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A hard man is good to beat

The art galleries - West Wing  

There are two main wings to the Galleries. The East Wing has all the pictures of named bodybuilders, fitness competitors, boxers and wrestlers, sorted into alphabetical order. This is the West Wing; it has all the pictures of activities, sports, artwork and everything else. It's divided up into sections, to make things easier to find.

There's also a Transient Wing, where new galleries go before they get to their final resting place.

You can access the thumbnail pictures, but not the full size pictures until you've got your password

The date is the date that I added, or last updated, the Gallery. If you click on the blue dates, you'll get a display of the sizes, dates and times of the files.

Bodybuilding contests

Also fitness and natural muscle. Individual bodybuilders are in the East Wing

Combat sports, part 1

Wrestling, boxing, martial arts and the like

Combat sports, part 2

Wrestling, boxing, martial arts and the like


Tennis, skating, swimming; strong, tall; biceps, glutes, arms, legs


FEMSport magazine pictures


Riders of four and two-legged horses

Lift and carry



Physical culture

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The pictures in these galleries come from many sources. A lot of them have been posted on the internet, many of them were sent to me by various people. If you see a picture here that is in breach of your copyright, please notify me, and I will take rapid action.

(c) 1996 Diana the Valkyrie. A hard man is good to beat.