Wonder Woman and friends

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Wonderwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl and other superheroine stories


The Perils of Batgirl, by The Weatherman
The Perils of Batgirl II; (long story) by the Weatherman
Batgirl and Catwoman team up; (long story), by an210705
Batgirl becomes Catwoman's sex slave, by JRuff87373@aol.com
Batgirl and Wonder Woman; (long story)
Batgirl and friends, by DMC
Batgirl and friends; Bat trap, by RPH
Batgirl and Robin, by Ann Douglas

Catwoman - Double standard, By The Bear
Catwoman and Robin, by Ann Douglas
Selina and Bruce, By PGLoverX
Selina and Dick, By PGLoverX

Various Superheroines

The Femme 4, Vengeance of a crimelord
The Femme 4, conclusion
The Therapist
The Vinyl solution
The helpless heroines, by Jake Hamilton
The Heroines who became willing Somno-Villianesses
The humiliation of Lady Supreme, by M D James
Robin on patrol, by Ann Douglas
The Huntress and Robin
The Doctor - a Lois Lane story
Elektra - chapter 1 Story of young prof and his beautiful Velorian superheroine sidekick.
Elektra - chapter 2 Continues....
Elektra - chapter 3 Continues....
Captain Marvel unraveled, By PGLoverX
Kara, By PGLoverX


An End to Loneliness (Archangel and Psylocke), by Benjamin Wick
Dark Phoenix, by PJ
Psylocke's erotic adventures, by PJ
The conditioning of Psylocke, by Solar

Wonder Woman

You'll find a gallery of Wonder Woman pictures in the West Wing

Wonder Woman; versus Baroness von Gunther
The crushing of Wonder Woman, by Tenorio
Wonder Woman versus the Justice League
Wonder Woman versus the blonde
Wonder Woman; The call of Cthulhu
The Domination of Wonder Woman (long story)
The Domination of Wonder Woman II (long story)
Wonder Woman and Fausta
Wonder Woman versus the invisible maniac
Wonder Woman; The puppetmaster
Wonder Woman; The rules of the game, by The Bear
Wonder Woman; Sweet revenge
The capture of Wonder Woman by Willow
For the want of a nail, by Jason Thorn
Seduced by a vampire, by Jason Thorn
Origin of a Superheroine

Wonder Woman and the satyr
Wonder Woman vs the Shadow Warrior, by The Bear
Wonder Woman - Slave training
The Taming of Wonder Woman, by Tenorio
Wonder Woman wonder, by Nergd
Wonder Women's pregnant adventure
Wonder Woman vs Dr Schwatz
Wonder Woman - webs of evil
Wonder Woman vs Dr Giggles
A Super tale, with Wonder Lady, by Kaol
The Other Side of Paradise, by Nergd

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