Okay, here it is-- the third episode of Massive Potential. If you're not 18 then perhaps you shouldn't read it, cuz it would simply be awful for young impressionable minds to be traumatized by the story of a huge muscular woman with big nekkid breasts... Then again, who am I to stop you?


Massive Potential

Part 3

by Scoundrel

Parker Winston rolled over and glanced at the clock on the night table. The illuminated dial told him it was 4:45 am. He still had a couple of hours to sleep before getting up for work.

Moonlight streamed through the bedroom skylight. Turning back over, he looked at Kimber laying in bed next to him.

She was on her back, topless, the sheet pulled down to her waist. Her big expensive breasts pointed at the ceiling, a remarkable bit of engineering in their own right.

Parker let out a sigh of content. He had plenty to be happy about: He made a shitload of money. His subordinates at work feared him. He had a $600,000 house in the suburbs and a growing car collection. And a beautiful, well-muscled girlfriend to help satiate his sexual desires.

Mann's Court was an upscale development, and his home was set far back from the street and surrounded by woods. It was perfectly private, and he appreciated the seclusion. Plus he was only five minutes away from his country club.

Out in the four-car garage sat his collection of vehicles: a Range Rover, a Lotus Esprit (damn, he was proud of that baby), a Porsche 928 (because every man should have one) and a '95 Harley Davidson Soft Tail. He was also considering buying a Humvee, just for the sake of having one. An empty garage slot awaited the return of his Jaguar from the wondrously inept Harvey's Auto. If he didn't get that car back in the next couple of days, goddammit, he was going to have some words with Harvey.

Were he a lesser man, he would feel compunction about how he had arrived at his current situation. But in fact he was damn proud of what he had achieved by completely ignoring his conscience. Remorse, compassion and scruples went out the window sometime during college, and he had been on the fast track to success since then, stepping across the backs of weaker men and relying on his keen sense of cunning. He grinned satisfactorily to himself. The whole thing was so gloriously Machiavellian.

He gazed again at Kimber. She was remarkably attractive, and she still caused a stir in his loins. He loved the fact that she worked so hard on her body. Ever since he lost his virginity to a high-school gymnast when he was 14, he had developed a strong affinity for firm, muscular women. Joe Average could keep his soft, flimsy females'they were a dime a dozen. Parker preferred his women at their physical peak.

But he knew that Kimber would eventually wear out her usefulness. The stone on her hand was merely to keep her quiet for the time being, he had no intentions of actually marrying her. Hell, he hadn't even told his friends what she did for work, he told them she was a model. Eventually someone would stumble into the club where she worked and discover her actual profession, and he would be forced to feign ignorance in order to save face. Truth to tell, the relationship was already becoming cumbersome, and he figured that at some point in the not-too-distant future he would have to replace her with one of the other hardbodies he had been sleeping with.

As he began to drift back to sleep, he was startled by the sound of the front doorbell. He bolted upright in bed, turned to look at Kimber. She was still sound asleep; she always slept like a rock.

Sliding out of bed, he pulled on a pair of Perry Ellis sweatpants and a t-shirt and trotted silently over to the stairs. On his way down, the doorbell rang again. Who the hell would bother him in the middle of the goddamn night? It had better be important...

Reaching the front door, he turned on the overhead porch light and glanced out the vertical side window. And thought, What the hell?

On the front landing was his secretary, Jessica. Skinny little uptight bitch. She wasn't going to be his secretary for much longer...

After disabling the alarm system, Parker opened the door and stepped onto the porch. "What the hell are you doing here?" he spat at her. "Do you have any idea what fucking time it is?!? You're already on thin ice with me..."

Jessica stepped back, smiled demurely. "I'm sorry, Mr. Winston. I hope I didn't disturb you. I just wanted to come by and tell you how things were going to be in the future."

As he became increasingly furious, Parker suddenly realized that she was wearing a silk robe emblazoned with the "Naked Eye" logo. What the hell was that all about? Strange.

"Okay," he said angrily, "I'll bite. What the fuck are you talking about?"

Jessica was getting a cheap thrill out of the entire proceeding. She was going to thoroughly enjoy this. "Well," she began, "Your deplorable treatment of me earlier today was the last straw. Things are going to change in our working relationship, and I intend to benefit. For the last two years you have regarded me with the same contempt as something you found stuck to your shoe. And I have had enough."

Parker stood and stared in amazement. Then he threw back his head and began to laugh.

"That's a good one!" he shouted. "You've had enough! My fucking secretary has had enough! Poor muffin! And I suppose you have some intricate plan that is going to prevent me from completely firing your bony, pathetic ass?" He began laughing again. This was becoming practically surreal. Little did he know...

Jessica began to get annoyed. She was glad she came, to get it off her chest. "I discovered something tonight," she told him, "some things I've been lacking for some time. Self-esteem. Self-respect. And power. Let me show you something I think you'll find interesting." She slipped out of the robe to reveal a matching blue sequined top and bottom, both of which she had obviously procured from the Naked Eye.

"Ugh," Parker critiqued, looking at her gaunt exposed body in the illumination of the porchlight. "You might have a pretty face, but your body is even worse than I had imagined. And to think I had actually considered fucking you. God, I must have had a pretty strong buzz on... You'd need to spend a couple years in the gym before I could get aroused by you..."

"Well grab a hold of yourself," she said as she twisted the gemstone on her ring, "Because you haven't seen anything yet."

Over the course of several seconds, Parker watched in hushed astonishment as Jessica slowly began to gain muscle mass over her entire body. He could hear the fabric of her top giving out as twin mounds of muscled flesh filled it out, eventually popping it off her frame and shooting it at him like a slingshot. Huge erect nipples jutted forth from her muscle-engorged breasts. Her arms and legs slowly bloated with hard sinew, as if she were hooked to a pneumatic air pump. Her shoulders broadened her to twice her original width, and her abdomen became rippled with the most intense set of muscles he could ever possibly hope to imagine. A fantastic network of vascularity spread over her expanding body, and all the while she simply stood there watching him, moaning with pleasure, mmmmm, and grinning. She was getting bigger and bigger, and somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered when she was going to stop.

Eventually his nervous system took over and his brain quickly fluctuated between making his legs work to run away in terror, or just merely dropping his pants and jerking himself silly. Unfortunately the blood never reached his legs, and he stumbled backwards onto his butt sporting a fierce erection.

She approached him, saying "Aw, did the big bad boss man fall down? Here, let me give you a hand."

Before he could attempt to push himself away, she grabbed him under his armpits and lifted him off the ground. Gripping him by the back of his sweatpants, she hung him from the wrought-iron lamppost leaving him dangling helplessly, gawking speechless at her, his involuntary woody pushing out the front of his pants.

Jessica stepped back and playfully looked at his crotch. "I guess you really do like the buffed girls, hmmm?" she teased. "I bet you didn't expect this!" Letting out a soft moan, she slowly brought up her arms and hit an incredible double-bicep pose, her monstrous cannonball arms ballooning, rising to such a degree that it appeared her peaks were growing peaks. She stopped flexing when her forearms hit her biceps.


"What do you think, stud-boy?" she taunted him. "Do I measure up to your standards now?"

"Uhhh....," was all the sound Parker could manage to produce. His eyes were nearly leaping from their sockets at the sight of her gargantuan biceps. She was more muscular than anyone he had ever seen. "Huh-huh-how?"

"Never mind that now, I'm just beginning." she said. "Let me show you what these muscles can do."

He watched as she walked over to his garage. "You know, I've had to listen to you drone on and on about these cars of yours ad nauseum," she said to him over her shoulder. "You place far too much importance on material possessions. I wonder how you would feel if they suddenly disappeared?"

Parker was beginning to panic. "Wh-what are you talking about?"

Jessica stepped up to the center support of the garage and bent down. Parker drooled as he watched her g-string crawl up between her magnificent glute muscles. Burrowing her fingers into the wood of the support, she slowly began to pull the front of the garage up away from the foundation. With a loud creaking noise, the entire wooden structure slowly lifted off the cement groundwork as her body flexed tremendously. With one swift motion she flipped the entire garage frame over like it was paper mache. It landed with a resounding crash as it collapsed in a pile on the ground behind, leaving the automotive contents sitting exposed and unharmed.

"Wow," she said. "I cant believe it stayed together! I figured the whole thing would just come crashing down on your precious cars if I tried that. I guess you hired some decent carpenters when you had this place built, eh?"

Parker gaped at her, helpless and horrified. "My God! How the hell did you do that?!?"

"Oh, that's nothing," she said, and curled up her humongous engorged bicep again, showing off in a quick flex, thick veins filling out on her arm. "Just a little girl power. Besides, I'm just getting started."

Setting her sights on the Porsche, she walked over and gripped the hood in her hands. "Hmmm, what kind of engine do these cars have?" she asked innocently as she stripped the hood off with one swift tearing motion.

She heard Parker pleading her to stop as she plunged her hands into the surprisingly clean engine block. Her unearthly muscles proved to be no match for the steel and iron of the manifold as she effortlessly pulled the entire engine block from the framework of the car with a loud screech.

Turning to face Parker, the engine block gripped in front of her, she remarked, "Boy, they dont make cars like they used to!" Flexing her chest and arms to an inhuman proportion, she pressed her hands together. The thick metal of the engine groaned in protest as she slowly crushed it flat between her immeasurably powerful hands. "Aw, I'm sorry, Mr. Winston, I seem to have broken your little toy car," she said, and tossed the mutilated motor aside like a ball of scrap paper.

But Parker's mind was racing too fast for him to be able to comprehend what he was seeing. None of it was truly registering. It just wasn't possible! He watched in powerless awe as she strode over to his Harley. "Gee, I've never been on a motorcycle before," she noted and tittered.

Suddenly a female voice came from inside the house. "Parker, what the hell's going on down there! It sounds like friggin' World War III!"

Kimber stormed out onto the front porch in her robe and attempted to take in the entire scene at once. This proved quite difficult: her fiance was hanging by his pants from the light post, the entire garage had been overturned and destroyed, the Porsche had been dismantled, and an enormously muscular topless woman was now perched on the Harley.

"Oh, hi Kimber," Jessica giggled as she sat astride the thick motorcycle, and waved her fingers in welcome.

Kimber's jaw dropped and her eyes widened like ping-pong balls. "Oh. Oh...my...God," she said nervously. "J-Jessica? Is that you? You'you're HUGE!!!"

Playing along, Jessica looked down at her body innocently, straightened her arms and tensed her colossal triceps, which bulged further and further out like they weren't going to stop.


"Hmmm. Yeah, I guess I am!" Jessica replied gleefully. "Now you guys hold on a sec, little Kimmy, I'll be right with you two..."

Suddenly her thighs began to swell as she started to squeeze her legs together. Thick cords of striated muscle pushed out from her legs as they seemed to grow to twice their original size from the sudden pressure. First the gas tank crumpled with a noisy burst, followed by the crushing of the twin cylinders and the mighty steel engine. With the big bike pinned between her expanding legs, its metal squealing, she rose to a standing position and pressed herself up on her toes. Lifting the bike off the ground with sheer leg power, she indulgently enjoyed the feeling of strength as she squeezed her massive thighs closer together. Her bulging, diamond-hard calves bit into the sides of the motor, and her growing legs pinched inward closer and closer until flesh met flesh, dropping two squashed halves of the motorcycle to the garage floor with a metallic clamor.

Letting out a breath of arousal, she glanced at the gaping pair on the porch. "You know, that was actually quite stimulating," she said throatily, then diverted her attention to the Lotus.

Kimber reached out a hand to grasp Parker's forearm, her fearful eyes never leaving Jessica. "P-Parker, what the hell is going on here..."

Straining behind him and struggling to unhook himself from his predicament, he softly answered, "I dont know, and I dont wanna stick around and find out. Go inside and get the keys to the Range Rover, right NOW. And get some scissors to cut me down..."

"Should I call the police?" she asked.

"Kimber, listen very closely...my secretary showed up on my doorstep, grew enormous muscles, pulled the engine out of my Porsche and cut my Harley in half with her legs. What the fuck do you think the police are gonna do?!? Let's just try to get out of here!"

"Good point," she answered, and bolted back into the house.

"You know, Parker, this is getting kind of fun," Jessica called over to him as she approached the Lotus.

Swinging from his pants prison, Parker held out his hands to her and pleaded. "No, Jessica, please...not the Lotus! I'm sorry for the way I've treated you, I promise to make it up to you! Just not the Lotus!"

"Aw, is this your pride and joy?" she grinned as she bent down. Reaching under the body, she got a firm grip on the undercarriage. Her huge muscles bulged even larger as she hefted the car up. Her biceps grew to immense magnitude with the effort, thick veins inflating across her arms. With one clean-and-jerk motion, she pressed the car over her head and held it aloft with little exertion.


"Gee, these foreign cars are actually pretty light" she observed, and pressed it up and down a few times to show off, causing her back and triceps to swell even further. She strolled out into the driveway, holding the car over her head as if it were an empty cardboard box, and stopped in front of Parker. He implored her again. "Please, I love that car, dont hurt it..."

This angered her a bit. "It's an inanimate object, Parker. It cant be hurt. Only people can be hurt. That's one of the many lessons you need to learn."

Looking up at the bottom of the car, she corrected her grip on the frame. Slowly, she flexed her arms, bringing them closer together. Parker watched in horror as the metal of the car creaked and began to buckle. The side windows cracked, then shattered with a loud POP, showering the driveway with bits of safety glass. Her muscles expanded further as she smiled and unleashed her seemingly limitless strength, continuing to apply pressure. The steel yielded with a harsh groan, shrieking in protest, bending and collapsing further and further until her fantastic muscles had nearly folded the vehicle in half. Her nipples were becoming even more erect as she grew excited, aroused over the incredible strength she was displaying.

Suddenly Parker was aware that he was dropping to the ground. He spun to look and saw Kimber standing behind him, a pair of scissors in one hand and a set of keys in the other.

Springing to his feet, he snatched the keys from her and grabbed her wrist. "Come on, let's get the hell out of here!" he said as he led her to the only vehicle left intact, ignoring the still-raging woody protruding from the front of his pants.

Jessica stood in the middle of the driveway with the wrecked car held over her head, observing as the couple dashed to the Range Rover, climbed in, and started the engine. With a burst of strength, she tossed the huge mass of twisted metal over towards the garage. It crashed directly onto the body of the devastated Porsche, flattening it completely, sending chunks of metal sailing through the air.

Parker revved the engine and flipped on the headlights, illuminating the ridiculously jacked-up woman standing a hundred feet in front of him. "You can't leave yet, Parker!" he heard her call to him. "The party's just starting! Besides, that's gonna hurt you a lot more that it's going to hurt me..."

Kimber grabbed his arm, her eyes wide with fear. "Run that big fucking bitch over already and be done with it!" she screamed at him.

For a moment Jessica considered that she may not be as invulnerable as she thought. Sure, she had tested her incredible new body, but she wasn't certain of its limitations. However, she filled herself with confidence, flexed her mighty body, and stood her ground as Parker dropped the Range Rover into gear and stomped on the accelerator.

It the short distance the powerful Rover managed to hit nearly 30 mph before crashing head-on into the formidable, immovable muscles of Jessica. The bumper and frame collapsed as it plowed into her flexing thighs and abdominals, not budging her a bit. Both airbags deployed immediately, keeping both passengers from harm, and the radiator let out a jet of steam as the engine block cracked. The vehicle sputtered and stalled.

Extricating herself from the crushed metal, Jessica walked calmly over to the driver side. Grasping the handle, she effortlessly pulled the door from the vehicle and tossed it behind her. Parker and Kimber looked up at her, both stunned but apparently unharmed.

Pulling him from the Rover by a handful of t-shirt, she noticed that Parker was still sporting his original erection. "Boy, that thing just doesnt give up!" she commented.

He stared back as she held him at arm's length in front of her, his feet dangling. Ogling her up and down, gazing at her unrealistic, hugely developed muscles, he said "Wh-what the hell happened to you?"

She smirked. "What happened doesn't matter. But what's going to happen, now that's a different story."

He scrunched his face in confusion. "Wh-wh-what do you mean? What do you want from me?"

Jessica continued. "Okay. I've been in that company for five years. I know that place inside and out, and I could do your job just as effectively as you do. Hell, I practically do your job'all you do is blow smoke up people's asses. So in the morning, you are going to march your sorry behind into old man Rinkus's office. You are going to tell him that I threatened to quit, and that you simply cannot survive without me. You are going to tell him that I must have an office and a substantial pay increase, and that I will now be your partner as opposed to your 'administrative assistant'. Of course, we both know that I will be the one giving the orders from this point on."

Parker was dumbfounded. "But, but, but what if Rinkus doesn't go for it??" he stammered hysterically.

She drew him closer. "Rinkus loves you, he'll do anything you ask of him. You're a master of bullshit, you'll come up with a reasonable explanation for him. At least you'd better, or next time I come back, I'll pull your whole house down around your sleeping, pompous self. And you know I can do it."

To drive her point home, she flexed her enormous pectorals, inflating her chest out further and further until he was face to face with her breasts. His head was surrounded by muscle, trapped in her rippling cleavage. She released his shirt collar and held him inches off the ground using pure pec-power.

With his hands pressing against her gigantic, dense breasts, he struggled to extract his head from her mammoth cleavage, to no avail. Under any other circumstances he would be enjoying himself beyond belief. Fighting with his throbbing erection, he struggled to gather his thoughts. "O-okay, consider it done," came the response, muffled by the muscled cleavage in which his head was immersed.

"Good boy," she said as she relaxed her immense chest and dropped him to the ground. "Now I'm certain you two will keep quiet about this whole thing. It's not as if anyone would believe you anyway. I'm sure you'll put those bullshitting abilities of yours to good use to concoct some account of what happened. Oh, and Parker, one more thing: if you ever try that stunt you pulled yesterday... well, just take a good look at your motorcycle."

He shuddered at the thought. Kimber, who had been silently watching the proceedings, climbed from the vehicle and came over to him.

Turning, Jessica scooped up her robe from the ground and began to walk down the driveway away from the light. "By the way, I'll be taking the day off, 'Mr. Winston'," she announced over her massive shoulder. "I need to buy some new clothes. Oh, and Kimber, I nearly forgot... you might want to find a new place to work. The Naked Eye is currently undergoing renovation. See you kids later!"

Parker sat, drenched in sweat, his heart thudding like it was going to jump from his chest. As he watched her walking away, she touched something on her hand. A moment later it seemed that her body was getting progressively smaller until she appeared to be back to her original, scrawny self. And then she slipped into the robe, and disappeared into darkness. Kimber sat silently, gazing at the strewn wreckage.

"Whew," Parker snorted. "Now that was an interesting evening."


Somewhere in Cocytus, a plane of existence not commonly associated with our own, the djinn apprentice known as Eugene hung chained to a cold stone wall. Needles of white-hot metal were pierced through his nipples, his lips, his eyelids and his penis. The screams had stopped long ago.

Agog paced in front of him, a great imposing figure who commanded vast power. Here in the Pit, he was overseeing the punishment of the chained acolyte.

"Grimaldi and I decide to go away for a weekend," Agog boomed as he stopped in front of Eugene. "Take a trip, get away from the grind. Play some golf. So what do you decide to do in our absence? Why, you go and manifest yourself on the material plane! Pick up some girls! Hand out power like it was candy! Impetuous fool! Amateur!!"

Eugene simply stared at him (not given a choice, considering his eyelids were pinned back). "But-" he sniveled, trying to clear his throat. "But I've seen Moloch's Amulet used by you and Grimaldi in the past! It's never elicited that kind of reaction-"

"Imbecile!!" Agog interrupted. In an angry fist he held up the pendant which Eugene had used on Jessica. "This! This is not Moloch's Amulet, you insolent whelp! This is the Leviathan Crystal! Do you realize the power you may have unleashed? If that mortal female manages to tap into the energy that now occupies her body, there could be dire consequences! And as if that wasn't bad enough, you then proceeded to give her an artifact to wear! Paymon's Ring is not some trinket, a bauble to be dispensed at your fancy!"

"Wh-what would you have me do, master?" Eugene beseeched.

"You have done enough already!" bellowed Agog. "You will do nothing but hang there until I deem your punishment to be sufficient, even if it takes a millennium. In the meantime, I must attempt to repair the damage you have wrought-"

Whirling, Agog snapped his clawed fingers. A moment later, a stout, repulsive humanoid creature entered the room. "Yes, master?" it hissed.

"Baalberith, I want you to locate the Byth brothers. Have them meet me in my chambers directly. Tell them I have an assignment for them."

"As you wish, m'lord," responded the short troll-like man, and exited the room.

Eugene dangled, watching Agog. "My liege- you're sending the Repo Men?"

Agog wrung his hands together ominously. "Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures..."

To be continued...