Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Movies first added in 1997

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Movies first added in 05/97

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Blonde Rage 2 (Sharon Marvel vs Karla Nelsen) trailer avi16012000:1412Yes 136801/02/1997
Blonde Rage (Dawn Whitham vs Karla Nelsen) trailer avi16012000:1412Yes 140201/02/1997
She grows and becomes huge avi40023100:0515No 146801/02/1997
Not in my Backyard (Sally McNeil) trailer avi16012000:1212Yes 125801/02/1997
Sell This (Dawn Whitham) trailer avi16012000:1012Yes 105301/02/1997
Thea's Revenge, Thea Bennington, Donna Day and an unfortunate man trailer avi16012000:0612Yes 77301/02/1997
Wonder Woman bends a tyre iron double avi36427600:0518No 110801/02/1997

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  • Movies first added in 06/97

    DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
    She lifts him up avi32024000:0825No 200601/02/1997

    Movies first added in 07/97

    DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
    Arm wrestling - he tries as hard as he can, to no avail mpg32024000:3030Yes 393201/02/1997
    A very thorough face-sit mpg32024001:0125Yes 382401/02/1997
    She beats him at arm wrestling again mpg32024000:3030Yes 393201/02/1997
    She flexes, then joins him in bed mpg30422800:3030Yes 356601/02/1997
    Dawn Whitham arm wrestling mpg32024000:3030Yes 394401/02/1997
    Athena's biceps grow mov24018000:0129Yes 84401/02/1997
    Athena's biceps grow avi24018000:0129Yes 3301/02/1997
    She throws him, then knocks him out mov15211200:1615Yes 156301/02/1997
    She throws him, then knocks him out avi15211200:1615Yes 68801/02/1997
    "I'm looking for a blacksmith ... but you're a woman!" mov15211200:2215Yes 184101/02/1997
    "I'm looking for a blacksmith ... but you're a woman!" avi15211200:2215Yes 56401/02/1997
    The worlds most beautiful crime fighters mov25619200:208Yes 104101/02/1997
    The worlds most beautiful crime fighters avi25619200:208Yes 65201/02/1997
    Watch her grow avi39684800:0415No 351801/02/1997
    A gymnast does a double somersault avi16012000:1712Yes 156901/02/1997
    She takes on the crowd, and wins avi16012000:3815Yes 148201/02/1997
    She takes on the crowd, and wins mov16012000:3815Yes 155801/02/1997
    Martial arts trailer avi25619200:298Yes 138701/02/1997

    Movies first added in October and November 1997

    DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
    Her legs grow huge avi23425000:0110No 64018/10/1997
    Arm flex avi37223600:0224No 31421/10/1997
    Victory flex from runners avi36024800:0524No 59222/10/1997
    She curls a heavy bar, easily avi24027200:0924No 50323/10/1997
    Muscle women flex out of their clothes mpg32024000:2724Yes 205630/10/1997
    Toughwoman contest mpg35224000:0530No 74031/10/1997
    Toughwoman contest mpg35224000:2530No 339501/11/1997
    Introducing ... Go-Girl! avi16012001:1015Yes 236202/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 (Sharon Marvel vs Karla Nelsen) avi32024001:0430Yes 1176003/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024001:0430Yes 302103/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024001:2130Yes 1289704/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024001:2130Yes 381804/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024000:5330Yes 883105/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024000:5330Yes 247705/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024000:3330Yes 581706/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024000:3330Yes 158406/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024000:4125Yes 622707/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024000:4125Yes 195607/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024000:5630Yes 907508/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024000:5630Yes 265008/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 avi32024001:3230Yes 1445009/11/1997
    Blonde Rage 2 mpg32024001:3230Yes 433009/11/1997
    Go-girl; a fight avi16012000:5715Yes 277413/11/1997
    Go-girl; another fight avi16012000:5815Yes 267014/11/1997
    Go-girl; the finale avi16012003:3215Yes 969512/11/1997
    Go-girl; a fight avi16012001:1115Yes 288916/11/1997
    Go-girl; the big fight avi16012003:3115Yes 1003518/11/1997
    Go-girl; the entire second movie avi1208830:5515Yes 4742320/11/1997
    Michele vs Barrett - it isn't fair, she's bigger than he is avi16012007:1815Yes 1382922/11/1997

    Maxine Legroom Sixx; a video devoted to legs. There's also video captures in the West Wing of the Art Gallery, and you can buy the video in the Shopping Mall

    DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; legs and stairs avi16012001:1325No 332315/01/1998
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; legs and boots and kicks avi16012001:1325No 303618/01/1998
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; legs and lifting avi16012001:0925No 343321/01/1998
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; legs and Pillow avi16012001:1325No 286224/01/1998
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; legs and cycling avi16012001:1325No 277827/01/1998
    Maxine Legroom Sixx; huge calves avi16012001:1325No 208230/01/1998