Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Videos put up in 2008

This movie theatre is for miscellaneous videos put up in 2009 (most videos are in specific Movie Theatres)

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

Bodybuilding videos

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
The Nationals, 2008 mpg64048000:4130Yes 5178624/02/2009
Colette Nelson and Roseanne, 2008 wmv64048000:2830Yes 787216/03/2009
Amanda Dunbar mpg64048001:2825Yes 3120404/08/2009
Amanda Dunbar mpg64048000:5825Yes 2046004/08/2009
Kaylie Perry nats callouts, 1 mpg64048000:1925Yes 663629/08/2009
Kaylie Perry nats callouts, 2 mpg64048000:4825Yes 1714212/09/2009

Other videos

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Amazing asian amazon 25 from here mpg35248000:3230Yes 968811/01/2009
Femdom from here wmv64048002:0930Yes 1331816/01/2009
Nervous calves, nervous feet from here wmv72048000:5730Yes 715317/01/2009
Rita cream heels calf feeling from here wmv72048001:2430Yes 806119/01/2009
Oily final from here wmv32024002:0630Yes 2831816/01/2009
Rug 1from here wmv64048002:0630Yes 1314619/01/2009
Silver Blaze, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv32024000:4030Yes 238622/01/2009
Beatupfrom here wmv64048002:4930Yes 2088924/01/2009
Calf feelingfrom here wmv72048001:2530Yes 880029/01/2009
Pec bouncing wmv40030001:2630Yes 969329/01/2009
Cat dancing on the dynadiscfrom here wmv72048001:0430Yes 481603/02/2009
Astat 1from here wmv64048002:0730Yes 1189604/02/2009
Astat 2from here wmv64048002:0730Yes 1699809/02/2009
Blue bikini from here wmv64048002:0930Yes 620513/02/2009
Three girls from here wmv32024002:0530Yes 600313/02/2009
Three girls - finalefrom here wmv32024003:0330Yes 887313/02/2009
Lynn and the pool wmv40030001:4530Yes 1456819/02/2009
Rita making her calves ball upfrom here wmv72048001:0730Yes 572420/02/2009
Cat on tiptoes to fix a light switchfrom here wmv128072000:2530Yes 1944324/02/2009
Milf 38 from here wmv64048002:0130Yes 601226/02/2009
Jill's toe point from here wmv72048001:2130Yes 976303/03/2009
Elsa Black 04 from here wmv32024002:0730Yes 1149806/03/2009
Elsa Yves from here wmv32024002:0730Yes 1149012/03/2009
March Elsa Black 04 from here wmv32024002:0730Yes 1127118/03/2009
March Elsa Yves from here wmv32024002:0630Yes 1148224/03/2009
Colette Nelson - Cruelty to plums mpg32024004:1630Yes 2792826/03/2009
Arms from here wmv32024002:0630Yes 620518/03/2009
Chris making calves in heelsfrom here wmv72048000:1730Yes 215821/03/2009
Chris on her belly making calvesfrom here wmv72048000:2930Yes 417424/03/2009
Fifteen calf raisesfrom here wmv72048000:5030Yes 1111229/03/2009
Jill calf balls and hamstrings, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:3030Yes 5942822/03/2009
Challenge completefrom here wmv64048011:3530Yes 4549324/03/2009
Catalini does calf raises from here wmv72048000:3330Yes 392524/03/2009
Mitzi's restless feet gladiator sandals, hi-def from here wmv128072001:0930Yes 4567028/03/2009
Jill feeling her calf, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:5430Yes 2504531/03/2009
Lorraine makes calves in gladiator sandals, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:0430Yes 4719308/04/2009
Ginger's neck veins bulge as she talks about her career, hi-deffrom here wmv128072002:0830Yes 7749809/04/2009
Blue Angel, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv32024000:2130Yes 111809/04/2009
Lorraine does five calf raises on the rail, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:1730Yes 1173211/04/2009
Lorraine makes calves lying on her belly, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:1630Yes 1238815/04/2009
Lorraine's calves in capris and cream heelsfrom here wmv72048000:5130Yes 660721/04/2009
Squirming calves in cream heels, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:0930Yes 4558413/04/2009
Theresa-Yvesfrom here wmv32024002:0630Yes 1147417/04/2009
Helga's return from here wmv32024065:2030Yes 16991818/04/2009
Cat's calves on the bedfrom here wmv72048000:5430Yes 874323/04/2009
Big Betty mpg102476800:5424Yes 557423/04/2009
Cat in skirt and patent leather pumps, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:3130Yes 2382629/04/2009
Theresa-Yvesfrom here wmv32024002:0630Yes 1146729/04/2009
Cat feels her left calf, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:2330Yes 6113905/05/2009
Lorraine does 20 calf raises, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:5130Yes 3770906/05/2009
Ultima, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv32024000:2930Yes 168011/05/2009
Amazing asian amazon 26-1 from here mpg35248000:2930Yes 858016/05/2009
Amazing asian amazon 26-2 from here mpg35248000:2530Yes 700626/05/2009
Jumping calves and Debussy, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:2430Yes 4445116/05/2009
Amazing asian amazon 27-1 from here mpg35248000:1630Yes 490629/05/2009
Lilly's perfect little feet and hard little calvesfrom here wmv128072001:0530Yes 4913825/05/2009
Cat squirming her oily calvesfrom here wmv72048000:4030Yes 479213/06/2009
1000from here wmv72048000:0930Yes 198916/06/2009
Cat gets measuredfrom here wmv72048000:3530Yes 462319/06/2009
Cat goes upstairsfrom here wmv72048000:1430Yes 366722/06/2009
Whats going onfrom here wmv72048000:2630Yes 217425/06/2009
Mitzi's calves and chop in hi-def from here wmv128072001:2830Yes 5282617/06/2009
Mitzi shows off to chop in hi-def from here wmv128072001:2130Yes 5086523/06/2009
NY pro show, hires Quicktime from here mp464048002:3630Yes 6972123/06/2009
NY pro show, wmv from here wmv40030002:3630Yes 2178723/06/2009
Amazing asian amazon 27-2 from here mpg35248000:2730Yes 810422/06/2009
Amazing asian amazon 28-1 from here mpg35248000:2730Yes 790229/06/2009
Amazing asian amazon 28-2 from here mpg35248000:1830Yes 542605/07/2009
Total calf control from here wmv72048001:0230Yes 518604/07/2009
Christine's greasy calves, hi-def from here wmv128072001:0730Yes 4343516/07/2009
Big Betty mpg102476801:0724Yes 684717/07/2009
Lilly calf movement, hi-def from here wmv128072001:1430Yes 4027120/07/2009
Gretchen seated calf raises from here wmv72048000:4530Yes 459123/07/2009
Cat barefoot calf raises in the play fort from here wmv72048001:4030Yes 2557501/08/2009
Mat-augrachjoh from here wmv64048002:0330Yes 1245103/08/2009
Christine dangles from here wmv72048000:3630Yes 382004/08/2009
Titaness mpg72048004:3130Yes 11831606/08/2009
CyberEve mpg72048004:2930Yes 11263412/08/2009
Ultima mpg72048001:1130Yes 3288618/08/2009
Gretchen standing calf raises from here wmv72048000:4830Yes 1226806/08/2009
Caroline standing calf raises from here wmv72048001:3130Yes 1124108/08/2009
Caroline's shredded calves from here wmv72048001:1230Yes 706509/08/2009
The Chosen One, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv32024001:0030Yes 365510/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 27-2b from here mpg72048000:4130Yes 3821812/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 28 from here mpg72048002:1330Yes 12271212/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 31 from here mpg72048001:3230Yes 5845218/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 34 from here mpg72048001:0730Yes 4140424/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 44 from here mpg72048000:3230Yes 2016427/08/2009
Amazing asian amazon 45 from here mpg72048000:4530Yes 2892431/08/2009
Titaness ass video mpg72048004:3230Yes 22100216/08/2009
Scarlett, intimate aggression mpg72048002:3630Yes 9113426/08/2009
Serena the vampire - rampage mpg72048001:0130Yes 3194206/09/2009
Gretchen, tummy and calves from here wmv128072000:2630Yes 1306018/08/2009
Gretchen, between buildings from here wmv72048000:4430Yes 384522/08/2009
Gretchen dusts from here wmv72048000:4130Yes 535425/08/2009
Lorraine going slowly up the steps from here wmv72048001:1630Yes 895230/08/2009
Gretchen grinding gravel from here wmv72048000:3130Yes 321803/09/2009
Amazing asian amazon 46 from here mpg72048001:0330Yes 4011209/09/2009
Passion's groove from here wmv72048001:1730Yes 2006610/09/2009
Passion lifts the photographer with her calves from here wmv128072000:5830Yes 4442815/09/2009
Amazing asian amazon 47 from here mpg72048000:3730Yes 2340414/09/2009
Passion standing calf, hi-def from here wmv128072000:5630Yes 4228714/09/2009
Cat changing pumps and making calves from here wmv72048001:5830Yes 1036615/09/2009
Amazing asian amazon 48 from here mpg72048001:1630Yes 4843819/09/2009
Amazing asian amazon 50 from here mpg72048000:5130Yes 3146022/09/2009
Passion squirming calves, hi-def from here wmv128072000:5830Yes 4375624/09/2009
Rendezvous from here wmv128072000:4530Yes 3442025/09/2009
Lovely Rita's sexy legs from here wmv64048005:3330Yes 4016126/09/2009
Gretchen, calf raises in heels from here wmv72048000:5130Yes 856608/10/2009
Gretchen, in the hall from here wmv72048000:4630Yes 318618/10/2009
Gretchen, shoe play from here wmv72048000:4030Yes 729828/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 56 from here mpg72048000:3630Yes 2241410/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 61 from here mpg72048000:1830Yes 1087916/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 61-2 from here mpg72048000:5630Yes 3424622/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 63 from here mpg72048001:3230Yes 5766426/10/2009
Norma feels Deedee's calf from here wmv64048001:2430Yes 2637023/10/2009
Mitzi and Mr Cucumber from here wmv64048000:5130Yes 472026/10/2009
Caroline dusting from here wmv72048001:2730Yes 1116927/10/2009
Mindy Nicolets squirming calves from here wmv128072001:2830Yes 5945129/10/2009
Rachelledusting from here wmv72048001:4230Yes 2303831/10/2009
Mindy Nicolets squirming calves - 2 from here wmv64048001:3730Yes 938631/10/2009
MKathy vs Doug, part 1 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 260501/11/2009
MKathy vs Doug, part 2 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 258411/11/2009
MKathy vs Doug, part 3 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 258721/11/2009
MKathy vs Jonnel, part 1 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 259405/11/2009
MKathy vs Jonnel, part 2 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 260015/11/2009
MKathy vs Jonnel, part 3 from here mpg35224000:1530Yes 259625/11/2009
Wonder Nicky, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv64048000:4030Yes 360730/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 58 from here mpg72048000:1730Yes 1535431/10/2009
Amazing asian amazon 105 from here mpg72048000:0330Yes 307104/11/2009
Mighty Girl, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv64048000:2030Yes 163809/11/2009
Amazing asian amazon 81 from here mpg72048000:3730Yes 3057011/11/2009
Amazing asian amazon 85 from here mpg72048000:4830Yes 4165418/11/2009
Silver Blaze, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv64048000:2930Yes 252924/11/2009
Amazing asian amazon 87 from here mpg72048001:0930Yes 5974405/12/2009
Lorraine making calf balls from here wmv64048001:0730Yes 481607/12/2009
Lorraine dusting from here wmv64048001:0530Yes 730609/12/2009
Gretchen doing seated calf raises wearing a granny dress from here wmv72048001:1830Yes 574015/12/2009
Gretchen oily calf action from here wmv64048001:1330Yes 582019/12/2009
Lilly's perfect feet and hard little calves from here wmv64048001:2130Yes 911323/12/2009
Amazing asian amazon 102 from here mpg72048000:4530Yes 3965615/12/2009
Gretchen doing calf raises in rolled up jeans from here wmv72048001:1530Yes 727425/12/2009
Teresa calf raises in cross trainers from here wmv72048001:1830Yes 929021/12/2009
Teresa calf raises in stiletto heels from here wmv72048000:5530Yes 645522/12/2009
Teresa oiling her left calf from here wmv72048001:5830Yes 1452623/12/2009
Teresa oiling her right calf from here wmv72048000:5530Yes 780424/12/2009
Teresa putting out a cigarette from here wmv72048001:2830Yes 969925/12/2009
Agent Eve, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv64048000:2130Yes 214628/12/2009
Amazing asian amazon 94 from here mpg72048001:0230Yes 5579329/12/2009