A darkly erotic tale of love wildside style

Mistress of the Jungle
written by Sam edited by Sundance


There are horrors in this Universe that exist beyond the realm of man's comprehension, horrors that live not in the lightness of day but in the shadows of night. Blessed is he who discovers not these horrors for those that do are condemned to terror.


Sweat glistened off Rachel's exquisite body as her breasts rose and fell with each passionate breath. She locked her legs around her husband pulling him closer, forcing his manhood deeper inside her. Her body moved against his powerful thrusts in the unconscious rhythm of a woman in rapture. Moaning in pleasure she thrust her hips upward totally engulfing the mighty shaft that was already buried so deeply within her. She squeezed his manhood with the muscles of her sex causing a shudder of pleasure to tear through his body. He crushed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, sighing as she excepted his tongue deep into her mouth. He felt his orgasm began to overtake him, suddenly exquisite waves of pleasure pulsated through his body. Rachel arching her back screamed in ecstasy as she felt her lover began to erupt deep insider her. She squeezed his manhood hard with the muscles of her sex, milking his exploding shaft of every last drop it had to offer. Once again their lips met in a long lingering kiss, This time however her lovers tongue felt rough, painfully rough. She felt a warm liquid began to fill her mouth, it had a strangely familiar taste. Her eyes grew wide with the horror as the realization suddenly came upon her; it was blood, her blood. She fought, struggling in vain to push him off her. She felt claws sinking into the soft flesh of her breasts. Finally he drew back and she saw it was no longer her lover on top of her but an awful beast with burning red eyes. It roared in pleasure, pumping the last of its seed deep inside her as its claws sunk even deeper into her breasts.

Looking up at the beast Rachel smiled wickedly as a dark need buried deep within her was suddenly released. She locked her legs around the beast, suddenly pulling him deeper inside her as she squeezed with all her might. Her second orgasm, infinitely more intense than the first, swept through her body. Her muscles convulsed in ecstasy. The ribs of the great beast shatter between her powerful thighs as she crushed the last drop of cum from its dying body. Her unearthly scream of ecstasy pierced the silent night, as the lifeless body of the spent beast collapsed on top of her. She turned her head and glanced at her reflection in the bedroom mirror laughing wickedly at two burning red eyes she saw staring back at her.

Rachel, soaked with sweat, woke from the dream screaming. It was the same dream night after night it never varied. Breathless she reached over and turned on the lamp and the tent was suddenly flooded with light. She felt the familiar moistness between her thighs and realized in disgust that she had climaxed once again in her sleep. The nightmare always had that effect on her. She shuddered thinking of the beast. For the last six weeks, since the terrible death of her husband, she'd experienced the nightmare almost nightly, as if the beast that had taken her husband was mocking her. She hated the beast, for taking the man she loved away from her but she hated it even more for triggering her terrible nightmares. The dreams always induced a powerful climax in her, one more powerful than any she had ever received from her husband. They made her feel guilty and ashamed. The dreams awakened a need she had buried deep within her, a need she was finding harder and harder to keep repressed.


Rachel had truly loved her husband Allen; he was the kindest, gentlest man she had ever known. It was because of her deep love for him that she had decided without reservation to put her career as a professional model on hold so that she could accompany him on his travels. He was a good caring husband and he satisfied her in every way, except in the bedroom. Rachel, a dark haired beauty, was a lot of woman for any man to handle, at 36-24-37 she had the body of a goddess and while she easily induced such intense climaxes in her husband that they would leave him nearly unconscious he always left her unsatisfied. It wasn't that Allen was an inattentive lover, it was that he just wasn't able to satisfy one of Rachel's deepest needs.

In the months preceding the expedition that would take her husbands life Rachel turned toward the gym. Driven by some unknown need she spent hour after hour working out her sexual frustrations by lifting weights until her body looked as if it had been sculpted from granite. She loved the powerful new look of her body and so did Allen. His ultimate fantasy was to be dominated by a beautiful woman and Rachel's newfound muscles were almost more than he could take. He loved to watch her flex, often bringing himself to climax as he ran a hand over her hard biceps but while Rachel's newfound strength was an incredible turn on for Allen it did little to enhance her pleasure. In fact during their love making Rachel was actually fearful of hurting her husband. It was a sad but true fact that their sex life, unbeknownst to Allen, was doomed to a one way relationship. Allen's fantasy was to be dominated by a beautiful woman more powerful than himself; Rachel fulfilled that fantasy perfectly. Rachel's deepest need though was to conquer something wilder and stronger than she was, to sexually overpower a force immensely more powerful than herself. It was more than a fantasy it was a need, one that Allen at 5'5" and 130 pounds could never hope to satisfy.


Allen was an archeologist specializing in the study of ancient civilizations. He had spent years studying a mystical tribe called the Sha'mai. It was thought by his peers that the Sha'mai's existence was nothing more than a myth but Allen was sure the old legends of the tribe had some basis in fact. The Sha'mai had supposedly lived thousands of years ago on the content of Africa. The ancient legends said they possessed an incredible wealth of some of the largest diamonds to ever exist but the legend also came with a curse. 'He who disturbs the ghosts of the Sha'mai will look into the burning eyes of death'. Allen had found those exact words written on a cave wall. The floor of the cave, except for his footprints was completely undisturbed covered with perhaps a thousand years worth of fine silt. The had words sent a shiver down Allen's spine not because of their meaning but because they were written in blood, blood that was still wet when he found it. He laughed it off as an anomaly and contributed it to moisture seeping through the stone of the cave wall but even so it sat there in the back of his mind raising the hair on the back of his neck when ever he thought of it.

In the old legends that Allen studied, the Sha'mai people were thought to posses great magical powers and thus were feared by all other tribes. To this very day the tribes of Africa refuse to tread on ground that was once considered Sha'mai territory. Marking all four boundaries of what was the Sha'mai territory are huge wooden totems with large diamonds for eyes. Inscribed in the totems is one simple phrase. Cursed be those that disturb the ghosts of Sha'mai. The Sha'mai were said to have summoned, to protect their territory, a demon guardian named Sh'dar, which in English means 'eyes of death'. Sh'dar, supposedly a large lion like creature with slick black fur and a blood red mane was the protector of all that was Sha'mai. The legend has it that Sh'dar will prowl the jungle for eternity, the solitary enforcer of an age old curse from a long dead people.

Rachel suddenly sat upright as she heard the low growl coming from outside her tent. She watched in horror as the silhouette of the beast glided slowly across the thin canvass walls. Christ this has to stop, she thought to herself. Grabbing her rifle she bolted from the tent.

Six weeks ago, deep in the jungle


"Quiet Allen! He'll here us" Chad whispered.

" He exists, he really exists, give me the camera." Allen whispered back trying to calm his euphoria. This expedition was going perfectly. They had actually discovered a lion with black fur and a dark red mane. This animal had to be the basis of fact for the Sh'dar legend. It stood just 30 yards in front of them bathed in the glow of the moon. It glanced in their direction. Its eyes reflected back the soft glow of the moon in a burning red that sent a shiver down Allen's spine.

" HOLLY SHIT. Did you see that!" Allen whispered excitedly. Its eyes reflect red! Just like the legend says."

Allen lived for moments like these. He had no doubt that they would discover evidence that the Sha'mai had actually existed. It was perhaps the greatest moment in his life made better because of the fact that the worst moment in his life happened just a few days ago.

Seven days prior

" I can explain it Allen, just give me a chance." Chad pleaded.

" How do you explain stealing 80,000 dollars from your best friend Chad!" Allen shot back, still in shock at discovering that Chad Braxton, his best friend and business partner had been embezzling from the company they had worked so hard to build.

" I got in trouble gambling, Allen. I lost money I couldn't pay back, they were going to kill me, Allen, they even threatened Rachel."

"Rachel! You dragged my wife into this!" Allen was furious

" No, No, they did, Allen I swear, they know how close we all are, that's how those people operate Allen, they intimidate. I had to take the money Allen; I was too embarrassed to tell you. I was hoping if we hit it big with the Sha'mai expedition I could repay the bank before you even found out. I couldn't take the chance on them doing something to Rachel."

Chad had said the magic word. Allen loved his wife Rachel more than life itself.

" Why didn't you just come to me Chad? I would have given you the money." Allen's voice was softening, Chad noticed he was crying.

" Allen, I'm sorry, I should of come to you but I couldn't, put yourself in my place. I was embarrassed. Forgive me. I'll make it right I promise, just please don't say anything to Rachel, it's hard enough looking you in the eye. I would never be able to face Rachel if she new."

The two men settled their differences that night. Chad agreed to pay back the money and Allen agreed to never mention it to Rachel. Their long friendship while bruised survived and all was forgotten by the time they left for Sha'mai territory.

Back in the jungle

Allen turned back toward Chad. "The camera Chad, hurry he's headed for the trees." Allen's words died in his mouth as he saw Chad pointing the rifle.

" Chad! Put that down, we didn't come here to kill anything."

" You didn't Allen, I did." Chad replied, coolly.

" But we don't need to kill it we'll have the pictures, if you'd just hand me the friggin camera."

" I didn't come here to kill it Allen. I came here to kill you." Chad's voice was chilling, devoid of any emotion.

" Huh?" Allen asked, bewildered,

" You don't get it do you Allen. The whole gambling story, it was a lie. You are such a wimpy jerk you bought the whole thing, even cried. Your pathetic, you don't deserve a woman like Rachel."

"Rachel? What's my wife got to do with this." Allen demanded.

Everything Allen, you see I love Rachel. I stole the money for her, for us. You see Allen I've wanted Rachel since the first second I laid eyes on her. She's too much woman for you Allen but not for me. I can give her what she wants. I can break her. I can show her what it's like to be with a real man."

" Rachel would never leave me for you, she loves me." Allen said, defiantly.

" And their in lies the trouble my friend," Chad replied, as he squeezed the trigger.

The bullet struck Allen right between the eyes and exploded out the back of his skull. Sinking down to his knees he heard the unmistakable sound of drums. The sound grew louder and louder until it was pounding in his head and as the shade of death was drawn over his vision he could of swore he saw the pale painted face of a Sha'mai warrior standing just in front of him.

Rachel on the hunt

Rachel, came upon a small clearing, the night air was filled with the sounds of life. Her senses never felt so alive. She should have been scared but she wasn't. She wanted to face the beast to kill it, to avenge the death of her husband and to put an end to her awful nightmares.


"WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BASTARD!!" Rachel's scream echoed through the trees.

She suddenly could hear the low growl of the beast; it seemed to be coming from all around her. Hearing a sudden snarl behind her she whirled around raising the rifle eager to put an end to the demon that was haunting her. She quickly found her target in the night scope but held her fire, it was a leopard, he was carrying his kill up a tree. The dead wildebeest probably weighed twice what the leopard weighed but the cat carried him as effortlessly as a house cat does a mouse. Rachel was mesmerized by the big cat; the leopard bathed in the yellow glow of a full moon almost looked incandescent against lush green foliage that surrounded him. Rachel gasped for a second as the cat looked up from his kill and seemed to gaze right at her before returning to his meal. She turned away from the leopard just in time to see the black lion leap for her.

"Ahhh!" Rachel screamed, as the cat slammed into her knocking her to the ground. The cat surprisingly did not turn to attack again but instead disappeared into the trees. Rachel sat gasping for air not even realizing she had been injured until she felt a warm trickle of blood flow down her forearm. " Christ!" She spoke out loud as she regarded her injured arm. Her blouse had been completely torn open and there were light scratches across her breasts. The real injury though was to her arm; there was one long deep scratch down her right forearm. It didn't seem to be too serious but in burned like fire. Rachel, her resolve even firmer now, discarded her shredded shirt, picked up her rifle and followed the path of the beast.

As Rachel trailed the cat her senses seem to become even keener. She could hear the heavy breathing of the cat as he ran ahead of her, she could hear every little insect that was scurrying to get out of her path. She moved through the jungle undaunted by the sounds around her, she was focused on just one, the heavy breathing of the cat and she smiled wickedly when she heard the beast come to a stop. He had trapped himself in a ravine. The only way out was past Rachel.

"Not very smart are ya." Rachel whispered referring to the cat which had just trapped himself. She knelt down. Brushing a large branch from her field of vision she slowly raised her rifle. Taking careful aim she placed the cross hairs right between the animals eyes and exhaled slowly " Got you now, you son of a bi.."

Rachel's words were cut off by her own scream as she felt something slither against her ankle.

"AHHHH" she screamed jumping up. It was a completely involuntary action. Her hand shot down and grabbed a large snake just under its head. She raised it up to the light. Relieved to see that it was just a Boa, and nothing poisonous, she tossed the ten-foot snake unharmed back into the brush. She stepped into the clearing cursing. The lion was gone. Standing in the moonlight Rachel suddenly became very groggy, her vision blurred, her body felt as if it were on fire. Confused she sagged to her knees. Unable to fight off the unconsciousness that for some reason seemed determined to take her she lay back on the soft foliage. Her last thoughts before yielding to the blackness were of when she first learned of her husband's death and the events that had led her to this moment in time.


" I'm sorry Rachel. I did everything I could, it came out of nowhere. I never even had time to fire my weapon. It was like some kind of horrible monster." Chad spoke somberly.

Rachel sobbed quietly as Chad told her of the death of her husband. When he was finished she spoke. "Where is his body Chad, I want to see him."

" It carried him off Rachel, I tried to follow it, but moved too fast. I thought my first duty was to get back here to you. There was nothing more I could do for Allen but maybe I can make your suffering less. I think Allen would have wanted it that way."

"Ohhh Chad, you were always such a good friend to him." Rachel sobbed, as she wrapped her arms about Chad's neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I'm glad you returned I wouldn't have been able to bear losing the both of you."

Rachel's mind was a blur of random thoughts and forgotten conversations as she lay feverish on the jungle floor.


"What's that wooden plaque for?" Chad asked of Rachel. " I've never noticed it hanging on the wall their before. It looks like the kind taxidermist use to mount trophies." Chad laughed at the thought of Rachel hunting. She had never killed anything in her life.

" It's for the head of the beast that killed my husband" Rachel said grimly, I've decided to hunt it down and kill it. In fact I'm leaving for the bush tomorrow."

" Let it go Rachel, killing that animal won't bring back Allen." Chad said. " It's time to get on with your life, with our lives." He said, grabbing her. He pulled her close, his manhood strained against his pants as he felt her firm breasts pressing against his chest. For a brief second their lips nearly touched, he felt her relax in his arms, for a moment before jerking away.

"No! Chad please it's too soon." Rachel said, as she suddenly pulled away.

" Of course, I'm sorry Rachel, just promise me while I'm away for the next two weeks don't go after that cat. We'll go together when I get back."

Rachel remembered not answering him because she knew that it was a promise she couldn't keep. She had already made a promise to herself; to kill the animal that killed her husband and that was one promise she was determined to keep.

Rachel wakes back in the jungle

Rachel, the strange fever having passed, felt the hot breath of the beast on her face as she awoke. The huge lion was right on top of her. She grabbed his mane forcing his jaws back away from her face. She looked into his burning red eyes and began to tremble violently, not in fear but in rage. " Come on you bastard, lets see how tough you really are!" she said, straining to keep his jaws away from her throat. She arched her back locking her legs around the animal's torso. She felt a sudden burst of power surge through her body as she squeezed her legs together with all her might. The beast roared in pain. She felt the hard muscle of his ribs against her thighs as he fought to get free. She had never been so wildly aroused in all her life. She screamed in ecstasy as the huge cat, struggling for freedom, pressed his hard muscle against her sex. She reached up locking her arms around the beasts neck she crushed him to her chest. She took a deep breath and squeezed him tighter against her firm mounds using her breasts to crush the wind from the beast. As the animal's struggles grew weaker she squeezed him even tighter crushing him between her powerful thighs. Each movement of the beast caused her to convulse in pleasure until her orgasm began to sweep through her body in one final wave of pure ecstasy.

The beast let out one final gasp before his body went limp between Rachel's powerful thighs. His last vision was of a Raven haired goddess, her eye's burning red with passion, screaming in ecstasy.

Rachel awoke from what she thought had been a dream. The limp body of the beast lay on top of her his tongue lolled out from his head covering her entire left breast. She shuddered pushing the beast off her realizing it had all been real. She stood realizing that she was now nude, her clothes had been completely torn off by the Lion but yet her flesh, except for a few scratches, was fine. She stood over the carcass of the dead lion, a surge of power rippled through her body as a guttural growl escaped her lips and for a second her face contorted into something that wasn't human. Satisfied that her husband's death had been avenged she turned away from the conquered beast until she suddenly remembered the plaque on her wall that was awaiting its trophy. She found a machete lying on the ground. Without giving thought to where it had came from she picked it up and walked over to the limp beast. She grabbed the animal by the mane lifting its head up with one hand her other hand swung back the machete preparing to strike. As she was raising the knife though the handle glinted for a brief second in the moonlight catching her eye. There were initials on it, they read A. J., for Allen Jordan it was her husbands.

Rachel stood letting the machete and the lion fall to the ground. She scanned the area. She found to her surprise that she could see excellent in the dim glow of the moon and it was only a second before she found what she somehow knew was their.

Over come with grief, Rachel, with tears flowing down her face, stood over the decomposing corpse of her husband. As the moonlight eased the darkness from his pale face reflecting back at her through sightless eyes her grief turned to blinding rage, for there wasn't one single claw mark on his body. His only wound was a small round hole right between his eyes. Her husband had been murdered. Her rage was so great that she almost didn't notice that Allen was clutching something tightly to his chest. Rachel bent down and pried the object from his stiff fingers it was his micro-cassette recorder. Allen Jordan had recorded the last few minutes of his life and Rachel seething with a hatred she hadn't thought she was capable of feeling listened to it all.

Rachel's rage was interrupted by a grunting sound coming from the downed lion. She picked up the rifle and walked toward the dazed beast. " So your not dead after all." She cooed, tracing the rifle barrel across the hard muscles of the stunned cat. She placed one foot on the beast's chest pressing him hard to the ground. She stood there poised over the conquered cat, her naked body glowing in the moonlight, the visage of a goddess. She smiled calmly placing the tip of the rifle barrel between the cat's eyes.

2 weeks later

Chad arriving back at the compound after his two-week trip went straight to Rachel's cabin. It was a dark night; the moon had an eerie red glow from volcanic ash that had been trapped in the stratosphere. The natives called it a blood moon a sign that there were demons about. Chad paid no mind to the natives or their silly superstitions. He was a realist, he dealt in fact and the fact was he was now extremely rich. He had secretly taken a diamond from one of the totems in Sha'mai territory. His two-week trip to the mainland was to get it appraised. It was worth 5 million dollars more than he had ever dreamed. Of course he could never tell Rachel were his sudden windfall had came from but he was confident that he would think of something, he was after all an accomplished liar.

Chad walked into Rachel's cabin, the door was open it was dark. "Rachel, it's me Chad."

"In here Chad, I've been expecting you." Rachel's voice came from the bedroom.

Chad as he walked into the bedroom spoke " I've got excellent ne..." his words died in his throat when he saw Rachel totally nude stretched out sexily on a large black lion skin. Her face was framed in the red fur of its mane. Only the flickering light of several candles lighted the room.

Chad was speechless. He looked with awe at the small round hole between the cat's eyes. " Nice shot."

Rachel only smiled in reply.

" Make love to me Chad." Rachel's voice was soft and sultry. " Show what a real man is."

Chad, his dream about to come true, quickly removed his clothing and knelt down beside her on the rug his cock was throbbing painfully. Rachel as if to apease his need gave his throbbing manhood a nice long pull as she pushed him back on the soft fur of the once ferocious cat. Chad moaned in pleasure as he felt Rachel with one downward thrust of her hips engulf his whole ten inches. She squeezed his manhood with her sex sending intense sensations through his body. He was completely overwhelmed; she leaned forward pressing her large firm breasts into his face. " What's the matter Chad? Can't take it?" She taunted sexily. Then, tilting his face up to hers she gently blew a long slow breath in his face. It was more than he could stand his orgasm ripped through his body as his manhood erupted again and again filling her with a sea of his hot cum until he lay too exhausted too move. Rachel bent forward to kiss him. Chad lying on his back noticed the empty plaque on the wall.

" I thought you were going to have its head mounted on that." Chad said, still out of breath from his climax

" No silly," Rachel said kissing him deeply.

Allen winced at the sudden roughness of her tongue.

"That my darling is for you " Rachel said pulling back, proud of her new form.


Jamar the chief of detectives walked to the door of Rachel's bedroom several police officers were scurrying in and out all had ashen looks on their faces some were getting physically ill.

" Must be bad huh?" Jamar asked of his sergeant.

" Yes sir, I've never seen anything like it." The sarge replied.

" Well then lets have a look." Jamar said stepping through the door confident that in his 30 years of working homicides he had seen everything their was to see.

" Has anything been touched." Jamar asked confused, walking over to the black lion skin.

No sir, everything's just like we found it. The lion skin is a fake; you can by them at the market in town tourist love them. This one's been died black and red though. Strange isn't it?"

"Sargent!" The Cheif was growing impatient. "I thought you said there had been a murder here." Jamar asked, confused.

" Yes sir."

"Well then, Sargent, where's the body!" Jamar demanded.

" No body Chief, just that," the serge said pointing up at the wall.

Jamar's blood froze as he followed a single drop of blood up the wall to a wooden plaque on it was neatly mounted the head of Chad Braxton.

Deep in the Jungle

Rachel, her nude body glistening beneath the twilight stars, moved calmly through the shadowy jungle a vision of ethereal beauty. Her need for clothes, like her need for civilization, now gone. Her footsteps fell silently amongst the tender foliage of the jungle floor. She allowed herself a smile as she thought of the fake lion skin that Allen had once brought home, she had finally found a use for it. She moved toward the silhouette of a lone lion that was standing by crystal clear pool of water. As Rachel drew near, the great black lion lay down before her. Turning over in submission he exposed to her the soft fur of his underbelly. Rachel smiled down at the huge beast tracing one toe lightly along it's soft fur. She let her form began to change, eagerly anticipating the pleasures the night would bring. No longer ruled by Sh'dar the jungle, as well as the mighty lion himself, now had a new mistress.

The End