The Hunt

By Sam


Garret Davis smiled as he lashed the lion one more time with the whip. Torturing doomed animals was almost more of a joy to him than the money he earned from it. He so enjoyed inflicting pain. It was one of his secretes to success. It was also good practice for his real profession. Garret was a freelance terrorist, lending out his deadly services to the highest bidder. He himself had no cause, money was his only motivator. He killed without conscience or thought. Death was his business, a business he truly enjoyed. He had murdered over a hundred people, personally, some women some children. His weapon of choice, a knife it was much more personal. He so enjoyed looking into the eyes of his victims as they were dying, it gave him such a rush. His bombs and various other toys had claimed the lives of a thousand others. He was a man who truly enjoyed his work. Today though it was a different kind of death he was dealing in, for when he wasn't killing people he specialized in animals. He staged hunts, hunts for the very rich, specializing in exotic animals mostly tigers and leopards. It was sort of his hobby something to do when business was slow.


He struck the big cat again with the whip. His animals always gave the best hunts because in them he always instilled a vicious hatred, hatred so strong that the scent of any human would send them into a blind rage. You had to get the animal to be the hunter as well as the hunted. That's what made for a good hunt and people paid him thousands for the privilege, men and women. It just so happened that his client for this hunt was a woman, a very sexy woman, at least by the sound of her voice.


The lion roared in anger as the whip bit into his flesh once more. It wasn't an easy thing to whip an animal so severely and not damage the pelt. He understood this lion was destined to wind up stretched out in front of a fireplace. The woman on this hunt wanted a new rug to go with her new house, a lion skin rug, and she had come to the right man. Out of the ten Lions that came in the last shipment, Garret knew this one was going to be the best. It was the biggest and fiercest of the bunch, absolutely rippling with muscle. That's not why he knew this lion would deliver though. It was the fact that he had his mate, a very pregnant female, in a cage right beside the big male. Now it was she his whip bit into, slashing her flesh. The huge male, seeing his mate so severely beaten, attacked the bars with an unimaginable furry. Yes, Garret thought as he watched the rage of the big male, this woman from Colorado was going to get quite a hunt. He looked down at her name on a slip of paper, Sharon Best. He just hoped she was as sexy as her voice. He remembered her odd answer when asked what type of weapon she was going to use. She simply replied quote, A very powerful one, unquote.


Sharon pulled on a very short pair of cutoffs and then slipped her blue blouse over her head. It was the one with the deep V that draped across her breasts revealing her awesome cleavage. She was a total knockout. Her blonde hair cascaded loosely over her shoulders. Her body, incredibly voluptuous, looked as if it had been chiseled from stone. She was the epitome of strength and beauty every mans fantasy. She regarded herself in the mirror flexing one amazing bicep. Who needed a gun to hunt lions she thought. She giggled to herself at the thought of her posing with one foot on the head of the conquered beast as she flexed her bicep in triumph. She laughed, the fantasy of it though did send a tingle through her. She glanced over at the bare hardwood floor in front of her new fireplace imagining herself lying back on her newly acquired rug, acquired with just the strength of her bare hands Jesus she laughed to herself, as she walked out the door, Sam would have a heart attack.


Sharon drove north out of town following the directions Garret had given her. The place she was going was isolated, totally remote, the perfect place to hold such a hunt. Except, as luck would have it, this particular weekend Boy Scout troop 608 had picked that particular area as their campsite. Twenty young boys each eager to earn his merit badge struggled to erect there tents. Sharon cursed to herself as she drove by. Shit they're too close, she thought too herself. She started to develop an uneasy feeling about this whole thing. It was a feeling that would prove to be well warranted.


Sharon parked her Jimmy next to two other vehicles. Shit this was suppose to be a private hunt, she thought. Exiting her vehicle, her uneasy feeling growing stronger, Sharon started walking toward a huge flatbed truck that held several caged lions. A couple of mousy men were standing around comparing the size of their weapons. Sharon rolled her eyes, she guessed the size of there guns was an attempt to make up for a lack of size in other areas.


The mousiest man looked up at Sharon; his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Sharon regarded him coolly

" Where's Garret?" She asked.

"Right here," the voice came from around the side of the truck. " You must be Sharon." He grinned at her. He was a big man at least 6' 8" weighing probably close to three hundred pounds all of it muscle. He had dark hair. His smile projected an innocence that made you feel at ease, it was one of his most used weapons. "I can't say I'm disappointed. You are a stunning woman."


Another man who rounded the truck, coming from the same direction Garret had, suddenly interrupted their conversation. Sharon recognized the man. What was more important though was he recognized her. Sharon had worked as a decoy for the Colorado State police in string of violent rapes on women. The man that rounded the truck was Clem Hawks the one responsible for the attacks. Sharon had given him quite a surprise when he tried to rape her, a surprise, two broken legs and a tremendous ass kicking that put him in the hospital for over a month. He was suppose to be in jail for life but had escaped two weeks ago and was now apparently working for Garret.


" She's a cop!" Hawks yelled, pointing at Sharon.


The rest happened fast. Garret immediately pulled out a Berreta and shot Hawks squarely between the eyes. Hawks knew too much to be left to the cops. He even knew where Garret had hidden the stolen plasma bomb. A bomb using totally new technology weighing just over two tons it could wipe our half the planet. It was the reason Sharon was here. The FBI had been looking for a way to get to Garret and had lucked out busting an Asian businessman on a customs violation. He was smuggling a tiger-skin out of the country. The man had been more than happy to supply Garrets name and how to contact him in exchange for his freedom. It was the FBI that had set up the hunt for Sharon. They were moving in now, twenty jeeps blazed across the field towards them.


Sharon, taken by surprise at the shooting of Hawks, took her eyes off Garret as she watched the dying man collapse to the ground. It was just long enough for Garret to reach into the truck. Glancing back up quickly she could only brace herself as she watched Garret, smiling, level the grenade launcher at her chest and then pull the trigger.


The grenade struck Sharon squarely in the chest, glancing off, knocking her backward thirty feet before it exploded. The two mousy men who had been standing near the truck were reduced to little more than two grease spots by the flying shrapnel. Sharon recovered quickly but it was too late Garret was in the truck and had dumped the Cage filled with lions. The cage broke open as it slammed into the rocks and ten lions sprang free all of them running away from the truck, except one. The largest lion sprang on top of the truck hood. He clawed at the windshield furiously actually shattering it just before he was sent sprawling by a quick right turn. Sharon was about to fly after Garret when the FBI arrived.

Jill Farmer was the Special agent in charge. " We have him boxed in. You get the lions before they reach the boy-scout camp." She yelled to Sharon.


Sharon watched as the jeeps sped off towards the truck. Satisfied that they had things well under control she turned her attention to the cats. It looked as if she was going to get her lion hunt after all.


Of course, the big cats all ran off in the direction of the campsite. Sharon knew she didn't have time to deal with each individual cat. She was trying to figure a way to take all of them out at the same time when she was startled by an earsplitting roar. It was the big male, the one that had so savagely attacked the truck while the others ran for the brush. The other lions stopped in their tracks, all of them turning to face Sharon. The lions all of them from the same pride were fiercely loyal to there leader and he did not want to go toward the brush. He wanted to go up the mountain, in the direction that the truck had driven off in. The only thing that stood in his way was one hundred and twenty pounds of blonde bombshell.


"Son of a bitch," Jill yelled as her jeep struck a rock and veered suddenly off to the left. Whipping the wheel expertly around she regained control of the vehicle emerging from a tremendous cloud of dust to continue her pursuit. She was the agent in command of this operation and it had suddenly turned sour. Not only did Garret allude them but now she also had visions of Lions munching on boy scouts. That would definitely not look good in her report. It simply could not get any worse. She stomped on the gas throwing gravel and dirt a mile high in the air, her jeep exploded through the cloud of dust. The truck came into view about a hundred yards in front of her. Ha, you bastard, you entered a blind canyon she thought as she watched the truck slow and finally stop. She stopped her vehicle and got out. The rest of the jeeps were just entering the canyon. The walls on either side of them were sheer granite. Jill looking at the sheer walls suddenly developed a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She suddenly had a terrible vision. Panic exploded through her body as she grabbed her radio. " FALL BACK OUT OF THE CANYON!" She screamed into the mic. But it was too late. Before the lead driver even understood the command he watched in horror as the granite walls on either side of him exploded. Having just enough time to make the sign of the cross and to picture the face of his wife and daughter before he was interred in a thousand tons of rock. Things had just gotten worse.


Garret smiled as he took his finger off the detonator. They were such idiots to think that he didn't have a back up plan. He was after all a professional and it usually meant death to underestimate him. He pressed another button on the dash and a mountain of rock disappeared if by magic and then reappeared as he drove the truck through.


Jill, having been thrown a good fifty feet by the blast struggled to her feet. A look of horror came to her face as she gazed down the canyon. It was completely filled in. The only sounds were that made by the tiny rocks as they slid down the face of the cliffs, the last pebbles to fill the grave of over fifty men.


Jill stood there in shock looking down the canyon. Her jeep had been crushed; she had no weapon, no way of communicating with anyone. She had just led some of the best men she had ever known to their deaths. She was completely alone and she began to tremble. Jill was not the type to frighten easily. She was incredibly fit and strong. She had long dark hair and an incredibly voluptuous body. In fact her men had nicknamed her bullets because no matter what type of fabric she wore her large nipples always seemed to make themselves very apparent. Of course, her men never called her this to her face but she actually didn't mind the nickname. She knew she had the respect of her men. They followed her orders unquestionably and on this day it was her orders that had gotten them killed. She began to tremble more. Jill's incredible beauty belied her strength and athletic ability. She was an expert in martial arts as well as just about every weapon you could imagine. Many suspects had made the mistake of underestimating her strength, only to end up with her knee in their back while being cuffed or in the hospital unconscious. She was not a girl you wanted to piss off. Garret Davis unknowingly had just made the worst enemy of his violent life for it was not with fear that Jill trembled but with rage. Bringing Garret in was no longer business, now it was personal.


Jill brushed herself off, removed the shreds of her torn blouse and headed up the canyon to where she last saw the truck. It was an incredibly hot day and by the time she got there her white T-shirt soaked with sweat was clinging to her chest revealing the two very prominent reasons for her nickname. She glanced around. No truck, Where the hell could it have gone. The canyon is a complete dead end, she thought. She decided to climb the canyon wall to have a look around. At that point the wall was only around twenty feet high and in a few moments she was standing on top. She looked around. Seeing nothing only a couple of black bears stealing salmon from a hatchery pool. She sat down exasperated on a boulder. The bears were only about twenty yards away. Had they noticed Jill they would have simply run off but they were much to busy fishing. And despite Jill's situation she couldn't help but watch them, their antics even managing to bring a smile to her face. The sun was high in the sky and the water so sparkling clear that it was creating for the bears a troublesome illusion. The bears pounced on what they thought were fish but what in reality were just empty reflections created by the sun. The actual fish being, safely, a few feet away. Jill stared at the frustrated bears, then it struck her like a lighting bolt. Illusion they were fooled by an Illusion and so was I. She hastily began her climb back down the cliff.


Standing at the bottom of the cliff Jill looked around for some sign of the truck, tire tracks, oil, anything to tell her where to start looking. She found nothing. She felt along the sides of the cliff to no avail, finally giving up and sitting down. She picked up a pebble and threw it against the far wall of the canyon in frustration. Her jaw dropped open when she saw the pebble not bounce off the wall but pass through it.


Jill approached the wall cautiously. She had no idea what was on the other side. For all she knew Garret could have a gun pointed at her head right now. That sudden thought forced her to act quickly. She dove through the wall, disappearing completely from the outside world.


Sharon backed up slowly hoping the lions would follow her more into the open, which they did. She counted ten including the big male. She had to make sure she didn't leave any wondering around. If you were a camper, it would only take one lion to serious screw up your day. When she thought she was a safe distance from the brush and that none of the big cats could make it that far without her noticing she stopped her retreat.

" Ok who's first," she challenged. As if responding three of the big cats charged. Sharon took her eyes off the big male standing before her and focused her attention on the three approaching animals. Diving to the left she thought that the big male would go after her and join the attack. Instead he suddenly bolted by her hardly giving her a glance.

"Shit, they set me up, " she said out loud. Turning she watched the big male sprint up the mountain following the trail of the truck looks like I do him last she thought. Sharon turned back just in time to catch one of the cats, which was leaping at her, in mid air. Picking the animal up over her headI73.jpg (121933 bytes) she hurled him at three others who were charging, knocking them all to the ground. Flying over quickly to the stunned cats before they had a chance to regain there senses she sent each one sprawling, with a perfectly delivered right to the jaw, to land unconscious beside their broken cage.


Ok, she thought as a smile tilted her lips, so I don't have enough time to be creative, but that seemed to work fine. Now it was Sharon who took the attack to the Cats sending their limp bodies sprawling one by one to join the others. Their teeth and claws were no match for Velorian muscles and within five minutes there was only one stunned cat that remained standing. Sharon walked confidently up to the big cat her clothes now in shreds from the razor sharp claws of the beasts. The cat staggered and fell to his haunches having felt the power of one of her blows earlier. Sharon waved her hand in front of the cat's face; he seemed to be almost totally out. Opting not to strike him again she took her index finger and lightly tapped him between his eyes, giggling as he fell in a furry heap at her feet. Looking around she counted the unconscious cats. There were eight stretched out by the broken cage and this one made nine. So the only one left was the big male that ran off. Feeling that she had everything under control she gave into a silly urge, I mean how many opportunities was she going to have like this. She placed her foot squarely between the eyes of the unconscious cat in a triumphant pose and slowly flexed her right bicep till it was as big as softball. It was the same pose she had fantasized about just before she had left her house. She giggled to herself feeling a tingle run through her body. It always gave her a tingle to display her strength and overpowering these Cats with her bare hands definitely made her horny as hell. She ran her fingers over her burning nipples. Slowly running one hand down between her thighs she began massaging her clit. Moving her fingers in slow circles. The juice of her sex sizzled down her thighs and the air around her was suddenly filled with the fragrance of wildflowers and honey. The unconscious cat under her foot actually began purring as Sharon, being careful not to step down to hard on the cat, continued to pleasure herself. Then she noticed a movement coming from the brush it was one of the Boy Scout counselors probably no older than eighteen. He was watching intensely having no idea that Sharon could actually see him. Sharon though saw everything. She saw his hand moving slowly up and down his shaft as he watched her. Knowing she was being watched sent an even greater tingle through her body as she ran a hand up to her mouth slowly licking each of her fingers clean. The taste of her powerful nectar triggered the first waves of her orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy giving in to the intense waves of pleasure that were sweeping through her body. Caught in the rapture of her Velorian birthright her body shimmering with the power of her orgasm she surrendered herself to her passion.


Jill landed on the cold concrete floor instantly springing up from her tuck and roll. She glanced around her. She was in a dimly lit room a garage of some sort. It was apparently empty except for the huge truck. She quickly searched the truck, hoping she would get lucky and find some sort of weapon, she found nothing. The room's dim light came from the glow of the two huge holographic generators. This is more than a hideout, Jill thought to herself. This is his base of operations.

Jill's eyes, slowly, adjusting from the bright sunlight of outside to the dim glow of the room failed to notice the shadow rushing towards her. The gray wolf made one mistake it growled before it leaped. Jill, hearing the growl instinctively spun around to meet her attacker. Delivering a lightening fast kick that caught the wolf in mid leap she watched as it fell to the floor with a single yelp of pain. "Christ," she said, to herself. "It's a fucking wolf." The two hundred-pound wolf was either dead or out cold. Jill thought it in her best interest to find out which. Kneeling cautiously down beside the still animal she ran her hands through its fur feeling for a heartbeat. "Christ its still alive," she cursed. The wolf's fur was wet and matted and as Jill took her hands away she discovered they were covered with blood. With her eyes, now completely adjusted to the light, she could see the wolf had been beaten severely with what could only have been a bullwhip. He had numerous deep lashes in his coat that were oozing blood. Disgusted she removed a handkerchief from the pocket of her kaki shorts and wiped her hands clean. She then positioned herself in front of the huge animal and wrapped her arm around his massive neck preparing to finish the beast off before it woke up. She took a deep breath tightening her grip around the animals neck, flexing her bicep, squeezing the beast between her arm and breast, she began cutting off the animals supply of oxygen. The wolf suddenly woke up staring up at her with crystal clear blue eyes. He struggled for a brief second whimpering in pain trying in vain to escape her grasp. Then, with a final whimper of pain, Jill felt his muscles relax as he lost consciousness. She knew if she squeezed an ounce harder she would snap his neck but she hesitated. She knew she should probably kill it but something inside her said no.


Damn it. Why did he have to whimper like that, she cursed. So against her better judgement she slowly began to relax her grip as she talked to the animal until finally the wolf's head was just resting in her lap as she was stroking its fur. She remembered seeing a rope in the truck, which she retrieved, using one end to tie around the animals neck. She then tied the other end to the bumper of the truck. Satisfied that he wasn't going anywhere she moved off down the tunnel. It was the only place the wolf could have come from.


Sharon opened her eyes the intense waves of her orgasm having passed. She suddenly remembered the councilor. Looking around she smiled as she noticed him lying, flat out cold, on the ground. Apparently Sharon had induced an orgasm in him that was a bit more than he could handle. In fact Sharon could see that his cock was still throbbing as it oozed cum on to his stomach. She giggled to herself at the effect she had on men. She didn't know if it was watching a beautiful woman take out a bunch of lions with her bare hands or watching her in the throes of passion that was too much for him. By the look of him though she guessed that it was the combination of both. Whatever it was it had certainly wiped him out. She smiled to herself as she looked from him to the semi conscious lion lying at her feet thinking, God males are easy.


Sharon had to move fast the lions were starting to regain there senses all be it they were still quite overwhelmed by the release of her powerful pheromones. It seemed that animals were sometimes more sensitive to that than humans, probably due to their extreme abilities to pic up different scents. These guys were no different. Although they were beginning to awake, between Sharon's right cross and her pheromones there was absolutely no fight left in them. In fact the ones that were awake Sharon led gently into the cage and the ones that were still too groggy to walk she carried. After she had all the cats secured in the cage she used her heat vision to perfectly weld the door back on. The cats after being totally conquered by Sharon's strength and then overwhelmed by her pheromones were acting more like kittens now than lions. In fact she had a hard time welding the door without hurting any. All the cats wanted to be close to her, not a good thing when she was conducting about a billion jigawatts of energy through her eyes! When she was sure the cage was secure she set it in the shade, her muscles flexing so impossibly as she lifted the six tons, making certain she sat it down so that one corner was in the cool waters of the stream. She didn't know how long they would be here and she wanted them to have access to water. She then called animal control from her cell phone. She had no sense of urgency as far as she knew Garret had been captured and the other lion headed off up a very remote section of mountain. Sharon was sure that in this heat she would find him napping in the shade somewhere.


Jill, feeling good about herself for sparing the Wolf's life, moved cautiously down the dimly lit tunnel. Coming to a 90-degree turn she carefully peered around the edge. The tunnel ended a few feet past the turn in a brightly-lit room. Jill crept closer listening for any sounds of life. Cautiously looking around the edge of the tunnel she surveyed the room. It was filled with computer equipment, and then her eyes focused on one thing. The one thing she was looking for, a 500 megaton plasma bomb. Moving quickly over to the bomb, hoping to be able to permanently disarm it, her life became a secondary consideration. Cursing as each of her access codes failed she started to remove the computer access cover. Jill was hoping to be able to remove the code chip so that whatever the access code was it wouldn't be recognized by the detonator. She was concentrating intently so intently she didn't notice Garret standing behind her. She only felt the incredible force of the blow to the back of her neck causing her to experience a brief blinding flash of light before the world around her went suddenly black.


Sharon enjoying the warmth of the sun, flew along following the tracks of the big cat. Lucky for her she had a change of clothes in her car, the clothes she originally had on having been shredded completely by the big cats. She now wore a simple T-shirt and a pair of blue-jean cutoffs. Enjoying the warm wind as it whipped through her hair she flew close to the ground. It soon became obvious to her that the cat was following the truck and even in this tremendous heat he must of been moving at a tremendous rate to cover the amount of ground he had. Sharon had yet to even catch a glimpse of the beast. Well, she thought, at least when I do catch up to him he won't have much fight in him. She didn't relish the thought of having to carry the beast all the way back though.


It wasn't until Sharon came upon the buried jeeps that she realized things had went incredibly wrong. While she was messing around with those cats people out here were dying, that thought made her ill. She flew slowly over the gruesome site, occasionally catching a glimpse of an arm or leg protruding from the rubble, listening in vain with her super hearing for any sounds of life. Recognizing Jill's jeep she flew down and landed beside it. Looking down and seeing the tattered blouse Jill had discarded Sharon knew that at least she was still alive. Only where in the hell did she go. For that matter where in the hell did the truck go. The truck tracks led up the canyon but Sharon could clearly see from where she was that the canyon was a complete dead end. She noticed too that the lion tracks also led up the canyon. She followed, having the feeling that the cat knew exactly where he was going.


Jill's vision slowly began to clear as the fog that enveloped her mind slowly began to lift. Moving her hand to the back of her neck she winced as her fingers explored the large purple bruise that had formed at the base of her skull. Sitting up slowly her eyes slowly came into focus. She suddenly gasped noticing she was in the same cage with a female lion.


" So you're back" said Garret " I wouldn't worry about her, she doesn't seem to have much energy left in her" he said, pointing at the cat.


It was true. Jill looked over at the lioness she had been severely whipped same as the wolf she had encountered. It also looked like she was severely dehydrated. Jill guessed she would not last much longer without water. She also wondered if she would suffer a similar fate.


Do you enjoy beating animals Garret? I ran into your guard dog on the way in. I think you'll be needing another," Jill said, rising to her feet.


Garret laughed, " You must mean that mangy wolf, I had no idea he was still hanging around. I killed his mate in front of him. Much in the same way I beat the lioness there in front of her mate. It makes a hunt so much better if the animal actually has a hatred for you, if he actually hungers for your blood. Unfortunately the wolf escaped and I guess he's waiting for a chance to get at my throat. I must say I do admire his persistence. Anyway if you killed the beast you simply did me a favor."


Jill was suddenly very glad she spared the wolf's life. " So tell me Garret what's the plan with the bomb. You going to sell it?"


Garret looked at her for a moment. Deciding it was safe to tell her, since in a few minutes she would be dead. " Nope I'm going to use it. You see I have only got 24 months to live, cancer, its really very sad and I decided to take about a billion people with me. Sort of my last HA-RA if you will. I was planning on ground zero being in LA but since this little fiasco today it looks like Colorado will have to do.


Sharon reached the entrance to the room seeing the lion tracks pass through the wall she followed.

Looking around her eyes instantly adjusting to the dim light she noticed the truck. Her eyes went to the bumper where there was a length of rope that ended in a smear of blood on the floor. The rope had looked as if had been chewed into. Then she heard the blood-curdling roar of the cat.


Jill watched in awe from the cage as the Lion sprang at Garret. Garret ducking the big cat finished arming the bomb and the count down began at 5 minutes. He then ran over to the cage and unlocked the door. The big cat immediately forgot him and went to his mate. Jill saw Garret disappear through a side door just as the big cat entered the cage. She watched wide-eyed as the cat's rage, now directed solely at her, exploded. She shut her eyes as the big cat leaped waiting to feel his claws tear into her flesh. She felt its hot breath on her face, heard a deafening roar of anger that seemed to come from directly in front of her, then silence. She opened her eyes surprised to see Sharon facing the big cat. She had apparently caught the cat just before it reached her throat and had tossed it backward out of the cage. The cat thinking it was defending its mate charged again. Leaping at Sharon with its claws outstretched.


Jill screamed at Sharon. " You don't have time to mess with the cat. The bombs going off in two minutes"


Sharon, realizing millions of lives depended on her quick action, dealt the cat vicious blow, one hard enough to kill it. The cat flew backward sliding across the floor. Even before the limp body of the cat came to a stop, Sharon had the two-ton bomb and was rocketing upwards. A blast of her heat vision cutting a perfect tunnel through the top of the mountain to the open sky. She flew at Mach 6 the fastest she's ever flown, her body heating to incandescence as she streaked through the atmosphere. The timer counted down to less than 15 seconds as Sharon exploded through the upper atmosphere streaking out into space as the timer reached zero. The silent explosion was tremendous, hurling Sharon back down toward earth her body glowing white-hot as it struck the Pacific Ocean. The explosion of the experimental weapon in space was unlike anything imaginable. If not for Sharon it would have claimed half the world. Yet except for the brief interruption in power, due to its magnetic pulse, the people of Earth would never have any idea of how close to oblivion they had just come.


Jill immediately ran from the cage. She leaped over the limp body of the cat as she rushed through the door determined not to let Garret escape. The door led to another tunnel Jill could see Garret just ahead of her she sprinted after him. Knocking him to the ground with a leaping tackle just as he reached the room with the truck. Garret got up lashing out with a vicious kick. Jill side stepped it and delivered one of her own that sent Garret sprawling across the floor. She followed up literally picking Garret up off the ground, delivering a flurry of blows that culminated in a vicious uppercut that sent him sliding across the floor to slam into the side of the truck.


"What's the matter Garret? Am I too much woman for you?" Jill asked, mockingly, as she casually walked over to him. Jill not finished with him yet picked him up once more. Holding him up she delivered a knee to his groin that doubled him over. "That's for my men," she said. "And this is for me" she said as she delivered a devastating blow to his chin that sent him crashing against the side of the truck. Garret totally overwhelmed by a woman over one hundred pounds lighter than him could only gape in astonishment as he slumped unconscious to the floor, his last vision was of Jill casually brushing her hands together as if she had just taken out the trash.


Hearing a sound coming from the other side of the truck Jill made the stupid mistake of walking around to see what it was. It looked to her as if something had fallen out the open driver door. Realizing she shouldn't have taken her eyes off Garret she turned back around and cursed her stupidity.


"Lets see how tough you are now bitch." It was Garret. He had gotten a gun from somewhere and now had it leveled at Jill's chest. He smiled as he slowly pulled the trigger. Jill felt something hit her from behind knocking her to the floor as Garret fired his weapon. It was the wolf, he flew over her. She watched Garrets wide eyes as the wolf struck him; his gun went skidding across the floor and landed at Jill's feet.


Garret struggled trying to hold off the jaws of the enraged animal but it was no use, the animal would not be denied his revenge. His jaws flashed downward to Garrets throat and Garrets screams of terror suddenly turned to gurgles of death. The wolf stood atop Garret snarling, watching the blood flow from his body. His icy blue eyes were locked on Garrets and as Garrets body relaxed in death a blood curdling howl erupted from the wolf's throat. A howl that made the hairs on the back of Jills neck stand on end. His mate had just been avenged.


The wolf now turned towards Jill, his jaws still dripping with Garrets blood. He advanced slowly towards her. Jill grabbed the gun raising it she pointed it directly at the wolf's head. The wolf was limping badly. Jill noticed he had been struck in the leg by Garrets shot. He whimpered as he approached her. Nothing in his demeanor seemed menacing he wasn't growling. In fact it looked as if he was struggling to just make it over to her. The animal had saved Jill's life so even though frightened to death she decided to hold her fire but she kept the gun raised, as the wolf grew nearer. The big animal sat down in front of her. Jill suddenly realized that she hadn't taken a breath in the last minute. Slowly whimpering painfully the wolf lowered himself to the floor. And then to Jill's surprise he rested his massive head in her lap. Jill shut her eyes breathing a heavy sigh of relief. She ran her fingers through the animal's fur. He was trembling and so was she.


" Who's your friend?"


" Sharon!" Jill recognized the voice from behind. "Are you Ok" Jill asked, the concern showing in her voice as she turned around to look at Sharon. Sharon was totally nude her clothing having been disintegrated in the blast. Jill felt a small tingle flash through her body at the sight of Sharon nude. She had often fantasized about the Velorian, a woman who was so incredibly strong yet soft and utterly feminine. She herself had femme lovers in the past. It was something she fantasized of often but rarely did. In fact relationships were hard to maintain in her line of work and it was her fantasies of Sharon that often provided her with the kind of release a woman like her needed.


Sharon knelt down. "I'm fine," she said. " Let's take a look at your friend here." Sharon examined the wolf's leg closely. Her vision cut through the layers of flesh and muscle to find the bullet. " He should be Ok." She said, although I doubt he regains full use of the leg. The bullet severed a nerve. He may never be able to live in the wild again."


" That's Ok." Jill said stroking his fur. " I've got a two hundred acre ranch that he can call home. That bastard Garret killed his mate." She said gesturing towards Garret's body.


" Well, I would say that was a big mistake on his part" Sharon said, grimly, looking at the pool of blood that Garret lay in. His throat had been ripped out. Garret had died choking on his own blood.


" I hope it hurt." Jill said, her voice suddenly cracking as she, remembering all the friends she had lost, began to weep. The huge wolf sat up and began licking her face.


"Whoa big boy" Sharon said kneeling down beside Jill pulling the wolf away. Then staring into Jill's brown eyes, suddenly seeing the need that lay deep within her. Sharon softly said, as her lips grew closer and closer to Jill's, "This is a job for a woman."


As their lips touched for the first time a passion, the likes she had never known before, erupted from deep within Jill's soul. Her every emotion suddenly focused on the intense sensations that were coursing through her body. There was nothing only her passion. She crushed her lips to Sharon's, sighing in pleasure as their tongues caressed. Their hands exploring every soft supple curve of each other's bodies as Jill slowly slipped from her clothes. Sharon pushing her gently back, covering her breasts with kisses until Jill's nipples burned with the need of her body. Sharon's kisses moved lower across the contours of Jill's muscular stomach and lower still. Jill could feel the heat of Sharon's breath between her quivering thighs. Her sex was oozing the sweet liquid of her passion. Never before had Jill been so wet, so needy, so aching for someone's touch. She screamed in ecstasy at the first touch of Sharon's tongue to her hot sex. Her body was quivering uncontrollably as Sharon's tongue gave her more pleasure than she could bear. Unable to withstand the sensations anymore Jill's orgasm washed over her body, shaking her with one intense wave of pleasure after the other. Her mind exploded in colors as the ecstasy raced through her, as Jill, for the first time in her life, surrendered herself completely to her passion.


2 hour's later


Jill and Sharon exhausted from their passion both awoke to the sound of the growling wolf. He was peering down the tunnel. Then as they heard a low grunt come from the tunnel they both remembered. They had forgotten about the lioness. " Christ!" Jill said, as she started down the tunnel. Sharon reaching her took the lead and together they entered the room. Jill's heart leapt to her throat and Sharon could only stare in stunned silence. The lioness had dragged herself from her cage and then another sixty feet across the room to where the big male lay still. She just lay there with her head on his side not moving not even noticing the girls. She was waiting, waiting for death to reunite her with her mate.


Later that evening


Sharon stepped out of the shower. The water glistened off her as it flowed down the muscular contours of her body. She looked at herself in the mirror as she vibrated her body at ultrasonic speed instantly drying herself off. Tossing her now perfectly dry mane over her shoulder she walked into the living room. Her eyes instantly moving to what once was the huge bare spot on the floor in front of the fireplace. Sharon wondered if she had done the right thing as she looked at the huge fur that now filled that spot. It was almost too big for her living room. Deb would be home in a little while. Sharon began to get worried. God what will Deb think, she knew Deb loved animals. Sharon came to the conclusion that Deb was going to be very upset. Sharon would just have to make her understand she had no choice. It was simply a matter of life or death.

Sharon walked over and ran her toe down the fur of huge lion skin it was so soft. Taking a finely woven gold chain from the box over the fireplace, she fastened it around her tiny waist. Staggering for a moment, she closed her eyes while holding on to the fireplace mantle, adjusting to both the surge of weakness and the flush of arousal that came from wearing gold. Kneeling down on the fur, she ran her fingers through it and was suddenly sure she had done the right thing. After all how many people have one of these gracing their living room floor. Sharon couldn't think of a one. Sharon, nervous about facing Deb needed to seriously mellow out. She giggled as she removed a joint from where Deb had thought she had hid them. Deb knew the effect that good grass had on Sharon when she wore gold. It was utterly amazing, must be something about her Velorian genetics. Deb kept the pot around for 'special occasions' Sharon was sorry it didn't have the same effect on Deb but then Sharon 'herself' had that effect on Deb. Lighting the joint, telling herself not to over due it Sharon leaned back on the fur. Already feeling the tingles coursing through her body she took another hit off the joint holding the smoke until the tingles got too much and then slowly exhaling. She lay back staring at the head of the cat. Shaking off the guilt about what she had done she, playfully blew a smoke ring towards the lion head "Take that" she giggled as she watched it touch its nose.


Sharon watched as the Lion wrinkled its nose and then turn over on its back a small ripple passing through its body. Sharon was truly sorry she had too hurt the cat so. His eye was severely damaged and had a patch over it plus one of his rear legs was broken and now sported a bulky cast. The female on the other hand was doing fine but needed to remain on an I.V. for a day or two to rehydrate her. The Zoo just had no place to put the male, except for this teeny tiny cage that Sharon just could not leave him in so she just brought him home. It was just for a couple of days then he and his mate would be reunited and along with the rest of their pride would be flown home to be realeased when they were healthy enough. Garret had extensive records of every animal, who he accquied it from as well as where it had came from. Jill was handling the case herself. In the next couple of weeks several exotic animal dealers were going to meet the girl of their nightmares.


Sharon watched the little tremble pass through the lion's body. She suddenly had an idea of how to make him forget his pain, at least for awhile. She playfully climbed up on his chest straddling the big cat. She inhaled deeply, the joint slowly disappearing from her fingers until there was nothing left. Tossing her hair back she arched her back, feeling the tingles take control of her body. She held the smoke in her lungs as waves of pleasure exploded through her. The waves grew stronger and stronger each one more intense than the last until suddenly her orgasm washed over her. In the throes of ecstasy, caught in rapture, she looked down at the beast and slowly exhaled the now supercharged smoke. The effect was immediate the Lions body tensed and began to tremble each tremble sent jolts of pleasure shooting through Sharon's body. She locked her fingers in the cat's mane enjoying the ecstasy his trembling body was sending through her until finally she lost control. She flew up off the cat; her body now floating high above it. The energy that flowed from her body was tremendous. Electricity arced across her swollen nipples as they oozed the sweet nectar of her body. She trembled, convulsing in ecstasy, shimmering with the blue light of Velorian passion as her sweet nectar dripped down to the lips of the beast below each powerful drop sending a shudder through his body until finally, the sensations becoming to great for his body to handle, he lost consciousness, his pain surrendering to the ecstasy of a goddess.


One hour later


The ceiling fan was on, its breeze moving across Sharon's body, wafting through her golden mane, caressing her with unseen fingers. She snuggled against the sleeping cat, lost in the dreams of a super girl. She moaned softly, as in her dreams she felt the soft caress of Deb's tongue moving expertly between her thighs. The juice of her excitement once again began to flow.


Deb fumbled with the keys to the door. "Christ," She said, to herself. " Why does a super girl always have to lock the damn door." Deb didn't usually talk to herself but she had just had the worst day of her week. She worked at Mountain Miser Ltd. In her opinion Denver's finest climbing store, although it was really in Englewood. The drive back to Boulder usually relaxed her but not today. Things at the climbing store were really hectic this time of year. Deb was so tired of answering stupid questions..Whats the best biner for belaying? Do you a carry Trango Jaws? What's the difference between a squared off stitch plate and a sprung stitch plate. It was scary to think some of these people were going to actually try to use this equipment. She usually tried to be as helpful as she could, but today was just one of those days and to top it off they ran out of Scarpa skins and shoes. "Christ" Deb thought. "I told the owner to order more but I know he'll blame me anyway...Stupid prick couldn't climb his way out of a paper bag. One day I'm going to have to take him out with Sharon and show him just how worthless he is. She thought, as she finally got the door opened.



Hmm I wonder where Porsche is, Deb thought. Porsche was their little dog he always greeted Deb enthusiastically when she got home. Today though it was quiet. Walking into the living room, as she headed for the kitchen she glanced down at Sharon and the cat " Hi Sh.." The words died as Deb suddenly did a double take. Theirs a one eyed lion, wearing a cast, sleeping in my living room. She said the words slowly to herself still not actually believing it. She stood there stunned, suddenly needing a juice from the fridge. Juice always calmed her nerves.


As she opened the bottle of juice a smile came to her lips. Sometimes it wasn't easy living with a super girl I mean most people only brought home stray puppies. It could be worse she giggled to herself it could be an elephant. Deb really wasn't frightened. She was never frightened when she was with Sharon besides it looked as if the lion had been ran over by a Mac truck.


I can't wait to hear this story, she thought as she walked over to Sharon. She was planning on waking her. She really couldn't wait to here the explanation, but as she gazed at Sharon her mind turned to something else. Her eyes traveled slowly over Sharon's nude body, a body Deb knew well, a body that sent tingles of fire through her, which made her ache with need. Deb knelt down beside Sharon, very aware of the gold chain about her waist and the sweat smell in the air, she watched as Sharon snuggled herself down deeper into the soft fur. Her body was exquisite, a true goddess. Deb tilted Sharon's face up towards hers. Brushing the golden locks from Sharon's face she pressed her lips gently to hers. She felt Sharon's body respond and as they melted into one. The story could suddenly wait.


The End

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