Krista's Vacation

by Sam with edits from Sundance

Krista climbed out of the water and lay back on the smooth stone letting the warm rays of the golden sun soak into her incredible body. She loved the outdoors; there was something about being in the forest that caused her to feel so incredibly sexy, that swelled the passion inside her. And as she lay naked, she felt the tingling cosmic warmth basting her bronze body, causing her to become very aroused. She slowly ran her hands up over her magnificent breasts pausing at her taut nipples to give them a gentle squeeze. She then eased one hand down between her closed thighs while the other hand continued to massage her breast. She gradually worked her hand closer to the now overpowering heat, the unrestrained concupiscence centered between her legs, as she squeezed her hand hard between her thighs. Her soft sighs, mingling with the sounds of the crashing water, carried across the lipid waters echoing through the stillness of the trees. Her sighs grew louder, her murmurs becoming moans as she spread her legs to let her fingers expertly drive her passion higher. Her need for release now overwhelmed her body, and as her orgasm took control of her body shaking her with such intense spasms of pleasure the granite beneath her shattered yielding to the power of a young super girl as her sighs of passion became screams of ecstasy.

Exhausted from the power of her orgasm, Krista lay back on the warm flat granite, in a momentary state of satiation, very near the edge of sleep. She was, however, yanked back to reality by sudden screams, of someone crying for help, her super hearing discerning the faint audible waves from miles away. She even recognized the voice it was the young ranger, Justin that was so taken with her the other day. He had been desperately trying to impress his courage and bravery upon her to gain her admiration, telling her he was tracking several very dangerous bears that had ransacked several campsites in the last few weeks. It was his responsibility to find the malicious animals and relocate them deeper in the park, which was a cool job in Krista's opinion. When she offered to help however the young ranger really struck a nerve with her, saying that it was much too dangerous a job for a woman. Then he added salt on the wound by declaring that women weren't really suited for such dangerous jobs, being the weaker sex and all, and to top it off as he left he said don't wonder too far away from your site cause you don't want to get lost with these bears around.

Krista was furious beyond words. She bit her tongue though the Ranger really wasn't trying to make her angry. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as he was only naturally trying to be a macho ranger in the eyes of this pretty girl. By the bulge in his pants, Krista could see that he was quite taken with her. He was, unfortunately for him, pressing all the wrong buttons in all his desperate attempts to make an impression, as his macho BS was beginning to really get her ticked off now. Unfortunate, because it was his most secret fantasy to meet a woman who was both strong and incredibly sexy that had the looks of Krista and the strength to handle a grizzly. He knew there was only one woman with those characteristics, Kara, the superfemme who was always being featured in the paper..

Justin spent a lot of time alone keeping track of the bears tagging them and making sure they stayed out of trouble. His lonely nights were often spent fantasizing about the sexy superblonde, imagining how it would feel to hold her, to feel her body next to his so incredibly strong but yet so devastatingly feminine, to run his hands across her flexed biceps to feel there power as they were locked in ecstasy. His fantasies of Kara always ended the same way in a gut wrenching orgasm that always left him totally breathless. Little did he know as he drove away in his green ranger truck that the girl of his dreams had been standing right there in front of him.

Krista listened carefully to the sound of Justin's screams. While they were urgent, she made them out to be screams of fear not hurt. But still, his life might soon be in danger, which caused Krista some concern. She quickly tied her thonged bikini on, not that it mattered, it really didn’t cover much anyway, and launched herself to save the ranger. As she flew toward the source of Justin’s cries of desperation,, she was pretty sure that he had found the bears he was looking for.Krista arrived at the scene a giggle escaping her lips. Justin had found the bears all right; they had him treed. There were four of them, unusual for bears to travel together, but there they were, one really big one, two about medium size and one looked to only be maybe a yearling. None of them looked to be fully mature the biggest still probably less than five years old. Krista smiled at the situation. She was going to teach Justin a lesson on the powers of woman, a lesson he wasn't likely to forget! Unfortunately, it was going to be at the expense of these young bruins, but they needed to be taught a lesson also and Krista was just the girl to do it!

The biggest bear was camped under the tree with Justin well out of of his reach as he stood on a small branch, his arms around the trunk to keep the branch from breaking and tumbling to his fate. This was a good place for him Krista thought,"I'll take care of him last". She strode over too the two medium sized bears and as Justin gaped in astonishment she tapped each one on the shoulder dropping each one in its tracks, as it turned, with a carefully measured blow. Krista didn't want to cause any serious damage she loved animals but she did want them to learn that there actions weren't acceptable. She knew, that in the long run, it was for there own good. But she knew just the right place and the right amount of power needed to put a bear out termporarily. The results of her blows were two large unconscious bears lying at her feet. She stood over the two bears, which were out cold, flipped her hair casually back over her shoulder and tossed Justin a very sexy wink that nearly made him fall out of the tree. Justin's cock was absolutely throbbing at her incredible display. She was pressing his most secret, sensitive buttons, he was aching at the site of such a woman so powerful and yet so sexy. This was the girl he had so often dreamed about his whole life!

Nothing escaped Krista's scrutiny either. With her super vision, she could see Justin's cock throbbing beneath his shorts and she was thrilled. She thought she was going to merely make him eat his words, to embarrass him at being rescued by girl. Now knowing he was incredibly turned on at how she had made such short work of those two bears, she really turned the heat up. She looked him right in the eyes as she strode up to the largest bear, her hips swaying sexily, her incredible breasts jiggling slightly with each step. The bear roared loudly and bared its big teeth as it rose to its hind legs towering above her. As Krista sized up the animal with one hand on her hip, she delivered a quick blow to the animals midsection that totally took the wind from him. She then floated up to deliver another blow to his snout, the blow knocking the animal back twenty feet and totally spinning him around as he teetered, still on his hind legs.

Krista, showing no mercy to the bear, or Justin, strode over to the beast picking him up high above her head. She spun the animal around in circles faster and faster until he was just a blur. Then she suddenly stopped as she brought the bear down and tossed him over her shoulder to land, with a thud, right under the tree Justin was still in. The huge bear rose on pure instinct, staggering from the combination of the blows and the dizziness from the spin. He was though effectively out on his feet.

Krista knew the bear had had enough she didn't want to punish the animal any further, but she still wanted to punish Justin just a bit more, to teach him a lesson. She knew it was driving Justin crazy watching a sexy woman in a skimpy bikini easily handling such huge animals. The bears had been taught their lesson, they would not be so aggressive around people ever again, and Krista knew just how to put the finishing touches on Justin's. Making sure there was a little extra sway to her hips, she walked over to the bear which was teetering badly and barely able to remain upright. She flipped her blonde hair again, casually back over her shoulder, then bending over arching her back, her breasts threatening to burst though the fabric of her tiny top much too small for its intended purpose, she placed her hands on her knees and struck a very sexy pose one she knew Justin would like. She was now ready to apply the finishing touch to the bear, and Justin. With a devastatingly sexy look, she blew on the dazed bear, finishing the big bruin off with one sexy breath. He fell unconscious at her feet. Then striking a pose, that she knew would finish Justin off as well, she placed her foot on the bear in triumph making sure to point her toes so that her amazing calf muscle flexed to its fullest proportion. She also placed her left hand on her hip as she took a very deep breath and slowly flexed her incredible body. Her right biceps grew to the size of a softball, her skimpy top ripped to shredds as her body exploded in a mass of curvy muscle! Then while looking Justin right in the eye " Tell me again now, who's the weaker sex" she said in her most sultry voice. She was right, it was more than Justin could take. In fact it had more of an effect than Krista ever realized it would. Seeing Krista's awesome display was Justin's most powerful fantasy and seeing her posing like that, so powerful yet so incredibly sexy, over the huge body of the conquered bear was just too much for him to handle. His cock exploded in the most powerful orgasm of his life each eruption filling his shorts with his hot cum until it ran down his thighs. The intense sensations way too much for him to handle, he fainted and fell from the tree unconscious.

Krista looked on, startled as Justin toppled from the tree. He was at least 30 feet off the ground so even if he landed on the unconscious bear, he was sure to be hurt. She flew up to catch Justin in her arms about 20 feet off the ground, then eased him down to earth to lay him gently in a bed of soft leaves beneath the tree. Krista smiled as she looked down at Justin; his cock was sticking out the top of his shorts still oozing with the aftermath of his ecstacy. She found herself more than a little aroused at the kind of power she just exhibited over him. In fact, she felt a familiar sensation as the moisture begin to trickle between her thighs. She was wet, very wet as she momentarily contemplated her options. No time for that now she thought looking at the two of the bears who were beginning to stir as the young cub was standing over with them crying. He had been very frightened by this whole episode.

The two bears regained their feet and looked at Krista as she stood over the limp body that was clearly there leader, they cleary wanted to run to his aid, but were afraid to get to near Krista. They were crying, trembling in fear. It was more than Krista could stand. She sighed knowing that she shouldn't comfort them, after she had worked so hard at installing a fear of humans in them, but their cries were too much for her to withstand. She gingerly moved towards them, kneeling a few feet away, extending her hand to the young bears. Their response was tentative at first until she reassured them with soft strokes and by letting them sniff and lick their unconscious friend. They soon accepted her offer and she quickly found herself giggling and rolling around in the soft grass. Undoing all of the fear that she had purposely instilled.


3 hours later

Justin awoke, still under the same tree. In a daze, he quickly glanced around him, still remembering the bears. Then as the fog began to lift from his mind, he remembered Krista. "Wow what a woman!", he thought to himself as he remembered the incredible way she handled those bears. A glance down at his cum stained shorts told him it had been a lot more than a dream. He stood up, then hearing a soft giggling coming from down by the lake, he headed in that direction. Coming out of the brush his jaw dropped at the incredible sight. Krista was very nude as she sat atop the biggest bear, her tiny swimsuit having been ripped to shreds long ago in her rough play with the animals, her leg lazily draped across the cub who looked to be sound asleep. In fact all the bears looked to be dead tired, totally exhausted. They were all stretched out on the verge of sleep. Krista had totally worn them out and then fed them fish till they couldn't stand. She was just trying to figure out what to do about some clothes when she saw Justin.

" You Ok?", Krista asked, looking concerned

" Yeah" he said looking down at the ground. He was clearly embarrassed, not so much at being rescued by a girl but by the way she so totally made him lose control of his body. She had completly overwhelmed him causing him to cum in shorts and he was completly embarrased. He took his T-shirt off and tossed it to her. " Here" he said still unable to meet her eyes.

"Thanks, these guys are kind of hard on swimsuits" she said pulling the T-shirt over her body, her breasts stretching it to the Max. The shirt hung just about mid thigh.

"Are they OK", he asked gesturing toward the sleeping bears.

" There fine" Krista replied. " I'm afraid, though, that I have undone all that I might have done. I wanted to leave them with a fear of humans and look at me; we have been playing for hours. I just couldn't stand hurting them like that."

Justin looked up for the first time ,"I know what you mean. I was trying to save these four its so rare to see bears bond like these guys have.

"What do you mean you’re trying to save them?" Krista asked. "All you have to do is relocate them, right? You have the truck what's the problem?"

" There's a bounty on these four," he said grimly

" That's illegal this is a park," Krista declared shocked, " and they’re just babies."

"Poaching happens all the time, Krista it's all we can do to keep up. One bear hide is worth 15,000 dollars. It's a lot of money but that's not their problem. Their problem is a man named Jake Gunther."

The CEO for Calmag Image systems?", Krista asked.

" The very same, he was out here, in a restricted area, with his mistress. These four put sucha scare into them he apparently wet his pants in front of his girlfriend. Anyway word has it that he wants their hides and he has hired a poacher to get them."

" Whose word?", Krista asked

" The mistress," Justin said with a grin. "She's a friend and she loves animals, she called and warned me. My original plan was to trap them then chopper them to a place I know that is completely inaccessible by people on foot. They would have been totally safe up there. Thing is I just heard on my radio before coming down here the chopper's down someone put a bullet in the control panel. Gunther's poacher no doubt."

Suddenly there was a loud crack. Justin felt something whiz by his left ear. "Get down!", he screamed.

Krista though was already rocketing toward where the shot had come from. She had spotted the poacher about the same time he first sawher. He fired shot after shot each shot bouncing of her breasts, the bullets, shredding her T-shirt. The poacher, running out of bullets, then threw the rifle at Krista who disintegrated it with a flash of her heat vision. The poacher turned and ran as fast as his feet would carry him, with Krista floating right behind him, a look of utter rage on her face. The poacher, who had been lucky his whole life, getting away with over a hundred contract killings was a terrorist by trade. He only took this job as a favor and because the pay was astronomical. His prey was usually the two-legged kind men, women, children it didn't matter. This job was almost like a vacation, even more of a sport than killing people, and it was his luck that got him a job like this.

Krista watched, surprised as the floor of the forest suddenly disappeared underneath the feet of the fleeing poacher. In his panic to get away, he had fallen in his own bear pit. Krista looked down wincing at the sight; the poacher was impaled on several sharp stakes, his body twitching with the last remnants of life. Krista stepped away from the pit and looking at the sheer rock cliffs that rose up on the left side she focused her heat vision on an outcropping of rocks and with a sudden flash the stone beneath the outcropping vanished sending tons of rock crashing down completely burying the pit. The poacher had just thrown aces and eights, his luck had finally run out.

Justin and Krista loaded the bears in the truck. It was easy they were very attached to Krista, she just called them and they lumbered up the ramp, one after another, like small puppies starved for affection, and sat in the huge cage. Krista knew there would be other poachers, she positioned herself under the truck and flexing her amazing muscles lifted the entire thing off the ground. Following the directions of Justin who was sitting in the cab she flew the bears to the secluded spot. Finally getting there she sat the truck down by a huge waterfall that spilled into a crystal clear pool teaming with fish and lined with blackberry and blueberry bushes--bear heaven she thought as she set the truck gently down. She opened the cage giving each bear a hug as he lumbered out.

" See ya boys", she smiled as she watched them romp over to the pool and clumsily attempt catching dinner.

Krista sighed, watching their clumsy attempts at catching the fish, and started toward them. They clearly needed help. Justin, though, caught her by the arm.

" They will be fine, mom," he smiled. " See," he said pointing. The biggest bear had batted a fish up on shore and the cub was trying to decide the best way of eating it only to end up knocking it back into the water.

" Well it may take them awhile," Justin said as they both erupted in laughter at the cub's clumsy attempt to reclaim his fish.

" Justin" Krista suddenly said, " I'm sorry for what happened back at the tree. I got carried away I had no idea you would react so strongly."

" I deserved it, Krista, after the way I spoke to you earlier, I was really being an asshole. I don't blame you. You must think bad of me though, huh?"

" To tell you the truth Justin, knowing I made you lose control like that. I mean that you found me that exciting it was an incredible turn on for me. In fact," she said, her voice suddenly becoming sultry, "Do you think I could turn you on like that, you know without throwing any bears around?" She pressed her breasts against Justin's chest slipping her hand inside his shorts. His throbbing cock gave her the answer. She gave it a nice slow gentle stroke rubbing the drop of moisture that appeared, slowly around the sensitive tip, causing Justin to moan in pleasure.

Krista could no longer control her passion. She wanted him. She wanted to feel that huge gorgeous cock thrusting inside her. She wanted to feel his hot passion explode deep within her. Her body was suddenly on fire burning with a passion that no man had ever experienced before. She could feel her sweet juice start to run down her leg. Wetting her lips she looked up at him as she gave his cock another long slow pull.

Krista gave him a hard shove back into the soft grass as she ripped off the remnants of the shredded T-shirt, exposing her incredible body her large swollen nipples, signifying her incredible arousal, began oozing the sweet milk of her body. She ran her hand down between her legs running her fingers up her moist slit, pausing at her swollen clit to give it a few slow strokes, then up to her mouth where she moaned with pleasure as she tasted her own sweet juice. Then, looking Justin squarely in the eyes, her eyes smoldering with a passion from the stars, she slowly licked each finger clean. She then knelt down in between Justin's Legs and gave his cock a nice slow lick..Krista knew that Justin's senses had been totally overwhelmed and any further stimulation was going to make him explode. She was about to satisfy Justin's sense of urgency. She leaned over placing her lips so close to the tip of his throbbing shaft he could feel her hot breath. Then slowly looking him right in the eyes she blew slowly across the tip of his aching shaft. It was way more than he could take His cock erupted as his first orgasm ripped through his body .She quickly placed her lips over his erupting cock letting it fill her mouth with his hot cum. Krista savored each delicious drop until his orgasm finally subsided. Smiling she leaned over letting her incredible breasts engulf his still throbbing cock squeezing them together she gave his oozing cock a couple of very slow pumps. Slowly she slid up his hard body until they were face to face. Her blue eyes were smoldering in a passion that was meant only for the gods. There lips met in a long passionate kiss, that gave Justin a taste of his own cum, as Krista reached down expertly and positioned his still hungry, steely hard cock at the gates of her sweet pussy.

Justin barely conscious, lost in the passion of his first orgasm, felt Krista slide slowly down his shaft. Taking it deep within her she moaned as she felt Justin thrust upward burying his ten-inch shaft up to his balls in her luscious hot, pussy. He was completely overwhelmed by the sexuality of this sexy superblonde. She gripped him so tightly, the muscles of her sex stimulating him like he had never dreamed possible. They were locked in passion each moving rhythmically against the other. He crushed her breasts to his face covering them with kisses. They were so soft beneath his lips breasts that had stopped a slug from a 30.06. His mind reeled at how such a sexy woman can possess such strength. He thought of the way she easily handled the grizzlies using incredible strength but still tempered with a great compassion for life. She was the perfect woman. The woman of his most intimate fantasy, his secret inner love, overwhelmingly strong, but incredibly beautiful. He felt his body stiffen as his second orgasm approached.

Krista moaned, her passion increasing as his cock filled her so completely. It felt so marvelous inside her. She cradled his head against her breasts as Justin covered them with kisses, sucking hard on her swollen nipples filling his mouth with the sweet nectar of her body. Krista moaned in pleasure as she felt her milk, overflowing Justins mouth, run down across her hard abs to mingle with the sweet juices of her luscious sex. It felt so wonderful to have a man suckling on her swollen nipples. She felt Justin's body stiffen, then shudder, as his cock exploded within her filling her with a sea of his hot cum. She cooed in pleasure as her own orgasm began to ripple through her body, slowly at first then becoming stronger and stronger until she was lost in waves of intense pleasure. Justin continued to thrust himself against her, His cock seeming larger and harder than its ever been before bottoming himself at depths that startled them both, her inner vagina holding him so tightly that he now had to thrust with all his might as she slid down his cock Her hips meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own forcing his huge cock even deeper inside her, their combined strength needed to overcome her unique Velorian heritage thrived so deeply inside her! Her bodied quivered uncontrollably shimmering with a blue light as her mind exploded in ecstasy.


Justin screamed, in pleasure, as he felt her incredible pussy grip his erupting cock stimulating it, milking it of every last drop of cum he had to offer. His body convulsed in eruption after eruption until finally unable to stand the intense waves of pleasure he collapsed slipping once again into unconsciousness as Krista rode his still spurting cock into unattainable heights of ecstasy that no Terran male could possibly withstand.


A few hours later

The night sky dazzled with the light of a billion stars, each one twinkling, each twinkle an age old visible message lost in time and space . The moonlight sparkled off Krista's golden mane, as she slept, sending shards of light dancing across Justin's chest as she snuggled up closer against him. Lost in the passion of her dreams, her body shimmering in the night as she dreamed the dreams of a soft sexy super girl. Not knowing her fate, as that of her sisters and the entire earth's, was written eons ago on the very stars that now bathed her in there twinkling light each twinkle an age old message of things to come.

The End