Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Strength related themes

This movie theatre is on various strength related themes.

See also part one of this theatre

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

Strength related themes, part 2

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Leg wrestling mpg35228801:5525Yes 1466307/07/1999
Boxing knockout mpg35228800:5825Yes 735610/07/1999
Wrestling lifts and throws mpg35228800:4525Yes 576213/07/1999
Circus trapeze mpg35228801:3525Yes 1213916/07/1999
Weight training mpg35228800:2125Yes 268319/07/1999
Deadlift mpg35228801:0725Yes 859422/07/1999
Deadlift mpg35228802:1125Yes 1677025/07/1999
Beer glass lifting mpg35228801:4725Yes 1366628/07/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228802:0125Yes 1555231/07/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:4325Yes 545203/08/1999
Shot put and weightlifting mpg35228801:4225Yes 1296406/08/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:2625Yes 339009/08/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:0125Yes 774912/08/1999
Training and armwrestling mpg35228802:0425Yes 1594315/08/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:3225Yes 416418/08/1999
Lifting and holding a car battery mpg35228801:2425Yes 1070721/08/1999
Beer barrel lifting mpg35228800:3125Yes 400524/08/1999
Curls mpg35228800:4625Yes 589027/08/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228801:2925Yes 1138830/08/1999
Bench press, squat and weightlifting mpg35228801:3325Yes 1181302/09/1999
Weightlifting and dumbells mpg35228801:4725Yes 1373205/09/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:3625Yes 456408/09/1999
Overhead lift mpg35228801:4725Yes 1369411/09/1999
Athletes mpg35228802:0025Yes 1529214/09/1999
Shot put mpg35228801:5825Yes 1516217/09/1999
Discus mpg35228801:2625Yes 1100820/09/1999
Tamara Grimwood benching 400 pounds mpg35228801:1125Yes 911123/09/1999
Tamara Grimwood's benching workout mpg35228801:5825Yes 1516226/09/1999
Tamara Grimwood's benching workout mpg35228802:0125Yes 1539029/09/1999
Tamara Grimwood's benching workout mpg35228802:3225Yes 1952202/10/1999
Tearing a phone book in half mpg35228801:0625Yes 845605/10/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:5825Yes 736008/10/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:0925Yes 879211/10/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:3825Yes 488314/10/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:1125Yes 905117/10/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:5625Yes 1474520/10/1999
Tug of war mpg35228800:1925Yes 250523/10/1999
Alphie Newman working out mpg35228800:5925Yes 749626/10/1999
The world's strongest teenager mpg35228801:0025Yes 768329/10/1999
Alphie Newman mpg35228800:4725Yes 599801/11/1999
Jeanin Lionet's Strongwoman act, juggling cannon balls mpg35228800:4025Yes 507904/11/1999
Jeanin Lionet's Strongwoman act, tearing the phone book mpg35228801:0025Yes 767707/11/1999
Jeanin Lionet's Strongwoman act, spinning the barbell mpg35228801:3125Yes 1168510/11/1999
Circus, on the rings mpg35228801:0125Yes 774513/11/1999
Circus, on the rings mpg35228801:0125Yes 779116/11/1999
Circus, on the rings mpg35228801:0125Yes 775319/11/1999
Circus, on the rings mpg35228800:5825Yes 741622/11/1999
Lorry loading mpg35228801:0025Yes 768725/11/1999
Lorry loading mpg35228801:0125Yes 781328/11/1999
Lorry loading mpg35228800:5325Yes 676701/12/1999
Lorry loading mpg35228800:2125Yes 266304/12/1999
Swinging the hammer mpg35228800:3925Yes 498507/12/1999