Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Fawnia's Flexy Flicks

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Fawnia's Flexy Flicks

Fitness model, "Fawnia Mondey" shows off her incredible flexibility and physique.

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DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Dance lessons avi64048000:2830Yes 2117716/01/2001
Dance lessons mpg32024000:2730Yes 376916/01/2001
Fawnia pumps it up mpg32024000:5630Yes 765401/02/2001
Fawnia does the splits on the pole mpg32024000:3030Yes 411208/02/2001
Slamming down into splits, then circle-splits mpg32024000:2730Yes 376615/02/2001
Working the pole, dressing up, splitting down mov25619200:5130Yes 306621/02/2001
Exotic dance moves wmv32024001:0815Yes 451521/02/2005
Exotic dance moves wmv32024000:4430Yes 292611/01/2006
Exotic dance moves wmv32024000:3215Yes 53021/01/2006
Exotic dance moves wmv32024000:5115Yes 94201/02/2006
Exotic dance moves wmv32024000:3515Yes 60321/02/2006