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Lift and Carry

This movie theatre is mostly about Lift and Carry. The best source for Lift and Carry material, is generally agreed to be Jeff Urband of Liftnet.

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Lift and Carry

Old Muscle Beach stuff; monochrome, mostly good quality.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Muscle Beach, part 1 mpg35224000:5930Yes 758222/02/1999
Muscle Beach, part 2 mpg35224000:5630Yes 728006/03/1999
Muscle Beach, part 3 mpg35224000:5930Yes 759322/03/1999
Muscle Beach, part 4 mpg35224001:0230Yes 801306/04/1999
Muscle Beach, part 5 mpg35224000:5630Yes 727622/04/1999
Muscle Beach, part 6 mpg35224001:0330Yes 821306/05/1999
Muscle Beach, part 7 mpg35224000:5630Yes 721422/05/1999
Muscle Beach, part 8 mpg35224001:0230Yes 790906/06/1999
Muscle Beach, part 9 mpg35224001:0130Yes 789322/06/1999
Muscle Beach, part 10 mpg35224000:5830Yes 744106/07/1999
Muscle Beach, part 11 mpg35224001:0230Yes 797922/07/1999
Muscle Beach, part 12 mpg35224000:5930Yes 767706/08/1999
Muscle Beach, part 13 mpg35224000:2430Yes 308222/08/1999
Muscle Beach, part 14 mpg35224001:0230Yes 796806/09/1999
Weight lifting mpg35224000:4830Yes 620406/10/1999
Mid-air somersault mpg35224000:2730Yes 354022/10/1999
Muscle Beach, part 15 mpg35224000:4430Yes 571206/11/1999
Muscle Beach, part 16 mpg35224000:5630Yes 734422/11/1999
Muscle Beach, part 17 mpg35224000:5930Yes 759606/12/1999
Muscle Beach, part 18 mpg35224000:5930Yes 763422/12/1999
Muscle Beach, part 19 mpg35224001:0130Yes 796606/01/2000
Muscle Beach, part 20 mpg35224000:0530Yes 68022/01/2000
Muscle Beach, part 21 mpg35224000:5130Yes 665806/02/2000
Muscle Beach, part 22 mpg35224000:3130Yes 406722/02/2000
Muscle Beach, part 23 mpg35224000:5330Yes 690306/03/2000
Muscle Beach, part 24 mpg35224000:4130Yes 535622/03/2000
Muscle Beach, part 25 mpg35224000:5030Yes 644506/04/2000
Muscle Beach, part 26 mpg35224000:2630Yes 338822/04/2000

Various clips

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Mrs Peel in an across-shoulders carry mpg35224000:1930Yes 295712/05/1998
An across-shoulders airplane spin mpg35224000:2830Yes 431217/05/1998
A cradle carry mpg35224000:1430Yes 210522/05/1998
A fireman's lift and carry mpg35224000:1230Yes 199327/05/1998
He leaps up into her arms mpg35224000:0430Yes 60002/06/1998
A cradle carry mpg35224000:1030Yes 157107/06/1998
Circus head-carry mpg35224001:2030Yes 1214512/06/1998
A head-carry mpg35224000:1430Yes 217417/06/1998
He leaps up into her arms mpg35224000:2230Yes 331822/06/1998
She twirls him round, then lets go mpg35224000:1030Yes 153127/06/1998
A cradle carry mpg35224000:3530Yes 532202/07/1998
Two body slams mpg35224000:1830Yes 283307/07/1998
Cradle carry mpg35224001:0730Yes 1012712/07/1998
Over the shoulder carry mpg35224001:0030Yes 903817/07/1998
"Please put me down" mpg35224001:0030Yes 903822/07/1998
"Pretty Please" mpg35224001:0030Yes 903827/07/1998
"Pretty Please with sugar on it?" mpg35224001:0930Yes 1047302/08/1998
"Please don't hurt me" mpg35224001:0030Yes 903807/08/1998
She rocks him like a baby in a cradle carry mpg35224001:0030Yes 903912/08/1998
And he falls in love with her mpg35224000:2230Yes 331917/08/1998
Cory Everson lifts a man mpg35224000:4030Yes 622222/08/1998
She carries him on her shoulders on the high wire mpg35224001:0230Yes 940427/08/1998
She carries him on her shoulder mpg35224000:2130Yes 317202/09/1998
A music-hall act, part 1 mpg35224001:0030Yes 903907/09/1998
A music-hall act, part 2 mpg35224001:0030Yes 903912/09/1998
A music-hall act, part 3 mpg35224001:0030Yes 903817/09/1998
A music-hall act, part 4 mpg35224000:3730Yes 568822/09/1998
She's at least a foot taller than he is, so she lifts him, part 1 mpg35224001:0030Yes 903827/09/1998
She's at least a foot taller than he is, so she lifts him, part 2 mpg35224001:2330Yes 1253702/10/1998
She picks him up and carries him out mpg32024000:2030Yes 269218/03/1999
The two Trux mpg32024000:2030Yes 216218/03/1999
She gives him a ride mpg32024000:2130Yes 238418/03/1999
Everyone lifts everyone mpg32024000:2930Yes 324619/03/1999
She carries him to the bed mpg32024000:2830Yes 305420/03/1999
She carries him to the bed mpg32024000:1930Yes 208820/03/1999
She carries him mpg35228800:2030Yes 320406/04/1999
She carries him mpg35228800:0830Yes 135208/04/1999
She carries him mpg35228800:1430Yes 220008/04/1999
She carries him mpg35228800:0530Yes 78411/04/1999
She catches him mpg35228800:1430Yes 228029/04/1999
She carries him mpg35228800:1230Yes 192829/04/1999
She lifts him mpg35228800:0730Yes 157419/07/1999
She lifts him mpg32024000:1630Yes 225925/07/1999
She lifts him mpg35228800:0830Yes 169209/08/1999
She lifts him mpg32024000:1930Yes 292015/08/1999
She lifts him mpg35228800:1830Yes 133222/08/1999
She lifts him mpg35228800:1630Yes 232002/09/1999
She lifts him mpg35228800:5430Yes 785205/09/1999
She lifts her, in the water avi32024000:1030Yes 182405/09/1999
She lifts him, in the water mpg35228800:2330Yes 336207/09/1999
Joanne Lee lifts him mpg35228800:3425Yes 459404/10/1999
Waterskiing mpg32024001:0130Yes 853525/05/2000
Waterskiing mpg32024000:3630Yes 505315/06/2000
She picks him up from the crowd avi16012000:0615Yes 59615/07/1999

Feats of strength

These clips are taken from very old cine-film, the quality is poor. If anyone has better quality versions, could they get in touch with me?

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Joan Rhodes bends an iron bar, then lifts Bob Hope mpg35224000:4330Yes 657209/05/1998
She lays across two benches, and he does a handstand on her abs mpg35224000:1330Yes 190310/05/1998
He jumps off a five-step ladder onto her belly mpg35224000:1130Yes 155215/05/1998
He sledgehammers the anvil on her belly mpg35224000:2030Yes 298420/05/1998
He jumps off a five-step ladder onto her belly mpg35224000:4130Yes 593225/05/1998
Two men swing from a pole across her shoulders mpg35224000:5130Yes 740830/05/1998
She lays across two benches, and he does a handstand on her abs mpg35224001:0430Yes 937905/06/1998
She tears a pack of cards in half mpg35224000:5830Yes 850310/06/1998
She tears a telephone directory in half mpg35224000:2530Yes 365515/06/1998
She twists a horseshoe out of shape mpg35224001:1530Yes 1095620/06/1998
She tears a telephone directory in half mpg35224000:3830Yes 557225/06/1998
She bends a thick iron bar mpg35224000:1630Yes 240030/06/1998
She bends a very thick iron bar, with help mpg35224000:2030Yes 295705/07/1998
She carries three women at once mpg35224000:2730Yes 397610/07/1998
Part of Joan Rhodes cabaret performance "I'm an iron girl in a velvet glove" mpg35224002:1030Yes 2617627/09/1998
Part of Joan Rhodes cabaret performance (same as above) mpg18012002:1030Yes 1306427/09/1998
She lifts him into the tree mpg36024000:0530Yes 58801/10/1998
Tearing telephone directories mpg36024003:0330Yes 2737708/10/1998
Part of the strong woman act mpg36024001:4630Yes 1274015/10/1998
Frankie to the rescue, plus a carry mpg36024000:5530Yes 666722/10/1998
There's a body in my car! mpg36024000:4430Yes 535429/10/1998
She knocks them out and throws them out of the window mpg36024000:3030Yes 369106/11/1998
Barrel lifting mpg32024000:0525Yes 53815/07/1999
Log lifting mpg32024000:5825Yes 580215/07/1999
Two men pound on an anvil while she lies on a bed of nails mpg35224000:2630Yes 347222/02/1999

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