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What's New?

On many web sites, you just know that the "What's New" was done weeks or months ago, and it never changes. Diana the Valkyrie does things differently, as you probably would have guessed.

Here's how it works. Corinne the Valkyrie (she's the curator of the Art Galleries) creates or updates a Gallery, then she puts it wherever she thinks it should go (East, West or Transient Wing). Sandra the Librarian reformats a story, and puts it in the appropriate place in the Library.

Sandra the Librarian goes round the entire web site each night, and makes a list of what's new in the libraries, and what Galleries are new. It's Sandra that makes the daily-weekly-monthly what's new lists that you see below, and she does it every night, while you're tucked up nice and warm in your bed (and even if you're in someone else's bed).

In addition, there's Usenet, the Internet Newgroups. These are updated once per day. Narella reads every message to decide whether it's spam or not, and Greta decodes the pictures for you. So there's always something new there.

And the Message Boards are constantly buzzing.

If your browser is telling you that the web site hasn't been updated for a while, then there's probably something that's caching (storing what used to be there, and showing it to you instead of what's there now). But you can fix a cache.

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Internet Newsgroups

Check out NewsThumbs Magic Carpet.

The Message Board and chat room

There's something new every day on at least one of the Message Boards, but you might prefer to look at a short list of your Favourite Message Boards

And I very often find people in the chat room when I go there, even if it isn't time for one of the scheduled chat sessions.

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