jungle dozens of them, their fangs gleaming in the bright sunlight and then without warning they charged.

They attacked without sound, no snarls, and no roars just the thunder of their feet as they rushed forward. If the great cat would have turned and ran, he could have escaped into the dense jungle, easily out distancing the clumsy lizards in the thick foliage. Instead he chose to fight. Most of the lizards rushed the cat; he was after all the biggest meal to be had. Like anything worth having, though, there is a price to be paid and the lizards paid with their lives. The cat met their charge dealing out death with his teeth and claws as fast as the lizards could get to him.

Tracy dodged to her left as the first lizard reached her. Avoiding its charge, she brought the club down hard on its head. The giant lizard dropped like a rock, stone dead. "Can't take a punch huh?", Tracy taunted the lizards. "Well that's too bad because I'm a girl that knows how to throw them," she said, bringing her club down across the skull of another lizard, who, like the other one, fell lifeless at her feet. Tracy was somewhat surprised at the softness of the beasts' skulls. They were composed totally of cartilage instead of bone, which made sense because of their large skull size. If they were comprised of bone the beasts would probably not be able to hold their heads up at all. Tracy didn't take the time to question evolution at the moment, she just dealt death blow after death blow to the beasts that made the mistake of charging her until she found herself standing atop a pile of at least a dozen of the dead lizards. Screaming, she yanked her club out of the caved in skull of another beast, pushing the dead beast over with her foot she looked around for the next beast but there were none. She brushed the hair from her eyes noticing she was spattered with blood from the dead lizards that lay beneath her feet.

"Tracy, over here!" It was Liesa. Tracy turned and saw Liesa standing amongst a pile of dead lizards at least twice as many as Tracy had killed and Liesa was fighting with her bare hands. Tracy watched as Liesa flipped the last lizard over her shoulder and in one quick movement twisted it's head hard to the right, there was a loud crack as the beast's neck snapped. Liesa let the quivering carcass fall to ground to join his countless friends in death.

Suddenly Tracy realized something. " WHERE IS THE CAT!" She yelled, across the water at Liesa who was looking around. Both girls saw the cat at the same time, and realized why there were no more lizards on them. They were all on the cat. He was further out in the stream, one of his hind legs appeared to be caught on something beneath the surface. Unable to defend himself from behind he was in some serious trouble. Several lizards snapped at his hindquarters as he tried in vain to turn and defend himself. From behind he was helpless but the waters around him ran red with the blood of those who were still foolish enough to attack from the front. Lucky for him the lizards had the brain about the size of a pea. However, it wouldn't be long though before they finally figured it out and tore him to shreds. In the mean time, it was he who did the tearing.

Without so much as a thought, Liesa and Tracy sprinted to the aid of the cat. A little over halfway there they watched in horror as the lizards launched an all out assault from behind the great cat. When they reached the cat several of the beasts had bitten into his hindquarters one even clung to his back, his fangs buried in the cat's flesh. Liesa reached it first.

" Son of a bitch!", she yelled, as she slammed her fist between the eyes of the lizard. He drooped lifeless over the back of the cat. Liesa enraged picked the limp lizard up by his tail and swung his massive body around her head, taking out four more. She then let the dead monster fly into a group of his charging buddies with enough force to knock them over like bowling pins, turning one dead lizard into eight in a matter of seconds. In the meantime, Tracy had positioned herself at the rear of the cat, introducing any lizard that came in for an easy bite to the business end of her club. It wasn't long before the remaining lizards figured out there was probably an easier meal to be had elsewhere.

Exhausted, Liesa and Tracy watched what was left of the group disappear into the jungle as silently as they had appeared. Except for one, who was crying out in a high pitched squeal, he seemed to be stuck the same way the cat was. Liesa walked calmly over too him. Tracy was sure she was going to snap its neck like a twig and leave his carcass floating with the others. She almost spoke up in protest. The animal by itellfself was clearly no longer a threat and Tracy had enough killing for one day. But instead of killing the beast, Liesa dived beneath the surface when she reached it. She found the large rock the lizards foot had become lodged under and lifted it, freeing the beast. The look on Tracy's face was utter astonishment as she watched the frightened lizard high tail it for the tall grass. She had just gained a whole new respect for the sexy bombshell. It seemed Liesa had enough killing for one day also.

Noticing the amazed look on Tracy's face Liesa felt the need to speak. " Killing dumb animals because they are hungry is not something I enjoy."

"You know for a big titted blonde your pretty smart," Tracy teased.

"Well I was genetically engineered to be perfect." Liesa said thrusting out her incredibly perfect breasts as she struck a very sexy pose. Tracy was about to mention to Liesa that she had big gobs of lizard brains in her perfect hair, but then decided not to.



" What about him," Tracy gestured toward the cat. Liesa knelt down; feeling beneath the water she found the stone the big cats foot was lodged under and with a single tug she freed the beast. The cat immediately turned around and starting licking Liesa on the top of her head.

" Look Tracy! He likes me!", she yelled excitedly.b

"Could be he just likes the big gobs of lizard brains that's stuck in your hair." Tracy quipped. Liesa's face suddenly took on a horrified look as she pushed the cat away from her.

"Ewwweee! Ewwwwe!", she screamed, diving beneath the water doing her best to wash the gunk from her hair.

"Is it out! Is it out!", she asked Tracy.

"Relax it's out! Wow for a girl who can whip her weight in Giant lizards you sure are kinda squeamish." Tracy watched as the cat trotted for the far shore.

"Looks like we lost our ride." She said, discouraged.

"C'mon, lets go it looks like we have a long walk ahead of us," Liesa said, as she watched the cat scamper off.

The huge cat was torn, he felt the tremendous need to get back to his mate who in days was about to give birth to her first litter. The jungle was a savage place. If he did not return to guard her against other predators she would not survive. On the other hand if not for the females returning to help him he would have been torn to shreds.

Liesa and Tracy exhausted from their fight trudged up the sandy bank toward the jungle.

" Christ what was that!" Tracy yelled, ducking as a huge shadow passed over them. It soon became clear as without a sound the huge cat landed directly in front of them, blocking their path to the jungle he let out a blood-curdling roar.

" Let's call it a day, huh, big guy," Liesa said, thinking the cat was about to attack. The beast snarled as he approached, his rippling muscles clearly defined beneath the thick coat of his tan fur. Liesa readied herself. But to her surprise as the cat reached them he lay down.

"Is he..?" Tracy asked.

"There is one way to find out" Liesa said, jumping up on the cats back." Instead of the previous growls and snarls that accompanied the last mounting the cat was now purring loudly. Liesa offered a hand up to Tracy. "Looks like we got our ride back," Liesa said, smiling and stroking the big cat between his ears.

" Cool next stop, the caves of La'mai," Tracy grinned.

The big cat would take the girls to the caves, if that was where they insisted on going. It made him sad, for all of his growling and snarling he had actually grown to like the females. It was a terrible thing that he was now about to deliver them to their deaths.

To be continued