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(Never Fuck with a Redhead)

Chpt 1

Tuesday, 12:00 noon, January 19, Tangora Village, Africa

The young woman had no idea she was being watched as she bathed. She lathered up her body, running her hands up and over her breasts, enjoying the cool clear waters of the small pool. She walked under the waterfall rinsing the soap from her body and hair. The cool waters sent tingles of pleasure rippling through her. She ran her hand up over her taunt nipples as her other hand slid down between her thighs. She ran her fingers up her moist slit gently stroking her most sensitive organ. Her passion grew as the cascading water caressed her body like the hands of a dozen unseen lovers. Her fingers continued to stroke her swollen clit, moving in small circles as her breath began to come in shallow gasps. She felt her climax building till finally it became an undeniable wave pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy as her body convulsed in pleasure. In that moment there was nothing else only her passion, her pleasure, and the roar of the cool crashing waters.

Blushing a bit to herself the girl stepped from the pool unaware of the horror that was watching her. She grabbed her clothes and, giggling, headed off down the path towards the village. Her giggles soon faded as she heard a low growl coming from the brush. She never saw the beast as it leapt toward her throat.

A day earlier, Monday, January 18

The Cessna dipped low over the Serengeti, gliding just above the treetops. The low roar of the engine startled a heard of zebra sending them scrambling as if from an unseen predator. It was very wise for the Zebra to be wary of such noise for this was lion country and Zebra were always at the top of the menu.

Five hundred feet above, 17 year old Angela Preston looked down at the frightened Zebra and sighed. She empathized with the Zebra. The world was a cruel place; the weak were picked on and bullied by the strong. Nobody knew that any better than Angela. Angela was born with a debilitating eye disease that, even after 3 surgeries, required her to wear very thick glasses. While she could see fine with the glasses they made her hazel eyes seem as large as saucers. The other children for as long as she could remember had made fun of her, teasing her calling her names. It was little Jessie Beakman who in the first grade branded her with the horrible nickname; one that would follow her until this very day "Shut up Coke Bottle". The humiliation she felt that day cut through the years. She could still hear his mocking voice and the laughter of the other children as if it were just yesterday. The school called Beakman's father who in turn told his son, repeatedly, to leave Angela alone, telling the boy that you should never never mess with a redhead. Despite the warning from his father Beakman continued to make Angela's life miserable. She became very withdrawn; the result of the constant teasing that was inflicted upon her. She always walked with her head down, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. Afraid of drawing attention to herself, despite having a very well developed, knockout of a figure, she wore baggy clothes and kept her beautiful red trusses tied in a tight bun above her head. Angela just wanted to be left alone to live her life, just like the Zebra but as the Zebra had the lions to deal with, she had Jessie Beakman.

Angela was snapped back to reality by the sudden feeling of someone taking off her glasses. It was Beakman. He had crept up behind her and removed them. Angela panicked it was her only pair and she was practically blind without them.

"Come get em Coke Bottle" Beakman teased. He was no longer a little ten-year-old. He was now 18 and standing six foot four he was the most feared boy not only in the senior class but also in the entire county. Jessie had a reputation for being mean, real mean. It was said that he once beat up 5 of rival Flow Valley's toughest football players just for kicks, putting them in the hospital. Beakman's arms were like tree trunks, thick and hard and for as long as Angela could remember he had tormented her.

Angela was fumbling down the isle blind and in tears trying to follow the sound of Beakman's voice.

" Give em back Beakman, she's crying." It was Todd Baker captain of the varsity football team and Angela's neighbor since birth. They played together as children Todd was really only one of two friends the Angela. She always harbored an intense crush on Todd. He was tall muscular and very popular but more than that he was always kind thoughtful, never forgetting to get her a card on her birthday or a gift at Xmas and nobody picked on Angela with Todd around. Unfortunately Todd as tall and strong as he was, was still no match for the hulkish Beakman. Nevertheless risking the certainty of personal injury he snatched the glasses out of Beakman's hand.

" Here Angela," Todd said, as he returned her glasses.

Beakman yelled. " That's it Baker your dead!" He grabbed Todd by the shirt collar and lifted him up off the ground. Each boy drew back his fist. Todd was determined to get one good punch in before being beaten senseless but before Todd had a chance to deliver the blow Angela struck.

"OOOF!" Beakman groaned, as he doubled over from a blow directly to his groan. " You bitch!" Beakman wheezed, stunned, as he gasped for air. Angela had never fought back before. Suddenly Mr. Marshall, the school superintendent and leader of this trip burst through the door of the cabin.

"What's going on here?" Marshall demanded.

"It was Coke Bottle and her geek friend! They started it! " Beakman shouted.

" That's Bullshit!" Todd retorted. " It was that asshole Beakman he stole her..."

" That's enough Mr. Baker," Marsall interupted, "unless you want me to revoke your football eligibility you had better keep your mouth shut.

Angela knew that if Todd lost his senior eligibility his chance at a college scholarship was very slim. " That's Ok Todd forget it." Angela said, resigned to taking the blame once again.

"Angela up front now!" Marshall screamed. There was no mistaking his tone Angela was about to get the blame again. It was something she was used to. Todd watched feeling like a total woos for not speaking up as Angela disappeared behind Mr. Marshals cabin door

"Now Angela why do you have to be such a trouble maker" Marshall said. "You know it doesn't have to be this way." He smiled as he slipped his hand beneath her loose fitting jacket. " You have an incredible pair of breasts, he moaned as he fondled her. His hand went down and began to rub her crotch. "You want it don't you Angela?" Marshall moaned. His cock was stiff, throbbing at the feel of firm young flesh. He shoved her back on the table. Angela was too terrified to scream she tried to fight but he was much to strong for her. She felt her blouse being opened. She started to scream.

" I wouldn't if I were you Angela, you're forgetting with one phone call I can have your mother fired and then how would you pay for that shack you call a home. Nobody would hire a crippled especially after I tell everyone she was stealing the cafeteria money. So lay there and take it!

Angela felt his cock slide between her thighs as Marshall crushed her 38 D's to his face. She shut her eyes as she felt his stiff cock pressing against the lips of her virgin pussy. " Please God No" she whispered under her breath. As if God himself was listening, all of a sudden the plane pitched violently forward. The sudden jolt sent them both tumbling. Angela flew across the cabin striking her head on something hard. She gazed up dazed; Mr. Marshall had been tossed to the opposite side of the cabin. It was her chance to escape and she took it bolting back to her seat like... like..., she thought to herself, one of those frightened Zebra. Through her tears she wished with all of her heart that she could just once know what it was like to be the lion.

" Sorry about the bump folks," the pilot's voice crackled over the P.A., "just a little turbulence. We'll be landing shortly so everybody back to their seats and please buckle up. These runways out here in the bush can get a little rough."

1000 feet below just outside the Village of Tangora

"Tiasha!",( Ty-a-sha) Ishaia, ( Ish-I-A-ah) called loudly to her daughter, there was no answer. Ishaia was worried. It was not like her daughter to venture off while she was filling the water skins. She was very angry at the two warriors her father had sent to guard them. While they were no doubt watching her ass as she bent over they let her daughter Tiasha, granddaughter of the King of the Tangora, wonder off. How could they be so stupid, especially with the man-eating lions on the loose. Ishaia's tribe had lost 60 people to the beasts in the last 6 months, including her own husband. Her father, the king, had sent a dozen warriors to track down and kill the two large male lions only too have one warrior return mortally wounded and screaming of devil cats.

Ishaia was now alone at the water hole. She had sent the warriors off to find her daughter. She herself had decided to remain at the waterhole in case Tiasha were to come back. That was over an hour ago, Ishaia was now worried and it was beginning to get dark. She decided to head back to the village for more help calling her daughter's name loudly as she walked. A few minutes passed and Ishaia's fears were beginning to get the better of her. The man-eaters have never struck this close to the village before, she thought trying to ease her fears as she walked. Tiasha is probably back at the village playing with the other children. She almost had herself convinced until she stepped on something very soft. Her eyes traveled down toward the trail and focused on the severed arm of one of the warriors. Ishaia's blood turned to ice. She glanced around. The ground was littered with the remains of the warriors. They had been torn to shreds. She was about to run when she heard a voice coming from behind her.

" Mommy help me." It was her daughter's voice, pitiful and full of fear.

Ishaia turned her heart alive with hope, until she saw the horror.

Tiasha was a bloody mess her legs were in the jaws of the biggest lion Ishaia had ever seen. The upper half of her body rested on the ground beneath another huge cat. The sight of her little girl's pleading eyes froze Ishaia. She watched as the other lions' jaws closed around the upper half of her little girl. That cats started a gruesome game of tug of war until the little girl's body was torn completely in half.

"NOOoooo!!" Ishaia screamed into the twilight. It was the last sane word she would ever utter. She began laughing hysterically; her mind completely destroyed by the horror of what she had just witnessed. No mother could live with such memories. Even as the lions sprang toward her she laughed. Gripped in insanity, her mad laughter mixed with the throaty snarls of the cats, echoed through the misty jungle until her horrifying memory was obliterated by the blackness of death. Only the snarls remained.

On the ground at camp

" Come on Angela lets go for a walk" Todd quipped. He could tell Angela was extremely upset by what happened on the plane.

" Ok Todd, maybe a walk is just what I need." She had not told him of how Mr. Marshall had tried to rape her. Mr. Marshall could have her mother fired, he was the lion, Angela and her mother were Zebra's, that's just how it was.

A few minutes into their walk they heard voices recognizing one of the voices as Mr. Marshall's they crept closer.

" Listen fool." Marshal scolded the other man. "Now's not the time to get nervous. My plan is working perfectly. The military is not even looking for beasts. They don't want to admit they created the animals that have killed over 200 people so far. They will never let it get out that they were creating genetic super killers, let alone that they were stolen! So shut up and stick to the plan. The King of the Tangora is offering a reward that will make me the richest man in the world."

" You mean us, right, boss?" The man asked suspiciously. "You know boss, I'll bet the parents of these brats would shit a brick if they know where you brung em, and that you're using them as bait. They would lock you up and throw away the key especially if they knew of your weakness for the little girls" said the man. His tone was threatening

" Well now, it's in your best interest that they don't find that out now isn't it," Marshall said, tucking the point of his rifle up under the man's chin. With his other hand he removed a small slender cylinder from his shirt pocket. " Do you know what this is?" Marshall asked.

"Nno," the man stuttered.

" Of course you don't because you're a cretin. It's a cigar, a Montecristo IV, hand rolled in Cuba. Do you know why it's called a four? Don't bother too answer, I'll tell you. It was made with a special blend of the finest tobaccos, a blend that today cannot be recreated, one of only 4, the fourth one. Truman smoked one when the Japanese surrendered and ended World War II. Churchill smoked one standing in the rubble that was Berlin. Nixon smoked one when Armstrong walked on the moon. This is the only one left in existence. A cigar to celebrate your finest hour. I'll enjoy this cigar over the dead carcasses of the Tangora man-eaters just before I get my gold. I've spent years setting this plan up. It will be my finest hour, don't think for one second that I won't hesitate to kill you if you mess it up. So I suggest instead of making wise cracks you focus on your job and make sure the cats show up. Your life literally depends on it."

" Oh they'll show up. You set up camp right in the middle of their killing field. They'll find you."


" Have you got the armor piercing bullets?" Marshall asked. Knowing that it was the only thing that would pierce their thick hides.

" Right here boss." The man said as he handed over a clip.

" Good now get the hell out of here. I'll meet you later, as planned."

" Oh my god were being used as bait!" Angela whispered.

"Let's get out of here," Todd said. " We have to warn the others."

" I don't think so." Todd heard the raspy voice of a man standing behind him at the same time as he felt the cold steel of a rifle barrel poking him in the ribs.

Todd stood and in a quick move that stunned the man he grabbed the riffle barrel forcing it toward the ground. " Angela RUN!!" Todd demanded. But Angela did not run, before the man had time to react, she drove her fist between his legs. The man went down to his knees gasping for air. Angela drew back her fist then delivered a solid blow to the man's jaw. His unconscious body dropped face first into the dirt.

" I'm sick of running." Angela declared.

Todd looked at her with stunned disbelief. He suddenly realized he was very aroused. Despite how Angela was dressed and the thickness of her glasses she was a very beautiful girl and seeing her handle that gunman touched upon one of his most intimate fantasies, that of a sexy powerful woman.

Todd, very aware of his sudden and massive hard-on began to blush. There was no hiding it. It was very visible as it strained against his shorts making it painful to stand.

" WOW!" Angela gasped as she looked at the massive bulge in Todd's shorts. She was very surprised at the dramatic effect she had on Todd's body. Todd's arousal wasn't the only thing that was obvious his embarrassment was just as visible as his face had turned a bright shade of red.

" Come on Todd," Angela teased, letting her eyes drift down to the large tent that Todd had pitched between his thighs. " By the size of that bulge it looks as if you have nothing to be embarrassed about."

" HEY YOU KIDS!" Another gunman had spotted them. Angela and Todd bolted for the jungle, hoping to loose them in the thick bush. They could hear the men behind them when all of a sudden the ground beneath them seem to give way and they felt themselves tumbling down a steep embankment in utter blackness.

A few minutes latter John Marshall stood at the edge of the embankment where the kid's had disappeared. " They went over here?" He asked.

" Yes," answered a man.

" They heard our conversation?" Marshall asked.

" Yes," answered the man.

Marshall stared down the large drop off it was at least a two hundred foot drop to the valley below. The valley was home to several large prides of lions. The villages referred to this place as the valley of the cats. The cats seldom ventured out of the valley and the villagers seldom ventured in. The valley belonged to the cats.

" Let's go" Marshall said.

" So were just going to leave them down there? The man asked. " They will not survive."

"Good" answered Marshall.

Angela looked up from the bottom of the valley, by some miracle she had managed to hang on to her glasses. The thick brush that had broken her fall also totally obscured her view of the top. She glanced quickly over at Todd who was standing flailing wildly at his clothes. It wasn't until the first agonizing sting that Angela realized that her and Todd had landed on a hill of fire ants.


"AHHhhhhhh!!!" Angela screamed as she felt the ants crawling over her body. She franticly ripped at her clothes tearing of her pants and then her blouse and bra. Brushing the insects from her body she looked as if she were doing some type of primitive dance. Finally when she felt they were all off she looked over to see how Todd was.

He was stripped down to his jockey shorts starring wild eyed at her. Suddenly it was Angela's turn to be embarrassed. She tried to cover her incredible breasts by crossing her arms.

" Holy shit!" Todd declared as his eyes ran over her body. He walked toward her feeling his need grow with each approaching step until he stood directly in front of her.

"Angela," Todd said, taking her arms gently away from her breasts. " You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

Angela gazed up into Todd's eyes, feeling the moisture between her thighs grow. Never had she been so aroused as she was at that very moment. She pressed herself against him feeling the arousal of his body pressing back against hers. She reached her hand down between Todd's thighs and as their lips met she gave his stiff cock a nice slow pull.

Todd gasped overwhelmed by sensation; the feeling of her firm breasts against his chest, the way her hand massaged his throbbing cock. It was almost too much for him. He felt himself about to cum. Suddenly there was a noise from the brush.

"Shhh!" Angela cautioned as they both listened, suddenly their overwhelming desire was replaced with fear.

" God!" It might be the man-eaters!" Todd whispered.

The sound grew closer and closer until the creature that was making it burst through the brush!

"Meowwww," mewed the small lion cub.

" Christ it's just a baby." Todd said, breathing a sigh of relief

" Yeah, but Todd don't lions live in like big families. The lion cub walked up to them and began rubbing against their legs.

" Maybe he's lost. Maybe his family is miles away. Maybe he fell down the same hill that we did." Todd said hopefully.

" Maybe not" Angela said as she watched the huge male emerge from the brush. The earth seemed to tremble with the force of the giant beasts' roar. In a thundering chorus of mayhem birds launched themselves off their perches, seeking the shelter of the skies. Angela looked down at the cub that was still rubbing against their legs then up again at the huge male. "What do we do?" She whispered.

"Listen very carefully Angela I, I, I want you to do two things" Todd stuttered, his voice full of fear. " First, let go of my cock."

Angela looked down not even aware that she still had Todd's, now flaccid, dick still in her hand.

" Oh..sorry" she whispered. " And second?"


RUNNN! Todd screamed as he bolted for the brush dragging Angela behind him.

The huge male bolted after them Angela could literally feel the huge animals' breath on her ass as she ran through the thick brush. Angela heard the animal snarling behind her. She thought she was about to be eaten alive, then nothing total silence. " Hold it Todd, he's gone" Angela said, after glancing behind her.

" Gone?" Todd asked, breathless. " Where? He was right behind us a second ago." Todd said, bewildered

The two stood glancing around at the darkening jungle, the only sounds where of the birds and the monkeys. A sudden errie feeling crept over them. "Maybe he just got tired and went home." Todd said. Do you have any idea which way we go to get out of here?" Todd's question was met with silence.

" Angela, did you here me?" Todd turned around to face Angela. A cold chill ran up his spine, Angela was gone.

Chpt 2

Angela felt the earth fall out from under her feet. A scream tore from her throat only to be lost in the roar of a nearby waterfall. Her body, enveloped in total darkness, plummeted downward. She shut her eyes awaiting the impact that she knew would come; thinking to herself that this just might be her last moments of life.

The impact Angela awaited finally came, only instead of the jolt of hard earth she felt her body suddenly engulfed in cool water, her body had plunged into an underground lake.

" Shit!" Angela screamed, after surfacing. She looked around. Surprisingly it wasn't dark, in fact it was light. The cave was lit by some kind of errie incandescence that seemed to be coming from another alcove. She emerged from the chilly water after a short swim. " Burrrrrrr," Angela shivered. The air down here has got to be at least 20 degrees cooler than that on the surface. Clad only in a wisp of a thong Angela ran her hands over her body seeking to warm herself. She felt the hardness of her erect nipples as her fingers moved over her large firm mounds. She looked down at her breasts "Christ!" Angela shouted, noticing for the first time that she had lost her glasses. Fearful she suddenly glanced around. The room she was in seemed to be one big blur. She could however make out that errie light coming from another room of the cave. Thinking it might be warmer there she moved toward it, slowly at first, feeling her way, until she heard the loud roar coming from somewhere behind her, suddenly she realized where the lion had disappeared to, the same place she had.


" HELP!" TODD CAN YOU HERE ME!!" I'M DOWN HERE! THE LION'S DOWN HERE WITH ME! I CAN'T SEE. I'M AFRAID." Angela's voice echoed loudly through the cave. "AHHHHHH!" She screamed, as another roar startled her. Now in tears she ran for the light, sure that at anytime she would be drug down from behind by a pair of massive paws "TODD HURRY IT'S AFTER ME!" Angela screamed, as she ran.

Todd heard Angela's plead for help, he ran toward the hole that her voice was echoing out of. Within a few feet of the hole his foot struck a rock throwing him off balance and sending him plummeting headfirst into the blackness.

Down in the cave

Angela entered the lit the room. The light was so bright that it forced her to squint. Standing in the center of the room was the most beautiful woman Angela had ever seen. Her body was strong and powerful yet extremely feminine with thick flowing blonde hair and a body that would make any man ache with need. She was clad in a very skimpy leopard skin bikini and she seemed to float toward her, as if her feet were not touching the ground. Angela was frozen at the vision in front of her. She could not run back, the jaws of the lion awaited her there so she decided to stand her ground. The woman floated before her. Her whole body radiated a brilliant light, it was this light the filled the room. She smiled warmly at Angela, between her ample breasts hung a single lions tooth on a golden necklace. She took the necklace from around her neck and placed it around Angela's neck.

"I have been waiting a long time to pass this on to one who was worthy. I think you are the one. The one who chases you is not one of the soulless creatures, he is as frightened as you are, remember that when it comes time to deal with him." The woman said. Her voice was soft and sweet. Angela felt a tingle as the lions tooth came to rest between her own ample breasts. The room Suddenly exploded in white light. Angela gasped. Blinded and startled by the sudden explosion of light she fell backwards. Before her body even struck the hard ground the light was gone and with it the mysterious woman.

Angela looked around baffled at what had just happened. She examined the lions' tooth that hung between her breasts. Her skin was still tingling at its touch. She glanced around the room; the bright light was now gone replaced by a dull glow from the sunlight filtering down from above.

" I can see!" Angela said, out loud. She had lost her glasses in the fall but yet she could now see. She could not only see but she could see great. Her vision was excellent in the dimly lit cave. She could make out every nook and cranny. She even made out Todd across the cave; he was staggering to his feet. She walked toward him no longer feeling afraid, she was empowered by a sudden feeling of overwhelming confidence.

" Todd are you alright?" Angela asked, as she reached his side.

" Yeah, I think so. I just hit my head. How about..." a thunderous roar cut off His question. It was the lion it was standing only a few yards behind him and it did not look happy at suddenly finding itself trapped in a dark cave.

" Angela run!" Todd cried, " I'll fight it off as long as I can, save yourself."

Angela calmly brushed her long reddish hair back over her shoulders " Sorry Todd, I'm done running." She stepped in front of Todd and stood between him and the snarling cat. " Leave him to me," she said coolly.

Todd was stunned as he watched Angela face the huge cat. She was somehow different than she was just a few minutes ago. His eyes moved up her body, over her long slender legs, over the curves of her amazing ass. He suddenly felt his manhood growing hard. She was an amazingly beautiful girl. Todd had always known that but now she had something else, an inner power a newfound confidence she had never had before. Minutes ago she was screaming for help and now she was going to take on a full-grown lion with her bare hands. Before Todd even had a chance to protest the lion leapt at Angela.

Angela, in a move that was almost to fast to follow stepped aside and the lion sailed past her. " Ah now come on, that's not the best you can do is it?" She teased. The lion skidded to a halt even more enraged at his miss. Humans before had threatened his group. In the past he had always chosen to avoid the puny creatures. But now they had trapped him in this cave and while he was down here his pride was unprotected. The dark ones did not prey on humans alone. They killed anything they came across, without him there his pride was at serious risk. The big cat seethed with anger, he would make these humans pay with there flesh. He charged again leaping for the throat of the human female only to have his claws once again meet nothing but air as his prey ducked at the last possible moment.

Angela watched the huge lion sail harmlessly over her head. To her it was almost as if the cat was moving in slow motion somehow her reflexes had been sped up, quicker than that even of the cats'

" Missed again." Angela taunted, placing her hands on her hips as she stood to face the beast. The lion turned this time he approached slowly. Angela did not move as the cat approached. The enraged lion standing mere feet away from Angela reared up on its hind legs and swung a massive paw toward Angela's head. Angela ducked the paw easily " Now its my turn!" she declared. She delivered a hard blow to the cat's stomach. The lion fell to the ground gasping in surprise as with a single blow the air was suddenly forced from it's lungs. "Wow!" Angela said, aloud, looking at her small fist. She herself was shocked at the power her blow had behind it. She had just felled a lion with one punch. Her confidence exploded at the discovery of her newfound strength, she strode toward the beast that was now struggling to his feet. " Bad kitty!" Angela said as she Grabbed the cat by his mane. Then in one fluid movement she brought her knee up hard under the cat's chin. The cat rocked back on his haunches barely able to sit upright. Before the animal could recover Angela locked her arms around the cats neck in a headlock. She took a deep breath tightening her arms around the beast's massive neck, squeezing that cats head against her bare breasts .The cat struggled wildly, at times lifting Angela completely off the ground but her grip never loosened. She squeezed tighter and tighter and soon she felt the lion's struggles growing weaker, until eventually his thick muscles relaxed and his body went totally limp in her arms. Angela knew when she felt the cats muscles relax that with just a little more pressure she could snap its neck and put an end to the beast. She paused though, her arms still tight about the limp cat's neck while she pondered the fate of the beast. She had once read that on average for every male lion in a pride that dies, six cubs in the pride die as well. She could hear the cat's labored breathing as unconscious it fought for air. She decided for the moment to spare the beast. The cat was clearly no longer a threat and he would be unconscious for at least a couple of hours by then hopefully they would find a way out. She loosened her grip on the beast and the lion flopped to the ground. Feeling incredibly powerful she placed her foot on the head of the conquered cat. She looked over at Todd who's utter look of disbelief made her grin. Her eyes traveled down his body. Clad only in his jockey shorts it was clear that watching her dispose of the beast had been an incredible turn on for him. His large cock stuck out the top of his shorts. With her foot still on the cat's head she arched her back sexily. Placing her hands on her hips she struck a very sexy pose while looking Todd right in the eyes.

" What's the matter Todd haven't you ever seen a girl out wrestle a lion before?" She beckoned Todd over with one finger. She was also very aroused; defeating such a powerful and savage animal with only her bare hands was an incredible turn on for her. She felt her juices flowing down her thighs, never in her life had she felt so aroused. Sensing the effect that it had on his body she held her pose over the lion as Todd approached. She could see his cock throbbing with every step.

"Well Todd," Angela teased, glancing down at his rigid shaft. "It looks like there's only one beast left standing now." Running her hand inside Todd's underwear she gave his cock a nice slow pull "And I know just how to conquer him." Angela cooed in a voice so sultry that it sent a shiver of pleasure coursing through Todd's body. She knelt in front of him, slowly pulling his shorts down to his ankles. His throbbing cock was right in front of her face. Angela grabbed his balls and squeezed softly as she took his massive member in her mouth.

Todd gasped in pleasure as he felt Angela swallow his whole 9 inches. Her tongue danced across the tip of his cock sending exquisite pulses of pleasure coursing through him. Just when he felt himself about to explode she pulled off him. " Not so fast Todd." Angela sighed. " I'm just getting started."

The feel of Todd's hard cock in her mouth had sent her passion soaring. She ached to have his massive pole buried deep within her. She pushed him backward so that he fell down on top of the limp beast. She stood straddling him so that the tip of his cock was barely touching the lips of her dripping pussy. Angela thrust her hips downward, engulfing his full 9 inches in one downward stroke.


" Ahhh God!" Todd screamed as he suddenly felt his cock engulfed in the moist warmth of Angela's body. He thrust his hips up burying his cock even deeper into Angela's love nest.

Angela began too undulate her hips moving slowly against the rhythm of Todd's body. She could feel his hard cock sliding over her swollen clit. Her orgasm began to sweep over her in soft waves. She leaned over crushing her breasts to Todd's face who immediately began to suck on her hard nipples. The feeling of her, hard nipples between his lips, and of her firm mounds pressed hard against his face were too much. Todd's' orgasm exploded through his body. Never before, in his solo career, had he felt such overwhelming ecstasy. Wave after wave of pulsating pleasure ripped through him as he unloaded his liquid passion deep into Angela's body.

Angela screamed as she felt Todd's cock erupting deep inside her. Each of Todd's eruptions sent waves of ecstasy sweeping through her, pumping her sex full of hot cum until it squirted from the sweet lips of her pussy. She moved up and down Todd's spurting shaft, milking his cock of every last drop of hot cum it had to offer. She gave herself completely to her orgasm and for a few seemingly endless moments her ecstasy was the only thing that existed.

A few moments later after the waves of her orgasm subsided Angela opened her eyes. " Wow Todd that was incred....Todd? Todd?" Angela leaned forward and sexily blew in Todd's face. " C'mon Todd wake up." Angela demanded, a bit annoyed. She patted him on the cheek turning his head first one way then the next. He was out cold. The orgasm she had induced in him had been way too much for him to handle. Angela giggled as she stood letting Todd's still oozing cock slip from her pussy. " Poor boy just couldn't take it."

Two hours later

Todd awoke with the ground shaking violently beneath him. " What's happening?" He screamed to Angela who was standing only a few feet away.

"Earthquake!" Angela yelled back, her voice barely able to be heard above the roar of the shaking earth.

" Look!" Todd yelled, pointing to a huge crack that started to grow in the caves stone wall. Huge cracks spread throughout the wall branching off into tiny fissures. In just a couple of seconds the wall was completely covered.

"Watch out its going to collapse!" Todd cried. The both dove backwards as the stone wall in front of them shattered like a pain of glass.

Light suddenly flooded the cave. Angela looked up surprised to see daylight; the cave had been torn open. The jungle was now visible and it was just a few yards away. Angela turned to Todd " C'mon Todd we can make it!" Angela said, her voice full of excitement. When she saw Todd however her excitement vanished. Angela stared at the huge boulder that had landed on Todd's leg pinning him to the ground.

" You go." Todd groaned, "you'll never be able to move this rock."

" Bullshit! I'm not leaving you here." Angela screamed. She threw her body against the giant rock that easily weighed three times as much as she did. Screaming she exerted every ounce of her newfound strength against the massive stone. Every muscle in her body came to life as she strained against the massive weight.

Todd gasped as he looked at Angela's nearly nude body. Her body had exploded into a curvy mass of feminine muscle. Boulders rained down from above crashing all around them but Angela ignored them. " Get out of here while you still can!" Todd shouted. " It's impossible nobody could lift th...." His words died in his throat as the boulder suddenly tilted, yielding to Angela's strength it rolled harmlessly off to the side leaving Todd's leg badly broken but free.

" You were about to say?" Angela asked, as she tossed Todd a sexy wink. " "This is going to hurt you a lot more than me but were kinda in a hurry here." Without waiting for a reply from Todd, who was in shock at watching Angela move such a massive boulder, she grabbed him unceremoniously, threw him over her shoulder like a sack of grain and ran for the daylight.

Angela slowly lowered Todd to the grass outside the cave. They were both safely outside the danger zone.

" It looks as if the whole thing is going to collapse." Todd said. The ground had stopped shaking but the caves structure had been severely damaged boulders were still falling from overhead and deep fissures had now spread throughout every wall of the cave.

"What are you looking for?" Todd asked Angela, noticing that she was peering back into the cave.

Angela didn't answer. She was watching the lion try to get to his feet. He was still extremely groggy and with all the rocks falling around him he was also extremely confused. " THIS WAY! HEY! OVER HERE!!" Angela yelled at the bewildered beast. The lion, hearing Angela's voice turned in her direction. Angela had completely taken the fight out of the poor beast, leaving him totally exhausted and, still not fully conscious he could hardly walk. He staggered for the opening as rocks rained down around him. "YES! OVER HERE! YOU CAN DO IT!" Angela cheered the beast on. Within just a few yards of safety her hopes for the beast were dashed as she watched a falling rock strike him hard on the right side of his head. It was just a glancing blow but it was enough to knock the already dazed cat from his feet. It was clear that he did not have the energy to get back to his feet.

The cat lay there, motionless, his strength totally sapped. He was confused. One minuet he was chasing humans whom had threatened the young cubs. The next minute he was trapped in a cave fighting for his life and being tossed around by a small human female like he was a cub. How could she have such strength to defeat him. Nothing lately had made much sense like the coming of the dark ones who killed without reason. He hated dying this way. In battle defending the pride he would gladly die but to die like this was humiliating what made it even worse was without him he new the dark ones would slaughter the rest of his pride including his mate. His mate like him would die alone. He closed his eyes, seething with anger, barely able to lift his head; he waited to be buried alive by a hundred ton of rock. However instead, of the crushing pain from giant rocks, he felt the soft hands of a young girl around his neck. He did not have the strength to resist her; sure that she was there to finish him off he waited for her arms to tighten about his neck. Instead he felt his head being lifted off the ground. He flung one of his massive paws up in weak effort to defend himself.

Angela easily batted the massive paw aside "Save it killer. Nobody dies today." Angela spoke, softly. Wrapping her arms about the cat's neck she drug the 500 pound beast, through the falling rubble, the last few yards to safety. The earth shook one final time and in thunderous roar the cave behind them collapsed in a plume of dust and debre.

Angela looked down at Todd. He was unconscious. The lion too had also slipped into unconsciousness. She hadn't had time to think about what had happened to her in the cave. She fingered the lion tooth that hung between her breasts. She shut her eyes trying to recall the vision of the woman in the cave. The woman clad in her tiny leopard skin bikini looked so powerful and confident, everything Angela wanted to be. She had somehow been given a gift, not only of her sight, which was incredible enough, but also of power. Angela felt more powerful and confident than she had ever thought possible. She was determined not to let Marshall's plan work. I'll deal with his mutant man-eaters, she thought silently to herself, then I'll deal with him.

Chpt 3

As much as Angela wanted to foil Marshall's plan the first thing she had to do was get Todd back to camp safely. She knelt over him fastening a splint made from vines and branches to his leg. It had taken her well over an hour to make the splint and Todd was still out, he had lost quite a bit of blood. Angela knew she would have to carry him back to camp. She had no Idea where they were or what direction to go in. She knew they couldn't be too awfully far from camp but she couldn't risk yelling out. If she picked the wrong direction she might never find the way back. She sat beside Todd trying to decide what to do. Suddenly she felt something brush against her back.

"Shit!" Angela shouted, turning only to find she was nose to nose with the lion. The lion was sniffing her body intently. The touch of his cold nose on her bare nipples sent goosebumps through her body. She let the big cat continue to sniff. He didn't seem threatening at the moment, just curious. She slowly raised her hand to the wound on the animal's head and softly stroked its fur and the big cat did something incredible. It lay down and put its head in her lap. I can't believe he's letting me pet him like this, Angela thought to herself. He's even purring. I wish he could show me the way back to camp. " What about it big guy? Can you show me how to get back to camp?" Angela asked, jokingly. To Angela's surprise the cat stood, trotted off toward the trees then looked back and roared, as if he wanted her to follow " No way!" Angela said, astonished. "You understand?" Angela asked. Deciding that the cat was there best bet, Angela picked up Todd and awkwardly and began to follow. Todd moaned in pain as the foot of his broken leg skidded across the ground. At this rate they would never get back before nightfall. Angela sat Todd down. She had an idea a crazy idea but then this had been a crazy day.

30 minutes later.

" What the heck?" Todd screamed, opening his eyes to see the ground passing by him at an alarming rate. He was draped over a horse where would Angela find a horse in Africa, he thought. No I'm too close to the ground to be on a horse, must be a mule. He slid his hand up the beast. Hey, wait a minute, mules do not have long hairy manes. "AHHHHHHH! Li li li LIONNNNNN!!!" Todd screamed, as he raised his head up and confirmed that indeed he was on the back of one very large lion.

" Shhhhh!" Angela scolded. " They'll here us"

" What the heck is going on?" Todd asked, dumbfounded.

" You broke your leg," Angela said, matter of factly


"That part I know!! I mean about the L. I. O. N." Todd spelled out the words like he didn't want the lion to know he was being talked about.

"No time to explain right now." Angela whispered. " This is where you get off anyway. I'll have to carry you the rest of the way. The camp is only about a quarter of a mile away."

Todd suddenly remembered Marshall and his men trying to kill them. " The others are going to be killed," He said,

" Not if I can help it." Angela answered.

" Why don't we take him?" Todd gestured toward the lion.

No, I think he's had enough of humans, besides he could get shot or worse. He's done enough." It's up to us from here. The words OR WORSE stuck in Todd's mind. He remembered Marshall describing the Man-eaters. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Angela knelt down in front of the great cat. "It's time for you to go back to your family." She spoke, softly. " Thank you." The necklace that hung around her neck began to tingle as she gave the lion a gentle kiss on the nose. "Now go!" She said, sternly. The cat hesitated. "GO!" Angela demanded again. The big cat trotted off disappearing into the jungle. "Let's go," Angela said, "we only have a few more hours till nightfall."

" I don't know what's happened to you Angela but I sure hope you know what you're doing." Todd said.

" I haven't a clue but I do know if we don't get back to camp soon everyone there is going to die."

"You go ahead I'll be alright." Todd declared, somberly

" Shut-up and quit trying to be noble. There are things out here that can eat you." Angela quipped.

" Good point. Give me a hand up will ya." Todd grinned.

Back at Camp

Marshall, hiding in the brush grinned as watched the lions rip the tents to shreds. He was disappointed to see that all of the kids made it too safety but that wouldn't effect his plan. All he had to do was shoot the cat's, with the armor piercing bullets, and he was a hero. He would collect the huge reward and live the rest of his life in the lap of luxury. He was quite willing to sacrifice the lives of a few snotty nose kids; in fact it was his plan to kill his partners. As huge as the reward was for killing the cat's he wasn't willing to share it with anyone. He smiled as he pulled back the bolt on the gun and chambered a round. The cats were impervious to regular bullets as over 50 men discovered in the last moments of their lives. Marshall however was using special armor piercing bullets that would be more than adequate.

"Don't worry kids I'll save you," he screamed, as he stepped from the brush. He quickly took aim, placing the crosshairs of the scope between the eyes of the cat that was closest to him. "BANG" The recoil of the powerful rifle nearly knocked him down. He watched the cat fall as the bullet struck home.
"Ha! Gotcha!" He yelled in excitement. His excitement though soon faded as he watched the big cat, a mere second later, regain its feet. BANG! A second shot echoed through the jungle as Marshall fired at the cat again. The bullet bounced harmlessly off the cat's genetically altered hide. In a horror filled moment Marshall realized; my partners purposely placed the wrong bullets in my gun. It was his plan all along to kill them little did he know that it was their plan to kill him. They were probably going to kill the cats in a day or so, after the outrage of the slaughter of several teenagers and their teacher raised the reward to astronomical figures. Marshall had to give them credit; it was a brilliant plan. He didn't have time though to ponder the brilliance of their plan. He had more pressing concerns. He looked on in horror as the huge cat sprinted directly at him. It was to his great luck that he was standing under a tree that had a low hanging limb. He leaped up catching the limb and began climbing for his life. He felt the claws of the cat slice through his shorts, totally ripping them from his body leaving three crimson claw marks across his now bare ass.


Angela heard the screams and the loud roars yards before she reached the camp. Peering through the heavy brush she was relived to see all the kids had climbed the face of the Rock wall behind the tents. For now they were safe from the enormous snarling beast that was just yards below them. It was just a matter of time though before the cat figured out a way up the face of the cliff. Angela knew she had to act. She glanced around for the second cat. It wasn't hard to find. All she had to do was follow the screams of Mr. Marshall, whose backside was just out of reach of the leaping beast.

Angela looked at the massive beast. A rush came over her body as the lion tooth that hung between her breast began to send tingles through her body. She was suddenly filled with an overwhelming confidence; she started to step out from the brush. Todd stopped her. "Angela what can you do to stop them?" Todd asked. " Bullets won't even kill them."

" I'm not going to use bullets, Todd. Angela quipped. "Guns are for pussies"

Todd could only stare in disbelief as Angela clad only in a thong stepped from the brush to face the cats. She picked up a large stone and hurled it at the cat that was trying to get at Marshall. It struck the cat flush on the head, enraged, the animal turned and charged.

The lions were huge standing almost five feet tall. Except for their enormous size they looked just like normal lions. Except these were not normal lions they were genetically engineered animals created in a lab for the sole purpose of killing. It was created to be unstoppable and Now, the 900 pound unstoppable killer of over 200 men was charging directly at five foot three, 125 pound Angela Preston.

Angela's body tingled with anticipation as she watched the lion charge. Never had she felt more alive than at that moment. She waited until the last possible moment then quickly side stepped the beast and swung herself up onto it's massive back. Locking her legs around its neck she squeezed with all her might. The cat turned trying to catch her in its jaws only to have Angela snare its jaw's in a powerful grip. With her fingers locked in the lions mouth, one hand below the jaw and one hand above, Angela began forcing the beast's jaws apart as she pulled the lions head back. " Ok big guy, she said between gritted teeth, "let's see who's stronger, girl or lion." The lion fought furiously, thrashing about unable to shake the girl. Angela tightened her legs about the cat's neck more and more. The hard muscle of the cat rubbing on Angela's most sensitive spot served only to fuel her strength. The power she felt was intoxicating. She moaned with each thrash of the big beast while forcing its jaw's wider and wider apart. She felt an overwhelming sensation began to grow in her loins, slowly it swept through her body. Angela surrendered herself to the exquisite pulsating waves of pleasure. Moaning she pressed her wet sex against the hard muscle of the cat's body. With each wave of pleasure, Angela, with super human strength, forced the beast's jaws farther apart until finally, with a loud crack, the jaws of the beast shattered just as her orgasm ripped through her quaking body in an undeniable wave of ecstasy. She screamed caught in a rapture that no other human had ever known, the rapture of a goddess.

Angela opened her eyes, she was holding the beast's head up by it's mane. Its bottom jaw was hanging at a grotesque angle away from its head, held only by the soft tissue of its mouth. Angela bent back the head of the semi conscious beast and tightened her legs about its thickly muscled neck. "Was it good for you?" She whispered in the cat's ear as she gave her hips a small sharp twist snapping the beast's neck with a satisfying crack. Angela spread her legs letting the lifeless beast fall at her feet. She stood coolly over the dead beast, calmly brushing her hair back over her shoulders, even as she watched the other beast charge directly at her. She met the beast's charge as she had met the first ones, with devastating might. Leaping in the air she landed a kick, with such power, to the cat's head that it flipped it backwards. The cat landed hard on its side, all of the fight taken out of it with one powerful kick from the fiery hared beauty. Angela strode confidently over to the dazed beast and in the next minute administered a tremendous beating to the giant lion culminating in a single bone crunching blow that landed directly between the eyes of the great beast dropping it in it's tracks. The giant monster fell, semi conscious, at the feet of the sexy bombshell it's limp head resting on the rump of its now dead comrade.

Angela turned away from the half dead beast. It was now time to deal with another monster and she knew just how she would do it. She walked sexily toward Marshall making sure to put a little extra sway to her hips. She watched his eyes lock on her breasts and she rewarded him with a deep breath, making sure that she was jiggling in all the right places.

Marshall who had fallen out of the tree could only stare in disbelief at what he just saw. De-panced by the lion his throbbing erection was visible to all, never had he seen such an incredible woman. He ached with an overwhelming need for her, Who is she? Where did she come from? At first he didn't recognize Angela without her glasses, not to mention her clothes as the realization came over him his desire turned to fear. Angela saw it in his face.

"A...A..Angela?" Marshal asked, stuttering. "Is that you."

"Don't tell me you didn't recognize me Mr. Marshall," Angela, feigning disappointment, cooed. She drew close to him pressing her enormous breasts against his chest, letting the tip of his erect cock press against her silk panties, a thin wisp of material separating his cock from the sweet juicy lips of her hot sex. He moaned shutting his eyes Angela knew she could make him cum with just a touch but she had something else in mind for Marshall.

" I guess you won't be needing this, will you." Angela declared as she removed a small slender silver tube from Marshall's front pocket. It was his most prized possession, the Montecristo IV. He couldn't object. He watched speechless, overwhelmed by the sexy beauty, as Angela turned around and walked back over to the limp beasts. Crossing her legs sensuously she sat down, atop the back of the beast that was dead. She looked Marshall right in the eyes as she took the priceless cigar and match from its holder. She glanced down at the semi conscious cat, its head resting right near her leg. In one swift motion she struck the match on the snout of the battered beast. Stunned Marshall finally found his voice.

"It's impossible, those animals were unstoppable they've killed some of the best hunters in the world, over one hundred men." Marshall said. He was beginning to feel woozy. The site of sexy Angela dominating those two cats was more than he could take. He watched as Angela lit the cigar that he had been waiting his whole life to enjoy.

" Well, Mr. Marshall," Angela said, in her most sultry voice, "you know what they say. Never send a man to do a woman's job." With that said, Angela tilted the head of the half-conscious beast up towards hers. She took a long inhale on the cigar then leaning over and arching her back, so that her amazing breasts were just inches away from the snout of the overwhelmed beast, she blew her smoke down across her breasts directly into the face of the lion. It was more than the beast could take. It trembled slightly before going completely limp. The killer of a hundred men finished off by a sexy seventeen year old bombshell was left lying in a growing puddle of it's own urine. Angela let the head of the lifeless beast drop " So much for him." Angela said proudly, as she casually flipped her ash on the snout of the dead beast. Her sexy display of dominance over the killer cat was also more than Marshall could take. He felt his cock explode shooting cum all over himself as he fell unconscious to the earth. Angela regarded the prostrate Marshall; a small grin crossed her lips as she, with her toe, moved the dead cat's leg slightly to allow the large stream of urine to arc up and splash down directly in the face of the unconscious Marshall.

" You did this?" Angela heard a voice ask. It was the King of the Tangora,

" Yep, these guys won't be bothering you anymore." Angela said, smiling as she sat atop the two dead beasts.

" These devil beasts have killed dozens of people from my tribe, including my daughter and granddaughter. We will never be able to repay the debt we owe you but please take our small offer of tribute. Angela looked at the Kings small offer of tribute. It was at least 300 pounds of gold mingled with diamonds. Angela was now one of the richest girls in the world, her mother would never have to scrub another cafeteria table.

There is one more favor I wish to ask if I could. Angela listened to the King's request carefully and then nodded her head as if in agreement. Angela then stood and prepared to leave with the King and his warriors


" Not so fast bitch!" These bullets may not have pierced the hides of those cats but I'll bet there more than enough to pierce yours." It was Marshal he was up and pointing the rifle directly at Angela. "Do you think I'm just going to let you ruin a life time of planing. Do you think I'm going to let you just steal my gold. " Your going to pay for this with your life" Marshall's finger tightened on the trigger.

What happened next, happened fast. From seemingly out of nowhere a lion leapt at Marshall striking him an instant before he pulled the trigger. Angela instinctively spun around as she felt the bullet whiz by her left ear. She grabbed a spear from one of the warriors and as she spun back around she hurled it at Marshall with tremendous force. The spear struck Marshal square in the chest driving him backwards and impaling him on a large Zanza tree. As the life flowed from his body, he looked down, in disbelief, at the spear protruding from his chest and then up at Angela. He laughed hysterically, until his mind faded into the blackness of death. Marshall hung lifeless from the spear; a small stream of urine ran down his leg as his body relaxed in death. In the end his mind could just not accept the fact that he had met the same impossible fate that as the man-eaters had, killed by a seventeen year old girl.

Angela, forgetting Marshall, ran over to the lion, which was lying motionless on the ground. It was the same lion that she had pulled from the cave. As she got to him, he staggered to his feet crimson line, where the bullet had grazed him, creased his forehead. " Well, big guy, looks like that makes us even." Angela said, as she placed a gentle kiss on the big cat's nose. The cat staggered off into the trees dazed more by the gentle kiss of a super girl than the sting of a bullet.

Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. January 19, Tangora Village, Africa

The leopard struck the girl from behind, knocking her into the brush. Having survived an attack from the man-eaters the leopard had been infected with the feline specific genetic virus, it was now nearly three times as large and a strong as a normal leopard. It now only wanted to kill, for the sake of killing. The nude girl was knocked to the ground. The raging beast was right on top of her. The girl fought to hold the jaws away from her throat. Suddenly the beast squealed in pain as he found the girls legs wrapped tight about his body. " Surprise," Angela said, as she squeezed the beast with all her might.

The leopard fought in vain to escape her vise like grip and soon unable to breath, as Angela's legs squeezed him tighter and tighter, he collapsed in an unconscious heap on top of her, his huge head resting on her breast. Angela locked her fingers behind leopard's neck. She arched her back thrusting out her breasts, pushing the leopard's head up while at the same time she pulled down sharply with her hands, snapping the cat's neck with a loud crack. Angela quickly pushed the lifeless cat off her just in time to avoid being drenched by the cat's emptying bladder. She stood, triumphantly, with her foot on the dead beast while the entire tribe gathered around cheering her name.

" Thank you so much for ridding our village of this last monster." The King spoke. "Is there anything else we can do to repay the debt we owe."

Angela knew the Tangora people were regarded as some of the best craftsmen in all of Africa. Smiling, she gazed down at the huge dead beast beneath her foot. " Well king, there is something I have always wanted."

3 weeks later, Millford beach Florida, Unites States

"OOF" Gasped Todd Baker, as he collapsed from a vicious blow to the stomach.

" What's the matter Baker, not so tough without your girlfriend here to protect you?" Jessie Beakman chided. " She's never coming back, she's probably cat food by now." He said, kicking Todd hard in the ribs.

Todd collapsed gasping for air. With the cast on his leg there was nothing he could do to defend himself. " You Bastard, Beakman" Todd wheezed.

"What's that you said Baker?" It sounded like you called me a bastard. Not nice." He said as he delivered another kick that flipped Todd onto his back.

Beakman failed to see the bright red Porsche convertible pull up on the sand. He also failed to see the driver door open, revealing the cars unique one of a kind lion skin upholstery, not to mention the long muscular legs that swung out.

"Well Baker," laughed, Beakman, it looks as if you don't have very many friends. Here we are on a crowded beach and nobody seems to want to take up for you. DOESN'T ANYBODY WANT TO TAKE UP FOR POOR BAKER HERE?" Beakman screamed at the crowd, who quickly shied away. They were terrified of the hulkish Beakman, most of who had already had run-ins with him; it was something they did not wish to repeat. Except for one.

"I do." Answered a feminine voice.

Todd looked up from the ground. His eyes followed a very sexy pair of legs upwards. It was Angela, wearing a very skimpy leopard skin bikini.

" Why don't you blow me Angela! I'm not afraid of you." Beakman sneered.

" You know Jessie, let's not fight. Truth is, I would love to blow you." Angela admitted. "You have always turned me on." Angela cooed, as she moved close to Beakman. She brushed her gorgeous red locks over her shoulder and took a very deep breath, giving Beakman mind blowing view of her amazing curves. Noticing that Jessie could not keep his eyes from drifting down, Angela move even closer pressing her firm mounds against his bare chest. He could feel her taunt nipples pressing through the leopard skin, into his chest " Do you like those Jessie?" Angela teased, thrusting out her chest. " Why don't you take a closer look?" Angela pulled Beakman's head down and pressed his face against her breasts. She could here Jessie moaning. " Those aren't to much for a man like you to handle are they, Jessie? I'm not to much woman for you am I?" Angela asked, in very sexy voice. She tilted Jesse's head up "Let's find out," she said, in her most sultry voice. She pulled Beakman close and planted a long sensuous kiss on his lips as she pressed her thigh against the hardness between his legs. It was more than Beakman could take. Angela felt the warm hot splash of cum on her leg as she felt Beakman tremble. She stepped back, it was clear to everyone, by the large dark stain on Beakman's shorts, that he had just came in his pants. " "What's the matter Jessie did we have an accident?" Angela taunted, loud enough for the entire beach to hear. The crowd that had gathered erupted in laughter.

" You, You, BITCH!" Beakman said, as he threw a wild punch at Angela.
"Jessie didn't your mother ever tell you, Angela said, as she easily blocked his punch, "that your not suppose to hit us poor defenseless girls." She then threw a punch of her own that connected flush on Beakman's jaw, spinning him totally around and knocking him senseless. She casually regarded the half-conscious bully who wobbled before her. Deciding to take Beakman up on his offer she leaned over and with a small sexy breath blew in his face. As if on cue Beakman toppled over landing beneath the front license plate of Angela's car, completely unconscious, his throbbing cock still oozing cum onto his stomach. The crowd erupted in applause.

" Consider yourself Blown, Beakman" Angela, said sarcastically, as she kicked sand in the face of the unconscious bully. Taking Angela's lead, one by one everyone in the entire crowd, each of whom Beakman had picked on at one time or another walked by and kicked sand in his face. The days of being afraid of Jessie Beakman were over.

"Thanks Angela. You got here just in time." Todd said, getting to his feet.

" Believe me, it was my pleasure, he's had that coming for a long, long, time." Angela replied."

" Very nice bikini" Todd said, eyeing her up and down. " Genuine Tangora leopard I'll bet" He guessed.

"You like it?" Angela teased, thrusting out her chest she struck  a very sexy and powerful pose.She glanced down and saw that Todd was getting very hard. "Would you like it if I told you how I killed the beast with my bear hands? Angela said in her sultriest voice, " While I  give you the best ...." she whispered something in Todds ear that caused him to nearly faint. " I thought so," Angela giggled. "Lets go find somewhere a bit more private." Angela said, strutting sexily over to her car. "You know Todd, if you like my bikini you'll love my cars interior." Angela swung the car door opened revealing her custom lion skin upolestry. She tossed Todd a sexy wink bekoning him to the car with one finger. The expression on her face promised him a night he would never forget.

As the two pulled away in a cloud of dust Jessie Beakman opened his eyes. The only advice his father ever gave him echoed in his mind " Son never never fuck with a redhead." Jessie collapsed into unconsciousness again but not before making out the license plate on the back of Angela's bright red Porsche, six letters, that described the sexy red head to a tee, MANETR. He wished he had followed his father's advice.