By Sleeperkid



            I can't believe how long it's been since I started my secret "combat" career.  I'm 25 now, and I've had my share of battles with girls and boys, usually in my living room.  Now don't go and judge me, which I know you will.  Just what kind of freak is this? It's what you're thinking, right?  Well, forget you, then- Everyone has a secret life.  Everyone has an alter ego that they only share with a few.  That cute bartender can seem like an All-American boy, but deep sown inside he could be a masochist, or a muscle-worshiper, he may even be into watching girls throw up on each other.  Yes, folks-there's a lot of crazy stuff out there, and my special "fetish" is rather tame compared to most.

            My name is Natasha, by the way.  I was born in Russia but came here with my parents when I was 2 years old.  So I'm pretty much an American girl.  I'm about 5'9, with long blonde hair, green eyes, and a lean and athletic figure.  My stats don't really matter, though.  The story I'm about to tell you concerns a younger Natasha.  At age 17.

            I've been doing the wrestling, karate, and fantasy combat scenarios since I was that age, but it's always been in good fun.  We never get hurt, and I make sure that safety is the number one priority.  We end all matches in staged knockouts, which makes it fun for everyone involved.  There's a reason why I'm so vigilant when it comes to safety, a reason that emerged when I had my first fight at my best friend's house.

            Sarah was 16 years old but stood a little taller than me, she was also a gymnast, so her body was a better built than mine.  We had agreed to have a fake "battle" at her mom's request, which may sound weird to you, but at the time sounded like fun.  Sarah's mom was in her mid 30's and had an amazing physique, slender but all muscle.  She had her daughter's gray eyes and brown hair, and she had trained in karate and Tai Kwan Do for the majority of her life. 

            Sarah and I were decked out in pink training bras and white karate gi pants, both barefoot.  We had moved everything in her living room against the wall, and a thick layer of blankets adorned the floor for safety.  Sarah's mom was also decked out in a full karate gi, and she stood us in the middle of the room.

            "Okay, girls." She said gently.  "The first to get a knockout wins.  And remember, no one gets hurt for real.  This is all for fun, ok?"

            We both nodded and got into our karate stances, smiling.

            "Okay-" Sarah's mom said.  "Start."

            And we did.  For 6 rounds Sarah and I traded kicks, blows, and holds.  I won the first 3 rounds with a sleeper hold, a scissors, and a neck chop knockout move that impressed her mom a great deal, but Sarah came back at the end with a sleeper of her own, a pressure point hold, and a lovely figure four scissors that looked real.  We acted out all the knockouts, and I knew that I had found a lifetime calling!  It was the coolest thing I'd ever done.  It's ironic, I suppose, that it turned out the way it did.

            The fateful seventh round started out normally enough, with Sarah and I exchanging some kicks and pulled punches.  Halfway through the match, however, one of Sarah's kicks flew in too hard and struck my crotch.  The impact was hard, and I felt myself gulp as I grasped at my bruised pussy.  Sarah laughed.  I don't know why she did, exactly, but she did, and it pissed me off.  Maybe she thought I was joking around.  Either way, my reaction was as brutal as it was sudden.

            "Bitch!" I yelped, and buried my fist in Sarah's exposed belly.  Her tongue popped out of her mouth as a huge gust of oxygen whooshed out of her.  "OOUUF!!!" was all she could say, as she fell to her knees, clutching her tummy.

I stood over her, my crotch healing, and I laughed back. 

            "That's what you get-" I taunted, not noticing Sarah's mom creeping up behind me.  What I felt next was her hand, in a karate chop form, crashing down on my tender neck.

            "UNNNNH!!" I groaned, and fell to my knees, my body convulsing from the blow to my nerve clusters.  Sarah was in a corner, still trying to catch her breath, as Sarah's mom picked me up by the hair, standing me up and spinning me around to face her.

            "You shouldn't have hit my little girl, cunt." She whispered.  I gasped.  I had never heard Mrs. Brody curse like that before.  It scared me to death.

            My body was still paralyzed, and I could barely breathe as Mrs. Brody got into a karate stance and launched a heavy sidekick to my belly.  I felt it connect, and all of a sudden the air that was in my gut and lungs was outside of my body.  I flew backwards, groaning as I hit the wall.  My head connected with it, and I felt my eyes roll as Mrs. Brody stepped up and peppered my chest and belly with a series of jabs that connected with the frequency of a hummingbird's wings.  Thwap-thwap-thwap-thwap-thwap! was the sound they made, and my "oooh oooh oooh ooooh  ooooooooohfffff!"s matched the blows perfectly.

            I sunk to my knees again, feeling a darkness float over my vision.  Mrs. Brody leaned over and sent a double karate chop that collided with the sides of my neck sending shockwaves through my blood circulation and through several pressure points in that area.  I said "UUUUUH!" and sank down all the way, legs spread, arms limp.  I was on the verge of going out.  Of being knocked unconscious.  I couldn't believe what was happening. 

            In my blurred vision I almost didn't catch Sarah getting up and suddenly leaping on her mom's back, kicking and thrashing, trying to stop her.

            "No, Mom!  Don't!" I could hear her yell.  "She's my best friend!"

            What I saw next made me wish I had been knocked out.  Mrs. Brody flipped her own daughter over, landing her on her back, and immediately dropped an elbow across the little girl's gut.  Sarah said "ooooh!" as her legs convulsed and her torso jackknifed from the blow. 

            "You ungrateful little bitch!" Mrs. Brody screamed, stomping down on her daughter's crotch for emphasis.  "I help you out and this is the thanks I get?"  Sarah just laid there, grasping at her tummy and crotch, groaning. 
            "Fine, then-" Mrs. Brody continued.  "It's time to teach the both of you a lesson!"

            She picked Sarah up by her hair and stood her up, turning her towards me.

            "Stay still, Tasha-" she taunted, knowing that I could barely move.  "You're next!"

            All I could do was groan.  Poor Sarah.  Her eyes fluttered as she struggled to stand. 

            "This, girls, is what I like to call a pressure point barrage." Mrs. Brody announced.  She was enjoying herself!  I could barely absorb the reality of what was going on.  Mrs. Brody got into a kung-fu stance.  A tiger stance, I believe.  Before I could register it, she proceeded to send a total of 10 knife hand jabs to her daughter's back, connecting with pressure points in her spine, neck, and sides.  Sarah's reaction was pitiful and harsh.  Her mouth opened and a series of low grunts escaped her young body as every blow connected.  Her eyes rolled into her head as her young body trembled and buckled.  She had lost control of her nervous system, and a small sliver of drool escaped her lips and dribbled halfway down her chin.

            "Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhh-" was all my best friend could say.

            "uuuuuuuhhh-" was all I could reply.

            Sarah stood there, and I realized with a growing horror that the girl was out cold on her feet.  Mrs. Brody smiled and kissed the back of her daughter's head.

            "Lights out, honey-" She said.  "I'll wake you for dinner later."  Then she tapped Sarah's back lightly with her finger, sending her pitching forward. 

            Sarah's body fell forward limply, and before I could react, her head fell into my crotch, butting it viciously.  "UNGH!" I cried, and all of a sudden I was awake again.  The pain shot me back into reality, and I found I could move.  I stood up slowly, placing my hands in front of me, as if to ward off an evil spirit.

            "Please., Mrs. Brody." I squealed.  "Please don't knock me out-"

            She laughed, placing her hands on her hips.  "Oh really?" she barked.  "You think I'm gonna go light on you after putting my own daughter to sleep?"

            She was talking too much.  It was the chance I was waiting for.

            With a sudden yell I ran forward, head dipped in a ramming position.  My headbutt connected with Mrs. Brody's solar plexus.  Her laughter stopped as a thick, choking sound came out of her throat.  She doubled over and Ilunged upwards, letting the top of my head collide with her chin.

            "Unnnh!" she said, and fell backwards, landing on the couch.  I suddenly had the advantage, and I didn't plan to lose it.  With another massive yell, I ran forward.  Planning to launch a kick to her exposed crotch.  I suddenly felt powerful.  Full of life and strength.  I knew now that the real thing was truly invigorating.  I wanted revenge.  I wanted retribution.  I ran like a wildcat.  I didn't even see Mrs. Brody's legs lift into the air.  I couldn't stop my body from colliding with them.  Her bare feet slammed into my gut, and I felt my cheeks puff out as I sagged. 

            I was at her mercy again as I fell back, landing on my ass.  I grabbed my tummy, saying "oooooooooh-"

            Mrs. Brody reached down, and her eyes burned with hatred that I'd never witnessed before then.  I closed my eyes and waited for the final blow.  Instead, I felt her hands pulling at my pants.  She yanked the gi off of me, leaving me in my pink cotton panties.  The humiliation began to set in, and with a sudden move, Mrs. Brody's thumbs sank into the sides of my temples, pushing in deep.

            "UHHH!" was my reaction to the hold, which began to cut the circulation to my brain.  Mrs. Brody sat in front of me, keeping the hold on strong.

            "Want me to let go?" she asked sweetly.

            I nodded, groaning in pain.

            Mrs. Brody lifted her left leg and pushed her bare foot in front of my face.

            "Lick my feet, then-and I'll let go."  She said.

            I shook my head, disgusted, but the pressure increased, and I could feel the KO coming from afar.  It scared me.

            "Okay-" I muttered weakly.  "Okay.  I'll do it-"

            My tongue dodged out of my mouth and caressed her bare foot's sole, making its way up.  I felt the pressure on the hold decrease as I made my way up her foot, sucking each toe slowly and lovingly, trying to please her.  She offered her right foot and I did the same, licking and bathing her sole with my tired tongue.  Sucking each toe as if it were a sweet cherry.  The more I sucked, the slacker the temple hold became.  Finally she released it, moaning softly in pleasure.  Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Sarah stir, and get to her knees.  She had come to.

            Sarah turned and my eyes widened, warning her to stay quiet.  She was groggy, but she understood.  I continued to suck Mrs. Brody's toes, and her eyes were shut.  She was totally oblivious to her daughter's revival.  I nodded my head slowly, motioning Sarah to get behind her mom.  She did so, and prepared to make her move.  I suddenly stopped sucking, and Mrs. Brody's eyes opened slowly.

            "Did I ask you to stop sucking, bitch?" she snapped.  "I-.wait a second-"

            Mrs. Brody looked around.  "Sarah?" she called.

            "Right here, mommy." Sarah replied, and suddenly leapt on her mom's back, wrapping her arms around her neck in an attempted sleeper hold.  I kicked out, and my foot connected with Mrs. Brody's pussy, digging in deeply.  She grunted and stood up, trying to shake Sarah off.  I stood up and sent another kick to her crotch.  She grunted again, and just as Sarah's sleeper appeared to take effect, Mrs. Brody jumped backwards, landing on the ground, and directly on her daughter, hard.

            "UUUUUGHHH!" Sarah groaned, as she released the sleeper.

            No! I thought. We can't let her recover-..

            It was too late, though.  I realized that when Mrs. Brody's foot connected with my pussy.  I yelped and fell back, in complete and utter pain.  Mrs. Brody grabbed her daughter in a bearhug, squeezing as she ran towards me.  I could hear Sarah grunt as her body collided with mine, sending me to the ground, flat on my back.

            Mrs. Brody pressed her daughter's body high over her head and dropped her, face down, across mine.  Sarah's chest collided with my belly and my body lurched forward reflexively, my young cheeks puffing out a gust of wind as I grunted heavily.  Sarah groaned on top of me.  She was almost out again. 

            Mrs. Brody laughed as she sat us up next to each other.  She leaned our bodies against the wall so we wouldn't fall over, and proceeded to apply a nerve pinch to the sides of our necks, one with each hand.  We both made light grunting sounds, squealing softly as the pinch did it's work.  Our bodies convulsed together, and it almost looked like we were dancing.  Then we slowly began to go limp, paralyzed by the hold.  We were completely and fully conscious, but we couldn't move.

            Mrs. Brody slowly removed her daughter's gi, exposing her white panties.  She spread our legs, interlocking them.  We were completely limp, and all we could do was moan and sigh softly.

            Mrs. Brody finally sat back and admired her work.

            "You two look so pretty!" she laughed.  "But enough's enough.  It's time for the both of you to go to bed.  After all, it's getting late!"

            We both tried to plead, but nothing came out.  Just a long sigh.

            Mrs. Brody sat in front of us and did a beautiful split, using her hands to elevate herself like the a gymnast on a wooden horse.

            I wondered mindlessly what she was doing.  She pushed herself closer to us, and it suddenly dawned on me.  I tried to beg again.  I tried to yell.

            Nothing came out.

            Her legs suddenly closed like a Venus Flytrap, and the sides of her feet swung shut on the sides of our heads.  Her ankle buried itself into my temple, and it did the same on Sarah's side.  The force of the leg crush slammed our heads together, sealing the other side of our temples in a knockout kiss.

            You know how they have stars floating around a cartoon character's head after he gets Koed?  Well-that didn't happen.  There was a bright flash of light, the slight sound of Sarah's final grunt, and then I was out.  Out like a light.  My entire body shuddered and relaxed.

            It was over.






            When I came to, I was already home in bed.  Mrs. Brody had told my mom that I had fallen asleep and that she didn't want to wake me.  So my mom picked me up and took me home.  I was in my pajamas, under my cover, when reality came crashing back in.  I called out to my mom.  She came in quickly.

            "Are you okay, baby?" she asked.  "Mrs. Brody told me you were tuckered out!"

            I tried to put it as gently as possible.

            "Mom-" I started.  "I know you and Mrs. Brody have been friends for a long time, but there's something you need to know."

            My mom smiled.  She looked enlightened all of a sudden.  I didn't like it.

            "Oh," she whispered.  "So Samantha knocked you out with some karate moves today?"

            I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

            "Wha-what?" I stammered.  "You know about that?"

            My mom smiled widely.

            "Of course," she said softly.  "Who do you think taught her?"

            I was in shock.  I couldn't move.

            "It's time for bed, honey-" my mom continued, gently putting her hand on my shoulder. 

            "But mom-" I tried to say.

            "Shhh-" my mom said.  "Just go to sleep."

            My mom's thumb began to massage a spot on my neck.  I barely noticed my eyelids getting heavier.

            "Mom-." I whispered.  "What-.what are you doing?"

            My mom smiled again.

            "Samantha's always been so rough!" She said, rubbing deeper into the nerve she was pinching shut.  I felt my body go numb as my eyes rolled into my head.

            "There are easier ways to send someone to sleep-." She said.

            I fell back onto the bed, her hand still applying the nerve pinch.  The funny thing was, it actually felt relaxing.  Like a gentle massage on fast forward.

            "I'll teach you to do this, soon, sweetie-." Was the last thing I heard my mom say before slipping into a deep state of unconsciousness.