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Leg Sex Dreams
Ava Lustre

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Hint for stalkers: follow your prey while crouched on a skateboard to avoid attracting attention...

Saddle up that skateboard and follow the gal with the wonderfully sexy butt (bottom, bum, arse)

This video is a half-turn away from my usual territories of Big Breasts; in fact, the busty Ava Lustre is the star. In my wrap up last month, I suggested that director Viv Thomas works from the ground up.

Thomas mounts his Betacam on a skate-board (or so it seems) and throughout the video follows Ava, who is not only busty, but also has absolutely gorgeous legs and a wonderfully sexy butt.

To get a feel for this video, listen up ... Ava's character is bi-sexual. She loves women and enjoys a rousing fuck with a guy when she finds one who will pay homage to her stunning gams.


Thomas is not only a Leg Man but he is also a Foot Man; so he doesn't stint on using both legs and feet in hot sexual encounters. For us viewers, it is an excursion to sunny Spain where sex takes place in cars, bedrooms, boats, poolside decks, and even in restaurants. Ava is insatiable as she dreams of her assorted encounters. She has her way with lots of women and a guy ... and Ava is very capable of having a great time all by herself.

Ava also enjoys what our reviewer describes so elegantly as 'a rousing fuck'. He's from New York, where they have a way with words...

Ava's character is bi-sexual. But on a day like this, taste one foot, you've tasted them both...

In sunny Spain, sex takes place in cars, bedrooms, boats, poolside decks and even in restaurants. No wonder Spain didn't do very well in World Cup 98 — their players all wanted to get home...

Anointing the feet with natural oils prevents them becoming too horny...

We've done very well to get this far without a pun on the word 'foot'. Okay, so we failed when we came to the caption for this shot...

Thomas is a foot man. And as any girl will tell you, a foot is not to be sniffed at...

Ava is very capable of having a good time by herself. Name one R & D reader who isn't...

Not sure what this shot has to do with legs. Thomas, pan left!

I must give this video high marks. It is sumptuously photographed on location, it runs nearly two hours, Ava Lustre is great to look at, and the passionate sex is very very hot. Don't miss this one.

Leg Sex Dreams

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