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Diana the Valkyrie's Movie Theatre, miscellaneous from 1998 and 1999

A hard man is good to beat

The main Movie Theatre

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are. There's a lot of different Movie Theatres here.

A little girl and her pony.

The little girl is Nicole Bass, not so little! And the horse is a Nicole-sized horse called Aramis. There's also some bareback riding, and ring riding. And before you get too excited, "bareback" in this context means that the horse is naked, not necessarily the rider. No horses were whipped or abused in the making of these video clips, and the men were just fine a few days later.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Nicole warming Aramis up avi16012001:0012Yes 259916/02/1998
Nicole warming Aramis up avi16012000:5612Yes 238923/02/1998
Mounting up avi16012001:1512Yes 310702/03/1998
Riding along avi16012001:0712Yes 253009/03/1998
Aramis under control avi16012001:0412Yes 246016/03/1998
Nicole riding Aramis avi16012001:0712Yes 257323/03/1998
Back end of a horse avi16012000:5812Yes 238030/03/1998
Walking the horse avi16012000:4612Yes 281406/04/1998
Bareback riding avi16012001:0612Yes 318613/04/1998
More bareback riding avi16012001:0012Yes 339820/04/1998
More bareback riding avi16012000:4512Yes 274227/04/1998
A horse and Nicole avi16012001:1412Yes 391904/05/1998
Riding in the ring avi16012001:0012Yes 307411/05/1998
Riding in the ring avi16012001:0012Yes 257018/05/1998
Riding in the ring avi16012001:0012Yes 254525/05/1998
Riding in the ring avi16012001:5212Yes 488301/06/1998

Complete videos

These are complete videos. The first one is about Cathy discovering a dishonest burglar in her apartment, and what she does to him. The dialogue is all in French, and so is the action.

In the second video, Cathy has to deal with an impertinent photographer.

In the third one, Tina and Dawn work in an office, and are rivals for David, the boss. And when one of them gets the other one fired, there's a fight!

You can order the videos that these clips came from, email alphae69@aol.com

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Cathy vs the burglar, part 1 mpg17614407:3125Yes 2217210/02/1999
Cathy vs the burglar, part 2 mpg17614407:3125Yes 2215217/02/1999
Cathy vs the burglar, part 3 mpg17614407:2425Yes 2204624/02/1999
Cathy vs the photographer, part 1 mpg17614407:2625Yes 2210710/03/1999
Cathy vs the photographer, part 2 mpg17614407:2325Yes 2199117/03/1999
Cathy vs the photographer, part 3 mpg17614407:2325Yes 2203024/03/1999
Office Politics; Tina vs Dawn, part 1 mpg17614407:2625Yes 2210710/04/1999
Office Politics; Tina vs Dawn, part 2 mpg17614407:2325Yes 2197310/04/1999
Office Politics; Tina vs Dawn, part 3 mpg17614407:2925Yes 2208710/04/1999
Paloma posing, part 1 mpg17614404:5725Yes 1412710/03/1999
Paloma posing, part 2 mpg17614404:5725Yes 1412717/03/1999
Paloma posing, part 3 mpg17614404:5825Yes 1407324/03/1999
Paloma posing and wrestling, part 4 mpg17614405:0125Yes 1420731/03/1999
Paloma wrestling, part 5 mpg17614404:5825Yes 1407307/04/1999
Paloma wrestling, part 6 mpg17614404:5825Yes 1410014/04/1999
Paloma wrestling, part 7 mpg17614404:5825Yes 1407321/04/1999
Paloma wrestling, part 8 mpg17614404:5725Yes 1407328/04/1999
Paloma wrestling, part 9 mpg17614408:0325Yes 2282005/05/1999

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