The Women's Strength Extravaganza
Diana the Valkyrie

The Women's Strength Extravaganza

This is an event held each year in Hackensack, New Jersey, and has become the best meeting place for web site members. In 1998, several members got together for the first time at this event, and had a great time. Elsewhere on the web site you'll find pictures from the event, and people's write-ups.

These video clips were all taken there; not in the event itself (buy the WPW video if you want to see that) but outside, in the surrounding areas. The camera was hand-held, the lighting was sometimes poor, so don't expect high quality. There's interviews of bodybuilding and fitness women, lots of posing and flexing, web site members having a good time, and the historic Fistman versus Sheila Burgess armwrestling match.

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Eating at TGIF (very low quality video clip) mpg35228801:0030Yes 723111/11/1998
Sheila, Bethany and web site members, outside TGIF mpg35228801:0030Yes 723211/11/1998
Sheila, Bethany and web site members, outside TGIF mpg35228801:0030Yes 723011/11/1998
Sheila, Bethany and web site members, outside TGIF mpg35228800:5530Yes 668911/11/1998
Sheila being helped to dress by a web site member, then posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 723111/11/1998
Sheila Burgess, posing, and with a web site member mpg35228800:5230Yes 627011/11/1998
Posing and flexing mpg35228800:1930Yes 239411/11/1998
Competitor, interview mpg35228801:0030Yes 723011/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:1430Yes 894911/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:3330Yes 401021/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:5730Yes 700924/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722727/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722630/11/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:5730Yes 701403/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722806/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:5730Yes 702609/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:2930Yes 348712/12/1998
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228800:5130Yes 621315/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722918/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722621/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0530Yes 784224/12/1998
Two competitors, posing mpg35228801:2530Yes 1029427/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722830/12/1998
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722802/01/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722705/01/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:1030Yes 841408/01/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722711/01/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:5730Yes 691714/01/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:2030Yes 248317/01/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722820/01/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722623/01/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722826/01/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722629/01/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722802/02/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722805/02/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0130Yes 741908/02/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 723011/02/1999
Sheila Burgess, posing mpg35228801:1330Yes 886314/02/1999
Fitness competitor, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722517/02/1999
Fitness competitor, posing mpg35228800:3030Yes 373520/02/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:2430Yes 296423/02/1999
Jasmine Johnson mpg35228801:1630Yes 928326/02/1999
Competitor, posing mpg35228800:5030Yes 602002/03/1999
Annie Riviecchio mpg35228801:0030Yes 722505/03/1999
Annie Riviecchio mpg35228800:4630Yes 551808/03/1999
Bodybuilder mpg35228801:0030Yes 722611/03/1999
Bodybuilder mpg35228800:3230Yes 388914/03/1999
Rowena mpg35228801:0030Yes 722517/03/1999
Rowena mpg35228801:0030Yes 722520/03/1999
Rowena mpg35228801:2830Yes 1064223/03/1999
Kim mpg35228800:4730Yes 572626/03/1999
Lynne mpg35228801:0030Yes 722529/03/1999
Lynne mpg35228800:3930Yes 476101/04/1999
Joy Adams mpg35228800:2530Yes 307004/04/1999
Jazzmon Radford mpg35228801:2030Yes 973107/04/1999
Fitness competitor, posing mpg35228800:4530Yes 544110/04/1999
Amelia Hernandes mpg35228800:2430Yes 292513/04/1999
Maria Calo mpg35228800:5730Yes 692616/04/1999
Fitness competitor mpg35228800:4830Yes 590019/04/1999
Fitness competitor mpg35228801:0530Yes 790422/04/1999
Bodybuilder, posing mpg35228801:0030Yes 722525/04/1999
Bodybuilder, posing mpg35228801:3430Yes 1136028/04/1999
Annie Klepacki mpg35228801:0030Yes 722501/05/1999
Annie Klepacki mpg35228801:0030Yes 722604/05/1999
Annie Klepacki mpg35228800:4730Yes 571607/05/1999
Sheila Burgess, armwrestling Fistman, part 1 mpg35228801:0030Yes 722810/05/1999
Sheila Burgess, armwrestling Fistman, part 2 mpg35228801:0030Yes 722713/05/1999
Sheila Burgess, armwrestling Fistman, part 3 mpg35228801:0130Yes 746116/05/1999
Bethany, posing mpg35228801:0330Yes 754719/05/1999

Nicole Bass in armour, wielding a sword. We sent Nicole to fight the Blue Knight, and this is what happened ...

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 1 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723202/01/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 2 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723209/01/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 3 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723116/01/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 4 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723223/01/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 5 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723230/01/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 6 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723206/02/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 7 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723113/02/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 8 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723020/02/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 9 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723227/02/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 10 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723206/03/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 11 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723113/03/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 12 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723220/03/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 13 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723327/03/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 14 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723203/04/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 15 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723210/04/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 16 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723117/04/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 17 mpg35228801:0030Yes 723224/04/1999
Nicole Bass in the 13th Century, part 18 mpg35228801:2830Yes 1066630/04/1999

(c) 1996 Diana the Valkyrie. A hard man is good to beat.