This is the first of hopefully several stories. I suppose if you're not 18, then the usual caveats apply, meaning you shouldn't read this. Although I'll tell you right now, there's no actual sex in the story. It's just your basic tale of a slightly repressed young woman who grows to previously-unheard-of muscular size. And there might be some flexing.

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Part 1

by Scoundrel

Jessica positively hated being Parker's secretary. He was a cruel, boorish, self-centered cutthroat bastard. He had somehow, at the young age of 30, managed to land the position of VP of Crystalline Advertising in only 4 short years with the company. This was in no small part due to the fact that he had screwed over just about everyone in the company to get there. In addition to that, old man CEO Rinkus thought Parker was the cat's ass. Young, handsome, fit, Parker exuded confidence, and his clients knew he could accomplish whatever he told them. Granted, he did get results, but he was just such a monumental prick.

"Jessica, get in here!", Parker shouted from his office. She rolled her eyes and tamely walked in to receive some of her daily verbal abuse. She had been Parker's assistant for nearly two years, and the entire time he treated her like something he dug out of his ear.

"I thought I told you I wanted those reports by 2 o'clock?", he bellowed at her.

Jessica looked confused. "But, sir, it's only 12:45. I have plenty of time-"

Parker looked up at his clock, realized his mistake, cleared his throat. "Well now I want them by one. Get to work on it."

Suppressing a sigh, Jessica agreed, and headed back to her desk. From behind her Parker yelled to her again. "And Kimber is coming up, we're going out to lunch. Let me know when she arrives."

"Yes, sir", she responded. Kimber was Parker's fiancée. Kimber, with her big fake boobs and her incredibly tight, buffed body. She was an exotic dancer, and spent her days at the gym and her nights giving grown men hard-ons for money. Lots of it. She was the resident muscle queen at the Naked Eye where she danced under the surname "Phoenix Amazona".

Jessica couldn't stand the sight of Kimber. Kimber was everything she wanted to look like. Jessica's envy meter rose to the red whenever Kimber came to the office.

At 28, Jessica was still a textbook ectomorph: skinny, tall (5'10"), bony, no muscle tone, no breasts. Not an unattractive girl, she had full pouty lips and sultry, feline eyes. But she had always lacked confidence. Ever since the- incident with her late father when she was just a girl, which she kept locked away in her mind.

She'd been awkward and shy in high school, and in college more interested in old romance movies and classical music than quarterbacks. Despite having a beautiful and winning smile, she rarely showed it. She didn't go out much, and she didn't get many dates. She was a basic adaptive behavior type'meek, mild-mannered, docile. Once she had thought she would feel better about herself if she had her boobs done, but a $30,000 a year salary didn't leave much room for superficiality. For now she was stuck with what she had.


She cringed. Now what?

"I want you to call Harvey's Auto for me! They've had my Jaguar for three days, find out what the hell is taking so goddamn long!"

"Yes, sir." Him and his precious cars. If he didn't have his blonde bimbo, Jessica thought he would probably be screwing one of his cars. She shook it out of her mind and set back to work.

"Still no ring on that finger?" came a woman's voice from beside her.

Kimber. Jessica looked up at her, flashed a forced smile.

"Poor Jessica", taunted Kimber as she teased her blonde hair, her bountiful bosom testing the limits of her tight Lycra top. "Don't worry, it's a big city, someone's bound to ask you out eventually. They say there's someone for everyone."

"I'm sure there is", Jessica returned, fighting an urge to pick up her stapler and bludgeon the phony bitch with it. She thumbed the button on the phone next to her and spoke into it, "Your fiancee is here, Mr. Winston."

"Well send her in, for Christ's sakes", came the irritated voice from the phone. Kimber grinned and trotted into his office, her taut butt and balled calf muscles showing under her white Spandex workout pants. Jessica ground her teeth and sneered.

Jessica knew that Kimber only cared about Parker's money. Half a million a year could buy a lot of love, apparently. Jessica figured that Parker knew it too, but he was far more interested in exploring Kimber's young, sinewy body and appeasing his own sexual appetite than actually caring about someone. Hell, he didn't care about anyone.

Coming out of the office, Parker stopped at her desk, Kimber hanging from his arm like the accessory she was. "I expect all those reports on my desk when I get back, Jessica. Also, I want you to get me the Randolph projections, contact Jameson's office and cancel my 3 o'clock meeting, and finish preparing my presentation material for tomorrow's meeting with Forman & Forman. And get me some gourmet coffee instead of that garbage you brought me today. It tasted like you ran hot water through an old sock. Now, did you get all that?"

Jessica held her anger in check as Kimber giggled. "Yes, sir, of course, Mr. Winston."

As she watched them walk out she thought to herself, yes, they're perfect for each other.

It was almost six o'clock when Parker returned, and Jessica was gathering her things, preparing to leave. She was the last person on the entire floor. He didn't even acknowledge her as he walked into his office.

A moment later he shouted to her.

"Jessica! I hope you weren't planning on going home yet!"

Jessica sighed. What did I do wrong now?

Parker emerged from his office and plunked the thick report down on her desk. "This Randolph report is unacceptable. I want the last column first and the second column removed. What were you thinking?"

"But sir, this is how you asked for it in the first place," she told him weakly. "It'll take hours to redo the report."

"Well now I want it done differently!" he screamed at her. "I'm allowed to change my mind, you know, I didn't get to be VP for nothing!" She smelled alcohol on his breath, and his eyes were glassy.

Parker leaned over and looked her squarely in the eye, grinned. "It's not like you have anything else to do tonight. It's not as if some poor sorry fool asked you for a date or anything." He moved closer to her until he was touching her.

Jessica leaned away from him until she was back in her chair. She was getting frightened by his behavior; he probably got into an argument with Kimber and drank it off at Foley's around the corner. She shrunk away from him, but he pressed closer.

Parker firmly put his hand on her shoulder, holding her in the chair. Looking directly into her eyes he said, "You're a secretary, Jessica, and you'll always be a secretary. You wanna know why? "Cuz you're spineless. You're a mouse. You won't get anywhere in business unless you screw people over."

Jessica tried to respond but was too alarmed, too timorous to speak.

Parker smirked, drawing closer. "Sometimes just screwing people works, too," he said, and jammed his lips on hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. Holding her down in her chair with one strong hand, he fiercely pawed at her breasts with his other.

Jessica struggled against him to no avail. Finally she bit down on his lip, tasted blood. He growled and pulled back, his hand to his mouth. Looking at the blood on his fingers, he glared down at her. He drew back his hand and slapped her hard across the cheek, leaving a bright red hand-print on her face. She fell to the floor, sobbing.

"You fucking bitch!" Parker howled. "You don't know opportunity when you see it! That's fine! That's the last chance you get with me! You wanna be a secretary, that's what you'll be! Get used to it!" And he stormed out of the office, leaving Jessica slumped in a pile behind her desk, weeping.

Around 10:15 that evening, Jessica finally arrived at her apartment. After she had gathered herself together both physically and emotionally at the office, she had vacillated between staying to finish the report and just quitting, walking out and maybe going to the police.

But who would believe her? The red mark on her face had all but faded, she didn't have anything to show the police but wounded emotions.

Parker was a powerful businessman, and no one at the office would think he was capable of-what he was going to do. He had approached her before. Twice in fact, also when he'd been drinking. But it had just been harrassment, not physical, not blatantly hostile and brutal, like tonight. She was having a difficult time dealing with it mentally.

She wanted to quit, but she would have trouble finding another job. It was a big city, and secretaries were a dime a dozen. She hated herself for it, but she had stayed at the office and finished her work, trying to put the incident out of her mind.

After drawing the water in the tub for a soothing bath, Jessica disrobed. She gazed at her reflection in the floor-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Though her skin complexion was rich and unflawed, her body itself was a total disappointment. Small breasts, unsightly ribs, bony hips and legs, scrawny arms, she was the "before" picture in gym advertisements.

A gym. She thought of Kimber, and what the gym had done for her.

Inspired, Jessica strode out of the bathroom and scooped up the weekly issue of "Neighborhood", the hip city entertainment newspaper. Flipping to the back of the Style section, she scanned for advertisements for gymnasiums until she came across one that appealed to her, or at least piqued her curiosity:

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Jessica grabbed the cordless phone and immediately dialed the number. A deep, sexy male voice answered the phone, "Grimaldi's, where we can make your dreams a reality."

"Hi, I'd like to make an appointment with Eugene", Jessica said, getting excited.

"This is Eugene. When are you available, Miss?"

"Um, tonight? If it's possible?"

"451 Black Street. Be here at midnight, my dear."

Jessica hung up the phone and fantasized about what she wanted to look like.

When the taxi stopped at the address, Jessica felt a twinge of hesitation; the street was dark but for a single red light over a lone doorway, set at the bottom of a short flight of stairs. After paying the driver, she climbed out and headed to the door. She wrapped her coat around herself; it was a bit chilly, and she was already dressed in her previously unused workout gear. She had even put on makeup before she left, in the hopes that there would be some handsome single men working out here late at night.

On a sign next to the door was the solitary word "Grimaldi's", with a small ram's skull next to it. The door itself was a dilapidated, unpainted relic. She reached out and pushed the button on the sign, and a moment later the door began to creak open. She half-expected Lurch from the Addams Family to appear, but was pleasantly surprised by the visage of a tall, handsome black man. He was wearing a vest with no shirt beneath it, and baggy pants. He was in awesome physical condition. His head was shaved, and he had a large gold ring in the center of his nose. The irises of his eyes momentarily appeared to smolder when his gaze fell upon her, but Jessica thought it was just a reflection of the light.

"I am Eugene," he rumbled welcomingly. "You must be my midnight appointment."

"Y-Yes," she stuttered, a bit flabbergasted by his appearance. "I'm Jessica Norris."

Eugene smiled warmly. "You may only enter if you are willing to make a serious change in your life."

"I certainly am," she told him. "I certainly am."

The door swung open and Jessica followed Eugene down a long dark hall before turning and entering the gym itself. There were several huge exercise machines on the vast floor, some of which Jessica recognized, but most of which were unfamiliar to her. There were huge dumbbells and free weights on racks around the perimeter of the large mirrored room. Everything seemed low-tech; there were no computerized devices or Nautilus machines to be found, just racks, cables, bars, and literally tons of weights. The lights were dim. No other people were in the gym except for Jessica and Eugene.

"When you say private, you really mean it," she said to him. For some reason, however, she was not nervous at all.

"You are in good hands, my dear," he told her, and smiled widely. He had a gold tooth.

Jessica was staring at the pictures along the walls. Surrounding the mirrors were photos of men and women in unbelievable shape. She was particularly interested in the photos of the women bodybuilders lifting weights, and posing and flexing their huge majestic muscles. They were so strong, so hard, so confident.

From behind her Eugene asked, "Do you know what your goals are, my dear?"

Still looking at the pictures, thinking of that bastard Parker and his muscle-bunny girlfriend, she slowly, quietly answered, "Yes."

He prompted her, "And tell me what they are."

Jessica turned to him, a determined look on her face. "I want to be the biggest, strongest, hardest woman on the planet."

Eugene smiled. "Then let's get to work."

"So, um, where do we start?" Jessica asked Eugene hesitantly.

From behind the counter Eugene produced a small leather pouch. "The first thing you will need is focus," he told her. From within the pouch he extracted a thin chain with a small charm on it. The charm was of a bird's claw grasping a small purple gem of some kind. He walked to Jessica and fastened it around her neck.

"Let this charm be the object of your concentration. Project all of your desires onto it."

Jessica looked skeptical. "And this is supposed to help me?"

"It always works, my dear. Trust me."

Walking to the weights, Eugene pointed to a rack of solid dumbbells. "We'll start with your arms. Grasp a pair of those 10 pound weights and we'll do some alternating bicep curls."

Jessica walked over and gripped the weights. She grunted as she lifted them off the rack. "God, these are heavy!"

Eugene stood right behind her, calmly speaking in her ear. "These are nothing. Watch yourself in the mirror, and focus on the pendant as you slowly curl them. Concentrate and picture your desires in your mind. Only you can will your body to make the changes. It all depends on how badly you want them."

Jessica looked at her reflection in the mirror. She felt a bit ridiculous, standing there in her pink stretch-top and pants which looked almost loose on her tall slender frame.

Shrugging, she began to curl the dumbbells. From behind, Eugene held her arms at the elbows, helping move her through the strict motions of the exercise. She strained during the first few reps, but focused all her attention on the charm around her neck. Before she realized it, she had completed 12 repetitions with each arm and Eugene was telling her she could put the weights down.

"Wow, that wasn't too difficult at all," she said cheerfully. "I should have started working out a lot sooner."

"You can make up for it now," Eugene told her and grinned. After allowing her a moment to catch her breath he said, "try the 25 pound weights."

Jessica surprised herself by not questioning this advice. Instead she quickly leaned over and clutched the pair of weights and got right to lifting them, watching her reflection in the mirror.

"Remember to pour your desires into the pendant," Eugene was telling her to her ear.

Without his help she slowly squeezed off 15 reps. Returning the weights to the rack, she gazed at her arms in the mirror, felt them tingle, the "burn". Was it her imagination, or did they look bigger? Definitely more toned, at least. The efforts had brought the veins in her arms to the surface.

"You've noticed your biceps," Eugene said. "They were always there, you've just never really used them. The potential has always been locked inside you. It is time for you to unleash it."

Jessica looked at Eugene in the mirror and smiled, an ear-to-ear smile. She already felt as if she had accomplished something. In a burst of determination she returned to the weight rack and grabbed a pair of 60 pound dumbbells.

Eugene offered, "Er, I'm not sure you want to jump right up in weight like that, my dear-"

She glanced over her shoulder at him and grinned, her mind running a thousand miles an hour. "I know exactly what I want."

Before she knew it she had easily done twenty curls with each arm with the large dumbbells. Taking her attention from the pendant, she dropped the weights back on the rack and looked at her arms again. They had swollen from the rush of blood, and she now had thick pipe-veins which ran down the center of each defined bicep. WOW, she thought to herself. I had no idea it was this EASY.

"Let's do a new exercise," she told Eugene.

He looked a bit surprised by her tenacity. "All right, my dear," he said, looking around the gym. His eyes settled on a large machine. "Let's try the military press. A good upper body exercise."

He led her over to a padded chair. Above it was a thick bar set in vertical grooves, with large round plates of steel weighing down each end of the bar. She sat in the seat and placed her hands on the bar.

"You seem to be a lot stronger than you look," he said, "So I'll start you with 150 pounds. Now watch yourself in the mirror across from you. Push the bar up and slowly bring it down to your shoulders, then back up again."

Jessica converged her attention on the pendant once again, and began to press the weight. After fifteen effortless repetitions Eugene told her that she obviously didn't have nearly enough weight on the rack. He added another hundred pounds to each side and let her begin again.

As she started the next set, Eugene gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Before his eyes he could see her shoulders and arms becoming more defined and growing thicker with each repetition. In fact, her whole upper body was beginning to show signs of muscle gain. He smiled a sentiment of satisfaction to himself. It was working perfectly.

"This is too light," she told him, finishing off twenty reps. She shook her head. "I'm having trouble believing it myself, that I have the ability to lift this kind of weight, but I'm doing it, nonetheless." She gave Eugene a look of uncertainty. "Unless this is some sort of trick? Plastic weights or something?"

He directed her attention to her reflection in the mirror. "See for yourself."

Jessica raised herself from the chair and stared at whoever it was that looked back at her. "Oh, my," was all she could mutter. "How? How is this possible?"

Eugene grinned. "It just comes naturally to some people, I suppose."

Her pink Lycra top was getting to the point where it fit her very well, like a second skin. She had, through her short workout session, began to pack her torso with muscle. Sweat glistened and ran down new valleys on her body. A gathering of veins began to show on her forearms, her biceps and triceps leapt from her arms, and her shoulders, now twin groups of bunched, ripped muscles, looked as wide as the doorway she came in. She was beginning to resemble the muscular women in the pictures that graced the walls around her.

"Muscle," she said, astonished. "On ME. I can't believe it." Already she made that blonde bitch Kimber look like a Barbie doll by comparison. And wouldn't Parker be surprised, intimidated even, when she showed up for work in the morning. She thought she might actually take the day off to go out and by some sleeveless outfits and some short, tight skirts. Things she would never have dreamed of wearing before now.

But it wasn't enough. She literally wanted to rub it in their faces. She wanted, needed, to be bigger.

She turned to Eugene and simply said, "More."

He nodded and guided her to a big, heavy-duty squat rack. "Let's do a bit of leg work, eh, my dear?"

"I'm ready." She was amazed at how confident she was feeling. "Put whatever you think I'm capable of lifting on there, and let's get rocking."

Without a word, Eugene placed four 100 pound plates on each side of the thick bar, and instructed her on what to do. On her first repetition she wavered a bit, and he questioned whether he had misjudged her sudden abilities. But she righted herself, and he watched as she raised and lowered the weight another twelve times before racking the bar, her focus on the purple gem around her neck the entire time.

She glanced at her legs, which had started to show signs of growth. Turning her hips to see her bottom in the mirror, she noticed the beginnings of a set of powerful buttocks where there had been relatively nothing before. "More. Add more weight," she instructed him in a firm tone.

Hesitantly, Eugene doubled the weight, a bit shocked at the amount of vigor that this young woman displayed.

Jessica looked at her now-well-defined legs in the mirror, then concentrated once again on the pendant hanging from her neck. She didnt know how, and she didnt really care, but it was working. Once again she put her body through the strict motions of the squat, breathing forcefully with each rep. At twenty she stopped and racked the weight. Turning to Eugene, she asked how much she was lifting.

"Sixteen hundred pounds," he said.

Her jaw dropped in disbelief as she glared at him. "You mean- one thousand and six hundred-?" She looked at the weights for validation, but it was true, there were eight large 100 lb. plates on each side of the thick squat bar. "Whoa. How-how am I doing this?"

"I told you, my dear, the capacity was inside you," he said. "I just added a bit of- motivation. But if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Anything."

She admired herself in the mirror. Her posterior had become a mass of firm, hard muscle which tested the limits of the pink workout pants she wore, and beneath the material she could see the ridges in her large mighty thigh muscles. "Mmmmm. I think I like this..."

Jessica thought of that swine Parker and his bitch fiancee. A sensation of rage, followed by genuine determination, overcame her. She had never felt as powerful as she had at that moment. The confidence that had eluded her for her entire life was now permeating her entire body. She welcomed and consumed it.

Yet it still wasn't enough. She was insatiable.

"I want more," she said.

Eugene watched in awe as she strode to a rack of curling barbells. Gripping one with 500 pounds on it, she began to do curls while staring at the charm at her neck in the mirror. He observed as each time she brought the weight to her chest, her arms expanded more and more. Eventually she was so pumped that she could not perform a full repetition as her forearms met her bulging, vascular biceps.

She dropped the weight back onto the rack and headed back to the military press machine. Eugene simply stood back and watched as she added another six hundred pounds to the bar and began a set of presses. The bar began to groan under the immense weight. Such strength, he thought. Such conviction! In his time he had seen several people come to him with an impressive amount of potential, but never like this. He also found himself, for the first time in many years, beginning to get sexually aroused by this incredible growing woman!

But she was getting out of control, and he didnt think she was going to stop. He had to reign her in. He needed to retrieve Moloch's Amulet from her neck before she was beyond his powers of restraint. "Um, Jessica, I think that will be enough for tonight's workout."

Rising from the seat, she looked at him, then looked at herself in the mirrors. She was glorious, a true amazon carved of solid muscle. But she was still relatively flat-chested in contrast to the rest of her pumped, throbbing body. "No, wait, Eugene, I need to work on my chest," she pleaded. "What exercise can I do for it?"

She was already bigger than any woman he had ever seen. Any man, for that matter. And she showed no sign of stopping. But after consideration, he decided that he couldn't let her leave until she was fully proportional. He may regret it, but he would allow her to continue her workout. For his own satisfaction, at least.

He pointed to a large machine with thick cables and huge stacks of weight. "Try the cable crossovers," he said, beginning to get a little nervous. "Grab the cable handles, start with your arms raised, and slowly cross them in front of you. Like this," and he mimicked the motion of the exercise.

Jessica smiled and enthusiastically approached the machine. Setting the weight stacks at an incredible 500 pounds each, she began to pull the cables down and cross them in front of her. With each crossing, her chest expanded as each arm hauled down a quarter-ton of weight. As she did, a deep groove formed down her sternum, and beneath her pink stretch-top, thick cords of horizontal pectoral muscles could be seen bunching and building with each rep. By the eighth repetition her massive rippling chest muscles had risen to her chin, by the tenth repetition her pink Lycra top was nearly stretched to translucency, and by the twelfth repetition her chest had become so immense that she could not bring her thick arms together around it.

After releasing the cables Jessica turned to the mirror. Her chest, sitting high on her now barrel-sized rib cage, was so full and round, so pumped up, that she could hardly see over it. She was beginning to get aroused from the workout. Her nipples had become erect from the friction of her clothing and were nearly bursting through her top. A small tear appeared in the fabric over her right nipple. Another started along the bottom of her left breast. She grinned and tossed her mane of dark hair over her shoulder as she noticed Eugene gawking in awe behind her. Emulating a picture of a bodybuilder she saw on the wall, she suddenly hit an amazing side-chest pose. As her entire body flexed tremendously, her already gigantic chest expanded even further, and her pink stretch-top, not designed to withstand such punishment, surrendered and shredded to pieces under the onslaught of her enormous flexing pecs.

Clickable image

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"Mmmmmm", she purred, and smiled brightly. "Who needs a boob-job with a chest like this?"

As she stood there admiring her amazing new physique, she teemed with self-assurance. She had achieved what no other human on the planet could probably ever hope to. Because she had wanted it more than anyone. She was exactly what she had desired to be: the strongest, biggest, hardest woman on the planet.

Eugene drew closer to her, astonished by the humongous, beautiful woman in front of him. He had never imagined how extreme the effects of the Amulet could be. In all his centuries, nothing like this had ever happened. When Agog returned, he was going to be very upset at Eugene for allowing such a misuse of djinn capabilities to happen on his shift. Not to mention the wrath of Grimaldi himself-

Jessica turned to him, her luscious red lips curling into a smile. "I used to measure 32-22-32. I was a bean-pole. Do you have a measuring tape? I want to see how far I've come."

At this point, Eugene figured he was already in hot water with his superiors, so he may as well get some enjoyment out of the situation. He obtained a long measuring tape from behind the counter and returned to the giant woman.

As he leaned down to measure her hips, Jessica raised herself on her toes and flexed her grand legs. The pink stretch-pants could not handle the strain of her swelling calves and quadriceps, and burst from her body and fell to the floor. Eugene gasped as he gazed at the thick, striated muscles which made up her monumental legs. Her perfect rippling glutes were separated only by a tiny black thong bikini bottom.

"Measure one of my legs," she said, looking down at him.

Excitedly, he obeyed, wrapping the tape around her huge left thigh. When his fingers met he read off the number and panted. "S-Sixty-three inches."

Great Merlin's Ghost, he thought, her leg must be nearly twice as big as mine!

Jessica simply grinned. She was rapidly becoming very comfortable with this phenomenal new body. "Mmmm. Try my arms," she commanded.

Eugene immediately rose to comply. She held her right arm straight out to her side as he wrapped the tape around it. Before she even flexed her bicep the tape read 26 inches.

Slowly she balled her hand and curled up her fist. A series of thick veins appeared and ran up her arm like hoses as she flexed her round, peaked bicep to impossible size. Her arm expanded further and further as her bicep continued to rise, augmented by the massive flaring tricep muscle opposite. Eventually she could not raise her hand any further as her forearm met her colossal bicep, which finally peaked nearly as high as her flexing fist.

Eugene's eyes grew wide as he looked the incredible basketball-sized bicep, then at the measuring tape. "Fifty-two inches!" he gasped.

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"Ooooh," she sighed. "How do you like that?"

Eugene simply stared at her throbbing arm muscle, his mouth hanging open, a string of drool hanging from his lip.

Jessica just grinned. "You think that tape is long enough to measure my chest?" she teased, and bounced her pecs up and down.

"Let's find out," he said ecstatically, and began wrapping the tape around her magnificent chest, ample rib cage and bulging lats. He started to bring the ends of the tape together and checked the measurement. "One hundred and six-"

Smirking, Jessica clenched her fists and suddenly tensed her huge chest muscles. The measuring tape zipped through Eugene's fingers as her pecs rose and broadened her chest to an unrealizable immensity. Her inch-long erect nipples pointed skyward like twin missiles prepared to launch over the horizon. A network of vascularity spread over her thick throbbing pectorals. Fantastic striations appeared and swelled, and deep lateral grooves that would make a rock-climber happy formed in the solid muscle as her chest rose and buried her face; she had to look sideways to see herself in the mirror next to her.

Eugene, dragging his attention from her reflection in the mirror, looked at the measuring tape in his shaking hands. He was absolutely dumbfounded at the numbers. "One hundred and forty-two inches!"

Relaxing her outrageous chest, so that she could see in front of her, she turned to Eugene and grinned. "I'm no longer that skinny, obedient, feeble little girl that I've been for my entire life. In fact, I'm probably the strongest human on the face of the planet! And you know what? It feels really good!" She hit a double bicep pose that would make the Incredible Hulk jealous. "Nothing can compare with power! I like it!"

Eugene knew had to get the Amulet from her neck before disaster struck. But the bulge in his crotch told him he was enjoying himself too much to stop her now-

"Let's see what these huge sexy muscles can do, shall we?" She looked around on the gymnasium floor for something to test her body. Reaching down, she picked up a roll of inch-thick metal cable, which had been used in the creation of one of the large, heavy-duty weight machines. With her left hand she wrapped it several times around the bicep of her extended right arm.

Watching her arm, she slowly began to flex her bicep. The cables began to ping and groan. Steel fibers started to snap and peel away as the muscle beneath expanded and struggled to get free. Suddenly she cocked her arm up fully and flexed her bicep completely. The cables, which were capable of lifting hundreds, even thousands of pounds, were no match for her vastly powerful muscles. Popping loudly, the thick cables whipped away from her astounding inflated bicep.

"That wasn't much of a challenge," she told Eugene and winked. "Let's see what else we can find-"

She approached a rack which held several unused weight bars and grabbed the thickest one she could find, which was about five inches in diameter. Holding the bar with both hands at arm's length in front of her, she rested it on her chest just above her large engorged nipples. Pressing the bar into her huge chest and flexing her boundless arms, she began to pull the ends of the bar toward her. Her back became a geography of pronounced muscle splendor. Thick veins stood out in relief down the front of her biceps, veins which branched off and formed a vast web of capillaries and arteries across her arms, carrying power to her inconceivably supreme body.

The bar wailed in protest as it began to bend against her relentless, unyielding chest, until she had deformed the bar into the shape of an archer's bow. The rubbing of the steel on her nipples was stimulating, and she continued to pull the bar while moaning in ecstasy. Eventually the bar could bend no more. The strong metal gave out and the bar snapped in two with a sound like a gunshot.

"Ooh, that felt good." Tossing the two ends to the floor, Jessica turned to Eugene, who was standing watching her, flabbergasted and incredibly aroused. "Don't you have anything here that can test my strength?" she asked.

Eugene nodded slowly, fighting the rising muscle in his pants. "Come with me."

Opening a large, black doorway at the rear of the large weight room, he led her into an area the size of a high-school gymnasium. The lights came on as they entered. In the center of the vast area was a stout pedestal about five feet high. A short set of stairs led up the rear to the plateau.

Resting on the pedestal was the largest barbell Jessica had ever seen. The bar was at least a foot thick, and the dozen plates on either side of the bar were each the size of giant dump-truck tires about eight feet in diameter. She was quite amazed at the sheer size of it.

Eugene broke the silence. "This equipment hasn't been used in-well, it's been a long time." Since the fall of Olympus, he thought to himself. "Through the years Grimaldi has helped to train certain-figures. But no human has ever seen this before. I doubt if you'll be able to move it. The metal that was used to create it is a super-dense alloy that is no longer found on this planet. I'd say that it weighs the equivalent of about 50,000 pounds. You're welcome to try, however."

Jessica actually doubted herself, her strength, her seemingly immeasurable new power.

For about a second. Then she strode her fantastic body over to the pedestal and climbed the stairs. Looking down at the large bar, she noticed that there were hand-grips carved into it so that the bar could be grasped. Flipping her long brown hair behind her, she bent down and reached her hands into the grips on the bar.

Eugene stared in disbelief. She was truly going to try to lift it! Amazing!

A low rumble could be heard in the large room as the immense barbell started to shift. Jessica tensed her incredible body, her massive muscles bulging like they never had before. The gargantuan barbell began to gradually rise from the pedestal as she flexed her tremendous arms. Muscles exploded from every part of her body as she raised the bar to chest-level. Resting the bar across her mammoth chest, she prepared to press it over her head.

With a burst of superhuman effort, she pushed the huge weight over her head and held it there. Smiling down at Eugene, she then stood up on her toes and tensed her legs. Her entire body flexed to such a mind-boggling size that it defied description.

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"That wasn't so hard," she told him, and brought down her left arm and flexed a gigantic bicep while holding the extraordinary amount of weight over her head with her other hand.

Eugene, his eyes agape, could not contain himself any longer, and climaxed in his pants.

"I guess you like what you see," she said as she returned the bar to the pedestal with a thundering noise. Walking down to Eugene, she handed him back the Amulet.

"I suppose I don't need this any more." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm eternally grateful for everything you've done for me. I'm sure there's some explanation for how you did it, but I don't really want to know. The results are all that matter to me. And just look at these results! I look and feel incredible!" She squeezed her massive chest together between her meaty biceps and flexed her entire body to drive her point home.

"Um, by the way, do I OWE you anything for all this?"

Eugene thought for a moment of what he'd truly like from her before deciding otherwise. "I am here to help maintain a balance in power," he said. "You should have had gains proportionate to your oppression and life experiences. I'd say you made out pretty well. The answer is no, you do not owe me anything."

Shrugging, she walked out of the room and back into the gymnasium. "Then if you'll excuse me, I'd like to pay a visit to a certain peroxide queen and my boss... my former boss."

"Wait," Eugene called from behind her. "In all my years I have never seen anyone accomplish what you have here tonight. Even with my intervention, it shouldn't be possible. Let me give you something else before you leave. I'm already going to get flayed for what I've allowed to transpire, so anything else I do for you won't really matter." He returned the Amulet to the leather pouch, and then produced a ring with a large blue rectangular jewel set into it.

"Let's face it: your size, although pleasing, is a bit-impractical. You'll ruin any doorway you walk through, and you'll barely be able to fit into a car." He slid the ring onto her finger. "This is Paymon's Ring of Transmutation. It will allow you to compress your body and appear as your former self at will. Simply give the jewel a quarter-turn to make your body change. Unfortunately this also affects your strength. When you compress your body, you will be as weak as you were before you came to me."

Jessica looked at the ring, then at Eugene. "Why would I ever want to change back to that?"

Eugene smiled. "Well, several reasons. Like, where do you think you're going to find clothes to fit you now?"

She considered this a moment. "Good point." Twisting the jewel on the ring, her body started to tingle all over, and she began to shrink back to the scrawny Jessica who had lived her life in silent misery. She looked at her thin, nearly-nude body in the mirror.

"Ugh," she said.

"Here are some clothes for you. We don't want you walking around naked, you'll get arrested." Eugene handed her a loose-fitting button-up shirt and a pair of baggy jeans, which she put on immediately.

On her way out, Jessica turned and blew him a kiss with her full red lips. "Thanks for everything," she told him again.

"I have to go now. I have people to see..."

To be continued-.