Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie


The adventures of Go-Girl and El Frenetico

These two superheroes have three adventures. Usually, the high-kicking martial arts expert Go-girl has to rescue her larger lumbering partner El Frenetico.

Each episode is about half an hour, so I've used a smaller window for digitising than I usually do, and each file is ten minutes or so. Even so, the files are 30mb to 45 mb in size. This means that a two-channel ISDN will take 30 to 45 minutes for the download. If you have a 14.4 modem, forget it, unless you're happy with a 12 hour download. If do find that your modem is being interrupted partway, you should look at >Getright This software lets you resume a download if it broke in the middle, useful with big files.

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
The trailer mpg16011209:5930Yes 3877005/06/1999
Crime of Fashion, part 1 mpg16011209:0830Yes 3582118/06/1999
Crime of Fashion, part 2 mpg16011208:3230Yes 3346725/06/1999
Crime of Fashion, part 3 mpg16011208:5630Yes 3500102/07/1999
The Wax Terror, part 1 mpg16011210:1530Yes 4014509/07/1999
The Wax Terror, part 2 mpg16011210:0130Yes 3923116/07/1999
The Wax Terror, part 3 mpg16011210:4030Yes 4178123/07/1999
Shades of Crime, part 1 mpg16011210:3330Yes 4138130/07/1999
Shades of Crime, part 2 mpg16011210:5730Yes 4291706/08/1999
Shades of Crime, part 3 mpg16011211:3030Yes 4507313/08/1999